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Qdoba has been known as the prime Mexican style food serving restaurant chain in America and no one serves Mexican food as they do. Now, they wish to know what you really think of their food, ambience, their service and how your experience has been so far. This is a great opportunity for you as customers to earn rewards and share your opinion in image image

Your opinion of Qdoba is extremely important for them because this will help in future to make useful changes to their working system. What you will eventually get as benefits is an excellent service, better employees working to serve you the best food. Be a part of this collaborative process today and tell Qdoba how much you appreciate their different style of food. Many have already started filling in the survey, it’s your turn now.

Qdoba Survey

Known as Qdoba Mexican eats or simply Qdoba popularly, it is a chain of fast-food restaurants which have been loved by people in America and Canada, who are a part of the Mexican food-loving community. If you really wish to get a taste of good Mexican food, there is no better place to begin. You can also reap good rewards through the survey and use those to get a discount on food and more. 

Why is the Qdoba Guest Survey important?

A survey like listens are exclusive surveys put forward by the food chain brand to understand the general opinion in the minds of their customers. Similar is the motive of Qdoba Mexican eats. It is an opportunity for us as customers to collaborate and help the brand understand what we really wish to have in an excellent fast-food restaurant and on their menu. 

A lot of times we have valuable suggestions for places we eat at but the chance to put forward that suggestion isn’t always there. This is why the survey becomes an excellent opportunity for us. It is an equally important part of how Qdoba functions because they will be able to make useful changes after that. The team will understand what we really want out of the money we spend on their food. 

Despite everything, great rewards and discounts can surely be expected because Qdoba has been the best Mexican food chain for years and people love their fresh food and taste. Above all, it is more essential for customers to get a hold of those discounts and share our eating experience thereafter.

Rewards from Qdoba Customer Satisfaction Survey

Participating in the Qdoba feedback is the easiest of tasks to accomplish. All you need is a survey code and you will be in. The reason everyone should be taking this survey is that there are amazing Qdoba coupons lined up after its completion. As soon as you finish with all the questions, a redemption code will be given to you which will earn you discounts when you revisit any Qdoba outlet.

The rewards that you get out of the redemption code could be anything from free food to discount on your own order. Ensure that you have the redemption code with you when you next visit a Qdoba outlet after taking the survey.

Are you eligible for the Qdoba Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Qdoba Mexican eats doesn’t lay down too many pointers or an extensive eligibility criterion for its customers to be a part of their survey. Only you have to be sure that all things part of their eligibility criteria is taken care of before you take the survey. Otherwise, your survey form might be invalid. 

  • A purchase receipt is what qualifies any customer of Qdoba to be a part of the survey. It has the survey code printed on it which will be needed when you enter yourself into the survey list. Without a receipt of a recent purchase at any of the outlets in America, one can’t be a part of the Qdoba Listens survey. 
  • The minimum age of the customer filling in the survey should be 18. Any candidate with a period less than that will not be considered for the survey. 
  • Any employee of Qdoba, from corporate or retail, is not eligible for the survey. Their families can take the survey, but the employees themselves are not allowed to do so.

Rules and conditions for taking part in Qdoba Feedback Survey

Rules and regulations are a must for something like a survey; hence Qdoba Mexican eats has a list of them attached to their own survey. Do give them a look and be sure to abide by them as well.

  • For one receipt of a recent purchase, only one survey can be taken. This means that the eligibility of the printed survey code will expire after you have used it once.
  • Minimum one purchase is mandatory for any customer to qualify for the survey. This is to ensure that genuine reviews are received through the website. 
  • The Qdoba rewards referral code you receive on your account, can’t be transferred to another customer’s account. The benefits of the prize can only be received by the one who has filled in the survey. 
  • The Qdoba referral code you receive after filling in the survey will be valid only till seven days from the date you have taken the Qdoba customer satisfaction survey. After that, it will be considered invalid for redeeming any rewards.

Requirements to take Survey @ www qdobalistens com

The survey has only basic requirements that any survey of the same category does. You don’t need to do much to be a part of the survey, only to buy some good food and review it for them. you would eventually end up with more good food. Only that you have to know either English or Spanish to be able to answer the survey questions since it is available in only those two languages.

