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USPS Experience survey initiated by USPS is a thorough course of action of inquiries from their beloved customers. Fulfilled customers normally return and purchase more, and let others know concerning their experience through  The USPS survey of post offices concerning the service acquired, the administration of the staff, the association, etc.

Postal Experience com POS Tracking is in itself broad and the inquiries of the review can gauge the customer’s viewpoint. Other than it benefits the customers too as they get to be a part of changing management processes by their views.

What is USPS Customer Survey? image image

The United States Postal Service is a free organization of the official part of the US central government.  The USPS customer satisfaction survey will help you to get the best ever rewards and gift cards. It provides customers with the means through which they can let the management know about their concerns. Also, the management can learn about the same and take appropriate actions as deemed necessary by them. Besides, the USPS customer feedback survey is an appropriate step undertaken by the management to offer the best of their service to the people.

What is the Importance of USPS Feedback?

The substance of the Postalexperience com pos is to get a nitty-gritty diagram of the customer’s point of view. The postal experience survey addresses customers in such a way, that the customer’s point of view and satisfaction levels. 

USPS Customer experience survey is noteworthy in the customer’s point of view as it accompanies the review prizes to USPS survey winners. Also, the customers would now have the option to voice their concerns at the right stage which comprehends their interests. As part of the USPS postal service, it is crucial to make changes so that it keeps track of the customers’ interests and makes vital improvements to their organization or administration. 

USPS Rewards

For taking an interest in the www pos USPS customer satisfaction survey, you can get 20% off coupon code on next purchase. Also, USPS Rewards will help in giving customers the postal experience that rouses them to be their regular buyers.

In any case, to win the USPS Coupons & rewards, participant must satisfy the terms and conditions. The prizes offered will likewise be subject to the eligibility and the rules and conditions of survey. You cannot exchange or trade the survey prize for cash.

Eligibility for USPS Postal Experience com pos

To participate in the USPS customer satisfaction survey there are some eligibility conditions as recommended by them. Below are the requirements to take this survey: 

  • The individuals from 50 states of the United States of America are eligible.
  • This survey is only for individuals above 18.
  • A recent purchase receipt from any of the USPS post offices is must
  • The survey is in the English language or Spanish language. Thereby basic knowledge and understanding of the English or Spanish language is necessary.

USPS postal Service Survey Rules

For the www postalexperience com pos USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey, not every person can be a part of it.  

  • The USPS survey is completely free and also, it is in online mode only. 
  • Receipt from one’s most recent purchase at any of USPS postal services 
  • The participation in the USPS Survey on receipt is dependent upon government, state and various local laws that may be prevalent. 
  • There is a restriction on the occasions an individual may take part as only one sweepstake will be eligible per receipt.
  • You need to complete the USPS Customer Survey within 1 week of your purchase

Postal Experience Survey Requirements

In order to participate in the postalexperience tracking com pos, Survey there are sure to be explicit prerequisites. Nevertheless, there are without a doubt certain particular necessities participants should follow: 

  • The USPS Survey is free and is in online mode. It is important to have a PC, smartphone, laptop with stable internet connection.
  • A recent receipt from an ongoing purchase at any of the USPS post office.
  • The study survey is in English or Spanish for online mode. 
  • Minimum age to participate in survey is 18 years.

What they asked @  Postalexperience com/pos?

The USPS Survey questions are designed in a way to understand the client’s general postal experience. As the USPS survey feedback causes them to comprehend the general inclination of their clients and in like manner make any changes as required.

  • You need to choose the language of the survey between English and Spanish.
  • Questions relating to zip code is asked next after a screen letting customers know about survey. 
  • There are questions related to the customer’s satisfaction and It likewise asks whether one would recommend USPS to others or not. 
  • Is the staff’s assistance, as well as their behaviour during the visit good?. 
  • There are questions related to the administrative efficiencies at USPS as well·
  •  Reason of dissatisfaction at the postal office.

How to Take USPS Customer Experience Survey?

