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Get $100 Amazing Gift Card – Tell Aldi Survey

Take part in the survey of a fascinating franchise that homes to household components with the most minimal price ever. Let the forum grow by sparing hardly fifteen minutes on this inspection method that can read out the satisfactory reactions of its beloved customers. If you have recently visited any of the ALDI superstores, then let them recognize your opinions of the components sold in those stores via this survey. We are here to help you out with a complete analysis of Tellaldi Survey US feedback that helps you win exciting ALDI gift cards and coupons. Take part in the Aldi sweepstakes that can make you a lucky winner of digital gift coupons that value about $100. Survey survey image survey image

ALDI is currently one of the greatest grocery hypermarkets that provides the best quality household and food components with a substantial low marginal price. Hence, consumers have to help for the franchise to grow more that gives every daily use component. ALDI started the scheme of surveying its consumers that can be attended without much effort. With your valuable Aldi Survey response at, the franchise can easily know what you are thinking about their services and products. Seek for more updates below about this Survey Aldi US that can win you in sweepstakes up to $100.

Why Aldi Feedback Survey Important?

The Aldi Customer Satisfaction Survey can help a tremendous empirical forum to either grow or fall. The data accumulated from the vindication of the clients yield precious insight for the Aldi authorization to stand unfallen. With your valuable Tellaldi US feedback, Aldi can easily know what its clients are thinking about their services and goods kept in their stores.

Also, they can be aware of the consumer’s wants and expectations through this survey. The procedure of this research realizes their connectivity with people as their faithful consumers. The Tellaldi conducted special customer satisfaction survey regarding ALDI stores, cleanliness, staff, products, etc.

Aldi Gift Cards and Rewards

Here is the possible reward you can get after completion of the Tellaldi customer survey. This gives away has Aldi reward card valuing $100. The total weighted of all lofty rewards per inspecting period is $2,500.00. however, the limitation is up to one candidate per domiciliary.

Every individual can apply for this Tellaldi Feedback survey and make sure to use the valid specially marked cash register receipt. The point to be remembered is that ALDI doesn’t have customer rewards, since ALDI does not act on reliable systems. Try your luck while taking part in this survey, for ALDI is ready to guarantee you the reward.

Are you eligible for Aldi Feedback Survey?

In order to take part in online survey, you must follow the set of eligibility rules, check out some of them.

  • The candidates must be a constitutional resident of the 50 United States of America, including the District of Columbia, are suitable to take part in this survey and sweepstake contest.
  • The age of the contestant should be 18 years or older.
  • You must not be the relative, family member, staff member, supplementary, or sponsor of the Aldi, Inc.; InMoment, Inc.; and US Fulfillment Company.
  • Proper knowledge and understanding of English and German language are a necessity.

Rules for Aldi Survey US

  • Shop your groceries at any one of these following Aldi grocery stores areas: Batavia; Center Valley; Denton; Dwight; Faribault; Greenwood; Haines City; Hinckley; Jefferson; Moreno Valley; Mt. Juliet; Oak Creek; O’Fallon; Olathe; Petersburg; Rosenberg; Royal Palm Beach; Salisbury; Springfield; South Windsor; Saxonburg; Tully; Valparaiso; Webberville.
  • Your receipt must be with you, along with the ALDI store number.
  • Even if you are a candidate below 18 years, and took part in this program and achieved triumph at this contest, the award will be rewarded to your constitutional guardian or parent or close adult member of the family only as the reward is a monetary one.
  • Aldi coupons are not allowed to transfer or sell this coupon to anyone else.
  • Each customer is allowed to participate once only.
  • The contestant should take the survey within three to seven days after taking the receipt at Aldi store on their recent visit.
  • You are permitted to take only five attempts, not beyond one month for Tell Aldi US survey.

Requirements for Aldi Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Candidate must possess a desktop computer/PC /Laptop/ Tablet /Smartphone with proper Broadband internet connectivity.  
  • You must have a good knowledge and understanding of the English language while attending the customer experience survey online.
  • Along with the ALDI store number, your recent receipt must be with you while taking part in the survey.

What they asked @ Survey?

