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Pet Supplies Survey – Win $100 Gift Card

Want to earn benefits while feeding your pets? Participate in to earn free coupons and validations at your every purchase of PetSuplliesPlus food packets for your beloved pets. You can also give your opinions and reviews and even add comments about the products at your nearest PetSuppliesPlus stores. Your opinions will not only help the company improve and grow but also help you win exciting offers and discounts on your next purchase of food products for pets at the nearest PetSuppliesStores. Below is a complete guide to help you out how to win exciting offers and vouchers at your purchases.

PetSuppliesPlus Survey survey image survey image

With the guide provided by us on this web page, you will be able to take a survey at Pet Supplies Survey without any problem. Pet Survey Plus research only takes a few minutes of your time and also helps the firm to receive customer feedback. If you do not know what the search is, we are here to help you with this message and to provide you with all the information you need. More than just purchasing the products for pets, the firm also wants customer’s satisfying reviews from its consumers. The survey is available at the TellPetSuppliesPlus site.

Pet Supplies Plus survey is nothing but a feedback scheme for inspecting consumers about whether it satisfy them with the products or not because just making money out of customer’s purchase of the products won’t get enough of it. Pet Supplies Plus, hence, needs to also grow in the competitive race for topping the list of being the best.

What Pet Supplies Plus Customer Satisfaction Survey is for?

They carry pet Supplies Plus Study survey out either to prove or disprove the customer’s willingness to accept or to study the appetite of the customer’s pets produced by this corporation and how these items could help out to attract many other people. This inspection is a comparative study made upon its products in contrast to those of other companies. This survey is beneficial for the company as well as for customers. To find out about your benefits, read the instructions below provided by us to ensure you that you are left with no doubts and confusion.

Pet Supplies Plus Rewards for Taking Survey

As we mentioned in the previous section about the benefits provided by Pet Supplies “Plus”, the survey is not only beneficial for the company’s growth but their dearly local customers too.

If you are a regular customer to any of the local stores of Pet Supplies “Plus” and wish to participate in Pet Supplies “Plus” Customer satisfaction survey, at the store it will reward it you with a free coupon. They can use this code as a handy receipt during the next purchase for your pets at your nearest Pet Supplies “Plus” stores.

To use this coupon, you have to fill the questionnaire form for this survey online at www tellpetsuppliesplus com. After they answered all the questions, an instant code gets displayed on the screen. Immediately jot down the code and make sure to take the code along with you during your next visit to the nearest local outlets of Pet Supplies “Plus”.

In case you lost your receipt, you can still enter your reactions in the online survey. For the participation, you have to write your name, your address and telephone number on the postcard and mail it using the priority dispatch to the given address:

Pet Supplies Plus Customer Service Sweepstakes,
PMI Station,
PO Box-3574,
Southbury, CT 06488-3574

Finally, the winner will be rewarded with a Pet Supplies “Plus” Gift Card that can value between $100-$1200, per participant, per entry period availability.

Eligibility for Tell Pet Supplies Plus Survey

  • To participate in Pet Supplies Plus Sweepstakes, one must receive a receipt from the store of purchase for being a regular customer of that particular Pet Supplies Plus Store. 
  •  the entry age for the Pet Supplies Plus customer Survey is at least 18 years and above.
  • Complete the survey within the given limited period as mentioned on the receipt. It must file the survey form online at 
  • You must have an electronic device such as a mobile, laptop or personal desktop computer with proper internet connectivity connected to any of these devices.
  • The local customer or the participant must be aware of proper English language and understanding.

Terms and conditions for Pet Supplies Plus Survey!

  • The customer must be a resident of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
  • The relatives, family members, sponsors, and subsidiaries of Pet Supplies Plus cannot participate in this sweepstake as well as the survey.
  • For receiving the receipt at the store, your purchase of any product or goods is mandatory. Therefore, you are subjected to the reward of the receipt.
  • Your receipt from the store must be the latest one, so as with your visit to the store of Pet Supplies Plus.
  • The participation in the Pet Supplies Plus Survey is valid only once per head, per period.
  • The coupon code received after the submission of the survey online, to redeem it, one must pay a visit to the store within a limited period of 3-7 days or as per the limitations of the period scheduled on the given receipt.

