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Spending some minutes at the survey of Cracker Barrel can help the franchise to a lot of extent on the growth of their business.  because of course, just increasing the number of customers cannot help the business grow. Your recent visitation to any of the Cracker Barrel stores can make them recognise your opinions of the components sold in those stores via this survey. We are here to help you out with a complete analysis of Cracker Survey at and sweepstakes.

So that can win you exciting gift cards and coupons from Cracker Barrel-survey sweepstakes. Spend this valid epoch on this survey and the lucky one to get rewarded with a Crackerbarrel-survey $100 digital coupon.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store ranks 89th position out of 3120 best “Café, Restaurants and Bars stores”. This store also holds groceries just like a regular grocery store but also famous for providing its customers with dining systems. This rapid growth is due to years of response and togetherness required to set the growth of the business. Here, it is not enough to just sell groceries and make money and increasing customers. There is a lot more than such escalation.

To keep a record of these numbers of consumers, Cracker Barrel started the scheme of surveying its consumers that can maintain the record of customers along with the accustomed feedback. A mandatory demand from Cracker Barrel-survey is the proper knowledge and understanding of English and Spanish languages. With your valuable response of the consumers towards Cracker Barrel-survey, the franchise can easily know what you are thinking about their services and products. For more information in detail, learn more about this survey below!

Why is the Crackerbarrel Com Guest Survey Important?

The importance of conducting Cracker Barrel-survey is to become great judgment for the fall or rise of an organisation. Cracker Barrel customer satisfaction survey keep a note to what people think about them. This reaction makes a reflection of the forum’s development. There are possibilities for Cracker Barrel to subjugate the brand to get advertised in mechanisation. It reaches to new people through socialised platforms. Feedback gives opinions to digital marketing, meanwhile satisfying its consumers. It hence proves to be a tool by ensuring the forum that the consumers are in support with Cracker Barrel Old Country private limited.

Cracker Barrel Rewards & Coupons

Your True suggestion can level up to the height of victories of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Here not only Cracker Barrel incentivises profits but consumers too in exchange for the submission of quality information and reaction. This feedback is a monetary one but exactly doesn’t hand over the currency. Instead, the currency is fixed in a maze that is in the form of a cracker barrel rewards & coupons.

The automatic involvement of the customers from the survey to the contest of Cracker Barrel sweepstakes is the format to reward consumers. The rewards displayed are $100 gift cards for the customers of Cracker Barrel. This customised coupon cannot be transferred to currency but promises to cut off at your rates during the next purchase. The purchase must be carried out within the certified date printed on the receipts received on your recent previous purchase at any of the Cracker Barrel stores. 

If you want to taste the bitter-sweet results of the surveys, you can participate in it with no cost. The forum cannot guarantee your winning, but luck works here and hence, there is yet no justification. The best part is we are with you to assist you with your bold moves. For smart moves, come along with us below to read more about entering fortune.

Eligible for Cracker Barrel-Online Survey

For being fit for Cracker Barrel-survey sweepstakes, you need to go through the following list to make you sure about what is required to be fit for taking part in this contest:

  • Only legal resident of The United States of America can take part in this survey and sweepstake contest.
  • Make sure you are at least 18 years old or above to get engaged in this inspection.
  • You must not be the relative, family member, staff member, supplementary, or sponsor of the Cracker Barrel Forum.
  • Even if you are a candidate below 18 years, and took part in this program and achieved triumph at this contest, the award will be rewarded to your legal guardian or parent or close adult member of the family only as the reward is a monetary one.

Cracker Barrel Feedback Survey Rules & Conditions

For the entry to Cracker Barrel Survey take note towards specific regulations and conditions of Cracker Barrel-survey which everyone who gets engaged in this inspection needs to follow:

  • Candidates must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • The minimum age for being at least 18 years old or above.
  • You shouldn’t be anywhere related to Cracker Barrel Forum such as being an employee, a sponsor or even a family member or friend.
  • Your receipt must be with you because it proves that you recently purchased your goods at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.
  • The customers who got the coupon code are not allowed to transfer or sell this coupon to anyone else.
  • You are permitted to take only five attempts, not beyond one month for Cracker Barrel-survey.

The Requirement to Take Crackerbarrel-Listens.Com Survey

  • PC/ Laptop / Smartphone with a good supply of internet to the devices suggested above. 
  • You must have a good knowledge and understanding of English and Spanish languages while stuffing Cracker Barrel-survey form online.
  • Your recent receipt must be with you while taking part in the survey. Loss of the receipt can fail to permit your entry. Therefore, immediately dial to Cracker Barrel customer care numbers and report your problem without much delay.

What they Ask @

  • As Cracker Barrel is all about the industry that provides groceries, your first question is always related to the field of the franchise. Here, you can be asked about your experience while visiting Cracker Barrel stores.
  • Next speaks about the qualities and freshness of the products shelving at the Cracker Barrel stores. If you go through the date of manufacturing and expiration of the products you purchase from Cracker Barrel stores, then answer these specific questions carefully else, refer to the option that states that you are sure about your decision.
  • Since Cracker Barrel stores are not just about buying groceries and do include separate dining corners for the visited customers, questions will be asked about the taste, variation, and freshness of those meals.
  • Next part is about quizzes on the prices of the products sold at Cracker Barrel stores along with the price and menus of the meals offered there. Give your reaction to whether you are comfortable with affording these items or not.
  • Further comes, the basic elements such as the reaction and attitude of the staff. Whether they converse with you properly or not, do they help you with any issues? If yes, they react positively else vice versa.
  • Lastly comes questions about the hygiene of the Cracker Barrel stores, the washrooms, the restrooms, its cleanliness, the seats in the halls are comfortable, neat and tidy or not.

