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For a company that operates on a large scale like Stop & Shop, have its own customer feedback survey. Since the profit of the company entirely depends on how happy their customers are from their services. This survey help the companies design a customer-friendly environment in which customers are comfortable.

Without these surveys, the company will lose its customers and they wouldn’t even know why they lost them. The Stop and Shop is a developing company and at this stage, the company cannot afford to lose customers. Survey image
Stop and Shop Hours image

Stop & Shop Survey conducted by the company to improve their service as per customer feedback. These talk to stop and shop Feedback can be taken via online method or via offline mode, i.e. by mail. At the end of the talktostopandshop Survey, you will be given an entry pass to sweepstake. Every three months, this Stop and Shop Sweepstakes awards a total of 10 winners.

The prize you get when you win this sweepstake is a $500 gift card from Stop and Shop. There are some eligibility criteria that you will need to pass to enter this contest. Also, there are some rules and regulations set up by Stop and Shop that you will need to follow. Details of the following are given below in the article.

Why Did Stop and Shop Start this Survey?

The Stop and Shop started this survey because they wanted to get honest opinions and feedback for their services from their customers. The Stop and Shop feedback can be constructive in improving the services provided by the Stop and Shop supermarkets. The reviews by customers sometimes contain some suggestions which are very helpful to the company. This talktostopandshop survey can help them understand what customers like and what they expect from them.

The reward system was introduced to to encourage the customers to take the survey. The improvements or suggestions provided by the customers can sometimes be really helpful in attracting more customers towards them. This increase in customers will in return reward the company by boosting its revenue because more is the number of customers more is the revenue and ultimately higher is the profit of the company.

Stop and Shop Rewards

There are three entry periods during the sweepstake. Every entry period ends with the announcement of the winners. There will be a total of 10 prizes during each entry period. There is a limit of 1 prize per person/ household per entry period. They will notify the winners via the contact information they provide during the survey.

There will be a total of 10 prizes per entry period which will be a $500 gift card. Each winner will be awarded a $500 gift card. A total of $5000 worth of gift cards will be rewarded to the winners in each entry period. The prizes awarded neither can be substituted nor can be redeemed as cash. These gift cards are non-transferable, which means the gift card can only be used by the person whom it has been issued to.

Eligibility to Participate in Talk to Stop and Shop survey

To take the Talk to Stop and Shop survey first thing you have to do is check whether you are eligible to take the survey or not. To check your eligibility, there is an eligibility criterion provided by Talk to Stop and Shop that you will need to pass. The eligibility criteria for this survey are:

  • You should be 18 or more than 18 years old to take the Talk to Stop & Shop survey.
  • You should be a resident of the states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island; if you live outside of these States, then you are not eligible to take part in the Talk to Stop and Shop survey.
  • a valid Email address.
  • You should know the English language and should be able to read and write it as the talktostopandshop Feedback is only in the English language.

Talk Stop and Shop Survey Rules & Regulations

The Stop and Shop Online survey has set up some rules that you need to follow to take the survey. Anyone who is caught violating these rules will be disqualified immediately. So, What are these rules? The regulations for survey are as follows:

  • The receipt from the Stop and Shop Supermarket should not be more than five days old. The survey code given on the receipt expires after five days.
  • To win a reward from the Talk to Stop and Shop survey sweepstake, you will have to take the survey within a given sweepstake period.
  • Employees and families of employees of the Stop and Shop Supermarket are not allowed to take the talktostopandshop. This survey is only for the customers of Stop and Shop Supermarket.
  • The prizes awarded to you by the Talk to Stop and Shop survey are non-transferable.
  • No substitutions or cash redemption will be made for the prices earned via the Talk to Stop and Shop survey.
  • Only one prize will be awarded per person/ household.

