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Don’t you love to bite on the crunchy outer layer and taste the juicy inside of a good delicious Subway sandwich? We all do.  You can get a sandwich in the size of your choice, with fillings, toppings, and ingredients of your choice. However, to keep themselves up to date with the current scenario, it has launched their official 1 minute survey. survey image survey image

As the name has already explained will only take 1 minute of your time. Through this process, you will not only help the Company in better their service but may also stand a chance to win the Subway buy one get one free. Want to know how? Well, we have got an entire piece of teaching you all the steps on how to do a Subway survey and the requirements.

What is Tellsubway Survey?

Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey is an opportunity provided to share your feedback about the services and product. You can express your views and suggestions through 1 minute survey. This will help the company to enhance the quality of their services as well as you will get a pleasant experience next time you pay a visit to their outlet. As the process subway experience survey will not take much of your time. You can finish in no time if you give your undivided attention to it. 

Why Subway Listens Survey is Important?

Tellsubway com free cookie survey is meant to improve the quality of services and products. You will also have an opportunity to convey your queries or Subway complaints. Strict action will be taken as per the feedback you have provided. In most cases, you will receive a call from the customer service team as well.  

You will also have a chance to win a Subway rewards after you have finished your feedback. In order to claim your Subway online coupons, you first have to complete the process till the end. You will stand a chance to receive coupons in which you will get a code. With the help of this subway coupon code, you can claim one cookie with your meal or a complimentary drink.

Subway Rewards & Coupons

There are two types of Subway Rewards that are given by the company on providing your feedback to them online. The first one is a Subway coupon code for a cookie. A Subway promo code by which you can get a famous cookie of Subway free. You just have to tell the cashier about the coupon code while you are placing your order. You will get a free cookie along with your meal. 

The second award is a complimentary fountain drink. The same process is with this reward, too, upon receiving a Subway coupon code. You will be able to claim your reward while you are placing your order on any counter of Subway. Let the cashier know about the coupon code you have. Your reward will be presented to you along with your order or meal. Keep your Subway coupons along with you when you are willing to pay a visit to any outlet of Subway.

Who Can Take Part in www tellsubway com 1 Minute Survey?

There are specific eligibility criteria for all the people who are willing to take part in the subway survey.  

  • All the participants must be above 18 years old. If you are not above the given age, you are not eligible to take this feedback process.
  • Only legal residents of the United States can participate in Subway customer Survey.
  • You should have the receipt of Subway that you have received while placing your order. 
  • If you are an employee of Subway, you are not eligible for the feedback process. It will violate the policy of the company if any of their employees do take part in the process.

Tellsubway com Free Cookie Survey Rules & Conditions

There are few rules and conditions which you need to take care of while taking the Subway feedback Survey 

  • A single person can take this feedback only five times a month. You cannot take more than that. Even if you took the survey more than five times, you would not be able to claim the reward.
  • If you are taking the Subway Listens survey, you should have an authentic email id for yourself. It will be asked during the process.
  • Take survey within 5 days of your transaction. You cannot use the same survey code after five days. 
  • Use your latest receipt number to give the survey.
  • All the customers who are winning the reward have to collect their rewards in 30 days after taking the survey.

SubwayListens Survey Requirements

There are not many requirements to make the process at There are just some basic things which you needed to start this Survey @

  • The most important thing you need is a receipt that you have received at the end of your order placement. It will have the Subway Survey code, which will allow you to initiate the process at Subwaylistens.
  • You need is a smartphone with a proper internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection does not lose in between the process.
  • You should have the receipt of payment with you since it has the survey code in it. Without the survey code, you cannot start or initiate this process.

Subway Survey Questions @ www subwaylistens com

All the questions asked on will mostly based on your experience at any outlet of Subway. In many cases, the questions will have multiple choice answers. You need to choose any one of them as per your Subway experience.

  • About the products that you have bought during your visit to any of the outlets of Subway. You can select multiple options depending on your visit.
  • Ratings that you would like to give to each product that you have selected previously.
  • About staff members and their behaviour. On the level of satisfaction, all the options will be provided here. You need to select any one of them.
  • In the next section, there will be a text box provided to all the customers in which you can write your views in your own words. You can write a paragraph about your experience at Subway.  
  • The last section will have two questions where the first question will be based on your overall experience at the outlet of Subway. You will be given several options based on the level of satisfaction. And the second question will be related to your revisit to Subway. You can select yes if you are interested in going back to their outlet or else select no and finish the process tellsubway.

How to Participate Tell Subway Survey?

All the steps are simple to understand. You can just follow the below steps to complete tellsubway com free cookie survey. 

subway customer satisfaction survey image
  1. Make sure that you read all the terms and conditions provided on their Subway official website.  or
  2. Open the subway survey Feedback official website on your smartphone PC/Laptop using any of the provided browsers.
  3. Choose the language either English or Spanish as per your choice.
  4. Enter the Email ID & Name, Last name in required Field and Click on Begin Survey Button.
  5. Now feed Subway Survey Code from your Purchase receipt and click on enter.
  6. You can see subway feedback Page with list of Questions. rate your experience and write a small review about on their performance.
  7. Now you will get a Subway Survey Validation Code, make sure to note it down and use it on your next purchase.

