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Long John Silver’s Survey@ – Earn Free Rewards!

Have continental food in mind and wish to cherish it with a good dessert and a nice family? One name occurs in our mind, which is Long John Silver’s. Everyone can fulfill their desires by just giving a survey to their beloved seafood expert restaurant, Long John Silver’s. Yes, by just participating in this survey, you can win fantastic food coupons, gift cards, and prizes. So if there is an admirer of this restaurant, take the survey and let them know your feedback and win exciting rewards. Moreover, those who have faced any issues too can express without any hesitation or third-party involvement. The survey won’t consume much of your time, just a few minutes. survey image

About MyLongJohnSilversExperience Survey

Survey NameLong John Silvers Customer Experience Survey
Receipt Validity60 Days
Offer/Validation Code Validity14 days
RewardsFree Long John Silver’s French Fries / 1 piece of fish and Cokes
Age RequiredMinimum 18 Years
Time Taken to Complete SurveyJust 5 Minutes
Entry LimitOnly One Entry per Receipt in a Month
Survey or

Long John Silver’s, the continental best fish and sea food serving restaurant is renowned for rendering services that are loved by foodies. They have decided to conduct a survey for customer feedback so that they can get aware of customers’ demands and errors. Moreover, they want to improve and advance in areas that need further improvements. is a great platform that allows consumers to express their contentment levels along with their issues. All participants will get free John Silvers coupon codes which can give either free meals, discounts, etc. Survey Importance

Surveys, in general, help a company to recognize all errors that are prevailing and hard to identify by that company itself. Feedback and critiques usually given by consumers will help a firm to know where it lacks and what all consumers desire. My Long John Silver’s experience survey helps owners put a spotlight on issues that are unknowingly neglected and help implement additional changes for development. When all those things happen, one can guarantee that consumers will experience increased comfort and encounter much more preferred services.

Specifically in the food business, it is important to know what taste attracts customers, their preferences, likes, dislikes, trends, and many more. Knowing all data regarding those aspects is possible via questionnaires. Furthermore, all food lovers can express their views and desires with no obstacles via this survey. Eventually, Long John Silver’s will consider all those aspects and implement them by overcoming its shortcomings. Thus, individuals will get tailor-made services and goods.

Long John Silvers Rewards

For the valuable time you invested in this survey and to make My Long John Silvers experience survey more exciting, this firm offers a range of prizes. As soon as a customer completes giving feedback, they will get long john silver’s online coupons and giftcards. Such a validation coupon code is handy in acquiring discounts, free meals, free family meals, or refunds on 2 pieces of fish and cokes. Although, one must note that these rewards are subject to change.

Anyone can present their unique validation codes along with their receipts (the receipt used for giving feedback) in any outlet of this eatery. Rewards are non-transferable and shall be redeemed within 14 days and are not to be cashed. A validation code is important for a discount meal or other such offers; hence, if a person loses it, then they won’t get a new one.

Long John Silvers Customer Survey Terms & Conditions

  • Consumers who made a purchase and obtained a receipt from any of this brand’s stores can provide their critique. Besides, a receipt will have a validity of 7 days only.
  • From one household, per receipt, only one person can participate in survey.
  • A receipt that has a unique code will expire after 60 days. Therefore, one must use their receipts within 60 days to give feedback.
  • Any fraud or misleading of the survey website will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Long John Silvers rewardsare restricted from getting cashed nor converted. Reward coupon codes are for claiming offers only when redeemed in any of this restaurant’s outlets.
  • Prizes may vary, which usually depends on the availability of stock.
  • Validation codes given for completing this survey are valid for 14 days only.
  • If any damage occurred to a validation code, it wouldn’t get accepted.

Eligibility to Take Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • All customers who are citizens of the United States and Columbia are free to give their feedback.
  • Candidates shall be of legal age 18 and above. People who are 18 below are not allowed to give feedback.
  • Employees of this brand, including their direct relatives like family, are prohibited from participating in this Long John Silvers survey.

Requirements for LongJohnSilversexperience Survey

  • Individuals who want to provide their feedback via the survey will require a stable internet connection.
  • Participants will require a receipt if participating online.
  • Receipt is compulsory to participate in the Long John Silvers customer satisfaction survey.
  • Candidates will require a mobile, computer, or a PC to partake in this online Mylongjohnsilversexperience.
  • All those who want to share their shopping experience should be fluent in either English or Spanish. Enough fluency to both read and write in any of those languages is a must.

