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Portillo’s Survey @ – Grab a chance to Win Free Fries!

The Portillo’s have organized a survey in which their customers will have to answer some simple questions regarding the staff, services, quality of food, cleanliness etc. at Portillo’s. To participate in customer’s need to follow some easy steps which can help them get rewards like free French Fries.

The customer just needs to dedicate their few minutes (less than 5 minutes) in putting their input in selecting the range of satisfaction or liking from the scale provided for the question asked in the survey. image image

Honest feedback will help the company understand its customers well. The Portillos survey not only benefits the company to track their customer’s dining satisfaction levels but also, the consumers to put their reviews be it positive or negative. By analyzing these responses in results, the Portillo’s can strategize better and focus on the sections which need to be improved so that their consumers can get the better joy of satisfaction for choosing Portillo’s.

Portillo’s Satisfaction Survey

Portillo’s is a well- known brand amongst people due to the principles adopted by the team members working there. The team of Portillo’s integrates in such a way that their collaboration leads to their customer’s smile and satisfaction. The Portillo’s always believes and says that for them- their People are the Heart of Portillo’s. And this statement is practised by them, which is seen due to their constant hard work to deliver quality food and services. But also, due to their obsession for being best, they planned as an attempt with the aim of having better customer engagement in future so that the people who come here can feel like a home which they would like to go back again!

How the Portillos Survey Helps Company & Customers?

  • For company

The survey helps to understand the strengths and flaws of an organization. It also gives them a sense of clarity about what is expected and where they can make the necessary implementation. For any enterprise like Portillo’s, it is required that the business should run in the long period smoothly and for this to attract the desired profits, any company will need customers.

And to establish a proper market- capture, a survey can prove to be very reliable as the questions cover the points which the company thinks to be statistically answered. results then will act like a bridge between the consumers and the sellers (here Portillo’s) because of the linking it does by helping the company strategize better to secure a better connection with their customers.

  • For the consumers

Through the survey, the customers can communicate their reviews about what they liked, what didn’t satisfy them, etc. Also, the survey helps the customers to place their valuable feedback about what they would like to see next or what they feel should be changed. This helps in giving them better experience at Portillo’s, through the special comment box provided for the valuable feeds that definitely adds to the contribution.

The customers should feel justified and happy after spending their hard- earned money at Portillo’s is the most primary aim of for which the customers should fill honest and candid feeds as a responsibility.

Portillo’s Rewards – Prizing your Participation

Portillo’s encourages their customers to participate in the survey by keeping some worth rewards which their customers can avail at the time of their next purchase with the help of the Portillos survey code which he or she will get on answering all the questions mentioned in the survey.

*(The surprise gift will be available for only those customers of Portillo’s who give their genuine feedbacks at the site)

The following are the Portillos rewards:

  • Free French Fries
  • Discount Offers
  • BOGO (buy one get one) offer
  • Birthday Perks
  • Sweepstake Prize (if he or she is the lucky winner)

*Note: The prize may vary depending on the location and availability of menu products, also one must save their receipt of purchase and validation code from redeeming their offer.

Eligibility to Take Part in Portillo’s Survey @

Below are the eligibilities required for a customer of Portillo’s to participate in the Guest satisfaction survey of Portillo’s:

  • Age limit: The participant’s age must be 18 years or above. 
  • Country: The participant must be a legal resident of the United States or United territories (e.g. A citizen from District of Columbia).
  • Language: English is the language used in the survey form, so one must have basic knowledge about English to complete
  • Employee eligibility: The staff, directors, managers and other working employees at Portillo’s are not allowed to participate in the survey. The same applies to promotional partners, subsidiaries, Portillo’s affiliates, and advertising partners. Survey – Rules and conditions

The following rules and conditions must be observed so that the customers can get their rewards for their participation in

  • Entry mode
    • The customer must have a recent purchase receipt of Portillo’s.
    • The receipt must contain a 20 digit code which will be required to enter in the survey.
    • A customer can participate only once through their receipt. 
  • Time limit
    • The www must be filled within a week after receiving the purchase receipt.
    • After getting the validation code, it must be used within 30 days to redeem the offer associated with the survey participants.
  • Code validation
    • The generated code, along with the receipt, must be saved and then shown at Portillo’s within a month’s duration.
    • The validation code cannot be converted into cash prize or gift.
  • Prize may vary by location and date.
  • Any attempt made to destroy or affect the Portillo’s guest satisfaction policy is considered as a violation of U.S. civil and criminal laws.
  • Purchasing is not necessary to redeem the offer.

