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The last time that you visited the Payless store were they able to satisfy your style sense? How was your experience with their staff members? Is there any improvement you seek in their services and products? Now, you can share all your thoughts about Payless products and services by participating in the Payless customer satisfaction survey at and win some major discounted deals. Survey image Survey Image

Payless is providing its customers with the golden opportunity to leave their thoughts by participating in the online survey. The company is rewarding the efforts of its customers by providing them with Payless coupons that will allow them to save $5 on their next purchase. With their slogan- Payless for style -the company is focusing on making buyers get stylish at affordable prices and is changing the game altogether.

Tell Payless Survey

Payless has been offering quality shoes to its customers at reasonable prices as compared to its competitors. Since its opening in 1956, Payless has been focusing on keeping its customers’ finances minimum when shopping with them and due to this, it is one of the topmost shoe store brands in the United States.

To further enhance its popularity, it has come up with a blockbuster deal for its loyal and regular customers. The Payless survey brings about an irresistible offer for its customers wherein by participating in a survey, which will take no more than 5 minutes of their time, they can redeem the discount through a validation code sent to them. 

Payless Shoes Survey Importance

Shoes play an important part in our overall style and add worth to our personalities to the extent that some people judge your character by the kind of shoes you wear. Payless makes it easier for its customers by offering great deals throughout the year and now it has moved its customer satisfaction slogan a notch higher by offering them discounts on participating in their customer survey.

The customers have an undeniable advantage out of it. They have to participate in this short survey which will take them not more than 5 minutes to write down their opinion or complaints about the services and products offered at Payless stores. At the end of this survey, they will be liable to get a discount on their next purchase from any Payless store.

Payless has always been focused on improving their customers’ experience with them. It is regarded as one of the most profitable retail stores by customers all across America. With this Payless customer satisfaction survey, it aims to get closer to what its customers seek out of them and improve on its services and deals. So this survey turns out to be a win-win deal for both the company and its customers.

Payless Rewards Offered for www talktopayless com Opinion

Before participating in the Payless customer survey, customers need to fulfil certain conditions which have been covered below. After completing the survey, the customers will be rewarded with an immediate coupon code.

They can use Payless Shoes rewards on their next visit to any Payless store and get it redeemed. The Payless coupon code offers a discount of $5, which is exclusively available to those who participate in the survey. Customers must shop for $25 or more to avail the Payless coupon. So, take the advantage of www tellpayless com for discount or other rewards.

Eligibility for Taking Part in Payless Customer Survey

A Payless guest satisfaction survey has a set of requirements for its participants to fulfil before taking part in the survey. They are listed below – 

  • Participants must have a genuine receipt from a Payless store. This means participants must purchase an item before taking the Payless Shoes survey.
  • The receipt from the store must have a 13 digit Tellpayless survey code written on it.
  • Only those who are legal residents of America and Canada will be able to participate in the survey.
  • Participants must be able to read either English or Spanish.
  • No employees or employees affiliated to Payless ShoeSource Inc. are allowed to take the Tell Payless survey.
  • Participants should at least be of 18 years of age.

Payless Feedback Survey Rules and Conditions

Listed below are a few crucial things which are necessary before participating in survey.

  • The Payless reward is non-transferable or can’t be exchanged for cash
  • Offer is limited to ONE individual per survey.
  • Take the survey within three days of getting a purchase receipt from any Payless store.
  • The Payless coupon code is valid only for 30 days from the date of its issue.

Requirements for taking Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey

These are some basic conditions that must be met before taking the survey.

  • Firstly, any person looking forward to participating in the survey needs to have a legal receipt of purchase from any Payless store with a 13 digit code. This receipt with a 13 digit code is a must as you will use the code in the survey. Without a receipt, you cannot participate in survey.
  • The next important requirement is that the person should have a sound knowledge of either English or Spanish.
  • The person should have a laptop, smartphone or a PC with a network connection as the survey is in online mode.

TalktoPayless Survey Questions

Once you start the survey, you will be asked many questions for which you will have to select the answer which suits you best. Answer the survey questions based on the experience with the staff at a Payless store you recently visited, questions about your latest purchase and a few thoughts on the products and services offered by Payless stores. Below is a compilation of some questions:

  • You might be asked to select the age bracket you belong to.
  • You will be asked about your choice in shoes, styles, and designs preferred.
  • How frequently do you shop for shoes? And which is your preferred medium for buying them?
  • You will be asked to give a rating to Payless ShoeSource and asked for providing Payless feedback.
  • Next, you might get asked a set of personal questions with regards to Payless stores. For example, they might ask you the reason for visiting their store or what you like the most about it.

