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Publix Survey – Enter & Earn Free Gift Card!

What is the PublixSurvey all about?- Spare less than fifteen minutes on Publix survey method that can read out the satisfactory reactions of its beloved customers. If you have recently visited any of Publix supermarkets, then let them recognize your opinions of the components sold in those stores via this

We are here to help you out with a complete analysis of Publix Survey and sweepstakes and that can win you exciting gift cards and coupons from Publix. Spend a few moments on this survey get a chance to win Publix $1000 digital coupon.

Details About PublixSurvey image
Publix Survey image

Publix grew from a tiny store to an outstanding humongous infrastructure that sells groceries and drugs or medicines. The franchise grew to such an extent due to the support of consumers. Publix started the scheme of surveying its consumers that can be attended without much effort and without feeling any such inconvenience, especially via food or services.  With your valuable response of the consumers with Publix feedback Survey, the franchise can easily know what you are thinking about their services and products.  

Why is the Publix Guest Survey Important?

The vindication of the client provides precious insight for Publix’s authorization to stand unfallen with the help of Publix customer satisfaction survey. As Publix Feedback decides what its clients are thinking about their services and goods kept in their stores. It creates awareness between the franchise and the realization of consumer’s demands and expectations. The procedure of this research realizes their connectivity with people as their true consumers. You need to provide Publix survey questions regarding the store, goods, and staff behaviour. 

Publix Coupons & Rewards

The Publix customer survey is the tool to see contemplation of their dear consumers that can help the franchise to improve the shopping combat for their customers and the refreshment in the quality of its service.

Every individual automatically enters the sweepstake contest of Publix after surrendering their respective surveys. The Publix survey winners will get Giftcards worth $1000. Visit once again to Publix store to recoup down your coupon within three business days. Make sure to use the valid specially-marked cash register receipt. Try your luck while taking part in this survey for and win Publix rewards.

Are You Eligible for Publix Feedback @

For being a part of Publix $1000 survey, you need to go through the following list to make you sure about what is required to be ready for taking part in this contest:

  • You need to shop for groceries and medical drugs at any of these following US state Publix Grocery and Pharma stores: Virginia; Florida; South Carolina; North Carolina; Alabama; Georgia; and Tennessee.
  • Only the constitutional inhabitants of the given states of the US are suitable to take part in the Publix survey and sweepstake contest.
  • Participate should be eighteen years old or older to take part in
  • Even if you are a candidate below 18 years, and took part in this program and achieved triumph at this contest, the award will be rewarded to your constitutional guardian or parent or close adult member of the family only as the reward is a monetary one.
  • You must not be the relative, family member, staff member, supplementary, or sponsor of the Publix, Inc.

Publix Survey Rules

Not all can take part in feedback for coupons or validation codes. Because there are some rules & eligibility for taking it.

  • The participants cannot transfer or sell Publix coupons.
  • Only one customer can participate one time.
  • The contestant should take the within three to seven days after taking the receipt at Publix store on their recent visit.
  • You need to take part in Publix $1000 survey within seven days from your recent purchase.
  • A receipt must be with you along with the Publix store number.
  • Your receipt must be a recent one that proves you recently visited any of the Publix stores.
  • Only five attempts not beyond one month for Publix survey is permitted to each candidate.

What You Need to Complete Publix Customer Survey?

To participate in the Publixsurvey, customer need to have the below-mentioned requirements- 

  • The candidate must possess a desktop computer/PC or laptop or tablet with stable broadband internet connectivity 
  • Along with the Publix store number, your recent receipt must be with you while taking part in the  
  •  Good knowledge and understanding of the English and Spanish languages are mandatory.

Publix Survey Questions

While you enter the Publix customer satisfaction survey, you can see interrogations that only aims to measure your satisfaction. It also wants to know your needs and expectations. With all those, it just needs genuine feedback from its customers. Some of the questions that it mostly asks in the are: 

  • As Publix is all about groceries and pharmaceutical items, the initial interrogation confirms from you about the qualities and freshness of the components, especially the consuming stuff sold at these stores.
  • Next is the interrogation about the prices of the grocery and drug items state reaction to whether you are comfortable with affording these items or not.
  • Further comes, the basic elements such as the reaction and attitude of the staff. Whether they converse with you properly or not; whether they help you with any issues at the Publix store or not.
  • Final interrogation is about the hygiene maintained in the Publix stores. About its washrooms, restrooms, its tidiness, the products on the shelves are tidy, and all.

Warning: React appropriately to what you feel at these Public super-stores. If found any kind of error and false reactions, you can be rejected out of the participation. 

How to Take Part in the Publix Survey?

Make sure to follow this Publix customer survey Guide for step by step procedure for participation.