Requirements to Take Pet Supplies Plus Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • The receipt given on recently visit will help you enter the code and other details to start the survey online.
  • PC or Tab or Mobile with good internet connection
  • Finally, your valuable 5 min of time 😉

Questions they Ask During the Pet Supplies Plus Customer Survey

They asked specific questions during the conduction of the Tell Pet Supplies Plus survey.  It aims at your reactions whether you approve or disapprove regarding the concerns starting from the cleanliness of the stores to the availability of assistance. However, the most basic questions they ask during this survey follows as:

  • You will have to answer certain MCQs regarding your purchases of goods and products for your pets.
  • Example: which of the following pets did you come to for on this visit?
  • (cats/ dogs/ rabbits/ ferrets/birds/reptiles & amphibians/ fish/ other)
  • As such, in the given example question, you can tick all those options at a time if those all apply to you.
  • Questions further will be asked about whether your pets enjoy consuming their food products or not. Whether the products meet the quality and freshness.
  • Questions on products other than foods, such as soft pet toys, chewable toys, etc. 
  • Queries on the prices of the products whether it is reasonable for your purchase or not. 
  • Questions on the health of your pets after consumption of their products like dullness or allergic or side effects on their health.
  • Questions on other basics, such as
    • Cleanliness of the stores
    • Behaviours, performance, and assistance from the staff of the stores.
    • Treatment towards the customers and the pets.
    • Order of things in the store.
    • Pet wash station
    • Availability of assistance and staffs
    • Speed of checkout
    • Overall ratings for your experiences and decisions.
    • Question asking customers whether they would like to recommend Pet Supplies Plus Products to other people.

How to Participate in Pet Supplies “Plus” Survey @

To complete the Pet Supplies Plus Customer Satisfaction Survey, the only method to deal with it is to do it online. Here is a complete step-by-step guide to finish the inspection easily.

Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Satisfaction Survey
  1. Visit the Pet Supplies Plus Web Page through your concerned web browser.
  2. After entering the page, certain pieces of information such as your 4-Digit Store Number; your Transaction number or Receipt ID, your age, and the date and time of receiving the receipt. This information is already mentioned on your receipt; you have to only enter down that information during the start of the survey.
  3. Now, before beginning the survey, it is advisable to go through the rules and regulations regarding the sweepstakes of the Pet Supplies “Plus” survey. “Sweepstakes Rules” is mentioned below the right corner of the page.
  4. After returning from the rules section, enter all the valid data discussed in the above points. Click on “start” to begin the survey.
  5. Next, from the margin of high satisfaction to high dissatisfaction, you have to proceed with each question to click your opinions. 
  6. It asks you to rate scores regarding the cleanliness of the stores, staff performance, behaviours, etc. you have to even rank for the quality of the products, taste, side effects (if any) as per your pet’s understanding, and also ratings regarding the price of the products.
  7. Next are the question-and-answer round where you need to present your answers as per your recent experiences.
  8. Now, the survey tends to get over and you have to simply further, enter your contact information. Click on to “submit” for sending away your survey.
  9. An instant code appears on the screen as soon as you submit the survey.
  10. Note down the following code displayed on the screen and take it along with you during your next immediate visit. The time for visiting the nearest Pet Supplies “Plus” store is a maximum of 3-7 days immediately after you received the online code.
  11. Visit the store within the given period for redeeming the Pet Supplies Plus coupon code.