How to Fill Out Payless Survey @

After making sure you are eligible and checking for all rules and regulations, you may start the survey. Here is how –

Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Visit the official Payless site –, which will lead you to the survey page.
  2. Next, select your language to Spanish by clicking on the hyperlink – ‘Haga Clic Aqui’. English is the default language, so no selection required.
  3. Enter the 13 digit access code printed at the bottom of our receipt. A diagram will be provided on the right of the page for you to locate your number easily.
  4. Once done filling the numbers, click Start.
  5. The survey will begin after you click Start. 
  6. Answer the questions genuinely based on the experience at your visit.
  7. After the completion of survey, you will get a validation or discount code which you can use within 30 days.

About Payless

Payless shoeStore Inc. was established in 1956 by Polish immigrants- Shoal and Louis Pozez and now it has emerged as one of the leading shoe stores in America. Payless is the consumers’ first choice for buying affordable footwear for the whole family. It has its stores in roughly 35 countries, including Canada, Thailand, Australia, and other places.

In its entire journey, Payless had to see several ups and downs. One such incident was in early 2019 when they had to shut down around 673 stores in North America and file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. But amidst all the challenges and the changing retail climate, the motto at Payless remains the same as before. It still aims at keeping their consumers’ needs and preferences their topmost priority and such consumer dedication has made it expand its reach to Central America, South America, the Middle East and even some parts of Asia.

Payless is primarily a shoe trading company, but it also sells socks and other accessories like backpacks to its consumers.

Payless Hours

The Payless stores open at 10 am and close by 9 pm from Monday to Friday. The timings may, however, vary according to the location of the store. During the weekend, though the store is open, the working hours may vary. It closes earlier than it does on the weekdays. On Sundays, the store opens at 12 pm and closes at 6 pm. 

Contact Details of Payless Stores

Customers can contact Payless’ customer service if they have any questions or concerns.

Contact Info
Contact Number1-877-474-6379, 785-233-5171

Payless Near Me

Payless stores are operating in about 40 countries and have 3600 fully functioning stores. Considering its widespread reach all across the globe, it becomes difficult to locate the nearest store around you. For finding the nearest store, one can rely on tools such as Google Maps or Store Locator to reach the nearest Payless store around you. You will have to type your city and state or zip code to trace the closest store available.


What are Payless stores closing?

Payless is closing up to 400 of its stores in America. Some cities include stores in New York, New Jersey, D.C., and California, etc.

What time does Payless close?

Payless closes its stores at 9 pm on regular weekdays while it closes its stores at 6 pm on a Sunday.

What time does Payless open?

Payless stores open at 10 am from Mondays to Fridays and at 12 pm on Sundays.

Where is the nearest Payless?

To locate the nearest Payless store around you, you will have to use Store Locator or Google Maps.

Who owns Payless?

Golden Gate Capital, Blum Capital, Payless Finance, Inc. own Payless.

How much do you get off from a Payless receipt survey?

After participating in the Payless receipt survey at, you will get a discount of $5 on your next purchase from the store.

How do Payless rewards work?

You can use your Payless reward coupon code at your next purchase from the Payless store.

Where do I put the coupon code on the Payless shoe website?

You can visit the site by clicking on the link – to enter the code in the box provided. To use any coupon on its website, you have to mention the coupon code under the head summary and click on add coupon to activate it.

How to claim shoe finder coupon on Payless?

To claim your coupon on Payless, you will have to make a purchase of a minimum of $25 from any Payless store. 

How to get a Payless shoe coupon?

You can get the Payless shoe coupon by participating in the online survey conducted by Payless.

Is Payless shoes going out of business?

The shoe retail company had to close most of its stores in the USA and Canada filing bankruptcy claims.


Payless customer survey aims at benefitting both its customers and its own business. By enabling customers to participate in this survey, they will be getting insight into the customers’ needs and preferences, tastes and choices. This will help them improve their services and better their price range. Offering discounts after customers’ participation in the survey is a deal that will find many takers; after all, not all surveys reward you after their completion.

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