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AMC Theaters Survey @ – Exclusive $100 Gift Card Awaits You!

If you are a passionate movie lover, then grab your chance to be the next lucky winner to profit yourself an AMC gift card worth $100 by taking survey. What would be more beneficial at AMC theatres than to get a chance to enjoy the best screenings of the world-wide greatest movies at such reasonable discounts that strike half of your wealthy tickets of AMC theatres just with the help of gift cards or vouchers? However, these boon cards are valid only at the respective AMC theatres.

TellAMC Survey

AMC Theatres has all the way set their step and boots tied for the marathon of accumulating a higher number of feedbacks, reactions from their customers. There will be a number of questions asked during the survey regarding your interests, your visits, your judgements, and your reactions towards the staff at AMC firms. As a company, AMC Theatres need to endeavour its consumers the best valid experience with good memories that can reflect on the surveys. image
AMC Survey image

But to figure out what they feel about these facilities provided by these firms, they came up with the idea of welcoming customers to fill the survey forms online with a base site and keep a record of their beloved customers who fascinate them. Not only this, but it also helped to introduce AMC to new customers on social platforms. Therefore, this is the method that not only gains the corporation with loads of feedback but in return, their well wished customers profit themselves with benefits too.

Why is AMC Guest Satisfaction Survey Important?

AMC Theatres are eagerly waiting for your response and experiences of AMC Theatres. This valuable AMC customer feedback shows your contribution to the development of the country as well as society, as you do it by paying your taxes to the government.

Your reactions are also known with the help of survey formats that can provide an indication of how many people support or reject the particular company. These reactions can decide the empire to either stand and grow or fall and lose. Hence, your feedbacks are valuable. Not only this, but it helps the firm improve and provide comfort to customers.

AMC Rewards

AMC franchise promises to offer a boon card priced $100 to all the contestants after the completion of the survey. To get a valid boon badge, one must enter the correct information in the survey. If one fails to do so accordingly, he/she fails to receive any reward. You can but try again to refill the inspection with valid data and reaction that can eligible you to receive the badge of the boon. You can easily purchase gift cards directly on the AMC Theatre website if you are not eligible for the survey or do not want to participate in the survey.

If you are the respective winner of TellAMC surprise, then it will be abruptly notified to you via email at the address provided at the time of entry. If you fail to claim your prize within five business days, your award will be subjected to the next winner. The prize you receive, if claimed, would neither be redeemable nor assignable or transferable to the cash system.

 Are you Fit for the Tellamc Survey?

If you would like to qualify for the AMC Sweepstakes, you need to review the following list to make sure you meet the requirements:

  • Make sure you are a legal resident of The United States of America.
  • You must be at least thirteen years old or above to fill the survey form and claim the monetary prize.
  • Participant must not be the relative, family member, employee, subsidiary, or sponsors of the AMC Theatres forum.
  • Even though irrespective of the age a candidate below 13 years take part in this program and won the victory at this contest, the award will be rewarded to this contestant’s legal guardian or parent or close adult member of the family.

What are the Rules and Conditions for the Tellamc survey?

  • No purchase is necessary to take part in the Tellamc com survey.
  • The prizes and survey rewards are not transferable at any cost.
  •  Employees and AMC theatre members, including sponsors, can not take part in the survey.     
  • Winner will be notified by email provided at the time of AMCsweepstakes entry      

What are the Requirements for Tellamc survey?

  • You must possess a desktop computer/PC or laptop or tablet other than having a well-featured smartphone.  
  • Need a better internet network connection to hold on the survey page actively. 
  • Make sure your recent receipt is with you while going through the survey. If you have misplaced it or lost, give an immediate call to the customer service centre of AMC Theatres.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of English and Spanish languages.

Hence, try to give proper reactions to what you felt at AMC Theatres. If you find any kind of error and false reactions, you can be rejected out of the participation.

How to Participate in the Tell AMC Survey?

  • Reach the official AMC survey page at www.tellamc.comAMC Theatres Guest Satisfaction Survey
  • Put in Your valid details on to the first page that appears after download. It is a necessary step to get filled up at the initial point because it gives entry to the survey.
  • Input the 4-digit AMC Theatres Unit Code that is on the front top of the AMC movie ticket. The code has a specific bracketed date specified on the same ticket. Go through it carefully.
  • After the study, enter that specific 4-digit code.
  • Now next, enter your survey code. This code is also available in front of the same ticket near the Theatre Unit Code.
  • Then enter below your Date of Visit, which is again available on your same ticket.
  • Now, Snap-on “Start” option box to begin the AMC Guest Gratification Survey.
  • A new page opens where you need to answer the questions which are related to your visit at AMC Theatres.
  • After you complete answering all the questions asked, pack up your call networking details and click on the submit button.
  • A coupon code appears on the screen instantly and you need to jot down this coupon code.
  • Recoup this coupon code during your next visit to AMC Theatre.