The USPS study ought to be completed on the Regardless, to win the USPS voucher of 20% off, the terms and conditions material to the customers taking an interest in the overview must be fulfilled.  

usps customer satisfaction survey image
  1. To access the USPS Survey,  Browse USPS Customer Satisfaction Survey page @
  2. Then they request to choose the language of the survey between English and Spanish.
  3. Next, enter your zip code to proceed further.
  4. Now, enter your time of visit to the post office and “Next” button.
  5. Select the date of the transaction and click “Next”.
  6. One could address the review questions effectively by utilizing the available decisions or responding to questions based on the visit to any USPS post office on the day of the transaction.
  7. The inquiries are about one’s visit and solicitation, the staff’s helping nature, client association, and the organization of the USPS post office visited. 
  8. On culmination of the review, one will, hence, get a thank you note and a redirection to the USPS main site.

USPS Sweepstakes

Upon receiving an envelope from USPS, you need to fill out the entry form for sweepstakes. The audience or participants for sweepstakes are selected randomly every day who will be notified by mail if they have won. A postcard will be sent to the winner which says what your sweepstake prize is among a new car, a colour TV or a $1000 savings bond. 

About United States Postal Service Company

USPS is the American postal service concentrating on postal service and sale. You can items like stamps, cards, envelopes, gifts, merchandise, business supplies, shipping supplies etc at USPS. USPS is active at several US locations. Today, the USPS incorporates numerous post offices which work in different places. You can redeem USPS online coupons. Their idea of tending to the postal needs of individuals has helped them progress a lot in due course of time.

USPS Hours

USPS facility is located across the world with varying operating hours. In general, according to USPS hours, it opens up in the close morning at 8:30 AM and this empowers USPS to serve its postal services, each day of the week except on Saturday and Sunday and shuts down at 5:00 PM across several USPS post offices.  

USPS Customer Services

The USPS postal services provide responsive customer care and take customer service very seriously. Moreover, the customer care service is very responsive and quick. As the customers can feel free to ask them any queries that they might have through the various channels.  

USPS Contact Info
Contact Number1-800-275-8777  
Survey Page

USPS Near Me

USPS has many branches now and availing their service in the nearest zone open doesn’t involve concern now as the nearest USPS postal is available by the site which assists with recognizing the closeness of relative stores close by under the USPS postal service network. To find the nearest postal service, enter the city, state, or zip code or click the “Use current location” icon. Thus, this feature allows the customers to reach their nearest post office and avail their postal services.


What time does USPS close?

USPS closes at 5 PM across the majority of its post offices.

What time does USPS open?

USPS opens at 8:30 AM across the majority of its post offices.

Where is the tracking number on USPS receipt?

The bottom peel-off portion of the USPS receipt contains the tracking number. tracking allows the tracking of any delivery or parcel.

Where is the USPS customer feedback survey online page?

The USPS customer feedback survey online page can be accessed at USPS postal experience com pos is used to understand the overall experience of customers towards the survey.

Where in the USPS web-site do i find the customer satisfaction survey to take?

At, the customer satisfaction survey can be found.

How to scan qr code for USPS survey?

The code of the receipt from any order or delivery at USPS can be scanned and the postal address detected for USPS survey on receipt.

How to get USPS coupon code?

The code for USPS can be found on various external sites that offer coupons. USPS validation code for the same may need to be entered or USPS validation code in the mail.

Where to apply coupon on USPS website?

On the USPS site, coupons are available on items like stamps. TheUSPS stamps coupon code is applicable when there are such offers on them

How to get moving coupons from usps?

USPS moving coupons are applicable when one files for a change of address.

How do I file a complaint with usps?

USPS complaints can be filed at on any issues related to the postal service including the manner of the staff and the administration.


In the review, USPS addresses customer reliability and the ways through which the organization finds a reliable position in the view of the people, so alterations to its administration could be made accordingly.

Also, the customers in like manner have a decent decision about the organization which urges them to embrace the review. Any issues experienced regarding the postal service concerned. Also, the customers likewise gets benefits by participating in survey as they get a chance to win free USPS customer feedback Coupon codes.