Things Required for Portillos Feedback

Written below are the things with which one can take part in the survey actively:

  • Purchase Receipt

The customer must have a recent purchase receipt at Portillo’s and it must have an invitation offer code of 20 digits to be able to participate in and the receipt must be saved for later.

  • Laptop or smartphone or tablet with internet access

One must have access to any electronic device like laptop or personal computer (PC) or smartphone or a tablet with internet access in it as the survey is conducted online at the survey portal of Portillo’s.

  • Language knowledge

The customer must have some basic knowledge about English so that they can fill form efficiently.

  • Validation code

Lastly, the customer must save the validation coupon code (generated after survey completion) along with their purchase receipt to redeem their offer of free French Fries on their next purchase at Portillo’s.

Questionnaire in Portillo’s Survey for free fries

Following are the questions frequently asked in this pattern in the feedback Portillos. You need to enter the 20 digits Portillo’s survey code from your receipt to find these question

  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at Portillo’s:
    • Highly satisfied
    • Satisfied
    • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 
    • Dissatisfied
    • Highly dissatisfied
  • Please select your visit type:
    • Dive in
    • Delivery
    • Carryout
    • Drive-thru
  • Please rate your satisfaction with:
    • The ease of placing your order 
    • The overall cleanliness of the restaurant
    • The temperature of your food
    • The accuracy of you order
    • The speed of the service
    • The friendliness of the staff
    • The cleanliness of the restroom
    • The taste of your food
    • The overall value for the price you paid
  • Answer above from:
    • Highly satisfied
    • Satisfied
    • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 
    • Dissatisfied
    • Highly dissatisfied
    • N/A
  • Did you face any problem during you visit?
    • Yes 
    • No 
  • Based on this visit, what is the likelihood that you will:
    • Return to this Portillo’s in the next 30 days?
    • Recommend this Portillo’s to others in the next 30 days?
    • Select from:
      • Highly likely 
      • Likely 
      • Somewhat likely
      • Not very likely
      • Not at all likely
  • Please tell us why you were Highly Satisfied with your experience at this Portillo’s:
  • Including this visit, how many times have you visited this Portillo’s in the past 30 days?
    • Once 
    • Twice
    • Three times
    • Four or more
  • Which best describes your primary reason for visiting Portillo’s?
    • Read a positive review
    • Advertisement or promotion
    • Recommendation from friend or family member
    • To get a specific menu item
    • Convenient location
    • Previous positive experience
    • Other 
  • If Portillo’s were to offer Gyros (thinly sliced meat served on pita bread) on the menu, what is the likelihood that you would purchase that product?
    • Highly likely 
    • Likely 
    • Somewhat likely
    • Not very likely
    • Not at all likely
  • For classification purposes only, please select your age.
  • Would you like to join Portillo’s Birthday Club to receive a free slice of cake on your birthday and other special offers?
    • Yes 
    • No
  • Please fill your contact information

*(This information will only be used to contact you if you win the sweepstakes contest at Portillo’s.)

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Confirm Email
  • Birthday month
  • Birthday
  • Birth year

How to Take Part in Portillo’s Online Survey?

Detailed stepwise procedure to participate in the survey at is as below:

Portillos Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Visit Portillo’s restaurant and purchase to get a receipt.
  2. Save this recent purchase receipt with 20 digits offer invitation code to the survey.
  3. Access to an electronic device such as laptop, smartphone or tablet with an internet facility in it.
  4. Visit Portillo’s survey site or 
  5. Enter as asked in the survey the date, time and code of entry as mentioned in the purchase receipt of the customer.
  6. Click “start” to proceed further.
  7. Deciding through your general fulfilment level, read the questions and answer them from the scale of the range provided from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. 
  8. Answer these questions honestly and candidly based on the experience that as a customer, you got in Portillo’s by its staff, food’s taste and price, service quality, maintenance, cleanliness, etc.
  9. Click next to move forward to another question and remember you should skip any question in this Portillos feedback.
  10.  After answering all questions at tell portillos, the last segment is for the personal information of the customer who is participating in the survey.
  11. Make sure to save the validation coupon code that he or she will receive after completing and submitting their online Portillo’s survey successfully.
  12. Take your receipt with the validation code at Portillo’s to redeem your offer associated with the Portillo’s feedback and also, make sure to follow this within the time limit period, which is 30 days.

