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Participate in Survey and Get 100 Reward Points

Weis Markets, as one of the largest retailing firms in the United States, places a premium on client satisfaction. This brand wishes to address clients’ needs, and therefore it is undertaking the Weis feedback survey at Via its survey, it ensures that all customers receive an excellent quality experience. Moreover, this is an incentivized survey which means that if you are ready to spare some minutes from your day, then you can win huge rewards or promo codes. So why not grab this opportunity quickly? 

For completing Weisfeedback survey, consumers will get rewards that are very lucrative and impressive. Those who submit their honest critique can win coupon codes that, upon redeeming, will give amazing discounts. Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey at assists this organization in maximizing customer satisfaction. Consumers can effortlessly express their opinions on the firm’s numerous policies and rate all products and services based on their contentment levels. Every piece of feedback from customers is equally taken into account, and relevant policies and strategies will be developed just to give better services. All client feedback will be thoroughly reviewed by specialists competent to gauge buyer satisfaction and transmitted to their development team. survey image survey image

Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey

Survey NameWeis Markets Feedback Survey for Pickup / Delivery or In-store Visit
Receipt Validity72 Hours
Entry Limit7 Days
Entry MethodOnline
Rewards100 Reward Points
Age Required18 Years or Above
Survey or

Weis Markets, one of the topmost retail powerhouses, understands that in order to grow, all businesses require the assistance of a consumer. This retail store has been giving a great importance to all of its customers since its initial days. Consumers are like building pillars for every organization. And it seems like Weis knows that very well which is why it is giving clients to express their thoughts regarding various products and services that it is offering. Focusing on their relationship with customers, this brand has designed an online questionnaire survey form at to ask questions and recommendations from clients. This link allows both parties to voice their viewpoints and achieve a resolution to any conflict or problem.

What is the Importance of Weis Feedback Survey?

Prestige, reliability, authenticity, and cheap prices are 4 significant variables that determine any retail store’s success. Weis Markets have it all, and they work hard to maintain these 4 pillars constant. This brand requires client input in order to accomplish success. Their primary goal is to collect valuable inputs from buyers and use them to resolve any difficulties or challenges a shopper may encounter when shopping at its locations. The organization examines each and every piece of feedback and draws all necessary conclusions in order to implement a customer’s requested adjustments.

Weis organization conducts this survey to maintain an engaging and mutually beneficial relationship with clients. It also makes no difference to them what kind of comments a patron chooses to provide in survey. Buyers can give an unfavorable or favorable response based on their experience and will. But one must always make sure that their input is honest and reliable. Only honest and genuine feedback will greatly enhance a consumer’s future shopping endeavors. 

Participating in this survey is very easy, and in return, individuals will get rewards. One who completes giving their feedback will automatically enter sweepstakes and win amazing prizes. Rewards can be coupons that, upon redeeming, will help in availing huge discounts on a customer’s future shopping visit. Well, overall, better services, reduced issues, and rewards are some main fruits of this survey. Aren’t these enough important reasons to take this survey?!

Weis Rewards for Entering Survey

Weis Markets feedback survey is a rewarded assessment that implies that completing it will put a customer running to collect some promised goodies. As a consequence, participants will receive discount vouchers Or 100 points once they have completed their critique. When a customer completes its questionnaire, enters their email address, and clicks on “Next”, a window appears showing their rewards. 

Rewards could be gift cards or free 100 points that a customer may use to get significant and amazing savings on new Weis Markets purchases. In addition to all these, those who share their shopping experience can also have a chance to participate in the Weis sweepstakes and win amazing lucky rewards and goodies.


  • It is important to note that reward points are to be redeemed only in this brand’s outlets and in none other brands.
  • Customers have to use their rewards only for redeeming purposes only and not for other purposes like converting into cash etc.
  • One must have to make purchases in order to redeem their coupons and get discounts.

