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The Customer Satisfaction survey is being notified to have a massive hike in the past decade, with the increasing amount of competition in every sector. The concept of a monopoly market in businesses has been gone long ago for good. It is always better for both the consumers and the businesses when there are multiple competitors present in the market. So, now what is the customer satisfaction survey?

Different businesses do these surveys, especially which dealt with customers daily, to know what customers think about them and their products. These feedback answers will ultimately help the businesses to improve their strategy and other business plans to achieve the long-term goal. survey image survey image

This particular article is dedicated to the customer satisfaction survey done by Fred Meyer and about everything you are supposed to know about them. This is a beginner’s guide to the survey, which can help anybody to easily understand what the survey is about, the rewards, the sweepstakes, the rule and many more details about the same is.

The Fred Meyer customer service is one of the easiest and shortest of all the surveys out there. But knowing all the information on the survey makes it easier for the participants to take part in it and also decreases the chances of getting unnecessary disqualifications.

Fred Meyer Survey

Fred Meyer is one of the biggest conglomerates in the US market, which has its strong foothold in a variety of businesses, including hypermarkets, jewelry, restaurants and many more. From highly popular grocery stores in association with Kroger’s with so many different types of stores, Fred Meyer is still in the business for quite a few times now. And they are supposed to celebrate their centenary year in a decade or so.

Along with extra-ordinary business strategies and several mergers for the improvement of the business, the Fred Meyer customer feedback survey also has a fair share in all the milestones they achieve. So, Fred Meyer conducts their survey in two separate ways- one for their jewelry store in a stand-alone website and the other with the collaboration of their parent company Kroger for their hypermarket grocery store. In this particular article, we will thoroughly discuss both the survey in the later sections. 

How Fred Meyer Customer Survey Helps its Patrons?

The importance of customer feedback surveys, like Fred Meyer and other retailers does what, is known to be the best for all the organizations for longer good. Each and every business indeed does their best to retain the loyalty of the customers. And these customer satisfaction surveys are just some mere means of knowing all the business strategies.

The Fred Meyer customer survey is helping the company to understand what customers think about their services, the products being sold and whether it satisfies them with their overall shopping experiences or not?

And from the customers’ perspective, the survey is not only allowing them to earn some exciting rewards, but it also shows them that how a company values their ideas and opinions in the long run. So, whether to retain their loyal customers or to provide the best wholesome shopping experiences, there is nothing practical and helpful than the Fred Meyer satisfaction survey to achieve long-term goals.

Fred Meyer Rewards – What Customers can get from them?

Kroger is one of the very few companies, which is known for paying hefty prizes to all the lucky winners, for taking part in their Fred Meyer customer Satisfaction Survey. Though the ultimate intention of this survey is to provide a strong base to the company for making a suitable business strategy for later use, the participants can also get benefitted from this.

Just for taking part in the, the company offers several exciting prizes, which include several gift cards and reward points to hefty cash as well. Though the selection of the winners is entirely random and depends on a specific lucky draw system they have been using, but the number of winners is not bad at all.

At the end of the ultimate goal for this Fred Meyer Customer satisfaction survey is to create a final win-win situation for both the company and the participants. The rewards given out by the FredMeyer survey to taking part in it are as follows:

  • One hundred first prizes are worth $100 gift cards every month.
  • The bumper prize of gift cards is worth $5000 to one lucky customer.
  • Random Kroger fuel points and rewards and other gift cards.

Eligibility Criteria – Who can take part in Fred Meyer Feedback Survey?

The eligibility criteria for taking part in the is pretty easy and straightforward. Though the rules are relaxed but following them is pretty mandatory and important. If any of the participants had failed to fulfill any of the rules, their participation could get canceled. The criteria for taking part in the survey is as follows:

  • The age of every participant has to be 18 years or above.
  • The participants have to be permanent citizens of all the 50 states of the United States of America, including the district of Columbia.
  • Participants should not be living in the three states, which include Florida, New York, and Rhode Island.
  • Also, the participants should not be anyway related to any employees of the Kroger’s or any other subsidiary or affiliated organizations of the Kroger’s.
  • The participants should not live in a household the same as a Kroger employee, no matter whether they are related to each other or not.