Stop & Shop Customer Feedback Requirements

If you want to take part in Talk to Stop and Shop then, there is a list of things you will require to take this survey. The list of things necessary to take the Talk to Stop and Shop survey are as follows:

  • In case you are attempting the Stop & Shop survey online then, the First thing you will require is a PC or a smartphone with a good internet connection to visit the website, since the survey is online.
  • A receipt from Stop and Shop with a survey code written on it. The recipient should not be more than five days old.
  • You can only take part in the survey if you are 18 or more than 18 years old
  • You should be a legal resident of one of the States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island.

What will They Ask in the Talk Stop and Shop Survey?

If you are eligible to take the Talk to Stop and Shop survey, then you should probably know what they are asking you about before taking the survey. The questions asked in Talk to Stop and Shop survey will be about the following topics:

  • Variety in the products
  • Quality of the products sold.
  • Availability of products
  • The behaviour of the staff
  • Customer service
  • The pricing and discounts
  • Cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the stores

How to Take Part in Survey @ www talktostopandshop com?

To take part in Talk to Stop and Shop survey first check if you are eligible for taking the survey or not if you follow the steps given below to take part in Talk to Stop and Shop survey:

Stop and Shop Survey Image

Stop and Shop Online Survey

  1. First, Open your web browser and go to the Talk to Stop and Shop survey page or you can just click on the following link to open it: 
  2. Next, you need to enter a 20 digit survey code that is present on your receipt. Locate the survey code on the receipt and enter it. Now press the next button.
  3. Enter the date and time of your visit and click on the Next button to begin the survey.
  4. Now Rate your general fulfilment level according to your latest visit. Give the rating and hit the next button.
  5. Talk stop and shop survey questions page will appear on your page, Enter the information accurately and honestly and move on to the next page. 
  6. After answering the survey questions, you will be asked to write a review in your own words about your recent visit to Stop and Shop Supermarket. Write the review and hit the next button.
  7. At last, you will be asked for your contact information like phone number, email address, etcetera. Enter the requested information and hit the next button to complete the survey and earn your reward.
  8. Finally, after completing the Talk to Stop and Shop survey, you can enter the sweepstakes to win a $500 Gift Card.

Stop and Shop Sweepstakes

In order to enter stop & shop Sweepstakes, no need to purchase anything from Stop and Shop supermarket to enter. You can take part in the survey via mail. Now take a piece of paper and write the following details on it

First Name,

Last Name,

Home telephone number,

Email address.

Put this piece of paper in an envelope and mail it to the address

“Stop and Shop Customer Satisfaction Survey”,

1385 Hancock St

Quincy, MA 02169

The United States.

About Stop & Shop Supermarket Company

The Stop and Shop is a chain of supermarkets founded by The Rabinovitz/Rabb family in 1914, and majorly located in the northeastern United States. The journey of Stop and Shop began with a small grocery store in 1892, which is now transformed into a chain of supermarkets comprising over 415 stores in the northeastern part of the United States.

The Stop and Shop headquarters is in Quincy, Massachusetts in the United States. This supermarket sells almost everything that you will need on a day to day basis. The products sold in Stop to Shop are Bakery, Grocery, Florist, Deli, Gelatin Shop, Produce, Seafood, Meats, Dairy, Pharmacy, General Merchandise and Gasoline.

Stop and Shop Hours

Shop and Stop is a moderately busy supermarket with a massive amount of customers coming in every day. Due to this huge flow of customers, the customer care service of Stop and Shop is mostly busy. The customer care service of Stop and Shop is active from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sundays.

But the best time to reach the customer care service of Stop and Shop is in the noon hours when most of the people are busy in their daily routine; thus the traffic is meagre which decreases your waiting time.

How to Reach Out to Stop and Shop Super Markets?

If you have any questions and queries about the products and services sold by Shop and Stop, then you opt one of the many ways provided by the company for its customers to reach out to them.

Stop and Shop Contact Info
Customer care numberCustomer Care phone number of Stop & Shop is  (800) 767-7772.
Mail addressCorporate office address of Stop & Shop is as follows:


1385, Hancock St

Quincy, MA 02169-5103

United States of America

Official Website
Survey page

How to Find Stop and Shop Near Me?

