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Like every other enterprise, the Cinemark theatre is interested in the experience of its customers. That’s why it conducts to know the customer’s feedback about their services. Cinemark Feedback Survey consists of direct questions to which customers have to give honest feedback. It insists that Cinemark customers be honest with the survey and share even bad experiences. The primary purpose being so that the company can make improvements and overcome their flaws. They also given all participants a chance to enter into their sweepstakes once having completed their survey questions. image image

The company highly valued the customer’s experiences, as the ultimate goal of any enterprise is to win the hearts of their prospective customers. Giving honest feedback helps them and makes accommodations for the customer where necessary. They want to make sure the customers have a comfortable and enjoyable time at their theatre. To take part in the Cinemark Guest Experience Survey, the customers have to provide the access codes, date and time of visit. After completing the survey, the customers are then to take part in the sweepstakes to win rewards and prizes.

Importance of Cinemark Guest Experience Survey

Amidst the threat of ever-growing competitions, companies find importance in these kinds of feedbacks and surveys. It always comes down to the fact that customer’s satisfaction is what these companies strive for. Cinemark feedback survey focuses on the customer’s true experience. The kind of survey is beneficial to the Cinemark as they gain more customers from the process. They also build trust with their current customers who frequently visit the theatre.

The Cinemark gains its customers by proposing exciting offers and rewards for taking up the survey. This approach creates a win-win situation for the company as it gains the customer as well as their conviction. Being able to understand a situation from the customer’s point of view helps the Cinemark to solve the looming issues seamlessly. They are assertive about legitimacy as it will help them improve and change their methods if obligatory.

Cinemark Rewards Coupons

By participating in the, customers have a good chance of winning impressive rewards and gifts. As the theatre promotes itself by conducting the Cinemark rewards program and offering rewards and gifts in return. The participant is require answering 7 out of 10 questions suitably to which they will get a chance to win free movie vouchers and many more. In the sweepstakes, they can win free Cinemark survey free popcorn for a year to Cinemark Theatres. The customer’s valuable feedback is of extreme importance to the Cinemark theatres. Therefore, it has encouraged their customers to participate in the and give their opinions on the overall experience.

Eligibility to participate in Cinemark Guest Survey

  • Cinemark Customer survey is accessible only to legal residents of the United States and the district of Columbia.
  • The participant should be 18 years of age or more while entering the survey. Candidates under 18 years of age are not eligible.
  • Employees of Cinemark and HelloWorld, as well as their immediate family, are not eligible.
  • The participants must agree on all the terms and conditions.

 Cinemark Feedback Survey Rules

  • All the participants are allowed to enter only once per month. Multiple entries per month are not allowed.
  • More than one entrant is not allow to share the same email address while participating.
  • If the participant’s efforts enter through multiple identities will be disqualified.
  • Using any form of an automated system to participate is not allow and it will disqualify immediately the entrant.
  • You need to complete Cinemark customer service within 3 days of your visit to Cinemark.

Necessities to participate in Cinemark Customer Survey

  • To participate in the survey, the customers are required to purchase their Cinemark theatre.
  • The customers will have a code printed on their receipt for the purchase made.
  • Customers can visit www.cinemarksurvey and give details such as their name, date of birth, home address, their email id, and their mobile number.
  • Smartphone, PC/ Laptop connected with an Internet connection
  • Basic understanding in the English language as a Cine Mark Survey is available only in English.

Questions asked in the Cinemark Experience Survey

  • How often does the customer go to the movies in a month?
  • Do the customers enjoy going to the movie theatres? If yes, how much?
  • Does the Cinemark theatre offer a satisfactory amount and varieties of snacks and refreshments?
  • What genre of movies do the customers usually watch?
  • Was the theatre maintained hygienically?

How to take Cinemark Online Survey @

The participants are first required to purchase at their nearest Cinemark theatre outlet.