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  1. This post office in Cinnaminson, NJ has very good postal workers both in the office and the delivery personnel. Since living here we have had excellent delivery personnel over the 50+ years. The office personnel are great and when the office is busy they work very efficiently and try to keep the lines moving as fast as possible. Keep up the good work

  2. This post office in Cinnaminson, NJ has very good postal workers both in the office and the delivery personnel in the field. Since living here we have had excellent delivery personnel over the 50+ years. The office personnel are great and when the office is busy they work very efficiently and try to keep the lines moving as fast as possible. Keep up the good work

  3. I mailed a manila envelop on Dec 22nd, it should have gotten to Cozad, Ne. It should have gotten there on Dec 28th. Maybe we should be thinking about getting the pony express back. From Sterling, Co to Cozad, Ne. is less then 200 miles. AND WE ARE GOING ON 8 DAYS!!!! What do we compare that to??? This is the last bad experience I have. And to think our tax dollars are going to bail the post office out.

  4. This is the last time i send packages through USPS i sent packages on December 14 and thought that was plenty of time to have my kids and Grand kids their gifts its coming up on a month only 900 miles away it seems like you have to go through Amazon cause their trucks are everywhere dont use everyones excuse about COVID find away around it to deliver someones happiness

  5. On 24Dec 20, I received a call from All State Ins. telling me the Post Office return my mail, due to I not having a mail box put up. A mail box was put up 30 years ago and still standing. I call the Enterprise, Ala. post Office and made a complaint, the lady took the info. and said she would investigate and get back to me. as of 2 Jan 21, she has not got back to me. 2 Jan 21, I went to the post Office in Chancellor, which is the nearest Post Office to me to buy some stamps and mail some letters. The Girl there could not get the safe open for some reason she did not have the combination to the sate. I had to travel to Enterprise, Ala. to purchase stamps. The opening of the safe is not a excuse. why is she being paid to tell people she does not have the combination to the safe. Why is the Government bail the Post Office out when some of the people cannot do their job, but getting paid. The person in the post office in Enterprise was very nice and knew what he was doing. Maybe the people that can not handle the job needs to be replace and dismissed from the Postal Service. Jessie M. Windham. Messed up mail and personnel stuff

  6. always a pleasure never a disapointment, other customers in line comment on this crown point office being the best one by far

  7. When I go to the Post Office in Wahpeton N.D. it is always a problem to get waited on. You can hear the people talking in another room and won’t come out and wait on you. Today I had to ring the button twice before anybody would wait on me. I can go the Post Office in Breckenridge M.N. and get waited on right away. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE IN WAHPETON. It has been this way for years.

  8. I think the United States Postal service participated in voter fraud maasively, so in the future you should be defunded and shut down and something else should be used. I use and trust anything but the U.S. Postal service.

  9. sir I tried to take your survey but the site doesn’t work its set for English I tried to click on the next button but nothing happened I cleaned my browser out and tried again still nothing. I used two other browsers and still nothing

  10. A package was sent from Elton Florida on November 30, 2020 at 4:47pm, Somehow it was stuck in transit and arrived on December 28. 28,2020, 4:55pm. at USPS Regional destination facility in Springfield Ma Next January 1, 2021 in transit to next facility on January 14. 2021 at 3:37pm in Jacksonville Florida’ WHY? WHY! The package is to be delivered to 264 Pleasant Pembroke Ma 02359 on Monday, December 7, 2021,

  11. Sent a letter PRIORITY MAIL on 13 January from Roanoke, VA. Still has not arrived at destination in Lehigh Valley , PA as of 20 January at 12:20 PM Tracking number 9505513659181013675428 . Very poor service, why was is sent to FLORIDA????

