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El Pollo Loco has introduced a new feature for the customers who are very regular to the restaurant. This EPLFeedback Survey at introduced for the customers so that they can make essential changes wherever required. Customer needs to share their experiences, such as acquaintances with the restaurant and whatever flaws the company needs to improve. If you think that you are doing all of this for free, you are in a great misunderstanding. You will be getting a reward in return for filling up the survey. You will be getting a free elpolloloco com rewards which will be of great benefit to you.

EPLFeedback Customer Survey image image

El Pollo Loco is an authentic restaurant in the United States of America. In order to improve their services, El Pollo Loco Guest Satisfaction Survey comes into the plot. As soon as you get to fill the EPL feedback you will get free El Pollo Loco promo codes and rewards. The El Pollo Loco Survey questions have been designed in a way which tells everything the user wants to convey to the restaurant owners. So do not fear the survey and try to grasp to offer by quickly filling up the whole survey form. Your honest answers will be of great satisfaction to the company and its owners.

El Pollo Loco Feedback Survey Important

If you fill out the El Pollo Loco Customer Survey, this restaurant will be able to understand the needs and wants of its customers. The first and foremost priority of any restaurant is to take care of the satisfaction of its customers. If these many things are met, any restaurant will not have any scarcity of customers visiting them.

Taking such small efforts makes one restaurant different from others. You can easily differentiate between Polo and any other restaurant in its neighbourhood by the customer satisfaction level. Hence do not waste your time and take out some time to fill up this survey @ so that you can redeem great offers for your personal use.

Elpolloloco com Rewards

Nothing comes for free. And the time you would be devoting in filling up this El Pollo Loco Survey form will not go into waste. To take care of your precious time and your invaluable efforts, the company has introduced great rewards in return. But there are specific requirements which are needed without which even when you complete survey you won’t be able to win the reward.

The El Pollo Loco coupons and rewards are in the form of gift cards which you will be able to win after completion of the survey. If you complete all the steps accurately and efficiently. You may win El Pollo Loco reward worth $500 to $1000. You can use these El Pollo Loco gift card balance while your next visit.

El Pollo Loco Survey Eligibility

  • You must be a legal resident of the United States of America. 
  • You should know English Or Espanol, which is essential to set a benchmark for the qualifications of the customers taking survey. 
  • The age requirement is 13 years which is needed for a person to be able to fill up the ElPollo loco survey. 
  • Purchase from the market is mandatory to be able to apply for filling up the survey. 

ElpolloLoco Feedback Survey Rules

  • The person applying for filling up the survey has to be a legal resident of the United States of America. 
  • To win the ElPollo Loco coupon code, you must have the receipt ID of the receipt which you got from your last visit or purchase of the restaurant. 
  • You should also know the restaurant number you have visited.   You can find it from the purchase receipt.
  • The staff members who are already working in the company are only allowed to take this survey. They may belong to any department, but they are not eligible for taking the survey. 
  • Only one person can redeem the offer from one family and not all the members of the same family can get the benefit of the reward. 
  • El Pollo Loco gift card balance is not transferable.

ElPollo Loco Feedback Survey Requirements

There are specific requirements which need to be met by the customers to be able to fill the El Pollo Loco survey . Those requirements are described below:

  • Need for a computer or PC or mobile with Internet connectivity. 
  • Recent ElPollo loco purchase receipt
  • Essential knowledge of English or Espanol language, as mainly Elpolloloco Survey, is in either English or Spanish.

EPL Feedback Survey Questions

This includes their experiences, their needs and wants, and what improvements should be brought to eradicate the flaws which the customers described. 

  • About Date of Visit to El Pollo Loco Store
  • Regarding the Meal Time
  • Service Type, Drive-In, Drive-Thru, Carry Out, Delivery, Catering
  • About Frequency of Visit in past 6 months, past 30 days.
  • Regarding your recent visit experience
  • Next question is about friendly ness of staff and time taken to get the order delivered
  • Quality of Food and Ambience of the restaurant.

How to Participate in El Pollo Loco Customer Survey?

