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Hannaford, the popular supermarket chain, is offering its customers the opportunity to win some prizes by participating in their monthly surveys @ Now, customers can submit their feedback regarding the services and product availability by the store and stand a chance to win Hannaford rewards. The company has come up with a unique idea to get customer feedback on their goods and services by introducing the Talktohannaford survey. Consumers now have a platform open before them to rate and suggest improvements in the Hannaford stores. And if they are lucky, they can also get shortlisted for winning the gift coupon. Survey

With the advent of globalization and increased consumerism, retail stores have become immensely popular, especially with the middle-class population. In such a scenario where competition is forever increasing, it takes nobility towards its customers and out-of-the-box thinking to maintain the brand image. Survey image Survey image

Hannaford guest survey, like any other survey, will have a set of options for its customers and after answering those, they could win gift vouchers. The survey, which will take not more than 10 minutes of an individual’s time, is an effective way to gain customer support and improve their hold over the market.

Why Do We Need to Take Talktohannaford Survey ?

Grocery shopping is quite an exciting task for most people, mainly due to the wide variety of goods that are there to answer all our needs. Maybe a grumpy, rude staff member, limited payment options, and, most importantly, a narrow range of consumer goods, are enough to convert it into a sour deal. Hannaford stores have been at the top of their game and now seek to improve it further by asking for customer feedback.

Through this Hannaford customer feedback survey at, they will get informed about their drawbacks, which come in their way of satisfying their customers. As it will make the Hannaford stores improve upon their services by their staff members. Also about In and outside store services, and the products they offer for sales. Improving upon the points listed by the customers will help them expand their business significantly.

For customers, the Hannaford survey brings an opportunity to make the company take note of their complaints and appreciations. After the completion of Talk to Hannaford survey, customers will enter a draw where they can win Hannaford gift cards.

Hannaford Rewards

The Hannaford survey has rewards for its customers after they complete the survey on their official website: After that ten winners will be randomly picked for receiving a $500 Hannaford gift cards. This voucher can be used for shopping at any Hannaford store.

The Hannaford reward will be given only to those who get selected. Make sure that not all who participate in Talktohannaford survey will get it. There is no guarantee that you will win the gift coupon. The gift voucher will allow you to shop at any Hannaford location next time if you win.

Hannaford Survey Eligibility

All the customers who are willing to participate in the Hannaford survey have to fulfill certain conditions. Such as age, nationality, etc. to be eligible for it. Let us have a look at those conditions

  • Individuals have to be 18 years of age.
  • Should be legal residents living in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, or Vermont.
  • Employees or their family is not eligible to participate in the Talktohannaford survey.
  • Participants should have a legal receipt from any Hannaford store. However, those who do not have a receipt can also participate in the survey.  

Hannaford Guest Survey Rules and Regulations

  • If you plan on entering survey cum on test using a receipt from any Hannaford store, make sure it is not older than five days.
  • Upon winning the draw, the company will inform you within 48 hours.
  • You need to collect Hannaford gift cards with in 10 days, or a new winner will be selected.
  • Participation in more than five contests will invalidate all entries.
  • There is a limit of one reward per individual and household.

Requirements for Hannaford Customer Feedback

  • Individual must have a genuine receipt from any Hannaford store.  
  • Can able to read English or Spanish.
  • Gadgets like PC, Mobile and Tablet with Network connectivity to complete Talktohannaford Survey
  • There is a five-entry limit per household or person.

Talktohannaford Survey Questions

The questions asked in the Hannaford survey will be about your preferences and whether you seek any improvement in their services. Some of them will require writing information in a box provided, whereas, for a few others, you will have to select your answer from a set of options. Answering the questions honestly will increase the chances of winning the contest and an honest opinion will also help improve the stores. Below is a list of possible questions that you can be asked –

  • What is your experience the last time that you visited a Hannaford store?
  • Are you are satisfied with the range of products offered at their stores?
  • Next, they might ask you whether you find the location to be accessible.
  • Jot down your suggestions for improvement.
  • And lastly, rate your experience at a Hannaford store.