The steps below will help you find the nearest Stop and Shop supermarket if you want to buy something from Stop and Shop:

  1. First open the official website of Stop and Shop, the link for the official website and click one Store locator option
  2. You will now need to enter the ZIP code of the Stop and Shop location you want.
  3. If you don’t know the ZIP code of the location where you want to find the store just enter City and State of the location.
  4. If you want to find the Shop and Stop store near your current location, just tap the little location icon given on the search bar. 
  5. Your browser will redirect you to a new page that lists Stop and Shop supermarkets around you as well as their locations.


What time does Stop and Shop close?

The Stop and Shop supermarket is a bustling supermarket with over 600 people coming in every day. So the supermarket closes at 7:00 P.M from Monday to Friday and at 5:00 P.M. on Sundays.

What time every day and Shop open?

Since the Stop and Shop is a supermarket, people start coming in early in the morning, so the Stop and Shop supermarket opens at 8:00 A.M. early in the morning.

How to use Stop and Shop gas rewards?

To use Fuel rewards, follow the given steps:
1. Register to your Stop and Shop card or sign in to your existing account.
2. Through your Fuel Rewards card in your Stop & Shop online account, you can create a new or link an existing fuel reward account.
3. Now you can redeem your savings at a Shop and Stop or participating Shell station.

What gift cards do Stop and Shop sell?

Stop and Shop sells $10, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards. To order Stop and Shop gift cards online just open the link and order the gift card. The ordered gift card will take 7-10 business days to arrive at the requested store.

How to check Stop and Shop gift card balance?

If you want to check the balance available in your gift card you will need the card number and the pin. To check the balance in your gift card, you just need to pick up your phone and call toll free at 1-800-423-3663. This number is active from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 

Who owns Stop and Shop?

The Stop and Shop chains of the supermarket are owned by a retail company known by the Name Ahold Delhaize. The CEO of Stop and Shop is Carl Schlicker.

How do I know that my fuel rewards and Stop and Shop points are connected?

You can check whether your fuel rewards and your Stop and Shop points are connected or not by signing in to your Shop and Stop card account.

Why buy a $100.00 gift card for Stop and Shop?

Buying a $100 gift card for Stop and Shop can be really beneficial for you. You can get some great offers and discounts like you can get $20 off on buying with a $100 gift card. These offers have some expiry date, so you need to redeem them before they expire.

Why is not working for me?

It is possible that is not working for you. The reason might be that you do not meet the eligibility criteria set by the Talk to Stop and Shop survey, that is either you are less than 18 years old, or you are not a resident of one of the States. Another reason might be that you have already appeared in the survey five times before. 

Do Stop and Shop have digital coupons?

Yes, Stop and Shop provide you with the facility of digital coupons. You can browse and buy digital coupons from the following link

What day does Stop and Shop double coupons?

Stop and Shop stores automatically double coupons every day. Coupons for Lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol and items prohibited by law, so it can not to doubled. The Double Coupon Policy does not apply to “free” coupons, Checkout coupons, e-Coupons, Act Media coupons (where applicable), or store coupons.

How do Stop and Shop digital coupons work?

You need an online account with a valid, active Stop and Shop card to participate in the Digital Coupon program. These digital coupons can neither be added nor removed once Stop and Shop card has been scanned. For more details about digital coupons refer to the link


The initiative taken by Stop and Shop to keep its customers happy and satisfied is astonishing. With an increase in competition in the industry, these surveys can be advantageous to the company. This talktostopandshop is not only beneficial for the company but also for the customers taking them as they get a chance to win a $500 gift card from Stop and Shop.

And another plus point for the customers is that you can get this chance by sparing a few minutes from your schedule and answering some simple questions honestly. So when next time you visit Stop and Shop supermarket don’t forget to preserve your receipt for the survey.

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