About Subway Restaurant Company

Subway is one of the most prominent fast-food joints. This venture was started by a teacher, along with one of his students. Nowadays, this venture has become the biggest sandwich seller in the whole world. At present, they have explored almost all the countries and have their outlets all across the globe. You can easily access any of their outlets and enjoy the delicious food. They are famous for their sandwiches, salads, cookies, and many more food items. They also have the facility to give a Subway discount to their customers in many ways.

Subway also has a system of a Subway gift card which can be redeemed while placing their order. You can check your Subway gift card balance whenever you pay a visit to their outlet. You can also check the balance remotely on  

Subway Hours

One of the good things about the Subway is that it is open on all days of the week. You will see that their outlets are open even on the days of the holidays. Typically, hours will not differ. But the timing may vary as well on the days of public holidays. The timing of the Subway is from 9 am to 11 pm. It is better to check the timing of your nearest outlet of Subway on their official website before you pay a visit.

Subway Contact Details

Subway Customer Support
Contact Number1-877-697-8222
Survey  or

How to Reach Subway Near Me?

You can easily find the nearest Subway outlet. You just have to pay a visit to their official website; Enter the pin code of your location and you will get a list of nearby outlets of Subway. You can select any one of them and get all the details of the outlet.


What time does the Subway close?

All the Subway outlets get close at differing times. Some close at quiet early hours from 7 PM to 11 PM, while some at late hours around 12 AM to 2 AM. Some selected few are open 24hrs. 

What time does the Subway open?

Subway branches over all have varying opening timings. They usually tend to open between 7 AM to 11 AM. 

Will Subway listens to address your issues?

The Subway listens survey at is all about listening to the problems shared by their customers. The Company wants constructive feedback and makes sure that if the feedback is implementable, they surely implement it. And also, if there is some issue with a customer, they make sure to resolve it in no time.

Subway listens coupon how many cookies for free?

After you have given your survey, the Subway listen survey will provide you with one cookie for free. Sometimes, you may even get a Fountain drink for free

What offer do you get from Subway listens?

If you share your valuable feedback with the Company, Subway makes sure that all of their customers are rewarded with a free cookie. Another reward that you can win is a free fountain drink. Also, a few lucky winners may get the chance to win a free buy one get one.

How to check the Subway gift card balance?

If you wish to check your balance in a gift card, you can do it in two ways. The first method simply involves asking the cashier to do it for you. But in case you are at home, you can do it by logging into their site through your registered number and checking the balance directly in your account.

What is the free food offer from the Subway for taking the survey?

The free food offer from the Subway for taking survey is that you can win a free cookie or a free fountain drink. Some lucky winners may also stand a chance to win a buy one get one for free.

What does the validation code for Subway surveys look like?

The validation code for the Subway survey will be a bunch of numbers serially printed on your Subway receipt. The number will be 16 digits long maximum.

Has the Subway survey offer changed?

No, the Subway survey offer has not changed to date. But in case there are any changes, the Company will notify its customers through their official website.

Does Subway run specials for completing the survey on the receipt?

Yes, the Subway does run some special events for completing the survey with the number printed on the receipt. Through these special events, you can win a free Subway sandwich, or even buy one get one free.

How long do I have to redeem the Subway survey reward?

You will have almost 30 days to redeem the Subway survey reward from the day of receiving your reward from their survey site.

How to figure out the Subway survey code?

Figuring out the Subway survey code is very easy. Check the receipt that you have received from the cashier while buying a Subway sandwich. The number will be printed on it.

Where to take the Subway survey?

You can take the survey through their official website called

What can I get with my Subway reward points?

You can get a free meal, a buy one gets one offer, a free side dish, or even a fountain drink with the reward points that you have collected from survey.

How to redeem Subway reward points?

You can redeem Subway reward points through the official website of the Subway, by logging into your account while ordering food. Or you can even tell the cashier about it, and he will do it for you.

Who owns the Subway?

While Doctor’s Associates, Inc is the parent organization for Subway, it is owned by the DeLuca family. 

How to give feedback to the Subway?

There is only one way possible to give your feedback to the company. That is through You have to visit their official feedback website to provide your feedback. To enter the process, you need to have your bill with you.

How do I use a Subway coupon online?

You have to create your account on their official website. While placing the order, you have to enter the coupon code on the given place. The amount gets deducted from the actual bill automatically. There is also a provision of saving the credit on your account.

Where is the nearest Subway?

You can easily locate the nearby Subway outlet by paying a visit to their official website,  

Summing Up

Subway aims at providing its customers with healthy comfort food that they can indulge in with interest. Subway subs have changed the definition of healthy by creating this wonderfully delicious food and continues to do so to fulfil customers needs. survey is an effortless way to put out your feedback about the subway experience and urging them to improve more and to serve you better. 

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