The first glance towards the feedback survey page can show you a list of questions pointing to benchmark how satisfied you are. These questions stand to interrogate you about certain elements and facts to get genuine feedback from you. Below is a specific format of the questions to be asked in the survey:

  • As ALDI is all about groceries and household items, the initial interrogation confirms from you about the qualities and freshness of the components, especially eateries sold at these stores.
  • Next question about the prices of grocery items. Give your reaction to whether you are comfortable affording these items or not.
  • Further comes, the basic elements such as the reaction and attitude of the staff. Whether they converse with you properly or not, do they help you with any issues? If yes, then react positively else vice versa.
  • Lastly comes questions about the hygiene maintained in ALDI stores, its washrooms, restrooms, its tidiness, the products on the shelves are tidy, packed and sealed with a regular check up on the expiration of the items.       

How to Take Part in Tellaldi Survey US?

Following are the simple steps to participate in Aldi US Survey.

www tellaldi us survey Image
  1. Approach to the Official Aldi Survey page at 
  2. Select your language English or Espanol and click on Next to continue the survey.Tellaldi US survey Image
  3. Enter the 4-digit Aldi survey code on receipt that you received from the ALDI store purchase any component. The code has a specific bracketed date specified on the same ticket. Go through it carefully.
  4. Now enter the Date of Visit, which is again mentioned on your same receipt.
  5. Now, tap on the “Start” option box to begin the Client Gratification Survey.
  6. A new page opens where you need to answer the granted interrogations which are related to your visit to ALDI stores.
  7. After you complete answering all the questions asked in, pack up your call networking details and click on the submit button.
  8. ALDI coupon code appears on the screen instantly and you need to jot down this coupon code.
  9. Recoup this coupon code during your recent visit to ALDI store within the given time on the receipt to claim your reward of ALDI $75 coupon to $100 coupon.

Aldi Sweepstakes

Recoup your coupon code by following the above disciplines and directions for fulfilling the guest satisfaction survey. The code will last up to 30 days from the date you received your code and make sure to claim before it gets expired. They will announce winners of the contest after two weeks of withdrawing sweepstakes. It will be notified to the customers on the same contact details that they had provided it before the start of the survey. It can be through post or email.

We will advise you to always check on the rules and regulations officially published by Aldi on the feedback site. The Aldi survey winners list available on the www tellaldi us page.

Aldi Sweepstakes Address

Entry, 625 Panorama Trail,
Suite 2100, Rochester,
NY 14625-2437.

About ALDI Superstores

ALDI Supermarket is a retail industry stone-laid by Karl and Theodore Albrecht on July 10, 1946, in Essen, Germany. This superstore of Aldi sells products of households, food materials and frills, and other daily use essential products used for feeding and living. The estimated earnings of ALDI are 53 billion pounds. The subsidiaries of ALDI are Trader Joe’s. There is an estimation of 11,234 stores in over eighteen countries.

For over nine consecutive years, they have awarded ALDI Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award for selling products to the customers with the utmost lowest prices and value for money. Not only the costs but the freshness and quality of the items cheer up loud to make the best grocery superstores worldwide.

Tellaldi guest satisfaction survey in the United States has voted positively in terms of overall satisfaction; value for money; the freshness of fruits, vegetables as well as meat; consumer service and accessibility of the staff; layout and presentation of ALDI stores; deals and special offers; the huge variety of products; and, of course, the quality of private label products.

Aldi Hours

Are you not aware of Aldi Store Hours of operation? Here is the answer. Aldi grocery stores open at 10:00 am sharp and close by 10:00 pm every day.

Aldi Contact Info

If messed up with any troubles related to the survey or participation or redeeming of the coupon code, then below are the details given for the survey. With the help of these, you can easily clear your doubts and queries via, call, website go through and mailing posts of complaints and queries:

Aldi Customer SupportRequired Numbers, Links
Corporate number+0800-042-0800
Toll-free number+1-630-879-8100
Survey page
Email address,
Email address,
Corporate address, USALDI, Inc, 1200 N Kirk Rd,
Batavia, IL- 60510, United States

How to find Aldi Near me?

If you are unaware of the nearest Aldi store? No worries here is the direct link Your application will ask for your phone’s current location; allow yourself to provide the current point, and explore all the related dopes and preferences available at your concern range and location.  


Why is not working for me?

Your promo code or else the survey code might have expired. Check your recent receipt of for the date of expiry again. If the date has expired, the Aldi’s Customer Experience Survey won’t work for you.

Does Aldi take coupons?