  12. i returned a package on jun 15 2020 at the edinburg, va post office. tracking number 420569509202390100360142518253. clerk scanned package and said it was ok-postage paid. got an email on 6-17-2020 that pkg was delivered. started getting bills from company all of 2020. never received pkg. 2 weeks ago found a plastic bag on my mailbox with no mailing label. my return address from original package was taped to bag. it was my return item with original box gone and item was broken. took all this to my my post ofc in edinburg with tracking receipt. postmaster said it was not their problem and did not help me in any way to find out what happened. so now i have a 178 dollar item i did not order that is broken and a bill collector mailing bills. guess i will have to pay them and live with the bad taste in my mouth. ralph dale

  13. With my blessing, my deceased husband bequeathed a full set of 12 antique Sterling place settings to his niece in England. He wanted her to have them because that silver had been in his (and her) family for many generations and was a prime family heirloom. Because of its sentimental and monetary value, I arranged with a good friend to carry the set in her hand luggage when she attended a wedding there, and physically hand it over to the niece at Heathrow airport upon her arrival. Understandably the British Government banned carrying knives, except butter knives, in the main cabin, and I did not want to have the silver contained in the baggage area. I told our niece that I would mail the knives instead. The knives consisted of 12 Sterling dinner knives and 12 dessert knives. I carefully wrapped each knife individually in bubble wrap and took the package to the West Chester, PA, post office.

    I asked the postal worker to give me prices on insurance for a package to go to 9 Archel Road, West Kensington. London, W14 9QJ. She looked it up and told me that I could not insure it at all because that code was not on her list. I was upset, and I became more upset every day since. I should have stomped my feet and asked to see the Postmaster, because the house was in London so if it wasn’t on her list, there must have been another list that could be found somewhere in the biggest city in England. Now I am worried sick that if the package does not get delivered replacing the knives even with plated silver will be impossible financially. I just hope and pray that we have honest postal workers all the way through.




    london W14 9QJ

  14. hi just wanted to leave a great message for an awesome employee she helped me sooooo much seen i was very stressed and walked thru the whole process , she was the BEST!!!!recepit# 840-544201-1-2-4450844-2 clerk 5 , a white lady with an accent she was so helpful

  15. Today is Wednesday, January 27, 2021. I mailed two “priority Packages” on Monday, 1/25, both with expected delivery dates of 01/28.
    I mailed both from the Prospect, KY USPS; one package to Atlanta, the other to Washington DC. I wanted to check the status of the two packages today, and there is no information available. It is as if neither package has been entered into the system.

    On a similar note. I mailed two “priority” packages yesterday from the same Prospect, KY USPS facility. The one to Savannah is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, January 1/30; while the other to Sparta, NJ is scheduled to arrive on Friday, January 29. Sparta is further away, yet will be delivered a day earlier than the closer destination, Savannah.
    I have a spreadsheet which I use to track all my priority shipments.

    Bob Horner

  16. i always find my local post office to be staffed with friendly and knowledgeable staff. No complaints.

  17. Clerk : 4, a female, at 50th and SE Foster in Portland, Oregon was especially nice to me. I had stuff to send but thought I’d need a mailer for it but she figured out how to get it in a long envelope (which saved me money) and stuffed it herself and cut out my address label and addressee and taped it to the new envelope. She didn’t have to do any of that so she went above and beyond the call. It would have taken me much longer to do.

  18. I sent the very important documents on 01-14-21. I was told by the customer service that the package will be deliver in 3 days. I paid $69.90 for the quick service and the package is still not delivered. I would like to obtain refund for the amount that I paid or just stop the delivery. I lost a lot o money because the documents were not delivered on time. I understand that there is a COVID situation but I would choose different way for the delivery If I would know that the package will not be deliver on time. I’m very disappointed and I would like someone to contact me at 847-409-5493, the tracking number is EH018150677US. Please contact me through my email or phone number, thank you for your understanding

  19. This was my first time sending a parcel and Harley and Sergio were extremely helpful and made the process very easy and pleasant.

  20. Associate at Kaneohe post office was so helpful. I was mailing a small package and had question about different options I may have. Associate brought out a different envelope… said maybe this would fit and it did. Saved me a few dollars. Mahalo… mahalo. 😀

  21. You make it hard to fill out a survey, which I never found, it would be nice to fill out a survey without going through page after page, and never finding a survey.Much easier to send my package then find a survey, not a bit happy about finding your survey. At least I found your comment page. Still not happy about it.

