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Enter Survey – Earn Exclusive $100 Murphy Gas Gift Card

While wandering around, one must have come around the Murphy USA gas station for refuelling. One has to if they run out of gas near it. After filling up the tank, you can participate in a short survey about the feedback about their services. In this way, Survey will help the customers opinion and suggestions for improvement. Survey image Survey image

The benefits people get from it is the entry of their name in the draw for a prize worth $100 of gas. That increases the excitement as more people would want to fill the survey and win a prize in return. That’s quite a good tactic to attract customers while also satisfying their worth in the market.

Tellmurphyusa Survey

Murphy USA is a series of gas stations available across 23 states in America by well-maintained convenience stores where customers get rewarded with some good after the fuelling. To know customers in a better way, Murphy USA conducts a customer satisfaction survey known as  TellMurphyUSA. After the completion of the survey, the customer gets their name entered in the draw for a handsome prize.

Why Murphy USA Survey is So Important?

Anyone must build their reputation, be it a person or a company. A company delivers goods to its clients; that’s fine. Murphy USA is one of the biggest businesses in the world, with its gas stations spread across the 23 states of America. 

Owing to their huge success, the thing most essential for them is customer satisfaction. For that, a tell murphy survey is conducted to know customer’s thinking about the services. In this way, the chances of improvement in the market increase immensely as the company comes to know well regarding what customers want. That boosts its worth and position in the market. On the other hand, you will get exciting rewards and gift cards.

Murphy USA Gas Rewards & Coupons

People curious about the Tellmurphyusa Survey rewards would surely love to know that the Murphy gas rewards are somewhat eye-catching. In terms of customer building, this is the best tactic, and they are successful in doing so. Another interesting fact about them is that most of their gas stations are located near the Walmart stores. Owing to that, customers get a chance to win murphy USA Walmart gift card.

After taking part in the Tellmurphyusa Survey, customers enter the Murphy USA sweepstakes for a single period. In total, there are 12 entry periods. Two hundred and forty lucky winners from the Murphy USA gas sweepstakes got drawn. From these 240 participants, 20 winners will selected for the grand prize. Please note that the boundary of 1 prize per person is set. The reward worth $100 is disbursed as a Murphy USA Gas Card.

Who Can Take Part in Tell Murphy USA Survey?

Go through the points below to find out the eligibility criteria for the Tellmurphyusa Survey Rewards:

  • Participants have to be 18 years old or older. 
  • The survey must be completed within seven days of the visit. 
  • English and Spanish knowing participants are eligible since survey will load in either of these languages. 
  • Only legal resident of the USA is eligible to take part in tell murphy survey. 
  • Affiliates and Murphy USA’s employees are not eligible to take part in the Tellmurphyusa Survey. Survey Rules

Have a look at the rules and conditions one must follow while providing feedback regarding Murphy USA’s services: 

  • No limit for the number of entries per head regardless of the method. 
  • There are two ways to make an entry. One is Online, and the second one is via mail. 
  • A gas card can be used at the partaking station. 
  • Murphy USA Walmart gift card isn’t transferable nor exchangeable. 
  • The murphy gas rewards Prize is not redeemed in the form of cash. 
  • The tell Murphy USA survey must be completed within seven days of the visit. 
  • A twelve-digit validation code is required to enter the online survey. 

Tell Murphy Survey Requirements

  • Purchase must make from either of the Murphy gas station or convenience store. 
  • A printed receipt with the invitation code mentioned must be with the participant. 
  • Gadgets like PC /Laptop / Smartphone with a stable internet connection
  • One entry per sweepstakes period is valid. Multiple entries will lead to the cancellation of the later one. 
  • Person eligible must produce a receipt or any information needed anytime when asked. 

Type of Questions @

After entering the 12 digit code and your time of visit, you will have to answer the following questions: 

  • Rate your satisfaction on a scale comprising of 5 points. 
  • Choose the items purchased and their mode of payment. 
  • Participants will be asked to select one payment form from the three modes of payments that are outlined. Choose the applicable one. 
  • Mention that whether you have used the restroom or paid a visit to the convenience store. 
  • The following question will ask you to select the type of fuel you purchased. If unsure, you can choose the “I don’t know” option at the last button. 
  • Next, fuel quality and services need to rate on a 5-point scale. 
  • Rate on a 5 point scale on the overall cleanliness and the value for money. 
  • You will need to answer whether you faced any problems during the visit; mention one if faced. 
  • On a 5-point scale, how likely are you to visit the Murphy USA and recommend it to others? Rate as per your experience. 
  • You can share your suggestions for improvement to the management of the brand. That would make you a better and a valued customer. 
  • If you would like to receive messages and promotions from Murphy USA, choose Yes. Also, give email id. 
  • If you would like to join Murphy USA sweepstakes, In that case, you must be 18 years or older and a permanent resident of the USA. 
  • If you choose to enter the sweepstakes, you need to provide personal information like your full name, contact number, and your email address. 

After you have completed survey and entry form, you will get a single entry in the Murphy USA sweepstakes. Adding to that, you will get a chance to won a $100 Murphy USA Gas Card through lucky draw. The person winning the reward can redeem to save on gas, snacks, and drinks at any of the retail stations across the USA. 

How to Take Part in Murphy USA Survey?