  • Go to official Publix Guest Survey Page.
  • By default language is set to English you can change it to Spanish if need. Click on “Survey the button”.
  • Provide Store Number form your recent Publix purchase receipt
  • Now enter the 4-digit Publix survey code from the top of the Publix store purchase receipt. The code has a specific bracketed date specified on the same ticket. Go through it carefully.
publix customer satisfaction survey image
  • Then enter below your Date of Visit, which is again mentioned on your same receipt and Click on the “Start” option box to begin the Publix Consumer Contentment Survey.
  • A new page opens where you need to answer the Publix Survey Questions with at most honesty. 
  • After you complete answering all the questions asked in, pack up your call networking details and click on the submit button.
  • Publix coupon code appears on the screen instantly and you need to jot down this coupon code. 
  • Redeem Publix reward Coupon worth of $1000 during your next immediate visit to the Publix store within the limited period as mentioned on the receipt.

Publix Sweepstakes

Recoup your coupon code by following the above disciplines and directions for fulfilling the Publix guest satisfaction survey. The code will last up to 30 days from the date you take the and make sure to claim before it gets expired. However, Publix Survey Sweepstakes starts at 12:00:01 am CT on January 1, 2020, and ends at 11:59:59 pm CT on December 31, 2020.

Publix survey winners will announce after two weeks of withdrawing sweepstakes. Winners will be notified on the wall of the Publix website. But the winners will also receive this announcement via post or either through email. We will advise you to always check on the rules and regulations officially published by Publix on the Publix survey site. For any other further queries, you can contact to-+1-800-242-1227 during the regular corporate hours of Publix.

About Publix Supermarket Company

Based in Lakeland, Florida, the United States, Publix Hypermarkets houses over 1239 stores around the USA. Florida has the largest number of Publix grocery and pharmacy stores. It is ranked in the twelfth position on Fortune’s magazine for 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2019

And it is on the seventh position on Forbes’s magazine for being one of the largest private corporations in the USA in 2017. The shelves of Publix stores not only are occupied with food and household items but also houses drugs and hence, are known for being one of the best-recommended drug stores. George Jenkins is the founder of Publix Grocery and Pharmacy stores first established in Winter Haven, Florida, on September 6, 1930.  

Publix Hours

Publix supermarkets is a widespread franchise with many branches in many cities and states. While some of the opening and closing timings may vary with location. The Publix grocery stores open at 7:00 am sharp and close by 10:00 pm every day.

How to Reach Publix Customer Service?

With the help of these, you can easily clear your doubts and queries via, call, website go-through and, mailing posts of complaints and queries:

Publix Contact Details
Corporate number+1-863-688-1188
Toll-free number+1-800-242-1227 
Email address,
Corporate address, US3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy, Lakeland, FL-33811, United States

Publix Near Me

Find the nearest Publix grocery and pharmacy store by visiting the official page or website and check your availability.


What time does Publix close?

 The general closing time of these stores is between 6 pm to 10 pm.

What time does Publix open?

Publix stores generally open between 7 am to 9 am.

How many people get selected for the Publix survey?

There is no specific amount of people to get selected for the Publix survey. Every citizen of the USA is granted permission to be the customer of Publix. Hence, these customers can take part in the www.publixsurvey.

Do people win Publix survey money?

People do not precisely win money from Publix surveys. Instead, the winner of the Publix survey is rewarded with a Publix digital coupon or voucher worth $1000 that can be redeemed by revisiting the store.

Publix survey how to know if I won?

All PublixSurvey winners can check their name list on Publix Customer Survey page. All you have to do is just click on Publix Sweepstakes Winners List option on survey page.

How often do people win the Publix survey?

An attempt of 3 times per head is permitted for taking part in Publix survey sweepstakes. It depends on the luck of the person who can win Public Survey Sweepstakes all the available three times.

Cannot access Publix survey web page, what to do?

If you are not able to connect to the Publix survey webpage, it might be due to a weak internet connection or a bad reception of your network. Try reloading the site page and if the problem persists, it might be due to some technical errors. In that case, call the customer care at +1-800-242-1227 for further assistance. 

How to give feedback to Publix?

Take part in the Publix customer satisfaction survey at to give your opinions and feedback for Publix.

Who are Publix sweepstakes winners?

Publix sweepstake winners are notified on the display wall of Publix official website. Publix rewards these winners with a digital Publix coupon worth $1000.

How to redeem coupons at Publix?

If you need to redeem your Publix coupons, you can use your phone number at the time of checkout. If you want to save a Publix digital coupons code to your account? All you need to do is select the plus sign present on your digital coupon You can load these coupons at their official site at or in its mobile app. 

How does Publix digital coupon work?

To use your Publix digital coupon, enter the concerned phone number that you have registered during the publixsurvey. When your coupons get matched electronically against your purchases, these coupons will directly and abruptly deducted from your bill.

Who owns Publix?

George W. Jenkins is the owner of Publix that headquarters in Lakeland, Florida, USA. The Jenkins family further runs the corporation.

How many Publix stores are there?

There are 1239 Publix stores all over the United States of America.

How to fill out a Publix Survey to win $1000 in groceries?

You must be at least 18 years old or above; must be a legal citizen of the USA, primarily from either Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina or Virginia. You need to have a receipt from the store that can help you begin the Publixsurvey


If you are searching for customer satisfaction surveys, this place is the right place for you.  We care for you and want you not to mistake any doubts on your mind regarding the provided coupons, redeems, discounts, offers, etc. Spend some of your valuable time on our page to secure your future with secured benefits because our content is true to its nature and legal.

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