  22. I went to the USPS on 3252 F road, Clifton CO and the gentleman who helped me was and has been very courteous and professional.

  23. This experience has been terrible. The survey won’t load? I had a pkg mailed from Edinboro, Pa post office on Feb1, 1:41 pm. Feb. 3 the pkg. arrived and departed Harrisburg Dist Center and arrived at Lehigh Valley Dist.8:31 pm. Feb 7 at 2:45pm it departed Lehigh Valley. Feb 9 12am in transit. What happened Feb 4,5,6 and Feb 8??? The pkg was sent to Easton, Pa 18045. Has something happened to the package that it has been classified as in transit because it cannot be found?? The package went pre paid mail. Please advise.
    Mike Zahorchak

  24. I was completely satisfied with my experience @ USPS Rehoboth Beach, DE today when I mailed a package. Everyone was courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt to handle my package. I recommend their work ethic.

  25. february 13th there was mail on the front step of the property, february 14th there was mail on the back step of the house. the mail door is in the back of the house first door been there for years. so why is sunday mail was on the step and not put in the door of the house???? there is a note telling where the mail goes.

  26. Nice experience in getting a couple of envelops and some stamps. Counter person was friendly and very helpful.

  27. My experience:
    12:15 PM
    Elma Post Office
    Clerk 09
    UFN: 352660-0059
    Receipt: 840-51400035-2-2810139-2
    I generally never fill out these surveys, but this is an exception because of the excellent service I received from Doug. I was mailing books to my grandson in Utah and Doug took the time to assist me with a proper box and advised me in the lesser rate by using that specific box. He then advised me about Media Rate. When I told Doug that another postal worker told me there cannot be any letter in with the books if sending Media Rate, Doug advised that if a letter was to be included, I would be charged the additional postage for a letter. EXCELLENT SERVICE, PROFESSIONAL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE!! THANK YOU, DOUG!!

  28. The service was excellent! The postmaster at this station has a lot of patience and is very friendly!

  29. smooth and pleasant transaction as always, all the employees in the crown point main street store are friendly and happy to help, i actually like to go

  30. these people are friendly and smiling even on a busy busy day thankyou for being there for us !!!

  31. I was asked by Andrew to take this survey. what a joke. not at all easy to navigate. He Andrew did a great job. your survey is another story.
    Decatur ,In

  32. I just went to the postal service and get stamps and mail my bills and the post lady she’s very nice and helpful

  33. I visited USPS on 3301 17th St. Metairie, La.70002 and as usual had a positive, professional experience. There are always 3+staff working the windows and the lines (when there are lines) move quickly. Thank you.

  34. The Clayton Post office in NC. The people working there were great. They were friendly, polite, and very professional.

  35. I would like to let you know how wonderful the staff is at the North Canton Ohio Post Office on Dressler Rd. They always greet you with a smile and are friendly and helpful. You should absolutely let them know that they represent you in the most professional manner. I am grateful to have such kind people in my day!


  36. The service at this postal location has always been professional, polite and patient.
    I drive past a variety of other postal locations in the area to drive across town just for
    the caliber of service provided by the employees at this particular post office.

  37. my experience at Brookline post office is excellent. Agent is friendly, helpful, kind and considerate. I know that my postal worker is there for me

  38. The site is NOT WORKING. I am taking the time to do a survey and it is ridiculous the site is frozen. So ridiculous. PO 11379 Clerk 03 was very pleasant and professional. Hope this works

  39. If the post office mail carrier mis delivers your mail or package to someone else and you never receive it back don’t expect the post office to do anything about it. They will not search for it they will not refunds your money and sometimes if they don’t want to deliver the package to your house for what ever reason they will send back with the message to the sender it was undeliverable to address given!

  40. My experience at the post office in Rowlett, Texas was made easier through my interaction with “Will”. He is always so pleasant and helpful. Every time I come up to his window, he is courteous and efficient. This postal location is fortunate to have him as an employee.

  41. Deb is the best. All the nonsense a postal employee has to deal with these days and she still manages a friendly smile at the window.