What will They Ask at www MyLongJohnSilversExperience Com Survey? survey has subjects that can somewhat be similar to these below:

  1. When was the last time you visited our store?
  2. Was the food warm?
  3. How is the general atmosphere of our store?
  4. Did you have to wait for your order for long?
  5. Was your ordered food delivered or served at a given time?
  6. How friendly were our staff towards you on a scale of 1-10?
  7. Was our store clean? (Rate cleanliness on a scale of 1-5)
  8. How was your overall experience in our store on a scale of 1-10?
  9. What kind of beverages do you prefer?
  10. Do you have any addition to our menu? (Write suggestions)
  11. Do you like fish? If so, grilled or fried?
  12. How do you find the quality of our fish items?
  13. Are you satisfied with our menu?
  14. Rate your overall satisfaction in our outlet on a scale of 1-10?

How to Take Part in Long John Silver’s Survey Online?

  • Firstly, go on to this Long John Silver’s survey website by clicking on
  • Then, select your preferred language between English and Spanish. Although, Long John Silver’s Feedback page will be in English so those who are fluent in English can move on further. But those who want Spanish will have to click on Espanol, which will be under “Start”.
  • Now, it is time to enter a store code and ticket number from receipts. Both of these pieces of info will be present on a receipt’s top part.
long john silver's experience survey image
  • After typing in such details, participants will have to click on “Start”. Upon doing so, they will go to a new web page where there will be a series of questions.
  • Individuals will have to furnish their ratings based on the food quality, cleanliness, overall store management, etc., which they have encountered. Some questions will be in Yes/No format too.
long john silver's experience survey image
  • Upon answering questions, consumers will have to press on “Next” to go to another page. After submitting all responses, participants will complete giving their feedback on the survey.
  • Later, a validation code through mail or call will be a reward given to participants.
long john silvers coupon code image

About The long John Silvers

As the name itself suggests, this eatery has got its name derived from a comic, which Robert Louis Stevenson wrote. Long John Silver’s is a famous American seafood restaurant, serving premium fish meals and other delicacies. Jim Patterson founded it on 18 August 1969, Lexington, Kentucky, United States.

This brand has spread across America in a limited time span attracting a huge number of foodies. Currently, the brand has 780 different locations serving mouth-watering dishes. It’s been in the fast-food business for a long time now, for almost 50 years. Inspired by the pirate’s comics, all stores reflect the ambiance of sea captains. And if a particular client likes any food item, can just ring the bell for the captain(chef).

Long John Silvers Hours Of Operation

Long John Silver’s has almost 800 locations. And all those locations follow different time settings. But most outlets have official business hours which are from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 9 pm. For those who want to know about a particular store’s precise timings, can visit Although, this restaurant doesn’t function on Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving days. For rest occasions, all of its stores will remain open till 5 pm.

Long John Customer Service

For every company, customer care is an essential element for growth. An efficient customer care support won’t fail in giving quality services to consumers. Every organization has to and will maintain customer services in order to solve clients’ grievances, issues regarding food, or any misleading information. Customer services always benefit in cases where a stores’ management couldn’t reach individuals in a wider range. Besides, issues one can also register their praises, suggestions ect via these. And Long John Silver’s is very glad to hear from eaters; thus, it has following customer support:

ContentsContact Details
Long John Silver’s Phone Number(502) 815-6100
Mailing Address 9500, Williamsburg Plaza, Suite#300, Louisville, Kentucky, United States– 40222
Support Change
Official Headquarters Address10350 Ormsby Park Place, Ste300, Louisville KY 40223
Official Long John Silvers  

Long John Silvers Near Me

Anyone can locate their nearest Long John Silver’s restaurant on Google Maps or go on to its official website via While employing that store locator, individuals will have to enter their location pin code. Later they will get details regarding their closest eatery of this brand. Now, finding Long John Silver’s near me is a simple task.


Where is the closest Long John Silver’s?

Find your closest Long John Silver’s by

What time does Long John Silver’s open?

Usually, Long John Silver’s locations have opening timings that range between 9 am and 11 am. But, some of its locations open at separate time settings.

What time does Long John Silver’s close?

All outlets of Long John Silver’s close at 9 pm and occasionally at 5 pm on all days, excluding Tuesdays. On Tuesday, they close at 10 pm.

Who owns Long John Silver’s?

LJS Partners LLC organization has owned Long John Silver’s since 2011.

How to send Long John Silver’s complaint?

In order to give a complaint or any feedback log on to Long John Silver’s via:
Headquarters Phone Number: 502-815-6100
Contact website:

Did Long John Silver’s go out of business?

No, Long John Silver’s is currently operating well with more than 708 outlets.

How many Long John Silver’s are there?

Currently, there are 780 Long John Silver’s stores in America.

What is Long John Silver’s corporate website? is the official corporate website of Long John Silver’s.


Long John Silver’s is an American 50-year-old company serving fresh and good quality sea food for many years. And it’s the fastest-growing fast-food company. This company has decided to conduct a survey to improve facilities and services that it provides. Those who give feedback at that survey will get rewards that are definitely worth their time and efforts. A validation code given at the end of completing this survey will be useful to claim free meals or discounts. Therefore, individuals can get advantages like free meals and better services.

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