Participation Steps of Talk to Hannaford Survey

  1. Open the Hannaford survey page by using the link – customer satisfaction survey
  2. You may go through the rules and regulations of the survey again by clicking on the option provided.
  3. Type the PIN printed on your consumer receipt from a Hannaford store.
  4. After entering your PIN, the survey will start. Answer all the questions.
  5. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you want to participate in the contest. Click on your desired answer.
  6. You will then be asked to provide your contact information so that if you win, they can reach you.

Hannaford Sweepstakes

The retail giant Hannaford is holding their contest where those willing to participate can enter the draw through two mediums. The first one is through the survey for which participants need to have a legal receipt from any Hannaford store. The rules and regulations for participating in this survey mode have been explained in detail above. 

The second medium through which consumers can enter the contest and win gift vouchers is through the offline method. Here the customers will have to use a plain 3” x 5” card and write their name, full address with city and zip code, their telephone number, date of birth and their email address. They will have to put this card in a business-size envelope and post it to Hannaford Sweepstakes address.

“Hannaford Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes,”

P.O. Box 10430,

Rochester, New York 14610. 

The participant can only send five such entries for each entry period. Participants can’t send multiple entries in the same envelope.

About Hannaford Brothers Company

Hannaford is the most famous food chain in the United States, selling a wide range of consumer products. It makes sure consumers looking for grocery items don’t have to visit multiple places as it provides them with all goods under one roof. First started a small family business by the Hannaford brothers in 1883, it grew into a huge company gaining consumer support from all corners of America.

The reason for this was the keenness with which these brothers studied their customers and had an acute idea of their needs. This zeal to satisfy the customer and provide him with quality and value-based products is still inherent in the entire company. In the year 2016, Hannaford Company came under Ahold Delhaize.

It has several departments operating under one roof. They include – bakery, seafood, deli platter, frozen food, meat products, home needs, pet department, and healthcare and beauty and several others. Therefore a Hannaford sells a wide variety of products, which gives consumers a lot many options to choose from.

Hannaford Hours

Working hours may vary according to the location of the store. Whereas some open at 7 am and close at 8 pm from Sunday to Saturday. Some stores work from 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Saturday. While from 7 am to 8 pm on Sundays. Some Hannaford stores have a pharmacy department inside them; in this case, the operating hours change. During the holiday season, it is advisable to contact the customer services directly and enquire about the opening and closing hours.

Hannaford Customer Service

The Hannaford Brothers Company has its customer service cell dedicated to answering all the queries raised by its customers. Their customer service operates from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Hannaford Contact Info
Contact Number(800) 213-9040 
Mailing AddressHannaford Supermarkets, 145 Pleasant Hill Road, Scarborough, ME 04074

Hannaford Near Me

This Hannaford Store locator link will help you find the nearest Hannaford store around you. Hannaford has around 189 stores operating in the United States. Therefore a Store Locator or Google Maps could help you locate a nearby store. It has its stores in New England, New York, Massachusetts and its largest number of stores in Maine.


What gift cards does Hannaford sell?

Hannaford sells both e-gift cards as well as plastic gift cards.

What time does Hannaford close?

Hannaford stores usually close by 9:00 pm.

What time does Hannaford open?

Hannaford stores usually open around 8 am.

Who owns Hannaford?

Ahold Delhaize owns Hannaford.

How many Hannaford stores are there?

Hannaford has a total of 189 stores in America.

Who owns the Hannaford supermarket?

Hannaford supermarket is owned by Ahold Delhaize.

How to redeem my Hannaford rewards?

To redeem the rewards, use your barcode or phone number while checking out at any Hannaford store.

How to sign up for the Hannaford rewards program?

To sign up for the Hannaford reward program, you will have to provide your number or barcode after you shop at the store.

How to get extra coupons from Hannaford?

You can get extra Hannaford coupons by participating in their talktohannaford survey.

Where can I buy a Hannaford gift card?

Hannaford gift cards can be purchased from any Hannaford store and even those stores which sell Hannaford products. Gifts can be purchased online by visiting their official website or by calling them on their customer service number. 


Hannaford store has been America’s favorite store and it has only improved upon its customer satisfaction services. The survey will help it strengthen its chain of stores. Hannaford’s already a big name in the retail business and this survey seeks to improve its position further.

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