  42. I have recently moved to the location near the White Tock SC post office. I have had numerous dealings with Mike, the staff member who waited me. He is always kind, courteous and goes beyond to help the customers.

  43. I would like to write this comment about Christie at our post office in Spencer, Ohio. She is a lovely young lady who is very dedicated to her job at our postal service. When I have come in to mail a package or to buy stamps, she has been very prompt and very joyful to help me. Christie is very courteous to her customers and spends as needed time with each one until the transaction is met. She is always happy and joyful and is a pleasure to do service with her. Thank you Christie.

  44. I would love to get mail more than just twice a week……I call BS. When something has to go out other than Tues or Fri. we have to drive 20 miles to Clayton. Come on no one and I mean no one in this day should only be getting mail twice/week….oh but we do.

  45. I visited my local post office this afternoon (2:23 pm) to send a package by certified mail. I had to search all the cubicles to find the form to send out. after searching all cubicles I found one stack of the green cards to fill out. No return receipts were out. I filled out the card and waited for someone to finish to ask about the receipt. While the other customer was gathering her supplies together to leave I asked the clerk about the receipt. He reprimanded me for breaking into his transaction. I did not approach his window only asked from behind the other customer after she had finished. I apologized to the customer then proceeded to tell him I was not trying to break line but was asking for a form. He said I had it it but I did not have that form. Then he gave me one from his window.I then finished filling out the form and got in line to be served. I thought that was what I was supposed to do.

  46. I just mailed 3 packages and bought 60 stamps at the Millbrook post office in Raleigh, NC. Receipt # 840-52700612-3-2555833-2 clerk #13. UFN: 366357-0172. The gentleman who waited on me was pleasant, efficient, and helpful. It was a good experience.

  47. I was at a the Montclair station of the USPS, Denver, CO. The postal worker there, Stacy was so amazing! I had dropped 2 cards in the drive through box without stamping them. I purchased 2 stamps from Stacy and she then followed me out to 1 of 5 drop boxes, found my cards and I stamped them and she proceeded to pick up the mail from all the drop boxes, which is not her job. Stacy and all her co-workers at this post office are the most kind and efficient postal workers I have ever encountered at any post office in any city in the US. I will continue to go out of my way to only take my business to the Montclair station in Denver, CO. 80220-9998

  48. case 25755736 has nit been satisfied because of you miss information, It was first class mail send on March 6 2021 that has gone missing to date. We do not have a tracking number for first class mail.. We put the six (6) missing letters inside the post offfiec at 5311 Floence Ave, Philadelphia, Kingsessing Office They have gone missing since then. Please continue to contact my husband Ricrdo C Davis at

  49. yourstaff rosa has shown her willinng to help packing my box mailing to Twa wan on date of may 25. Thank her servicePost please
    express my thanks to her Clerk:32.
    from Charly cheung

  50. your claims system is really terrable. you dont want to pay when someone puts one in . for example if some item is insured for $600 and it gets damaged and a claim is put in for repair of $200 the local postoffice wants the item turned in to them.
    why should an item be turned in when the damage isnt to the insured value, why should the post office get the item anyway ?
    what do they do with the item ?
    why cant you just pay the claim.
    you are collecting millions in insurance and dont want to pay claims. you make it so difficult to collect that almost no one wants to insure the item.
    i dont use your services as much because of that and in most cases ups is less

  51. On May 28, 2021 Patricia Colbert was an amazing help to me. I had a large package to mail, and the boxes in the post office on East Kenosha, Broken Arrow, OK were too small. Patricia opened boxes that were to be discarded and made a large container for my package. Efficient and helpful as well as friendly was Ms. Colbert.

  52. In general, I am satisfied with postal service in my area. Service within the Post Office it self is good. My only concern is the amount of misdelivered mail I receive. I always put it back in my delivery box for redelivery, but always wonder how much of my own mail gets misdelivered and never gets to me. Also, I would like to see service hours on weekends expanded.

  53. I am happy with my service in general. Service within the post office itself is excellent. My only concern I have is the amount of misdelivered mail I receive. I always wonder how much of my own mail is misdelivered. also, I would like to see the number of hours the post office stays open be increased on weekends be increased.