To participate in the survey, there are some steps which need to be followed.

El Pollo Loco Guest Survey image
  1. Visit El Pollo Loco survey official Page
  2. There will be options for the language you want to use. The option will be between English and Espanol. Select your language. 
  3. Enter your four-digit restaurant number in the specified location. 
  4. Write your thirteen digit customer id present at the bottom of the receipt from the restaurant and click on “Take Survey”.
  5. After clicking the link, you will be taken to the survey questions page. You’ll have to fill out a form and rate the service. 
  6. Enter personal details include the name of the customer, address, Phone numbers and gender and email Id of the customer etc. 
  7. Validation El Pollo Loco survey code will be sent there. Note or down and enter the code wherever specified. 
  8. Now you will receive a El Pollo Loco coupon code in the form of a gift card worth $500 to $1000. You can use this gift card on your next visit to the restaurant.  

About El Pollo Loco Restaurant Company

In 1983, nineteen American restaurants were taken over by El Pollo Loco to form the name “El Pollo Loco.” There was an agreement that the Ochoa family will keep operating the restaurant by the name ElPollo loco, S.A de C.V. where it is still operating. Hence ElPollo loco serves the chicken in Mexican style where its grilled chicken is very famous. Now it has over 400 locations.

El Pollo Loco Hours

The timings of the restaurant are flexible and are open from 5 am to 9 pm. you can visit nearest El Pollo Loco restaurants in these timings to taste their amazing meals.

ElPollo Loco Customer Service

If you have any query about El Pollo Loco service you can reach them with the following ways.

El Pollo Loco Contact Details
Contact Number877-375-4968
Mailing AddressElPollo Loco Address:
ElPollo Loco, Inc.
3535 Harbor Blvd., Suite 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 599-5000

How to Find El Pollo Loco near me?

Want to taste some amazing dishes and not aware of El Pollo Loco restaurant locations. No worries you can easily find nearest El Pollo Loco Location with Store locator page, Not only Nearest location you can find their timing also.


How to redeem ElPollo Loco rewards?

To redeem the Pollo loco rewards, you need to complete the whole survey by filling up the feedback form given at

What time does Pollo Loco close?

ElPollo loco restaurant closes at 9 pm.

Do you get ElPollo Loco rewards when you order on a website?

No, you don’t get the reward when you order online. You can only redeem your coupon code once you visit the restaurant yourself.

Do I get rewards for gift card purchases ElPollo Loco?

You get coupon codes and if you are lucky enough you might even get gift cards worth $500 to $1000

Can I use ElPollo loco rewards with an online order?

No, you cannot use ElPollo Loco rewards with an online order.

How to read a Pollo Loco coupon?

The Pollo Loco coupon code is provided at the end of the survey and you are supposed to Carry this to your next visit to the restaurant. 

What time does ElPollo loco open?

ElPollo loco opens at 5 AM. 

Where is the nearest ElPollo loco?

You can easily visit nearest ElPollo loco Restanat  @ Just enter your current location and Zipcode

Who owns ElPollo loco?

Advantica Restaurant Group Inc owns ElPollo loco.

What colour is an ElPollo Loco gift card?

ElPollo Loco gift card is golden in colour.

Where are ElPollo loco gift cards available?

You can Purchase ElPollo loco gift cards at You can also win a gift card worth $500 to $1000 if you fill up its survey form.

Why is not working?

Its may due to expiry of your el pollo loco survey code. Make sure to submit a survey within 7 days from a recent purchase.  

Where is ElPollo loco survey code?

YOu can find ElPollo loco survey code on your recent purchase receipt, (at the end)

Why is it called ElPollo loco?

It is because ElPollo loco means “The Crazy Chicken”.


If you want to benefit from this mouth-watering restaurant and get delicious gifts? It’s an excellent opportunity for the individuals and customers living near ElPollo restaurant to go and enjoy the place almost for free and with discounted prices.  You should be able to fill up the survey with honesty and sincerity and then only you get to have those discounts on your next visit to the restaurant. 

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