Rules and Regulations of the Fred Meyer Satisfaction Survey

The Fred Meyer has been conducting their surveys on two separate websites- one through the Kroger’s survey website and the other through their stand-alone jewelry store survey website Though the conducting sites have different rules and regulations for taking part in the survey is the same, just like the rewards and the eligibility criteria. The rules and regulations for taking part in the Fred Meyer customer satisfaction survey are as follows:

  • If someone is participating in the sweepstakes, no purchase from the stores is necessary
  • There is no connection between the number of purchases from stores and the odds of winning in the survey.
  • The survey does not apply to the residents of Florida, New York, and Rhode Island.
  • The survey is valid only for the 50 states of the USA, including Washington, DC.
  • The participants need to be 18 years or older.
  • The survey needed to be completed within seven days from the last purchase from the store.
  • No employees of the Fred Meyer or from any affiliated organizations or anybody related to them cannot take part in the Fred Meyer guest satisfaction survey.  
  • There is no limit to the number of entries in a month per person.
  • The participants must have some basic understanding of either English or Spanish to take part in the survey.

Fred Meyer Customer Feedback Requirements

To take part in the Fred Meyer fuel points survey in Kroger’s and general Fred Meyer satisfaction survey, the participants need some basic information and tools only. The requirements are pretty simple and almost similar to all the other customer satisfaction surveys on the internet. The requirements for the Fred Meyer customer survey are:

  • A liable and robust internet connection.
  • A device, most preferably a computer, or a Mobile phone or a tablet with internet facility.
  • A working email Id.
  • Active telephone numbers.
  • A receipt from the Kroger’s store, which is not more than seven days old.
  • Basic knowledge about English or Spanish.

Questions asked in the FredMeyer Survey

The most crucial part of any customer satisfaction survey is the question they ask the customers for getting proper feedback. As the answer to these questions is the backbone for the new business strategies, the questions must be relative and should be able to extract some real information from the customers. The

is comprising 10 questions, which are as follows:

  • Which of the following departments did you browse or purchase from on visit?
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Kroger.
  • Please rate your satisfaction with:
    • The items you wanted being in stock
    • The freshness of the products
  • Please rate your satisfaction with
    • The friendliness of the checkout staff
    • The quality of the store brands we carry
  • Please rate your satisfaction with the overall prices comparable to other stores
  • During this visit, was there anything you intended to buy but did not?

How to participate in the Fred Meyer Online Survey?

Now, it is time to discuss the most critical part of the Fred Meyer surveys, i.e., how to participate in the survey in the first place. The participants can take part in the Fred Meyer satisfaction survey in two ways and the steps are pretty straightforward in both the cases as well. Procedures to take part in the Fred Meyer feedback survey in both the Kroger Website and Fred Meyer jewelry store are the same as well. The steps to take part in the Fred Meyer survey are as follows:

Kroger FredMeyer Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. After purchasing from the nearest Kroger store, it will invite all the customers to take part in the sweepstakes.
  2. Visit either of the websites to take part in the surveys.
  3. Enter the following information, i.e. 
    • Date, 
    • Time and the 
    • 22-digit entry id or survey code, if you are taking part in the survey, from Koger’s website.
  4. Then, after entering the actual survey page, the participants have to answer all the questions carefully, asked on the website.
  5. Then participants will be asked to fill all the information such as name, address and number to complete the survey.
  6. After completing the survey, the participation of the customer will be considered as one entry in the sweepstakes.
  7. One can fill multiple survey forms to increase their number of entries in the sweepstakes as well. 
  8. But the entries have to be done within seven days from the last purchase.

How to fill Fred Meyer Jewellery Survey @

Fred Meyer Jewelers Survey
  1. Go to the official survey page for Fred Meyer jewelry i.e.,
  2. If you are taking part in the survey, from the Fred Meyer jewelry website (www fmjfeedback com).
    • Store number
    • Transaction number
    • Visit date
    • Visit time
  3. You will find all the details mentioned above in the transaction receipt.
  4. After entering the official survey site, It will ask you some or all of the questions mentioned above.
  5. Upon giving successful answers to all the questions asked, they will ask you to provide your full personal details.
  6. Finally, after completing the above step, your FMJ feedback survey will be automatically ended.

Fred Meyer Sweepstakes

As I had mentioned earlier in the article, that one can participate in the Fred Meyer sweepstakes, over mail as well, so this method is for participants only. who do not purchase anything from the website, yet want to take part in the lucky draw. All they need to do is to send some information to the sweepstakes authority via mail, and they will be eligible for the lucky draw. The sweepstake administrator for Fred Meyer’s survey is promotion Mechanics, Inc, who is responsible for all the random drawings and sponsorship of the prizes. The detail steps of taking part in the Fred Meyer monthly sweepstakes are as follows:

  • The participants should handwrite all the below-mentioned information in a piece of paper:
    • Full name
    • Complete residential address
    • Telephone number
  • In the case of sweepstakes, no mechanically produced entries will be considered valid.
  • Though there is no limit to the number of entries per person per month.
  • One can send multiple sweepstake entries on separate papers as well. 
  • They should send the entries to the following address:
    • Customer survey Monthly Sweepstakes
      PMI Station
      Po box number 3547
      CT 06488-3547

About Fred Meyer

Established in 1931, Fred Meyer is one of the companies back then who stood up for providing a very wholesome shopping experience to their customers. During those days, in Portland, Fred Meyer takes no time to become the customers’ staples for all things: groceries, clothing, and many other household items. By 1960, Fred Meyer had become one of the household names in the United States.