Purchase from either one of the fuel stations and convenience stores.  An onlineMurphy Customer Satisfaction Survey invitation will be printed on the receipt you get after the purchase.

murphy usa guest satisfaction survey
  1. Pay a visit  Murphy USA Survey official website:
  2. Choose the language  to start survey either in English it Espnol
  3. Enter the Tellmurphyusa Survey code (12 digits) and visiting time and click on Start. 
  4. Now you will get to see the Tell Murphy USA Survey questions. Rate your answers and give honest reviews regarding your recent purchase.
  5. Answer all the questions asked and also fill the entry form. 
  6. That’s it you will get t chance to participate in murphy usa sweepstakes and win exciting rewards.

Murphy USA Gas Sweepstakes

In order to take part in the Murphy USA Sweepstakes survey, no purchase is need. Jot down the user’s full name, and mailing address, along with the telephone number, and date of birth on a paper. Make a note that only One proper mail will count as one entry.  Mail the entry to the address:

Murphy USA Customer Service Sweepstakes,

PMI Station, PO Box 3516,

Southbury, CT 06488-3516

How take part in Murphy Survey by Phone?

  1. The third way you can participate is by calling at Murphy feedback toll-free number at 1-800-843-4298 
  2. While on call, a computer voice will speak out the menu from which you have to choose your relevant topic. 
  3. Share your personal information like Full Name, Age, Date of Birth, and information regarding the purchase at one of the stations of Murphy USA. In this way, you will receive one entry for murphy rewards. 

Murphy USA Corporation

Came into being in 1996, Murphy USA is an America based gas station chain with its headquarters established in El-Dorado, Arkansas, US. Later on, in 2013, they became independent as a spin-off Murphy Oil and went on to be listed in New York’s stock exchange as a public company. At present, a total of 1400 gas stations established by them at various locations across the USA, with most of them having convenience stores inside. 

The majority of the stores are located near the Walmart stores, which enables customers to earn Walmart rewards as well. Types of fuels by Murphy include Ethanol, Diesel, Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel, Bio-Diesel, and Winterized Diesel. All of them are produced while taking special care of the environment and keeping the quality intact. Their high-quality fuel is the reason for their supremacy and dominance in the USA.

Right now, they are working to settle stand-alone gas stations under a new brand name as “Murphy Express.” To achieve the highest level of authority, they regularly conduct the Murphy USA guest satisfaction survey at to know well about customer’s views and opinions. In return, they reward the customers through lucky draw. 

Murphy USA Hours

Highlighting the timings, the Murphy USA hours are generally open 24/7, but some of their gas stations might have schedules as per the locations. Most of the gas stations open at 4:30 AM and close at 11:00 PM. However, convenience stores remain open 24/7. That’s quite an issue for some of the customers as some of them travelling with their families might need to refill their ride’s tank late at night. There’s nothing to be concerned about as you can use their store locator, which helps you in finding the nearest gas station as per your location. 

Murphy USA Contact Info

Murphy USA Gas Customer Services
Contact Number1-800-843-4298
Mailing AddressPO Box 7300, El Dorado, AR 71731


Physical Address

422-N Washington, El Dorado, AR 71730 

How to Find Murphy USA Near Me?

While travelling, if you run out of gas and don’t know exactly where the nearest gas station is, that’s not a thing to worry about. The Murphy USA near me service allows you to find the nearest gas station according to your location.

The Store Locator service: makes it easy for anyone to find the closest store, enabling them to avoid any hassle. That’s quite a good and convincing facility to improve the efficiency and delivery of on-time services to the customers. The service is pin-point and properly guides the customer to the exact location. That surely is an excellent ease for people travelling at night. 


What time does murphy USA open? 

Generally, the stores are open 24 hours, but some of them open at 4:30 AM and close at 11:00 PM.

Does Murphy USA take Walmart gift cards? 

As it is affiliated with Walmart, so yes, they should take the gift cards. 

Who owns Murphy USA? 

It’s a spin-off of Murphy Oil Corporation. Some Key people there are R. Andrew Clyde (CEO) and Mindy West (CFO). 

How to use murphy reward points at the pump? 

Customers can redeem their reward points at the pump as savings on gas, snacks, and drinks. 

Can you use your murphy reward points for gas? 

Yes. You can use your reward points to get savings on gas. 

What is my murphy survey code? 

Your murphy survey code is a 12-digit code printed on the receipt you get after a purchase, which is later used in the online survey. 

How do I give positive feedback for murphy USA? 

You can give your valuable feedback about Murphy USA at 

How to save in gas murphy rewards? 

You can save on gas by redeeming the reward points you get after making a purchase. 

How does murphy rewards work? 

You get reward points after making a purchase at the station in any form. These points are later on used for discounts on gas, snacks, drinks, etc. 

Is murphy’s owned by Walmart? 

No. Walmart does not own it. But instead, it is affiliated with them. Walmart has their separate gas stations. 

What kind of gas does murphy USA use? 

Murphy USA gas includes Ethanol, Diesel, Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Winterized Diesel. 

Are murphy USA and murphy express the same? 

No. Murphy USA and Murphy Express are not the same. But instead, the Murphy Express is a new brand featuring stand-alone gas stations launched recently by the Murphy USA. 

An overview Tellmurphyusa Survey

Murphy USA conducts a murphy survey every day, with the name: Tellmurphyusa. In this survey, 20 random customers selected for a prize worth $100 in the form of free gas every month. The lucky people who win the draw will rewarded with a $100 worth prepaid gas card, which can be used at any of the 1400 gas stations across America.

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