Steps to Taking Part in CrackerBarrel Survey

  1. Reach the Cracker Barrel survey page at  
  2. Your valid details on to the first page that appears after download needs to be input.  
  3. Input the 4-digit Cracker Barrel Code from Cracker Barrel receipt. The code is limited with a specific expiration date.
  4. Now next, enter Cracker Barrel survey code from receipt.
  5. Then enter below your Date of Visit.
  6. Now, Snap-on “Start” option box to begin the Cracker Barrel-Survey.
  7. A new page opens where you need to answer the granted interrogations which are related to your visit to Cracker Barrel stores.
  8. After you complete answering all the questions asked, pack up your call networking details and click on the submit button.
  9. A coupon code appears on the screen instantly and you need to note down this coupon code.
  10. Redeem this Cracker barrel rewards coupon code during your next visit to Cracker Barrel stores.

Cracker Barrel Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Winners of the contest announced by posting their names on the wall of the official website of Cracker Barrel, Inc. The other way is that the customers will receive a message on the same contact details they had provided it before the start of Cracker Barrel-survey. We will advise you to always check on the rules and regulations officially published by Cracker Barrel on their survey site. The winners’ list will posted on the wall of the official website of Cracker Barrel. For any other further queries, you can contact- +1-615-444-5533.

About Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc

Serving as a traditional relaxed food of the Southern, Cracker Barrel is a private franchise that is located in 41 states throughout the USA with 557 operational stores. This franchise is originally owned by Dan Evins, the founder of Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Evins’s family and descendants are the current owners of the Cracker Barrel franchise. This corporation stores not only groceries but popular for its family dining with separate menus for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The top Cracker Barrel products include Chicken, Steak, and Eggs.  

Cracker Barrel Hours

All Cracker Barrel stores open at 6:00 am sharp and close by 10:00 pm every day except on Fridays and Saturdays, the store closes at 11:00 pm.

Cracker Barrel Customer Service

With the help of contact info, you can easily clear your doubts and queries via, call, website go-through and, mailing posts of complaints and queries:

Cracker Barrel Contact Info
Corporate number+1-615-444-5533
Toll-free number+1-800-333-9566
Survey page or

Helpdesk/ chat
Corporate Office AddressCracker Barrel, Inc


311 Hartman Dr,

 Lebanon, TN-37087,

The United States of America

Mailing addressCracker Barrel Survey Sweepstakes,


 PO Box 16470,

 Rochester, NY 14616,


Cracker Barrel Store near me

Check on the location section of the official website of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, for the available options near to you. You can also seek help from the directional apps pre-installed in your devices such as smartphones. Just click on Crackerbarrel Locations page enter Zip / State code. 


How to leave feedback for the Cracker Barrel?

To leave feedback for Cracker Barrel follow the steps below-
Proceed to the survey feedback website; 
1. Select the language you are comfortable with
2. Enter the access code present on the receipt to go ahead with a survey and leave your genuine feedback.

Where to buy Cracker Barrel gift cards?

You can buy Cracker Barrel gift cards at their official website;

What stores sell Cracker Barrel gift cards?

Cracker Barrel Old Country stores offer Cracker Barrel gift cards after the completion of the survey. You can use the e-gift card at the registered stores of Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Along with this, their gift cards are available at many other stores like CVS stores, target, Walmart, Amazon and many more. 

How to check the balance on a Cracker Barrel gift card?

There are two ways to check your balance on a Cracker Barrel Gift card: you can go to your nearest Cracker Barrel store to confirm your existing balance, or else you can simply dial to +1-800-333-9566.  

What is the age for a senior discount at Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel offers senior discounts for senior citizens of 50 years and above. They can order from the children’s menu that has a cut-off price and lesser portions on its products.

What time does Cracker Barrel close?

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store closes sharply at 10:00 pm.

What time does Cracker Barrel open?

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store opens sharply at 6:00 am.

Who owns Cracker Barrel?

Dan Evins is the founder of Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Evins family and descendants are the current owners of the Cracker Barrel franchise.

Where is the nearest Cracker Barrel?

You can search for your nearest Cracker Barrel by their official website locator; or you can even browse through your google maps for the nearest store. 

Why is not working?

If your survey page is not working, check if you have a proper internet connection and reload the page. If the issues persist, go to the nearest Cracker Barrel store regarding the clearance of this doubt or else call the Cracker Barrel customer service number to report this issue.


Cracker Barrel is an ideal destination for casual dining with wide and varied cuisines. Though a big, well known and peoples favourite, Cracker Barrel thrives for perfection and stands firm on their main motto of customer satisfaction. This survey is their primary source to understand what its customers think of their services and food quality. Participate in Cracker Barrel Survey at and get its exciting offer rewards and grab a chance to win their sweepstakes. 

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