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Outback Steakhouse Survey – Win Amazing Rewards

Are you looking for the best restaurants with delicious food in the United States? Then try Outback steakhouse for once. I’m sure you’ll love it. Outback is a perfect example in the United states, the way they collect feedback, reward customers through the surveys. If you visit Outback’s official site, you’ll get to know the real scenario that they are doing great in the market. We all know, a survey is a convenient solution to enhance any organization, because we get to know how people are thinking about their organization. Hence, surveys play a significant role in growing any business. survey image survey image

The Tell Outback survey tries to get genuine feedback while appreciating every individual who gives their opinions and judgments. Surveys are always the best method to understand your clients’ views and preferences. We have an opportunity to know who they are and how they respond to our products or services. 

Outback Steakhouse Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you are a foodie or a regular customer of the outback steakhouse, you must be familiar with how much they value the customers’ feedback and how frequently they implement them. Outback provides a customer satisfaction survey where customers can fill out the survey questions while keeping a handful of regulations in mind. These include the survey code, name, email address, etc. Outback strongly believes in customer feedback and making them accurate.

Significance of Outback Steakhouse Feedback

Outback is an American chain of restaurants that has multiple branches across the world. At times, it’s challenging to know the customer’s reaction and their opinions regarding the quality of food being served. Therefore, the company conducts the survey and prepares a set of questions. Outback encourages all the customers through the Tellout customer satisfaction survey so that they can put forward their suggestions about the company and the food.

Telloutback plays a significant role in the business development process. Outback restaurants believe in making their consumers happy and offering them a delicious meal. This is primarily why they regularly wish to stay updated with what’s on their consumer’s minds regarding their hospitality and service. 

The Outback Steakhouse feedback hardly consumes much time; it’ll take 10 minutes at maximum. It is an excellent platform to share their dining experience through a customer satisfaction survey. Once you’ve completed this survey, it will reward you with a multitude of gift vouchers, and there are other gifts in stock exclusively for the winner of the survey.

Telloutback Rewards

Outback listens to your feedback by providing the customer satisfaction survey; the goal of this survey is to know more about their restaurant’s services. If a customer faced any issues, they could easily put forward this complaint through the survey’s assistance.

Outback Rewards: The ultimate reward comprises various coupons and gift vouchers. While survey rewards provide the customer with an incentive, it offered vouchers for their valuable time. The survey further provides a sweepstakes contest as well, where the winners receive an opportunity to win a $500 Outback gift card or $1000 cash and do not have to pay for the next visit. 

Eligibility for participating @ www telloutback com Outback Survey

  • Individuals who are 18 and it enabled adults to answer the survey’s questions.
  • To take part in the survey, you need to be a resident of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico.
  • Languages available while filling out the survey include English & Spanish.

Rules & regulations to remember for Telloutback Survey

  • They can fill the survey online and by mail.
  • Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. employed or officers or directors are not eligible to participate. Even the family members of these are not allowed to participate.
  • During the promotion period, the entrant can submit the survey as many times as they want.

Requirements to give Outback Feedback

The basic Outback survey requirements are:

  • Recent Outback receipt with a valid survey code on it.
  • A working laptop, mobile phone with reliable and good internet connection.
  • A basic understanding of any of the two languages- English/Spanish.

Insights on the Validation Code required for the OutbackListens

You’ll be receiving a Outback survey validation code once you have completed the feedback and have answered all the questions. This code is essential for being able to redeem your coupons and gifts. Therefore, you’ll have to have it written down on your receipt whenever you visit the restaurant in the future. 

As mentioned earlier, it also offers the Outback sweepstakes contest where contestants can win a $500 Outback gift card. However, you’ll have to check the Outback Open Hours for not missing it out. Outback is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm. 