Tellamc Sweepstakes

Reclaim your AMC gift card promo code by following the above disciplines for fulfilling the AMC guest satisfaction survey. This AMC discount code will last up to 30 days from the date you received your code and make sure to claim before it gets expired. However, the AMC Survey Sweepstakes starts at 12:00:01 am CT on January 1st, 2020, and ends at 11:59:59 pm CT on December 31st, 2020.

Winners of the contest will be announced after two weeks of withdrawing sweepstakes. It will be notified to the customers upon the same contact details that they had provided it before the start of the survey. It can be through post or email. We will advise you to always check on the rules and regulations officially published by AMC on their survey site. The winners will be published with a visibility list for everyone. For any other further queries, you can contact to-+1-913-213-2000.

About AMC Theatres

Known to have the greatest and the bulkiest theatre linkages, AMC theatres, based in Leawood, Kansas, the United States, gains a considerable amount of profits in the stock market. The brand stands at the peak in the regular bucket list of American movie-lovers as well as non-ones. According to the source, this movie linkage was established in 1920 on January 1st by Durwood brothers (formerly, “Dubinsky”), Edward, Barney, and Maurice.

AMC Hours of Operation

The theatres are functional and at your services from Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and remain closed on weekends.

AMC Contact Details

Here are the details provided for the Tellamc survey in case you run into any problems related to the survey, participation, or redemption of your AMC coupon code. With the help of these, you can easily clear your doubts and queries via, call, website go-through and mailing posts of complaints and queries.

Toll-free number+1-888-440-4262
Corporate Inquiries+1-913-213-2000
Customer Service+1-877-262-4450
Survey page
AMC Theatres Email
Post-mail address/ Corporate Office AddressAMC Entertainment, Inc.


P.O. Box 725489

Atlanta, Georgia 31139-9923

United States

AMC Theatres Near Me

 In another way, find the nearest AMC theatre by visiting the official page or website and check your availability at


How to use AMC rewards?

Reverse down your AMC Stub points into rewards by scanning your AMC Stubs QR code at your concerned AMC Theatre to win discounts at your ticket price and offer on your theatre popcorn buckets.

Who owns AMC?

Durwood brothers initially owned AMC, but after the acquisition of it by a Chinese syndicate group named Wanda Group or Dalian Wanda, AMC is at present headed by Wang Jianlin, the founder of Dalian Wanda.

Where can I use an AMC gift card?

You can use your AMC gift card for purchasing anything online at AMC Theatres, AMC Classics, AMC Dine-In Theatre only within the territory of the United States. If the AMC Theatre box office is located in AMC of any country, then there you can efficiently utilize your AMC gift card.

How much is the AMC premiere?

AMC premiere at present expense around $4.99 per month. Premiere service is a bounty upgrade to AMC channels, primarily the ad-free version of AMC channels that provides subscriptions at reasonable prices.

 Where are AMC theatres?

There are 1,006 theatres with 11,091 screens all over America, Canada, China, India, etc.with the highest number of AMC theatre locators in the United States.

What is the AMC survey number?

AMC Survey number is a four-digit theatre unit invitation number printed on the front of your ticket purchased for AMC theatre that you need to enter to start the tellamc survey online.

Where to buy AMC gift cards?

Purchase AMC Theatre gift cards at and use it at AMC Theatres, Classics, Dine-Ins for tickets, concessions, etc. 

What does an AMC survey do?

AMC Survey collects concerns and reactions that its customers show towards the AMC franchise. These reactions are the possible clues for the franchise to develop their growth in the competitive sector and work more efficiently for the comfort of their customers.

Why did I not receive a valediction code after doing AMC the survey?

Go through the 4-digit code mentioned on the ticket while purchasing your AMC movie ticket. You can use this code to get entry to the survey online to participate in winning the gift card. If the code gets expired, then you won’t receive the concerned validation code for this entry.

 Where is the nearest AMC theatre?

To find the nearest AMC Theatre, you can access their official store locator at

Why did I not receive free popcorn on the survey for AMC?

You cannot receive free popcorn after the completion of the Tellamc survey, but instead, you can receive a boon card worth $100 that can get you a discount popcorn bucket, half or least cut off price as compared to the original price at AMC Theatres. 

What are AMC sweepstakes?

AMC Sweepstake is the lucky draw giveaway of a $100 boon card on which one can try your luck. In order to win it after entering the validation code before the start of the Tellamc survey and winning it after the completion of the same survey.


That’s all the proper requirements for survey here. We have given our best to detail the page with everything necessary and nothing unnecessary. When AMC can care for you with credits, then it is our duty to refresh you with benefits. Unlike AMC, but with required pieces of information. We care for you and want you not to mistake yourself with any doubts regarding the provided coupons, redeems, discounts, offers, and many more. Spend some of your valuable time on our page to secure your future with secured benefits because our content is true to its nature and legal.

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