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Enter and Earn Amazing Gift Cards Worth $100

Are you satisfied with the customer services and products at Safeway? Would you like to drop your comments and suggestions regarding your satisfaction level? Then help Safeway grocery store to improve their service by participating in the Safeway Survey at By completing the survey, you get a great chance to enter the Safeway sweepstakes and win a $100 worth gift card.

Safeway Survey

Safeway grocery customer satisfaction survey provides a good opportunity for those who regularly shop in their store for groceries and pharmacies. Apart from giving good discounts on regular products like milk, bread, chicken, and eggs, they help the customer to participate in the monopoly game and a chance to win Safeway digital coupons worth  $100. image image

You can participate in using the recent purchase receipt from Safeway. Safeway Feedback is where you enter the survey and get a chance to win $100 Safeway gift cards or Safeway coupons. Safeway customer feedback survey is one of the modes to increase the number of customers to their supermarket chain as there are so many emerging every year. Thus customer queries and grievances become very important for any large corporation.

Why is the Survey Important for Safeway?

With more than 900 stores and 255000 employees, Safeway grocery chain has established itself as the leaders in their industry. They operate on the policy that customers receive maximum benefits and more considerable experience in shopping. Another essential feature that has thriven more success to their chain store is the Safeway survey and Safeway gift cards. Almost one in every 4000 customers receives a gift card worth more than $10.

Along with the survey, they also provide Safeway promo code rewards and groceries discounts. Customers can participate in almost every sweepstake once and try their luck to win a $100 Gift card. After every sweepstake, they display the Safeway survey winners’ details and contact them through their phone number and email id to collect the gift card.

Safeway Rewards

Safeway Customer Feedback Survey provides enormous benefits to its customers like discounts, gift coupons and Safeway gas rewards. Apart from these, they also conduct a program called “Just for U”. Through this Safeway rewards program, all purchases at Safeway are brought into account and a useful dollar spent on the purchase This Safeway free delivery code can be used to get discounts in the gas filling usually from 10 cents to 20 cents off per gallon limited to 20 gallons per transaction in their affiliated gas stations.
Safeway customer feedback survey is the key term to success in any supermarket chain; Safeway is not secondary to this. By participating in this Safeway Feedback, customers also get excellent prizes for sparing their few minutes. The company provides unique benefits to Safeway survey winners in terms of discount coupons and gas- rewards. So customers and companies mutually benefit from each other.

Who Can Participate In Safeway Customer Feedback Survey?

  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age. to take
  • Must be a resident in one of the States of the US.
  • Knowledge of English or Spanish is necessary. The website supports the Spanish and English languages only.
  • You can make only one entry during the sweepstakes period.

Rules to Know Before entering

  • A valid purchase receipt from one of Safeway supermarkets.
  • The prizes are limited for one person per household.
  • You have to participate in within the current sweepstakes season.
  • Gift cards or coupons cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.
  • The survey must be complete with honest answers; incomplete surveys are not eligible for sweepstakes survey.
  • Sweepstakes surveys occur every seven days. Sweepstakes surveys may not be available during some parts of the year. However, customers can use other coupons for benefits. 
  • Employees, their sponsors, and immediate family members are not allowed to participate in the sweepstakes.
  • You must agree to the Official Rules and the decisions of the sponsor before participating in the survey.

Things Required to Complete Safeway Survey Online

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Online requires very few things to participate in the survey.

They are

  • Smart Gadgets like Mobile, Laptop, PC or tablet with stable internet connection
  • A Recent purchase receipt to enter survey details
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish to complete

What They Ask @

In order to complete Safeway Guest satisfaction survey, you need to provide answers for some questions. These questions help Safeway grocery stores to understand the needs of the customer and improve store performance.

  • Customer service, staff behaviour.
  • Discounts and prices.
  • Quality of the products.
  • Availability of the products.
  • Cleanliness of the store and hygienic conditions maintained here.

How to Take Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Follow the simple steps to complete Safeway Guest Feedback survey to win exciting offers, Gift cards and coupons.

Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey image
  1. Log on to Safeway official website: on your laptop or mobile. 
  2. Choose the language. The details are present in English and Spanish. You can choose the language you are comfortable with.
  3. On the main page, enter your details such as date, time of purchase, and 14 digit code given in the receipt after entering your email address and press next to continue.
  4. You will be directed to a page where there are a set of questions to answer. The questions are based on your visit and experience in the store.
  5.  After completing the survey, you have to enter your name, contact address and other details for entering the sweepstakes. Finally, you get a chance to win a $100 Safeway gift card.

Safeway Sweepstakes

After completing the survey questions, you need to enter the name and your contact address along with your email id for participating in the sweepstakes. You can enter the sweepstakes once every 15 days. Safeway sweepstakes are not available in certain parts of the year. It is advisable to check the website before entering the survey.