Questions included in Outback Steakhouse Survey

Outlined below are the set of Outback feedback questions that you’ll have to answer:

  • Whether your visit is dine-in or a curbside takeaway?
  • Where did you sit?
  • What did you order?
  • Rate your entire satisfaction and experience at the restaurant
  • Were you welcomed upon entering the restaurant?
  • Did you have to wait to get a seat?
  • How long did you wait to be seated?
  • Were you offered anything to eat or drink during your wait?
  • Did you interact with the manager during your wait?
  • Did the staff recommend any of the menu items?
  • Whether the staff recommended an alcoholic drink?
  • The accuracy of your order
  • The temperature of your food
  • The variety of menu items
  • The presentation of your food
  • The accuracy of your wait time
  • The interior cleanliness and the pace of your dining experience 
  • The taste of your food
  • Staff’s knowledge regarding menu items
  • The overall atmosphere considering the music
  • The friendliness of the staff
  • The overall price you paid for the food
  • Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  • Select the option that completely satisfies why you were not happy with your order
  • Which of the option fully describes why you were not satisfied with the cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Based on your visit, what is the likelihood that you will recommend the Outback Steakhouse restaurant to your friends?
  • Enter your zip code for us to understand our customers better
  • Enter your email id to receive more Outback Steakhouse coupons and discounts

How can customers successfully take part in the Outback survey?

TellOutback Steakhouse Survey
  1. The customer who wishes to participate in the Outback customer satisfaction survey is required to browse through the company’s official website:
  2. Based on the code on your receipt, select either (4-digit code) / (14-digit code) / (18-digit code)
  3. On arriving at the page, the individual is required to enter their invitation code. It is essential to assure that they selected your preferred language since the website offers its content in both English and Spanish. 
  4. To commence with the survey, the participant needs to click the start button. Once the survey begins, they will have to respond to every question and put forward their outbackfeedback accordingly. 
  5. You have to provide your contact details and can then only submit the survey. 
  6. After completion of the survey, you’ll be able to see your coupon code on your screen. However, the Outback coupon code will be valid for a limited period. Furthermore, your next visit to the restaurant will be free.

About Outback

Outback Steakhouse is actually an Australian-themed American restaurant. It usually comprises American cuisine and its headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida, United States. Their cuisine range is so varied, and it is the best destination for any kind of food craving. Outback steakhouse has its signature dishes like steaks, chicken, ribs, fresh seafood, wings which are a total hit. They spread the restaurant chain over 1000 locations in almost 23 countries, including America, Australia and Asia. 

Outback Hours

From Monday onwards up to Saturday, the restaurant opens at 11 am and closes at 10 pm. The timings for Sundays are: 11 am to 9 pm.

Outback Contact Details

The Outback provides an FAQ page for their customers. So, they can see the questions which create the problems. When you are not able to find the information about Outback at the FAQ page, you have to contact the customer service soon.

Outback Contact Info
Customer service number+1-813-282-1225
HeadquartersTampa, Florida, United States
Survey Page

Outback Near Me

Whenever you have any questions regarding the Outback Steakhouse, you can refer to the Outback Customer Service with them. You’ll have to go through the website to find further details. This will enable you to find out valuable insights about the offers, gift cards, and locations. Moreover, you can locate the closest restaurant near you with the assistance of the store locator that is made available on the website. This can be accessed by the following:


Who owns the Outback steakhouse?

Bloomin’ Brands own the steakhouse.

What time does Outback open?

Outback starts serving customers from 11 am onwards.

What time does Outback close?

Outback closes at 10 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on Sundays.

How to answer survey questions on the Outback steakhouse application?

Give your genuine feedback, no need to give fake answers. However, the questions on the application form will be different from the survey questions. So just be genuine. 

How to fill out more than one Outback Steakhouse survey from my computer?

If you receive two codes, then, in that case, you will be able to see two outback surveys. otherwise, you will not be able to attend the survey.

Where to find the survey code on an Outback steakhouse?

You will find  it out on the official website page. You will receive the code, and then according to the code, you will be able to move on the survey page.

How does Outback dine rewards work?

Firstly you have to complete your Outback survey, and then you will be rewarded as a gift or voucher. And if you win the contest, then you will receive dine rewards Outback. 

What is Outback steakhouse ‘dine rewards?’

If you win this contest, then you’ll receive a $500 Outback gift card. Also, you don’t need to pay for your next visit. 


Telloutback is an excellent platform for all those who want to take participate in the survey. The way they collect feedback from their customers by using a customer satisfaction survey makes the survey a perfect example in the United States.

Telloutback surveys strongly believe in delivering the best services, for which they genuinely want to take feedback from their customers for expanding their business in a prosperous manner. There is no doubt that it’s a significant challenge to take on the initiative to improve all the drawbacks and enhance the business. The survey is the best survey site in the United States and is very popular in a multitude of ways. Moreover, the Outback Steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in the US, which easily attracts tons of consumers daily due to the quality of meals served and their premium customer satisfaction services.

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