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Walgreenslistens Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction Surveys is all about winning a $3000 cash prize every week. Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States and they offer a whopping cash prize of $3000 for one lucky winner at This cash prize is awarded every month through their sweepstake entries. Survey image Survey image

So you get good discounts for your medicines, prescription drugs, and other household things along with a chance to win Walgreens Listens survey every month. Customers from 50 states of the country can participate in the survey. Customer needs and information about each store in the country are the focus of the survey. Walgreens survey acts as the pathway for Walgreens, to improve their customer service and store performance.

What is Walgreenslistens Survey?

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States is the largest in the world, with their growth expected to increase three-fold in a decade. Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy chain store in the United States with cut-throat competition from its rivals.

Though they are the first pharmacy chain in the world, it is their excellent customer support that has kept it above. Walgreens always puts the customer first and business in the next lane and this strategy has never let it down. Walgreenslistens com Feedback is very important for the company as it provides the inner view of their stores across the country and helps them improve it. Being the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States, it is practically not possible for the headQuarters to conduct regular audits and understand the problems present in each store.

Why is Walgreens Survey Important?

Walgreens Listens survey is a platform for analyzing the performance and sales of the company. The Walgreens Listens sweepstake is a good opportunity for the customers to win a good cash amount of $3000. Participating in survey will give you the chance to win a significant amount of money. The cash is provided to the customers as a check and they can utilize it as per their convenience. Usually, gift coupons will only be redeemable on purchases and their validity period is limited.

These Walgreens customer satisfaction survey act as the major pipeline to understand the needs of the store and the customers with ways to improve it. Surveys provide a functional space for the extension of their stores along with the opening of new branches in other parts of the country. If a particular branch fails to produce profit and on the other side, when the customers complain about some specific aspect of the store, management can rectify the problem and bring the branch back to profit scale. If it does not work, then they can close the branch.  

Walgreens Rewards & Coupons survey is like a jackpot for most of the customers. Walgreens rewards worth $3000 cash prize for its winner at sweepstakes. Once your contact address is verified, you will receive the prize as a check. Most of the customer surveys provide little money on cash and rest as vouchers and gift cards, which you can redeem in their store. But at Walgreens feedback  Survey there are no such cases, all you receive is cash. One lucky winner of Walgreenslistens Sweepstakes wins $3000 every month. Is it not amazing to receive a good gift for participating in a five-minute online survey?

Inclusion Criteria for

  • Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Only legal citizens of the United States of America can take Walgreens guest survey
  • You must have a recent purchase receipt with them during participation in the survey.
  • Residents of Puerto Rico cannot participate in survey.
  • Similarly, the survey is not open to advertising agencies with ties to Walgreens, promotional partners, and subsidiaries.

Walgreens Guest Survey Rules & Conditions

  • Participants must participate within 72 hours from their recent purchase 
  • Order receipt with the survey number and password printed on it is necessary to enter the survey.
  • You can participate only once in the draw; multiple entries are termed disqualified.
  • Making additional purchases at Walgreens will never increase the chance of winning the sweepstakes.
  •  Employees, immediate family members, and who share a household with the employees cannot participate.

What is Required for Walgreens Feedback Survey?

Walgreens Listens survey is available online at and offline. So you can participate in any way.

Online participation:

For online participation, you need 

  • Standard internet connection.
  • Smartphone or tablet or Laptop.
  • Purchase receipt not older than three days.
  • Basic Understanding of English or Spanish

Offline participation:

  • Telephone connection for an automatic customer satisfaction survey.
  • An envelope and pen for mail participation.

What Questions Can you Walgreens Receipt Survey?

There are many sections in the Walgreens survey and at each section; you need to provide honest and best answers.

  • In the first section, rate on the scale from 1 to 9 regarding your experience in the store.
  • In the second section, you will be asked to write about the most liked part of the store visit.
  • Third section deals with your willingness to revisit the store. You may need to answer from a scale of 1 – 9.
  • There are some relevant questions regarding your purchase at the store like prescription drugs, cosmetics, hair care and your experience in each section.
  • There are some questions regarding your mode of purchase and the pick-up location.
  • A complete section for the analysis of the friendliness of the staff, their abilities, and customer care.
  • In addition, Walgreens offers health advice, product availability, and if you cannot purchase some items, Walgreens asks the customer why.
  • There are some questions about the counters which you have to mark with the scale from 1 to 9.
  • The last section is about filling your details.

Steps to Participate in Walgreens Listens Survey

You can participate in Walgreens Listens Guest survey in both online and offline modes. In the online mode, you can log in with a computer and enter the details. At the Offline method, you can drop a letter to the customer relations or call the customer care toll-free number and submit your survey details.

walgreens customer satisfaction survey image
  1. Visit Walgreens customer satisfaction survey official Site: 
  2. The browser will direct you to the main page where you will have to enter the following information like the survey number, password, and time of visit. After completing the above details, press the start button.
  3. If you are not comfortable with English, then press Espanol present at the bottom of the page.
  4. The Resident of Puerto Rico, then switches to the Puerto Rico location survey website through the link present at the bottom of the page.
  5. The questionnaire page will appear after you click start and ask you to rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1-9.
  6. At the end of the survey, fill in your details and your contact number.
  7. After completing the survey, you will be provided with a chance to enter the Walgreens Listens sweepstakes and win a $3000 cash prize.
  8. If you want to enter sweepstakes, press yes. After that, you have to provide your address, contact number to receive the prize money, if you are the winner.