  54. I just stood in a long line at the Roswell 8920 Eves Rd, Roswell Ga 30076-8777 USPS office. I was half way in the waiting and your employee Sheath Ragini called me out of line and said she wouldn’t serve me until I wore a mask. I have been fully vaccinated with Covid 19 and would be glad to show proof. Despite my reminding that the President and the CDC have okayed maskless interaction if you’ve been vaccinated, she mandated my leaving and getting a mask. I left my place in line and got a mask out of my car and came back. When I returned Ms Ragini was talking to a USPS employee without a mask from the back mailroom. Can I ask why Sheath Ragini mandates customers wear a mask but not the employees ?

  55. I wanted to commend Callie who helped me on 06/05/2021 at the Audubon USPO (4500 Government St.) . She was fast, competent and ever so pleasant! I was in a hurry which she sensed. She did a great job of helping me mail an important letter. She was outstanding. She is terrific. Quite refreshing.
    Kathryn Grigsby

  56. The Postal Agent greeted me in a friendly manner.
    The Postal Services I needed were quickly provided.
    Agent was knowledgeable and efficient.
    The agent gave me confidence that I was getting the services I needed.
    It was a very pleasant experience. Thanks.

  57. I am happ.y with my mail service. My carrier is f riendly and always gets the mail in my box

  58. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia and we have the worse mail service in this area. We have lived here at the same address for over 25 years and until a couple of years ago, we had excellent service. Now, we do not get any . mail at least 2 sometimes 3 days a week. If our regular mailman is off, we do not get mail. The replacement mailman comes to other houses on our street but not to our house. WHY?
    As I said, we have lived here for over 25 years and there was never a day that we did not receive mail of some sort, but for the past 2 or 3 years things have changed. Mail that we received, magazines, that came every Friday for over 20 years no longer comes. It does not arrive on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, it just does not come every week like it did for over 20 years. Mail I was expecting on a certain day, does not come. I have tried complaining at my local postoffice but it has done no good. It seems this area, 23185 has problems keeping workers, we have different people all the time and this has gone on for years. What is going on with this poor service? The service here is getting worse every day, WHY?

  59. Today I processed an envelope of material at Amarillo, TX. Clerk 45 handled the transaction. He was efficient and kind. We have several clerks in our central post office. They all appear to be qualified and professional. Often there is a lengthy wait in line. I have noticed how thorough he is and how aware of keeping the line moving, but making sure no one gets ahead of his or her turn. He is also patient with and courteous to each person he assists. Working for the post office must be a hard job right now.

  60. I patronize the Bank Street Post Office in Lafayette, LA During the height of the pandemic there were really long waits of up to an hour. This is no longer the case, but service is still unsatisfactory. It is not because of the postal employees. They seem to do their business quickly. However, they are hit with all sorts of customer problems to work on, which require them to go into the back area to check on whatever it is the customers are asking about. Several days ago when I was in the post office not very long after opening, there was only one postal employee at the counter. There already were around eight people waiting. The postal employee works quickly, and seems knowledgeable, but with him having to make several trips into the back the line was not moving a bit. I had to wait about 25 min before i could be waited on. I think there should be two employees at the counter at all times. There is nothing wrong with people being able to get served upon entry. Some of us are old and it is difficult to be standing for 20-30 min. of waiting. There should be three employees at the counters during peak periods. The services that people are seeking seem to often require 10 minutes or more of the postal clerks time. They are doing a great job, but they way their workplace is set up postal customers have are kept waiting for inordinately long periods of time, and not just during pandemic conditions.


  62. Adriana in the Duarte P.O. is always very helpful and patient with the variety of customers that come in. Always look forward to seeing her when I go in the P.O. Thanks,

  63. The very nice lady, Clerk 6, at the Fells Point post office on Wolfe Street, is always efficient, pleasant and a delight to see.

