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Church’s Chicken is an American based company that has a range of fast food from fried chicken to fries and mashed potatoes. Church’s chicken is quite a fast-moving eat out and is quite popular due to the variety of food it provides. The Church’s Chicken issues time to time feedback or survey for the sake of customer satisfaction. Based on survey answers given by their potential and regular customers, the restaurant analyses the pros and cons of their services given out. Depending upon these answers, the company will intend to make any changes or improvements to best suit their customer’s satisfaction. Customer contentment is the key concept the company is striving to attain.

ChurchsChickenFeedback Survey image Survey image

The Church’s Chicken is a well-known restaurant that has multiple outlets in the United States of America. It was primarily located in Texas, but the current headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant provides a customer feedback form which is of two types. One of which is the General Feedback which is an overall experience with the company and the other is the Restaurant Feedback concerning the service provided at the restaurant. In the feedback or survey form, the following sections can be seen which are listed below.

Information regarding the visit. This can be of two subsections, the date of the visit and the time of the visit. The location of the restaurant that was visited. The type of visit made, which can again be of three types which are, drive through, dine in and Carryout. Comments concerning the service provided and the experience at the restaurant. Contact details which are inclusive of information based on the name, email id, and phone number.

The Significance of the Church’s Chicken Feedback

The Church’s Chicken feedback is very crucial for a restaurant and holds immense importance in customer satisfaction. It helps the restaurant owners and their employees to judge and gauge the services given to their customers. It provides an outlook of the prospective customer experience at their nearest outlet. The Church’s Chicken survey is quite useful as it allows for the restaurant with a detailed and through and through information about the restaurants from the customer’s point of view.
The Church’s chicken customer feedback is done in such a way that, the customers are requested to fill in details about them on an online form which will lead them to answer a few questions about the restaurant.

However, one of the business tactics practised by the church’s chicken is that they promise to reward their customers with discounts, offers, and coupon codes for filling out survey completely and submitting them. This creates a win-win situation for the restaurant as it gives them details about their setbacks as well as the hope of gaining new customers. Some of the issues that put the restaurants in worry and wonder is that if the quality of the food is adequate, or if the employees working at an outlet are showing enough hospitality to their customers. To clear these doubts is the ultimate purpose of the church’s chicken feedback.

Attractive Church’s Chicken Rewards and Gifts

On January 1, the church’s chicken restaurant posted a feedback form online and encouraged its customers to fill it out. What is fascinating about this feedback is that it claims to reward its customers with a gift if they manage to answer 7 out of 10 questions sufficiently. The difficulty level is considered moderate. A set of 10 questions will be listed on the church’s chicken feedback form and customers are required to answer them.

On completion of survey, the customers will receive a gift validation code, which they will have to submit in the same restaurant outlet, which they have mentioned in the feedback while filling their personal information. The customers can redeem their rewards on the submission of the validation code. The customers should share their good as well as their bad experiences at the restaurant. It is strictly a single time entry. The church’s chicken rewards are usually free meals or attractive discounts.

Eligibility Criteria for the Church’s Chicken Survey Participation

  • Participation in the church’s chicken does not involve any age limit. 
  • Anyone who owns a smartphone or a computer and has access to the internet can answer.
  • Only customers who have visited the store can answer the survey.

Rules and Conditions to Participate in the Church’s ChickenFeedback

  • The most imperative rule to participate in the survey is that it is a single-time entry and you can enter only once.
  • The customers should enter before the period of survey completes.
  • Entries after the completion of the valid period are not applicable.

The Required Criterion to Enter the Church’s Chicken Survey

  • The customers must mention details about the store number and its location.
  • Please include the order number of your last visit on this form. The number is on your food bill.
  • The date and time of the last visit, from the food receipt.
  • After the completion of submitting the basic details, the customers can start answering the Church’s chicken feedback at

What Kind of Questions Can the Customers Expect in the Church’s Chicken Feedback?