Pet Supplies Plus Sweepstakes

Pet Supplies Plus Survey Sweepstake is available every year but only during the particular period announced on their official survey website There are in total 12 random drawings that shall be held during the entry period of these Sweepstakes. There is also a grand prize that will be awarded in each period of the sweepstake and the survey. For more details you can check the official Pet Supplies Plus Sweepstakes Rules

About Pet Supplies “Plus”

Pet Supplies Plus is a privately held pet supply retailing forum. It stores products for pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and many more. Not only food, but it does contain hygienic products, pet toys, medicines, and many other products that can comfort a pet at a house. For pet lovers, these stores are of utmost importance. To care for them and feed them, these stores nearby their house benefit them a lot. Not only products are sold here. There is also a washing and dressing salon for pets, doctors and nurses for their health and diet check-up and many more. They designed every corner of these stores for the comfort of the pets of the customers.

Pet Supplies Plus Hours

ONLINE VISIT: For access to the survey for Pet Supplies Plus Sweepstakes, the online entries for filling up the form is from 12:01 AM (CT), January 1, 2020, to 11:59 PM (CT), December 31, 2020.

OFFLINE VISIT: To visit a nearby store of Pet Supplies “Plus”, the opening and closing timings are from 9:00 am-9:00 pm, Monday to Saturday whereas on Sundays, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Pet Supplies Plus Contact Details

If you get messed up with any troubles related to the survey or participation or redeeming of the coupon code, then below are the details given for Pet Supplies Plus Customer Service. With the help of these, you can easily clear your doubts and queries via, call, website go through and mailing posts of complaints and queries.

Pet Supplies Plus Contact Info
Contact number+1-866-477-7748
Pet Supplies Plus Survey page
Mailing addressPet Supplies Plus Customer Service Sweepstakes,
PMI Station,
PO Box-3574,
Southbury, CT 06488-3574

Pet Supplies Plus Near Me

Browse on to your mapping applications, “Pet Supplies Plus near me” to search out Pet Supplies Plus local pet stores nearby you to find a great variety of natural as well as non-natural pet foods and other products for your pets.


What are Pet Supplies Plus survey rewards?

They rewarded pet Supplies Plus survey rewards to those customers who fulfil mentioning the customer survey located at The customers will receive survey rewards in the form of incentives in return for their valuable feedback for being their customer.

What time does Pet Supplies Plus open?

Pet Supplies Plus stores generally open at 9:00 am from Monday to Saturday. Whereas on Sunday at 10:00 am the night.

What time does Pet Supplies Plus open?

Pet Supplies Plus stores generally close at 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, whereas on Sunday at 6:00 pm evening.

Who owns Pet Supplies Plus?

Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) was originally owned by Irving Place Capital in 1988. But later on, it sold the company off to Sentinel Capital Partners, who is the current owner of Pet Supplies Plus.

Can pets go into Pet Supplies Plus?

Yes, your pets are allowed to PetSuppliesPlus stores. They can walk and run through the corridor of these stores. They designed these stores in such a way that the pets can easily reach the treats, chewable toys, and many other products kept in the lower shelves of these stores.

Who bought Pet Supplies Plus?

Irving Place Capital sold pet Supplies Plus off. And Sentinel Capital Partners, a firm with deep franchising expertise bought it. 

How many Pet Supplies Plus stores are there?

As per the survey of 2015, there are 325 Pet Supplies Plus stores in 25 states of the United States.

Why is not working?

Please check your internet connectivity to get into that Pet Supplies Plus Neighbour Satisfaction Survey Guide asks you to visit for rating the retailer and giving your feedback. Also, check eligibility and rules whether you are allowed to take survey or not. After completing this survey, you will be rewarded with a sweepstake entry followed by a gift card worth $100.


All the descriptions detailed on this page are true to the Pet Supplies Plus guest satisfaction survey. Going to the stores and purchasing stuff for your pets is just not enough. It is more than purchasing. Your presence is valuable, so Pet Supplies Plus gives you credits too. But to get those credits and benefits, your participation is essential also. We are here to guide you with all the master details to be the lucky winner after your participation in the survey. Hence, we hope that we have met all your requirements for participation.

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