Weis Survey Rules and Conditions

One must give their feedback by following the below set of rules and conditions in order to not get disqualified from successfully completing this survey and winning rewards:

  • This survey is only available to those who have made a purchase in any of this brand’s outlets and received a receipt.
  • For every 7 days, clients can give their feedback with a new receipt every time and win 100 points.
  • Customers have to complete survey within 72 hours of receiving their receipts. It means that a receipt will have a validity period of 72 hours, after which it expires. 
  • A receipt that has a survey code is good to provide feedback for only once. In simple words, customers are expected to give their feedback only once per receipt.
  • Clients should have a valid email address to partake in
  • It is important to note that everyone should answer all subjects of the questionnaire.


Before participating in this Weis rewards survey, heed these criteria that are given below and ensure your eligibility:

  • Each and every candidate must be at least 18 years old to become eligible for delivering feedback.
  • This poll excludes Weis Markets workers, their parents, siblings, or direct relations, as well as anybody else connected to it in a professional way. All those who are professionals of this firm are not allowed to respond to its questionnaire. 
  • Recipients are not allowed to request any modifications to their promotions or incentives in any form. And all prizes must be accepted by an applicant, himself, and nobody else.
  • A legitimate permanent inhabitant of the United States of America is permitted to engage in this opinion rewards survey.
  • Laws and regulations of the federal, state, and local governments all conform to survey.
  • Weis Markets customer survey is invalid in areas where it is prohibited by law.

Prerequisites for Weis Survey

This is a collection of everything you’ll need to complete the Weis Market survey at and receive guaranteed prizes:

  • A recent payment confirmation statement from a Weis Markets supermarket store or branch is required to give critique.
  • Have your invoice ready to enter the survey code as well as other details prior to actually beginning its questionnaire.
  • Consumers will need an active email account to join this poll.
  • Applicants should be ready to give 5-10 minutes to work at hand in general.
  • Possession of a mobile, laptop, or desktop computer is necessary to access its online questionnaire.
  • For submitting responses including suggestions, opinions, and other thoughts via this poll, individuals will need a strong and consistent connection to an internet source. 
  • To understand English is necessary as its questionnaire is available in English only. Ability to both read and write in that language is a must.

Questions Generally Asked in Weis Markets Survey

In Weis Markets guest satisfaction survey, which is an online form, visitors are asked to respond to all relevant questions depending on their most recent experience at its brand. Following are some topics that could prompt questions in Weis Markets survey:

  • Did your recent visit to one of our stores provide you with general enjoyment and comfort?
  • Rate us based on aspects are given below:
    • Products and services that we delivered to you
    • Prices of our services and products
    • Operating and delivery hours
    • Hygiene and safety measures that we rendered
    • Interiors of our outlets
    • Friendliness of our employees
    • Range of products and services available
  • Did you face any inconvenience or hassle when shopping at us? If so, do convey it to us.
  • What changes and modifications do you want us to implement?

Completing the Weis Markets survey is simple and only involves a few minutes. All steps to follow are pretty basic and wouldn’t ask for much effort from any individuals. Look at these measures as given below and follow them carefully.

How to Participate in Weis Customer Survey? (

1. To participate in this survey, visit any store of the brand or online and buy any goods as you wish. As soon as you finish payments, you will receive a receipt, which is necessary to commence your feedback portal.

2. Later, open a browser in any preferred smart gadget and visit – or or you can simply Click Here to enter survey.

Weis Customer Survey Homepage Image

3. Choose between options in-store and online order. Upon choosing either of those options, individuals will have to enter details regarding their time and date of visit or service, Location, reward card number that are available on the re.

Weisfeedback Page Image

4. Click on “Start” to begin this survey. Now, one will be directed to a new web page where they will come across a series of queries.

5. In a nutshell, its online questionnaire will have topics regarding a customer’s point of view based on all services and products this organization is offering. 

6. Provide authentic details, and appropriate replies to each and every topic as that is this survey’s key concept. Next, it is time for candidates to deliver personal information such as their name, email address, etc.

7. Finally, after submitting all such details, individuals will get a message notifying them about their rewards, 100 points.

About Weis Markets

Weis Markets is an American grocery store network. Harry and Sigmund Weis founded this supermarket in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, in 1912. The Weis family still holds around 65 percent of shares. Most of its business is widely scattered all around the Mid-Atlantic. In Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia, it now has more than 200 outlets. 