  • The following are some of the questions asked in the church’s chicken feedback:
  • How often does the customer dine with Church’s chicken?
  • Does the restaurant provide a satisfactory variety of healthy picks?
  • What does the customer like the most regarding the food and services provided?
  • What does the customer dislike the most regarding the food and services provided?
  • Is there enough variety of beverages?
  • How able and efficient are the staff and employees and if they are hospitable and welcoming towards the customers.
  • Does the church’s chicken have a family-oriented atmosphere?
  • Is the restaurant clean and hygienic?
  • Will the customers endorse church’s chicken to friends and family?

What are the Steps to Participate in Church’s Chicken Feedback?

There is a step by step approach to making it easier for customers to enrol themselves in the church’s chicken feedback. These steps are below and will help the customers to attain smooth enrolment. 

  • OPen your google browser and visit Church’s Chicken official website:
  • Or you can visit other websites as an alternative such as  or
  • Once you have entered the website, select any one of the desired languages, either English or Spanish.
  • You can now give details concerning your store number, order number and the date and time of your visit.
  • You will have to select your visit type, either dine-in or carry out.
  • After having completed these steps, you can now click on the start button and start answering your survey questions.
  • On completion of answering the survey questions, you will receive a validation code.
  • You can use this validation code to claim your gift at the store.

Church’s Chicken and Its Origin

The Church’s chicken is an American based restaurant which engages in selling fast food, precisely fried chicken. Church’s chicken has evolved over the years and are now, a large chain of enterprise and have their outlets all over the country. George W Church Sr founded it. It came into existence on April 17 of 1952, in Texas. The Church’s chicken is highly reputed among the locals because of its delicious crispy chicken. Not only do they sell crispy chicken but also have a wide variety of side dishes ranging from mashed potatoes, baked mac ‘n’ cheese spiced, corn, jalapenos cheese bombers and potato fries. The Church’s Chicken also sells family combos served along with beverages and sides. Their yearly turnover is approximately US$ 785.96 million.

The services provided by the church’s chicken are of four types. Dine-in where you can go to an outlet and dine, drive through where you can drive into the restaurant and place your order and wait without having to dine there. Take-out where you can visit the restaurant place your order and leave after receiving it. You also have online delivery options. They have over 1,009 locations out of which 858 are franchised and the company operates 151. It has outlets throughout North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Church’s Chicken hours of operation

The church’s chicken hours of operation are from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm.

How Can Customers Contact Church’s Chicken Restaurants

The customers can visit their official website, share details regarding their experience and hospitality received in the box provided. Customers are asked to enter their first and last name, an email address and their contact information. Restaurant will respond to any questions that you might have about the restaurant. The contact details are given below.

Contact number1-866-345-6788

Church’s Chicken Near Me

If you are craving for a delicious meal at Churchs Chicken, you can access your nearest Churchs Chicken using their store locator provided in the website;


Who owns the church’s chicken?

Mr George Church previously owned church’s chicken during its initial period; however, at present, it is owned by Friedman Fleischer and Lowe and the CEO of the church’s chicken is Mr Joseph Christina.

Does Church’s chicken have a $5 box?

The church’s chicken has released its latest $5 meal combo for a limited time where one can choose two pieces of fried chicken or can select three crispy chicken strips along with two sides, jalapeno cheese bombers and honey butter biscuit. 

Does the church’s chicken have baked chicken?

No. Church’s chicken does not sell baked chicken, but they sell fried chicken.

Where is the closest church’s chicken?

The customers can locate the closest church’s chicken by typing “church’s chicken near me” in the google search bar.

How many calories in church’s chicken?

The chicken thigh contains about 360 calories and chicken leg contains 150 calories. The chicken tender strip contains 100 calories. The boneless chicken wing contains 90 calories.

What time does the church’s chicken close?

The church’s chicken closes at around 10:00 pm.

What time does the church’s chicken open?

The church’s chicken opens at 10:30 am.

Is Texas chicken and church’s chicken the same?

Church’s chicken is also known as Texas chicken by franchises which are outside the united states; this was done to avoid religious conflict due to the name. However, the original name was got from the founder’s name.

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