Walgreenslistens Sweepstakes Survey


If you are a Walgreens customer and want to participate in the Walgreens guest survey, you have to dial 1-8000-760-0547 or 1-800-658-1584 and follow the instructions to complete the automatic customer satisfaction survey.

If you are a Duane Reade customer and want to get one entry into sweepstakes to call 1-800-821-9096 or 1-888-262-7762 and complete the automated customer survey.


You can also participate in the sweepstakes by providing your name, complete address; age and contact number on a piece of paper and mail it to the customer satisfaction sweepstakes, Dept – S7606, PO Box. 4006, Grand Rapids, Minnesota – 55730- 4006.

When the Walgreens survey is completed, you are provided with an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes. It is the sweepstakes, which offers you a chance to grab a $3000 cash prize.

About Walgreens Company

Walgreens is the leading pharmacy chain that sells prescription drugs, health and wellness products, photo services and health information. Walgreens was started by Charles Rudolph Walgreen in the year 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. Now they have expanded into 10,000 drug stores across the United States and have 10,000 stores across the country. You can find a Walgreens drug store as a corner shop in most of the cities. Walgreens is one big shop with many services like special photo services and pharmacy products. They never sell drugs without a prescription and the staff are well-educated in the medicine line. This is one of the reasons why people come to Walgreens for writing prescriptions and receiving the right dose of their medicine.

Walgreens is present at the U.S territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and to the District of Columbia. Around 400,000 employees work at Walgreens and the headquarters alone hold 5000 employees. They sell the leading beauty and health brands across the country in their drug stores along with the pharmaceutical products. They also offer photo services along with other services. 

Walgreens Hours

Walgreens hours are not the same for all the stores across the country and may vary from location to location. The headquarters of Walgreens at Deerfield is operative from 9 AM to 9 PM on all days except on Tuesday when it opens at 8 AM. 

How To Reach Walgreens Customer Service?

Walgreens Contact Info
Contact Number1-8777- 250 – 5823
Mailing AddressConsumer relations, Walgreen Co, 200 Wilmot Road, Deerfield, IL – 60015. 

Walgreens Near Me

Walgreens stores can be located easily using the app locator. All you need to do is to open the browser and type On this page, you can find the stores near you if your location is on. If you still face difficulties in finding one near you, then try entering the store address or City name or Zip Code. You can also improve the search by increasing the radius of your location to 50 km.  


What time does Walgreens close?

Walgreens operates till 8 PM on all working days and on Saturdays they are open till 6 PM. All Sundays are holidays at Walgreens.

What time does Walgreens open?

Walgreens has a varied operating hour at different hours. Although, the headquarters of it opens at 9 AM on all days except on Tuesdays when it opens at 8 AM. 

How many times can I enter the Walgreens Listens to the survey contest?

You can enter the Walgreens receipt survey only once per sweepstake.

Who owns Walgreens?

Walgreens has been owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance company from 2014.

What Gift cards does Walgreens sell?

The official site of Walgreens has many gift cards including their own coupon gift cards, other store gift cards including amazon, Nike etc and also a few other Visa cards. For having a further outlook on what kind of gift card you need to purchase, visit their official site, 

How many Walgreens stores are there?

As of 2019, there are 9277 Walgreen stores located across the USA.

Where is the closest Walgreens?

You can find the nearest Walgreens using the store locator app. You can open the following link and to find a store near you.

How to win the Walgreens survey contest?

There are no monopoly rules to win the Walgreen survey. All you need is to participate in survey, give your genuine opinion and wait for the results.

I filled out a Walgreens survey, how do I know I won?

While filling out the Walgreens survey, you will be requested to enter your contact details and name for entering the sweepstakes. Walgreens will use this information to contact you if you have won the contest.

What is the highest score an employee at Walgreens can get on the customer survey?

Walgreenslistens Survey usually shows an overall score of about 3.43 and a recommendation rate of about 64% in general.

How many people have won money at the Walgreens survey?

For every survey conducted every month at Walgreens, one winner will be declared and will be rewarded with the cash prize. You can check out the section provided by its official site for the winner list-

When are Walgreens survey winners announced?

The Winners of walgreenslistens  every month survey are announced on their websites by the middle of every month.

How many people enter Walgreens customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes?

Walgreens has not disclosed the participating number on their official website, but other surveys have stated that every month around 1 million customers participate in the survey sweepstakes and one will be rewarded with the sweepstakes prize. 

How to redeem Walgreen rewards?

For every thousand points, you get $1 at Walgreens. After you collect $5, you are allowed to redeem Walgreens rewards on any purchase.

Final Words about Walgreens Survey

Walgreens Listens customer satisfaction survey is one of the critical components of Walgreens that helps the company to improve the store performance and customer support at each level. The survey has questions about the availability of the products, quality of customer service and hygiene conditions inside the drug store. It is effortless to enter the customer survey and every customer has the chance to win a $3000 cash prize.

This survey is one of the best means to attract more customers and bring back more new customers inside their stores. They have become the most trusted brand in society and are having more number of stores opening every year across the United States. Their services have extended to drive-thru pharmacies, cosmetics, vaccination services, household items, and urgent photo services. 

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