All of its supermarkets vary in size from 8,000 to 71,000 square feet and offer a variety of standard grocery stuff such as dairy, frozen foods, general merchandise, seafood, and deli products. Besides, it delivers services as a drugstore and fuel station.

Weis Hours of Operation

Weis Markets recently revised its approach, extending its hours of operation and expanding services via Weis 2 Go Online Pickup or Distribution. Hours of operation at this brand have been increased by one hour in the evenings, leading to 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. And these timings are observed from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, one can see visit this firm’s stores between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Pickup and delivery times for Weis 2 Go Online have also been prolonged from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Authorized shopping period for seniors and individuals with weakened immune systems in Pennsylvania continues to be on Tuesdays from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. In addition, on Tuesdays, there will be a 10% senior discount available for elders over 60 years on over 6,000 Weis brand products.

Weis Customer Service

Customer support is very crucial in order to bridge communication gaps between an organization and consumers. It is very common that a client will face any issues or grievances regarding any service or commodity at some point in time. In such situations, only customer care details will prove to be handy. Efficient customer support will deal with all queries, complaints, or suggestions in no time without any inconveniences to people. And that is what Weis’ customer care does. Therefore, refer to these pieces of info which will give a great aid in clarifying any issues, making any suggestions, etc., to this supermarket.

ContentsContact Details
Weis Phone Number570-286-4571
Postal Address1000 South Second Street, Sunbury, Pennsylvania 17801, United States

Weis Markets Near Me

Individuals can use either their GPS connection or its official store locator to find their closest Weis location. Talking about its store locator, go to and enter zip code, city, and other such data to find Weis Markets near you. Then, go to Google Maps, and in its search bar, type Weis Markets near me. That app will give relevant and shortest routes to this brand’s nearby outlet.


What time does Weis close?

From Monday to Saturday, Weis Markets close at 8 pm, whereas on Sundays, they typically close at 9 pm.

When does Weis open?

Weis Markets operation generally starts at 7 am on all days. But for senior citizens, on Tuesdays, all of this brand’s outlets open at 6 am.

Where is Weis survey code located?

Weis Markets’ survey code is printed on a respective purchase receipt, precisely present at its bottom left corner.

Does Weis double coupons?

Yes. Weis doubles coupons. Manufacturer vouchers will get doubled up to 99 cents at all of its outlets. In addition, it will double the value of a coupon up to 4 times. However, a shopper cannot use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on a single product in a single purchase at its stores.

Who owns Weis markets?

Harry and Sigmund Weis established Weis Markets in 1912, and since then, the Weis family owns it with upto 65% shares.

How many stores does Weis markets have?

Weis Markets have a total of 196 outlets scattered across America.

How to check Weis gift card balance?

Anyone can examine their gift card balance on Weis Markets’ official website or in their app’s rewards section. In addition, consumers may phone at 1-866-999-9347 number to know their gift card balance. Apart from these, one can also make a physical visit to this brand’s outlet and ask the cashier to know their gift card balance.

What gift cards does Weis sell?

Weis Markets sells many types of gift cards along with third-party cards. Some common third-party gift cards include Amazon, Hallmark, iTunes, etc. Some common gift card types that it offers are: $10, $20, $25, $50 & $100 gift cards.

What can I get with my Weis points?

Customers who earn 100 points are eligible for certain discount offers: Weis Gas’ N Go gas stations, as well as associated Sheetz, Mirabito, High’s, and Carroll Motor Fuels sites, where they can get upto a 10-cent-per-gallon discount. Bananas for 19 cents per pound and Quality Sandwich Bread priced 39 cents per 20-ounce loaf are other special offers.

Does Weis have a senior discount?

Yes. Every Tuesday, Weis offers senior people aged 60 a 10% discount on all of its products. To take advantage of such perks, elders above 60 simply need to display a valid ID card.


Customers at any of Weis Markets’ locations are being asked to share their thoughts and feelings. As a result, it has introduced an online customer satisfaction survey at that one can complete within 7 days of visiting any of its stores. If you want to participate, preserve your purchase receipt, which contains some important pieces of information needed to complete access to its online questionnaire. Users can enter their contact information and receive 100 Weis Loyalty Points after delivering their whole feedback.

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