Entering the Portillo’s Sweepstakes

Portillo’s corporation sponsors Portillo’s survey sweepstakes. After completing the Portillo’s Customer Experience Survey at www.tell, the survey participant will be automatically entering into a lucky draw. Then he or she can get a chance to win Portillo’s Sweepstakes worth a surprise gift. So, one must wait for the sweepstake draw. If he or she is a lucky winner, Portillo’s will inform using the contact details the customers have filled in the survey.

About Portillo’s

Portillo’s is an American fast-casual restaurant chain. It has approx. Its headquarters are in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States, and it operates sixty restaurants throughout the Midwest. The founder of Portillo’s is Dick Portillo.

Portillo has its speciality for serving quality food with quality services to ensure their customer’s at-most dining satisfaction. The Portillo’s has grown from a small stall named “The Dog House” to a more than a billion worth well- known restaurant known today, i.e. Portillo’s. As a result of serving some delicious foods at reasonable prices and offering quality services to their customers, Portillo’s became famous.

Portillo’s is best known for its serving in Chicago style food such as hot dogs, Maxwell street polish and Italian beef. Also, due to the new introduction of the Barnelli concept inside the restaurant, there is featuring a great variety of pasta, homemade sauces, salads, and sandwiches. In this way, Portillo’s becomes a brand with life due to its team members unity because of which delivery of quality products and services becomes possible at Portillo’s.

Portillos Hours

Given below are the timings of opening and closing of Portillo’s from Monday to Sunday. These are estimates and can change, so one must confirm them once.

Portillo’s Hours
Sunday  10:30 A.M to 12:00 A.M
Monday10:30 A.M to 12:00 A.M
Tuesday10:30 A.M to 12:00 A.M
Wednesday10:30 A.M to 12:00 A.M
Thursday10:30 A.M to 12:00 A.M
Friday10:30 A.M to 1:00 A.M
Saturday10:30 A.M to 1:00 A.M

Portillo’s Contact Details

Customer can refer the following details to get Portillo’s service-

Portillo’s Contact Info

Contact number
  • 866-YUM-BEEF
  • +56222630606
  • (630) 954-3773
  • (630) 530-8451
Mailing address

Portillo’s Near Me

To locate Portillos near me, one can refer This is the official website of Portillo’s where the location of all its branch stores, its following directions, its working hours and its online ordering facility is made available. So, through this site, the customer can easily locate the closest store located to them via map or through the detailed information mentioned on the same webpage.


What time does Portillo’s open and what time does it close?

Portillo’s opens at 10:30 AM on all days of the week and closes at 12:00 AM from Sundays to Thursdays and at 1:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Who owns Portillo’s?

Berkshire Partners own Portillo’s.

Where to buy Portillo’s gift card?

You can easily check the variety of Portillo’s gift cards available at and get desired Portillo’s gift card. You can also check the balance with the help of the provided link.

Where is the closest Portillo’s?

You check the closest Portillo’s store location near to them by visiting 
Through the above- mentioned website, one can locate their nearest reachable place to Portillo’s through a map or the details provided below on their page. Also, you can find other details like working hours, ordering facilities, etc. 

What does Portillo’s survey offer?

The Portillo’s survey offers its customers some worthy rewards like free french fries to encourage their more active involvement. On the other side, the company also benefits through as it helps them to implement some long-term improvements that their customers would like to see and thus contributing to their business progress.

Does the Portillo’s have a drive-thru?

Yes, in the year 1983 Portillo’s opened its first drive-thru in the Downers Grove, which is also now known as speedy drive-thru service.

What is the best thing at Portillo’s?

Portillo’s is famous for the variety and speciality that they keep in their fast foods’ menu. The quality foods, with such an amazing taste, makes them popular between their customers. Namely: hotdogs, sausages, beef, burgers, salads, pasta and desserts are loved a-lot by their customers.

Final Verdict

Through Portillo’s Satisfaction Survey, the customers should inform about their dining experience in Portillo’s and in return to their valuable suggestions and feedback, they will get rewards like free French Fries or a chance to win Portillo’s sweepstakes.

Portillo’s can use these survey results to more efficiently come to conclusions that will be fruitful for both the company and its customers. By conducting surveys, Portillo’s can honest assess its strengths and weaknesses from its customer base and generate beneficial insights for marketing and future profitability. Surveys conducted at are thus a reliable method of communication between a company and its audience.

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