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McAlisters Deli Survey – Grab Free Cookies!

Talktomcalisters Feedback is to know customers’ feedback and their extent of satisfaction. They have a website named “” which is dedicated to this survey and taking your reviews on your experiences of the last visit to McAlister’s. On participating, you can win rewards like their infamous cookie or discounts which can be used while future purchases. Scroll down to know how to participate; it’s eligibility, rules and everything you need to know about this survey.

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McAlister’s Deli is a fast-casual restaurant, menu items ranging from sandwiches, salads, soups, spuds, desserts and beverages. They also offer catering items such as sandwich trays and boxed lunches. It is based in America. Today, they have their outlets spread in 28 states, over 400 locations. The numbers are enough to analyze the demand for their food in The United States. Talktomcalisters Survey will definitely help the Company improve its services. All you have to do is just share your genius experience with your feedback and get a chance to win free cookies and coupons.

Why Do I Take McAlister’s Free Cookie Survey?

Your participation in this survey will help McAlister’s get better at sharing their passion for food in the world. It will help them serve you better by analyzing what needs to be improved for your convenience. Be it about their food, service or ambience, your review will be of great help to them.

McAlisters Rewards & Coupons

Not only is the company benefitted with this survey, but McAlister’s is also rewarding its customers with exciting offers and discounts. As a sign of gratitude for participating in the talktomcalisters Survey, you will be rewarded with a free beverage or McAlister’s free cookie, discounts or even a “buy one get one free” offer. It will be mentioned in the receipt of your last visit, what you have been rewarded with and also the survey code which will enable you to participate in the survey.

  McAlister’s Deli Survey Eligibility

  • Participation is only open to legal residents of the 50 states of the United States of America.
  • Only participants of the age 18 and above can participate.
  • Employees of McAlister’s, their immediate family members, people staying with them cannot participate.

McAlister Feedback Rules and Conditions

  • Participants can participate in multiple times in the survey and avail the rewards.
  • A person can only participate once per day.
  • Only one entry is possible with one purchase receipt.
  • Once you get the purchase receipt, you’ll have seven days to take survey and get the validation code. After which, the purchase receipt will expire.
  • Cash won’t be given in substitute for the prize.
  • The prize won’t be exchanged in any way.
  • McAlister’s or the sponsors won’t be responsible in any way for:
    • Damaged receipt.
    • Lost receipt.
    • Or any other concerns caused by the customer.
  • Validation code must be redeemed within 30 days, after availing it.
  • Limited only to Deli products.

What you need to take

Requirements for Talk to McAlister’s Survey

  • A purchase is required to enter kids eat free mcalisters. Only then you’ll get a receipt with the code which will enable you to participate in the survey.
  • Capability to understand Spanish or English language since the survey is only available in these languages.
  • A computer or a smartphone with access to a good internet connection.

That’s all you’ll need to participate in the mcalister’s free cookie survey. Don’t have access to the internet? No issues! You can participate offline as well. Read ahead to know-how. Survey Questionnaire

  • What time of day did you visit this restaurant?
  • How did you place your order?
  • Where did you receive your order?
  • Was this visit consistent with other experiences you’ve had at McAlister’s?
  • Did the team member make suggestions to add to your order, such as a drink or dessert?
  • Was your order accurate?
  • Did a manager visit your table or interact with you during your visit?
  • Did a team member visit your table or interact with you after delivering your meal?
  • Were you offered a drink refill?
  • Overall satisfaction with this visit (rate from 1 to 5)
  • Please rate your satisfaction in the following areas based on your most recent visit.
  • Please rate your agreement with the following statements.
    1. I felt valued, appreciated and respected by McAlister’s team during my visit. (Rate from 1 to 5)
    2. Was there anything the team did that made you feel like there was “a little something extra” in your experience? (yes or no)
  • Based on your most recent experience, how likely are you to recommend McAlister’s to your friends?
  • Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for our guests every time. Please tell us how we can improve your experience the next time you visit us.
  • Using the information on your receipt, how much did you spend on this visit?
  • Did you order our Choose Two? (yes or no)
  • Please let us know if you ordered any of these menu items on this visit. If you ordered more than one, please select the one you’d most like to give us feedback on.
  • How often do you visit McAlister’s?
  • What is your gender?
  • Which of the following categories best describes your age?
  • Do you have our mobile app?
  • Do you receive McAlister’s emails?
  • Would you like to join InMoment’s exclusive panel-community where you will have the chance to provide your feedback regarding your favourite brands with a possibility of earning multiple rewards?