About Safeway

Safeway is the largest food and drug retailer in the United States. They operate across 35 states of the US with more than 2200 locations. They have provided employment opportunities to 250,000 employees with the majority of the stores located in the western and central parts of the US. Safeway rank next to Kroger company and offer good quality brands at an unbeatable price for everyone. Everyday necessities and speciality items can be purchased at slashed prices from Safeway.

Being a full-time service grocery store, where you can get eggs, milk, bread, water, bananas, chicken, bacon, grains, pasta, seafood, wine, beer, spirits, flowers, and canned products at very cheap prices. If you are visiting the shop for the first time, then you are provided with $20 off and free delivery of items. You can also find discounts and Safeway promo codes regularly on the website for different products. Similarly, there is a pharmacy inside every Safeway store, but they are open for a limited time in a day. 

Safeway Hours of Operation

Safeway is open 24 hours and every day. You can get your grocery throughout the day and regarding pharmacy, they are open from 9 AM to 8 PM with a one-hour lunch break in between. Almost all the stores are open 24 hours and only a few stores have different times. For example, Safeway store located at Rengstorff Avenue, Mountain View, California is open only from 5 AM to 2 AM on all days. Thus based on the location and the climate of the region, opening and closing hours may vary. You can check the nearby Safeway store for its operating hours.

Safeway Customer Care

Safeway customer service is provided throughout the day through their toll-free number. You can contact them for your queries.

Safeway Contact Info
Contact Number18772582799
Corporate officeSafeway Inc.,


5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd, 

Pleasanton, California 94588

How to Find Safeway Near Me?

You can find a Safeway near you using their store locator app. You can also find a Safeway store by browsing through their directory. Open the browser in your smartphone or laptop or tablet and type the following URL and press enter. Now, enter your city name or zip code to find the nearest Safeway. You can find one near you from the 897 shops.


How to do a Safeway survey?

You can participate in the Safeway survey by visiting their website with a purchase receipt not later than seven days.

Who owns Safeway?

Safeway is owned by one of the most abundant food and drug distributors “The Albertsons Company”. 

What time does Safeway close?

Safeway grocery stores close rarely. Most of the store is operative 24 hours and only a few locations close for a couple of hours. It is generally around 2 AM. 

What time does Safeway open?

Safeway grocery stores rarely have specific operating hours as they are open round the clock. But very few stores have specific operating hours due to the climate and location and you can expect any store to be opened by 5 AM.

Has anybody won the Safeway survey?

Everyone is curious to know the true side of the survey. Yes, I was inquisitive too so when I surfed the resources, I found it to be true. They are providing the gift coupons as promised to the customers.

How does Safeway gas rewards work?

Gas rewards are one of the easiest to redeem awards of Safeway. Redeem points earned in a month can be used the next month while filling the gas at its fuel station and it’s participating in this program. The maximum amount that you can save per gallon of fuel is $1.

Where can I use Safeway gas rewards?

You can use the Safeway gas rewards at ExxonMobil stations, Safeway fuel stations, Von Gas stations and in their in-store fuel stations.

How to redeem Safeway gas rewards?

Redeeming gas rewards are possible after one hour of purchase and gas rewards can be redeemed from their in-store fuel stations, ExxonMobil stations, and Safeway express gas stations. 

Where is the nearest Safeway?

You can locate the nearest Safeway station using the store locator app. To open the app on the laptop, log on to and if the location is switched on in your laptop, it will automatically show the nearest stores. If not, you can enter either the city name or zip code to locate your Safeway store. 

What gift cards does Safeway sell?

Safeway does not sell any gift cards online. The gift cards are provided to the customers only upon a purchase receipt and after winning the sweepstakes. Only their valid customers can receive a gift card worth $ 5 to $500 through their cards.

How to win the Safeway monopoly?

Safeway monopoly games are introduced to encourage customers to participate more in the game. Surveys have said that the chances of winning this game are 1/312,000,000. But the trick to winning is to concentrate on buying only one thing in your entire game. If you choose railroads, always buy more. The second important thing is you should not buy utilities in the game. 

How to check Safeway gift card balance?

You can check your gift card balance, in many ways. You can check your card balance on its official website, at the Safeway stores and by calling the customer care service number.

Summing Up

Safeway grocery customer satisfaction survey helps Safeway to improve their customer service by providing amazing prices for the customers who participate in the survey. Safeway was started in the year 1915 and it stands strong after a century because of its importance to its customers and improving customer support constantly. Though Safeway digital coupons may look similar to other surveys present in the market, the chance of winning this survey is higher. Albertsons companies group uses the survey details to improve customer support and provide a better shopping experience. This survey is both an advertisement and an appraisal effort of Safeway. It is estimated that one in 4000 customers have a chance to win gift cards above $10.

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