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Pizza Hut Survey @ – Amazing Coupons as Rewards

The Pizza Hut Survey is basically a customer satisfaction feedback that the American restaurant chain has brought out to receive some valuable customer feedback. The whole idea behind a customer feedback survey at is to use the reviews as constructive criticism and improve the quality of products and services provided by the company. 

The survey is also a fun way to grab some free and discount food coupons that can be redeemed at any participating Pizza Hut outlet. Not all the receipts will have a survey code, so if you are lucky to find one at the bottom of your receipt, make sure to fill out the survey. 

Pizza Hut Guest Experience Survey Survey image Survey image

There are some fascinating facts about Pizza Hut that are not well known to most of the customers of the brand. Some of these facts include the one that Pizza Hut perfumes were a real thing back in the day and they were quite popular amongst customers.

Pizza Hut worked well with the show teenage mutant ninja for some years. As Pizza Hut tried its hand at ovens and released a line called easy bake ovens. The ‘Book it!’ the program is 35 years old. The Pizza Hut survey at is yet another great idea that the company has come up with and so far it has been doing well.

Why do I take Pizza Hut Survey?

The main goal behind hosting this survey on the company’s part is the customer feedback that they receive. The customers get some fun benefits like discount codes or free food coupon codes. The survey is an excellent way for the brand to be more interactive with its customers. The surveys play an important role for the company as well as the customers.

But coupon codes and discounts are definitely not the only takeaways for them from survey. The customer gets a fair opportunity to influence the companies decision making regarding its products and services, which directly has an impact on the customer’s experience with the company.

Pizza Hut Rewards & Coupons

You just have to fill in the survey and stand your chance to win an attractive prize. Pizza Hut Survey will help the organization to improve the quality of services. Valuable customers’ feedback will help the Pizza Hut Team to know the improvements in their work. And you will get a chance to win $1000 sweepstakes. The participants of pizza hut feedback to win Free Validation Code, so you can redeem them on your next visit.

Who Can Take Part in Pizza Hut Customer Experience Survey?

The Pizza Hut 10 off 20 Survey rules are not very hard to follow. You need to take care of a few things and you’re good to go.

  • Tell Pizza Hut Survey is only applicable residents of USA
  • You should have visited the Pizza Hut outlet at least once.
  • Employees, sponsors and their family members are not eligible to take part in www pizzahutsurvey com.
  • Participate minimum age 13 years old in order to participate in Pizzahut Customer Survey.

Pizza Hut Online Survey Rules

To be able to fill out the survey, you must follow a few rules or guidelines. The list of Pizza Hut customer satisfaction survey official rules is, of course not very long and as such:

  • The survey taker has to be a legal citizen of the United States.
  • Only one person can fill up only one survey.
  • Participate must have a valid receipt of a recent purchase.
  • You can not sell or transfer Pizza Hut Rewards or coupons code to others.
  • No employee is allowed to take survey.
  • Each redemption code can be used by one person only.
  • The survey taker should be 13 years or above of age.

Pizza Hut Feedback Requirements

A few requirements or rather guidelines, are all that you need to follow to be able to participate in the survey. The requirements make sure that the survey is taken up by authorized customers only. These requirements are quite basic and are as follows:

  • A receipt with 11 Digit Survey Code Pizza Hut from your most recent visit to a Pizza Hut outlet.
  • An active and stable internet connection to carry out the survey.
  • A phone or a laptop to fill survey.
  • Basic knowledge of English and Spanish language.

Pizza Hut Customer Survey Questions

The Pizza Hut customer survey mainly focuses on just reviews in certain areas of their services. Although you can fill out a survey, even if you do not have a receipt. The main difference between a typical survey and a survey with a free or discount food coupon is the set of questions it provides. In the survey without a receipt, you can submit a basic review by adding in your few words about the services provided to you., whereas in the other case, there are questions that focus on a certain type of service like:

  • Your ratings on restaurant hospitality.
  • The quality and taste of food served to you.
  • Things that need to be changed about the services provided.
  • Your overall experience and satisfaction at the outlet.
  • The quality of customer service at the visited outlet.

How to Take Part in Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey?