Fred Meyer Hours

The Fred Meyer stores have two separate active hours for the summer and the winters. And the active hours are solely depending on the area where their store is located. But on a generic term, the Fred Meyer store is open from 7 am to 11 pm. The winter hours are relatively changing according to the daily temperature forecasts. Fred Meyer Jewelers hours for customer support will be from Monday to Friday – 8 am to 9 pm.

Fred Meyer Contact Details

The participants of the Fred Meyer survey can opt for help from the customer service team, anytime in case of any problem occurred during the survey or just to clear about any queries.

One can contact the Fred Meyer customer service representatives through these below-mentioned addresses.

Fred Meyer Customer Service
Contact Number1-800-KRO-GERS
Official Mailing AddressCustomer survey Monthly Sweepstakes
PMI Station
Po box number 3547
CT 06488-3547
Official website
Survey Pages

Fred Meyer Near Me

Fred Meyer has located almost all the States in the US with multiple stores. To find a Fred Meyer store near you, visit the official Fred Meyer website and find the Store Locator option from the below section of the website. From there, one can find the nearest Fred Meyer store from where they live, either by using their zip code or by letting the device detecting their location automatically.

To find the Fred Meyer Jewelers near me, you can make use of its FMJ official store locator.


How to enter survey points in Fred Meyer?

Fred Meyer survey points are automatically adding up with every shopping trip you do. You can check the total survey points you have at the end of your Fred Meyer shopping receipt.

What are Fred Meyer sweepstakes?

Fred Meyer sweepstakes is a fair chance of winning exciting gift cards and rewards points with or without shopping trips you had done at the Fred Meyer Hypermarket and Fred Meyer Jewellery store.

What time does Fred Meyer open?

Fred Meyer opens at 7 AM every day.

What time does Fred Meyer close?

 Fred Meyer closes at 11 PM on all days of the week.

Who owns Fred Meyer?

Initially, Fred Meyer owned by Fred G. Meyer, but in the early 2000’s it merged with the famous Kroger brand as a part of a strategic merger.

How many Fred Meyer stores are there?

Fred Meyer has over 130-plus multi-department stores all over the USA.

Where is the nearest Fred Meyer?

To find the nearest Fred Meyer, one may search for it at the store locator section on the website, either with an automatic location detector or by entering the zip code.

How do Fred Meyer’s digital coupons work?

Fred Meyer digital coupons work precisely the same as the paper coupons. It directly loaded them in your plus card and redeemed automatically upon purchasing a valid item from the store.

How do Fred Meyer gas points work?

After accumulating 100 gas points upon purchasing from any Fred Meyer stores, one can redeem than to purchase fuel from any Fred Meyer Fuel Station at a discounted rate. $1 spent at the Fred Meyer store is equivalent to 1 Fred Meyer gas point.

How do Fred Meyer rewards point work?

Fred Meyer Rewards points at quarterly and it adds up a one reward point with every $1 spent on the Fred Meyer. At the end of each quarter, Fred Meyer declares exciting cash prizes and other discounts on various products, based on the total reward point you have collected. For more details about it, refer to

What gift cards does Fred Meyer sell?

Fred Meyer sells Kroger Family of Stores Gift Card, which can be used directly to buy anything from the Kroger Store.

Where can I use my Fred Meyer Gift Card?

You can use your Fred Meyer gift cards in all the Kroger stores and Fred Meyer fuel stations and Fred Meyer jewelry as well. 

Who owns Fred Meyer jewelers?

Fred Meyer jewelers owned by Fred Meyer and Kroger and act as the subsidiary of the latter two.

How do I get my Fred Meyer rewards card?

One can get their rewards card upon filling the application form in the Fred Meyer store.

How do I leave my feedback to Fred Meyer?

To enlist your valuable feedback after every shopping trip at the Fred Meyer jewelers and Fred Meyer Hypermarket, one can visit the and and take part in their customer satisfaction survey. 


So, next time you visit either the Fred Meyer store in the Kroger hypermarket or their flagship jewelry store, don’t forget to take part in the survey and increase your chances of winning whopping prizes worth $5000. The whole article is all about everything one must know before taking part in the survey. So give it a read and make Fred Meyer your next shopping trip to experience a more wholesome and fun filling purchase. And don’t forget about the exciting gifts and rewards you can win from your every shopping trip to the Fred Meyer hypermarket and Fred Meyer Jewellery.

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