No, Aldi doesn’t accept coupons at their stores, but instead, you can purchase your desiring goods at low costs from them with their grant.

Is the 75-dollar Aldi coupon survey real?

A Big Yes! Do not fall on to the scams that offer you Aldi survey coupons, on social media. An individual can compete with coupon only after he/she fulfils attending the ALDI Customer Feedback Survey. If you find this scam anywhere immediately report about it to Aldi customer care service.

How to survive on 20 dollars a week at Aldi?

Though the survival with 20$ for a week seems scary yet nothing to get scared at Aldi, with a small budget of 20$ yet, you can list groceries for a week with the least priced stuff such as Aldi milk, Aldi bread, Aldi meat, and many more.

Does Aldi do a survey and give a chance of $100?

Yes, Aldi lets its customers go through the customer survey to find out what customers feel for Aldi. The survey stands contests sweepstakes after the completion of feedback. Hence, the lucky winner is allowed to be rewarded $100 Aldi gift cards.

Is Aldi survey a hoax?

ALDI customer survey is not a practical joke. It indeed takes a survey from its customers to find their intention towards Aldi and in return, it does reward them with a $100 gift card if they are the lucky ones.

How to provide Aldi feedback for the product?

Visit for submitting your feedback on your products to Aldi. You can also send Aldi your feedback at the concerned Aldi official page @ survey 

Does Aldi have a rewards program? presents rewards to their lucky customers in the form of a boon card that values $100 after the contestant completes the Tellaldi survey online.

Does Aldi have customer rewards?

Since Aldi does not act on reliable systems, hence Aldi doesn’t have rewards for its customers. It is because they have a different way of exhibiting their reliability.

What time does Aldi close?

Aldi opens its stores sharply at 10 am CT. Whereas, Aldi sweepstake opens at 12:00:01 am ET on January 1, every year.

What time does Aldi open?

Aldi shuts down its stores at 10 pm CT. Whereas, Aldi sweepstake closes at 11:59:59 pm ET on December 31, every year.

Who owns Aldi?

Though Aldi was previously owned by both the brothers Karl Albrecht and Theodore Albrecht, after the death of Karl Albrecht, the company was run by Theodore Albrecht, who formally named the company as ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG, until his end. Currently, it is run by his descendants.

Where is the nearest Aldi store?

Browse on to your mapping applications, “Aldi near me” to search the nearest Aldi store located near you.

How to enter code for the Aldi survey?

Go to the site, a page gets loaded which asks you to enter a 4-digit number there, that is already mentioned on your Aldi receipt. On entering the code, your Tellaldi US survey begins.


Here, we have complete details about survey with all the necessities. When Aldi can care for you with credits, then we have to refresh you with benefits unlike Aldi but with specific information. We care for you and want you not to mistake any doubts on your mind regarding the provided coupons, redeems, discounts, offers, etc. Spend some of your valuable time on our page to secure your future with secured benefits because our content is true to its nature and legal.

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  1. Aldi stores,well street Maidstone kent.I have been shopping in this store for a very long time and would love to say that all all the staff are very helpful and very friendly.would also like to say their is one special lady who is very friendly very helpful.her name is shahie Nolan,when I go shopping and im feeling very low she always makes me smile and cheers me up as she has got such a lovely smile for everybody.

  2. I am a regular customer and love your merchandize and friendly servei

    I am a regular customer and love your merchandize and friendly service

  3. aldis produce is the best by far . Wego clear to Lebanon,Mo to shop for groceries because there isnt one in Osage Beach ,Mo. Please think about building one there!!!!!!

  4. Aldi, I’ve shopped in other stores in Danville VA, Aldi is the fastest check out. I’v experience, good service,all wearing protection against Virus.I will recommend Aldi to my people.Thank You and all associate s for making better place to shop.

  5. My Aldi in Streetsboro, Ohio is very nice and I shop here all the time! Love the prices and the food!
    The staff there are helpful and pleasant. The store overall is clean and tidy. I also LOVE that they don’t change the products around all the time! You walk in and know where the things are and don’t have to look all over first! Not all the Aldi’s are like this… will continue to shop there!

    Joyce Dick.

  6. Regular Aldi customer. Often purchase paper products i.e. paper towels and toilet paper. I would like to attach a picture of recent purchase of rolls of toilet paper which are not up to Aldi standards. Hope you can correct the situation. Thanks

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