Questions from the Qdoba Feedback Survey

Overall the Qdoba survey is centred around the fact that they wish to understand your opinion and views of their food. Except that, you will be asked to share your general opinion about the fast-food chain and the questions will follow in this order.

  • The questionnaire, after you enter the survey code, will start with your general opinion of Qdoba. You will be asked to rate your overall experience in any of the outlets you have been to. The answers would go from Highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied on a rating scale. 
  • Then the questions will move onto details about each aspect, starting with the food and their menu. You will be rating your overall satisfaction for the same.
  • Next, you will be asked about the quality of service received upon visiting any of the Qdoba outlets. This will include staff service and general food service.
  • Finally, you will be rating the ambience of the outlets, which includes how clean they are and if maintenance is proper or not.

Answer all these questions as honestly as possible because the more authentic your review is, the better suggestions they will get. In the end, there will be a section where you can add your comments on how Qdoba could improve the overall customer experience.

How can you be a part of this Qdoba Listens Survey?

Being a part of the survey is very easy. All you need is a device which has a working internet connection and your receipt of purchase. Whenever you visit next, do fill in the survey and follow these steps.

QdobaListens Guest Satisfaction Survey
  1. Start by browsing in your browser and wait for the website to load the Qdoba Survey Webpage.
  2. When the Qdoba survey page loads, you will have two options, you can choose between the regular customer survey or the catering receipt-based survey. The referral code coupon will differ because the catering survey will get you a Qdoba catering coupon only.
  3. A survey questionnaire will appear after you enter the survey code, based on the receipt you have.
  4. Following the completion of the form A survey will ask for your e-mail address. The same email address will be used to send you a discount coupon code, so make sure you include it.
  5. Now, you can click on submit and your Qdoba guest satisfaction survey will be complete. Check your email later for notifications from Qdoba.

About Qdoba

Qdoba Mexican eats has been loved by every American who loves Mexican style food. It is a refreshing cuisine to try and all their outlets are equally fresh as well. Since its launch in 1995, Qdoba hasn’t had many dissatisfied customers because of the great food they serve and the amazing service being provided. An interesting menu is also something that has made them what they are today.

Qdoba Hours

Most Qdoba outlets are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 PM, you might see a difference here and there based on the location you are at. Some are even open for 24 hours, especially the drive-thru ones. 

Qdoba Contact Details

The best way to contact Qdoba is through their corporate address and corporate number. Except that, they have a fax number just in case you need it for sending any documents forward.

Qdoba Contact Info
Fax number1-720-898-2396
Corporate number1-720-898-2300
Official website 
Qdoba Survey Website
Mailing address 4865 Ward Road, Ste. 500, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-1902

Qdoba Near Me

There are 750 locations in America and Canada, where you can find a Qdoba outlet. All these locations have listed their website for you to explore: You can find the one that is closest to you, very easily through their locator on the site. It is effortless to use and detects your location automatically for a quick response. You can also find the nearest one along with timings from the Google Maps.


Who owns Qdoba?

Jack jointly owns Qdoba in the Box and Apollo global management.

What time does Qdoba close?

Most Qdoba outlets around you close at 10:00 PM. 

What does Qdoba mean?

Qdoba translates to flavour and is a depiction of the campaign led by the company. 

What time does Qdoba open?

By 10:00- 10:30 AM all Qdoba outlets are open. 

Where is the closest Qdoba?

The closest Qdoba to you depends on your location. You can find the nearest to you through the locator on the website: 

Where to enter Qdoba coupon code?

Keep the coupon code with you for reference on your visit to the outlet. 

Does BK own Qdoba?

No, Qdoba is owned by two companies jointly. 

Are chips free at Qdoba?

Qdoba survey free chips are the only free chips provided at all outlets. 

Where is the claim id on Qdoba receipt?

The survey code or claim id is a 15 digit code on your receipt, at the bottom. 

Does Qdoba have a rewards program?

Qdoba has a rewards program which helps you earn points with every purchase. 


Qdoba has been serving tasty Mexican food for years now. They also cater to you, so there isn’t really a better option than this when you are looking for something different to eat. Whether it is for a night in bed or for a party with friends, Qdoba has it all covered. However, you feel like, don’t forget to share your opinion through the survey.

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