Cinemark Guest Experience Survey Image
  1. The participants will receive a receipt that will contain a special code printed on it.
  2. Now the participants should visit their Cinemark official survey website,
  3. The participants should now fill in all the required details along with the access code and date and time of their visit.
  4. After having filled in the personal details in the place provided, the participant can now go forward and take part in the survey.
  5. Participants can take part in the sweepstakes after completing the survey.
  6. For those entrants who wish to enter the sweepstakes without having to answer their survey questions, they can send a mail to the Cinemark and with their details like name, address, date of birth and phone number hand-printed on a postcard.

Cinemark Sweepstakes

The Cinemark offers free movie passes for a year for those participating in the Cinemark Sweepstakes survey and is lucky enough to win it. They offer impressive Cinemark Rewards to their winners and free movie tickets and movies as well. Customers have to participate in the survey and answer the questions in the most honest way possible and get a chance to win exciting offers. Customers who are unable to participate in the survey but are willing to enter the sweepstake can send their details to the Cinemark company by posting to the following address.

 C/O HelloWorld, Inc.

PO Box 5021, Department 839225

Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5021

All About Cinemark

Lee Roy Mitchell introduced the named about 35 years ago. The Cinemark theatres are located in about 525 locations throughout the country of America and the district of Columbia. However, the headquarters of the Cinemark theatres are located in Plano, Texas. The total number of employees working at the Cinemark theatres is approximately about 19,915. The Cinemark theatre is operating under several brand names like Century theatre s, Rave cinemas and more. As Cinemark offers a wide range of newly released movies to choose from and never fails to disappoint their customers. The Cinemark theatre s make sure that their potential customers are comfortable throughout their time of visit.

Cinemark Theatres Hours of Operation

The Cinemark operates from 11:30 AM when the first show is aired and they are the last show for the day at 10:00 PM

Customer Services at Cinemark

Cinemark theatres want to be available for their customer’s complaints and doubts. You can easily contact Cinemark with these following ways.

Cinemark Contact Details
Toll Free Number 1-800-CINEMARK (1-800-246-3627)
Cinemark Survey

How to Find Cinemark Near Me?

Customers willing to visit the nearest Cinemark theatre can simply find with this link from the official website @ Yes, Cinemark Locations can be found easily here. You can also follow their GPS to track the nearest Cinemark theatre.


What is my Cinemark rewards number?

Customers have first to purchase the Cinemark theatre after which they will receive a code on their receipt of purchase. This code will be useful while taking part in the survey.

How many points do you need to earn rewards with Cinemark?

The customers need to earn 25 points for a $1 concession. $50 to upgrade the movie. Seventy-five points for a $3 concession. And 250 points for a free movie ticket.

What will 100 rewards points at Cinemark get?

A hundred reward points will get you a $4 off on your purchase made at Cinemark.

Where to buy Cinemark gift cards?

The plastic gift card can be bought at the Cinemark theatre location, whereas the e-card can be bought online at their official website.

Who owns Cinemark?

Cinemark is owned by a man named Lee Roy Mitchell.

What time does Cinemark open?

It opened Cinemark at 11:30 am when the first show is aired.

What time does Cinemark close?

The Cinemark closes after the last show is aired which is at 10:00 pm.

How to check the Cinemark gift card balance?

The customer can visit the official website, fill in their gift card number printed at the back of the card and check their balance.

Who sells Cinemark gift cards?

The Cinemark theatres sold Cinemark gift cards.

What gift cards does Cinemark accept?

Cinemark accepts plastic as well as e-cards.

I redeemed a Cinemark gift card when I got it?

They can redeem the points at the movie reward section on the official Cinemark app or the website

What is my Cinemark rewards number?

They can check the Cinemark gift card balance by entering the card number on the official website or app.

How to enter coupon number Cinemark?

They can enter the coupon number on the official website or app in the space provided for the same.

How do Cinemark coupons work?

The coupons fetch offers and discounts for the customers.

What day is a discount day at Cinemark?

Tuesdays are discount days at Cinemark and offer 50% off on the movie tickets.

How to get a free movie ticket at Cinemark?

Customers can get free movie tickets if they have a reward point of 250.


Customers can give their honest feedback to the Cinemark theatre s and win exciting prizes and rewards like Cinemark promo code, Cinemark supersaver code, Cinemark discount code, Cinemark gift card discounts and much more.

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