How to Participate in Talk to McAlister Survey?

  1. Visit McAlister’s guest satisfaction survey official site
  2. Select which language you are comfortable taking the survey in either English /Spanish.
  3. Enter the McAlister’s survey code from your receipt and click on Next.
  4. Verify the location of the McAlister’s outlet that you visited.
  5. Take the survey. Be as accurate as possible.
  6. Finally, when you’re done with the survey, they’ll provide the validation code.
  7. Write the validation code on the blank space provided on your receipt.

McAlister’s Deli Sweepstakes

Once you have the receipt of your last visit to McAlister’s-

  1. Call on 858-397-9000   
  2. Enter the code from the receipt as per the instructions given on the call.
  3. Leave your feedback.
  4. You’ll receive your validation code.

Things to remember for offline mode: 

  • The rules are the same as for the online mode of participation.
  • Write down the code on the receipt on the blank space provided.

About McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli is an American based, fast-casual restaurant. It was started by Dr Don Newcomb, who formerly worked as a dentist but eventually worked towards his passion for food and shared it with the world. Today, it is so popular in America that it is spread in over 400 locations. Focus Brands own McAlister’s Deli. 

McAlister’s Hours

Working Hours of McAlister’s for weekdays is same, however it changes for weekends.

McAlister’s Working Hours
Monday10:30 am -9:30 pm
Tuesday10:30 am
Wednesday10:30 am
Thursday10:30 am
Friday10:30 am -10:00 pm
Saturday10:30 am -10:00 pm
Sunday10:30 am – 9:30 pm

McAlister’s Customer Support

Contact Info
Contact Number888-330-4313
Survey page

McAlister’s Deli Near Me

Go to McAlister’s Deli official website and click on “Locate” from the corner-right. You’ll be able to locate all the nearby McAlister’s Deli outlets. All you have to do is just refer this link and enter zip code and start searching nearest McAlister’s Deli Store at


How to find out how much is left on McAlister’s gift card?

McAlister’s gift card balance can be checked on their official website,

Why are McAlister’s not loading rewards?

McAlister’s Rewards site sometimes might experience high traffic because of which it fails to open. Try reloading the site again,  

When does McAlister’s close?

McAlister’s restaurant services close by 10:00 PM

Where to buy McAlister’s gift cards?

McAlister’s Gift Cards are available at its official website,

How to earn rewards on the McAlister’s app?

You can earn rewards from McAlister’s app by gaining points at each time you purchase from the store. More usage of the app will result in more rewards. 

When is McAlister’s free tea day?

The infamous McAlister’s free tea day will fall in the month of July every year and no McAlisters deli coupon is required for the winner to claim the free tea day reward. 

How do McAlister’s birthday coupons work?

On signing up for McAlister’s Deli Grams, you’ll receive notices from them in your inbox. You’ll also get a $5 gift certificate which you can use while ordering your birthday meal.

What is the best sandwich at McAlister’s?

McAlister’s club is the best sandwich at the store with 13 layers of stuffings and layers making it a perfect mouth-watering meal.

What time does McAlister’s open?

McAlister’s service starts at 10:30 AM.

Who owns McAlister’s deli?

Dr Don Newcomb started McAlister’s deli. Focus Brands currently owns it.

Final words on McAlister’s survey

McAlister’s provides its customers with delicious food with varied cuisines. They cook for customers with utmost perfection and incredibly delicious. Help them improve their food range and quality towards you. Share your experience and give them your feedback about your visit to McAlister’s Deli restaurant. 

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