A visit to your nearby Pizza Hut outlet can get you a chance to win a free or discount food coupon. All you need to do is purchase anything from the menu and save your receipt.

  1. Go to the official Pizza Hut Survey Website. (
  2. Now enter the 11 digit survey code pizza hut on your receipt.
  3. Enter your date and time of order.
  4. Once your details are verified as valid, move to the next step and click on the start button.
  5. You will be redirected to a new page and asked to fill in details about your visit.
  6. Make sure that you write true and appropriate answers as this affects the services at the restaurant.
  7. Rate your overall experience at the restaurant from your most recent visit.
  8. Here, you will have to enter your personal details like your name, address, contact, etc.
  9. Submit your Feedback and details in the Pizza Hut survey to get your reward.

Why Pizza hut is So Popular?

It is an American fast-food chain, founded in 1958 by two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas. Currently, there are around 18,500 locations worldwide serving Italian-American cuisine with delicious desserts. Yum Brands owns the company.

 The company has showcased some very catchy slogans for marketing purposes through the years. Some of the popular ones include ‘Make it great! ‘Now you’re eating!’, and ‘No one ‘out pizzas us!’. Pizza Hut once sent out an April fool’s mail to its customers that said ‘Past so good; we changed our name to pasta hut’ as an advertisement for its kinds of pasta as well as a publicity stunt.

Pizza Hut Hours

Most of the branches of Pizza Hut open between 10 AM to 11 AM and close by 1 AM mostly. A few of them have 24/7 services. 

Pizza Hut Customer Support

A lot of attention is given to the customer service at Pizza Hut. By conducting the tell Pizza Hut Customer satisfaction survey, the company hopes to gain customer reviews so they can improve their services based on what the customers like. Many of the questions in survey are about the customer service provided at Pizza Hut. Because customer service is given a lot of importance, Pizza Hut has seen quick and constant growth in their customer base. Customers can get in touch with Pizza Hut customer service using-

Pizza Hut Contact Info
Contact Number800-948-8488 
Contact us
Survey Or

How to find a Pizza Hut near me?

Pizza Hut restaurant outlets are located all across the USA and in eight other countries as well, you can easily find one in your locality or near you. You can google the locations or visit Pizza hut’s official site for finding outlets in your region or near you. You can look up the nearest Pizza Hut location using this link


What time does Pizza Hut close?

Some outlets may stay open 24×7, others close mostly by 1 AM.

What time does Pizza Hut open?

Pizza Hut outlets open between 10 AM to 11:00 AM.

Who owns Pizza hut?

Pizza hut is owned by Yum! Brands.

How do I enter Pizza Hut survey code?

Pizza Hut survey code will be mentioned on the bottom of your receipt, check it out and fill it.

When you fill out the survey, do the actual stores know who filled out the survey?

No, the actual stores do not know about it, but a good option is to fill it up yourself and input genuine answers to all questions.

Where is the survey code on Pizza Hut receipt?

It should be printed at the bottom of the receipt.

How do you know if you won the Pizza Hut satisfaction survey?

Pizza Hut contacts you using the personal details section that you fill out right after your survey, in case you won Pizza Hut satisfaction survey.

What if you do not have the Pizza Hut receipt anymore to do the survey?

Having a Pizza Hut receipt is mandatory if you want to participate in survey.

Why doesn’t my Pizza Hut receipt have a survey code?

Only some of the Pizza Hut receipts have the survey code on them, these receipts are selected randomly because of which no survey code will be displayed on the receipt. 

How to use a Pizza Hut survey coupon?

Visit a participating Pizza Hut outlet and you can easily redeem your Pizza Hut survey coupon.

How to redeem the Pizza Hut survey code?

You can redeem it at the same outlet within 21 days of your survey receipt date.


The Pizza Hut survey is designed around the idea of a wholesome experience of the customer at any Pizza Hut restaurant. The rewards section has turned out to be a very good way to get the customers to fill out the feedback survey. Due to the Conditions and rules, conducting a fair survey and processing it has become easier on the brand’s part. The Pizza Hut online survey rules are extremely simplified and easy to follow. The list of rules is not very long, for the convenience of the customer. All you need is your receipt and you will be able to fill out your survey.

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