  64. the post master at the central center branch in chillicothe,ohio.he is so great we just love going to this post off ice for all are needs he is so helpful and so wonderful to work with more people should take lessons from this gentleman.he is a credit to the compand and to all he helps.just a wonderful person !!!!!!!!!

  65. Sue is a pleasant person to talk with. Always look forward to seeing her when I go in the P.O. Box


  66. i will never use usps services in my life ever. i recently shipped a package to a “scammer” bc apparently i got scammed. there was no way to interefere a 7lbs 10x10x13 box without having to pay $160. i called corporate office and talked to someone and they couldn’t even do anything themselves. i had a similar experience happen previously but with UPS and i’m not sure if bc the package was sent thru amazon, i was able to call corporate and they cancelled it on their behalf. like i said i’m not sure if it was bc it was shipped with aamazon, but they canceled it on the spot. no questions asked. USPS on the other hand, i’m really disappointed. i lost $400 thanks to you guys.

  67. I really appreciated the effort that the gentleman behind the counter at our nearby post office showed the other day. To the lady in line in front of me, I heard him mention that he recently had surgery on his shoulder and that he was in pain most of the time. He apologized to her for moving a little slower than usual. When I brought my package to him for mailing, he was joking, laughing, and making sure that I understood all the options available. He never complained or made excuses. The experience was very positive for me and I thought you need to know the high quality of some of the folks who work for you.

  68. I use my Division Street Post Office, Syracuse NY at least weekly. Every employee is super courteous and can answer any of my issues. The lines are growing and that gives me hope. I respect the postal employees and all that they do. Kudos

  69. I am filling out a Police Report against a clerk-caught-SCAMMING!: — (obviously-BUSTED!) — a-clerk-caught-SCAMMING-&-TRYING-TO be JACKing-UP-A-SHIPPING-PRICE-rate! (For gaining ILLEGAL PROFITS for the USPS! 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RIP-OFF,-JACK-UP-RATES enforcing it!-everywhere…is a ho!, ho!, ho! rippy CHRISTMAS TO ALL, & TO ALL A permanent GOOD NIGHT.

  70. I walked into the USPO and was greeted with a good morning , How may I help you ” whow ” wasn’t expecting that ; Thank you , Kirk for the professional care that you have shown for the USPO and your customers , I hope one day others can see the bright side also.

  71. During the month of September I had several nasty dunning calls about my car payment which was sent immediately after receiving the invoice, had a late charge on my credit card payment, and a cancellation of my homeowners insurance check sent by my mortgage company. All of these been explained by the companies was it’s the post office fault. I prefer to send checks not to use auto pay. So now I pay extra to certify my mail. Not a very good solution, it is costly. My faith in the PO is destroyed. What about cards that contain gift cards. This is a bad situation for consumers. I sincerely hope you solve this problem asap.

  72. This church LA IGLESIA DE DIOS DE LA PROFE addressed to 100 North O Street, Lompoc, CA 93436-6626 is invalid address since we bought property in 2008. Please remove from mailing list. Jo Ann Terrones

  73. Justin, at the Liberty, SC office is a very good example of offering exemplary service to people who enter the Post Office . Getting a P.O. Box several days go, and buying international stamps at the service counter was met with a pleasant “hello, how can I help you”! Kudos to Justin!!!

  74. Today is raining in the city of Fullerton, I went to the Sunny Hill post office to purchase some stamps, UFN 052907-0353 08
    her service was very great, I very appreciate, that why I always come here for any need from this post office.
    Thank you! Great Job !!!

  75. I just recently moved to Florida and Roz at the Hudson Fl location provided me with a first class customer service experience. She was knowledgeable, engaging and even made recommendations to save me money. Roz clearly takes pride in what she does!

  76. Special thanks to the USPS ZIP CODE 27253 Crew, and Miss Christy. I mail a lot of Artist Trading Cards to most US States and many overseas countries as we trade ATCs. Postage helps keep the ATC community worldwide connected. This Post Office does a wonderful caring and efficient job! You are appreciated.

  77. I had an extremely busy day today and it was so nice to be greeted by a friendly and very helpful postal clerk. I like coming to this office because it is in a convenient place.

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