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Pollo Tropical Survey @ – Win Exciting $2 Off !

Pollolistens survey conducted by Pollo Tropical is the survey that is accessible at and it is an attempt to get to know customer insights which would help them understand consumer behaviour and provide a better service in the future. It will also help to recognize customers who love the service and the ones who do not. Pollo Tropical values consumer feedback, so real responses only ought to be given. Moreover, participating in this survey is beneficial to customers as well as the customers of the Pollo listens survey gets $2 off on their next order at the Pollo Tropical’s restaurants.

Details About Pollo Tropical Listens Survey

Pollo Tropical Survey image
Pollo Tropical Survey image

Pollo Tropical is a restaurant establishment situated in America whose founders are Larry and Stuart Harris. It centres around the Caribbean food menu. Pollo Tropical eatery establishment has been in activity since 1988. The chain is renowned for its flame-broiled and marinated chicken and is currently an auxiliary of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. Fiesta possesses and establishes the Pollo Tropical restaurant.

The organization as of now is operational in 140 areas all through Florida and Georgia, 32 diversified areas all through the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Puerto Rico as well as certain college campuses. Pollo Tropical’s Customer survey is a novel means to understand customer behaviour and take the necessary measures. Moreover, the questions of the survey also help to gauge the particular store where the purchase was conducted so that the administrative actions may be carried out across the erring restaurant if required. The customers also get a chance to get $2 off on the next purchase.

What is the Purpose of Pollo Tropical Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Pollolistens survey wants customers to experience the best cuisine on offer without any inconvenience which would also help serve the company’s purpose and objectives so that the same can be utilized for the improvement and changes required in the organization. Besides, Pollo Tropical’s survey also helps understand the customer’s needs, wants and desires. The questions of the Pollo survey have been structured in such a manner that it helps understand the service and administration of Pollo Tropical store as well. Besides, the survey does not benefit Pollo Tropical alone; customers too could benefit by getting the Pollo listens to survey code for a $2 discount on their next visit to any of Pollo Tropical stores.

Rewards for Participation in Pollo Tropical Customer Feedback

For taking the Pollo Tropical survey, one will be compensated with a Pollolistens validation code. This code will show up on the screen after the consummation of the survey. This code needs to be noted and taken along with the receipt to the Pollo Tropical store to claim a $2 off on the next purchase at the Pollo Tropical store, which is the Pollo Tropical reward.

Also, the survey must be completed within a limited period of 7 days post the visit to Pollo Tropical restaurant. On the off chance the code lapses, one will not be qualified as a participant for the claim of the $2 redemption.

Eligibility Conditions/ Rules for Pollo Guest Satisfaction Survey

For the Pollo listens survey, everyone is not eligible as a participant as specific eligibility criteria make one eligible for the survey. They have been detailed as below:

  • Receipt code from one’s recent purchase at any of Pollo Tropical restaurants required. It is important to gain access to the survey.
  • Upon completion of the survey, the redemption code appears also required to be eligible.
  • The age of individuals participating in the survey should be at least 18 years. Individuals below this age are not liable to be a participant in the survey.
  • Individuals of the survey should be valid residents of the United States of America.
  • Customers need to take the survey within seven days of their visit to Pollo Tropical restaurant.
  • Knowledge and usage of the English language needed to understand the questions of the survey and answer them.
  • Representatives, Officers, Employees, and their relatives as well are not eligible to be a part of Pollo Tropical survey.
  • Customers cannot sell or transmit their coupon code to anyone.
  • Each customer can participate only once with a receipt code.

Prerequisites to be a Part of Pollo Customer Satisfaction Survey

To participate in the Pollo Tropical guest satisfaction survey is completely free of cost. However, there are certain requirements to participate in the same which mentioned as under:

  • The participation in the Pollo listens survey is through online mode only. Thus, there is a need to access on a Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile with a good internet connection.
  • The receipt from a recent purchase at any of Pollo Tropical restaurants will be required as the receipt has the receipt code, which is a mandatory requirement to access the Pollo survey.
  • The redemption code which appears at the end of the survey also required to redeem the $2 redemption for being a part of the survey.
  • The Pollo guest satisfaction survey questionnaire will be in English. So, basic knowledge and understanding of the English language are important to respond to the survey questions.

What do They Ask Pollolistens Survey? – Questions

Ongoing into the survey, one can see the questions which gauge customer satisfaction and also about the administration of Pollo Tropical restaurant. It also helps know Pollo Tropical customer feedback and works upon them to provide the best of their service for their customers. Besides, they will know the taste and preference of the customers through these questions mentioned below:

  • Insert your receipt code below to continue with the survey.
  • On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend Pollo Tropical to a friend or colleague?
  • Please tell us why you scored this way. Be as specific as possible.
  • What could we do to improve the score you gave us by one point?
  • Please select your visit type.
  • What menu item did you order today?
  • Please rate your Pollo Tropical experience based on your level of satisfaction with each of the following.

How to be a Part of Pollo Tropical Survey @

Participation in the Pollo Tropical survey being an online process has to be taken online at The process for the same mentioned below:

Pollolistens Survey
  1. For accessing the Pollo Tropical survey, one needs to click on any web browser on one’s devices like Laptop, Mobile, PC, etc. and visit the website
  2. Now, take out the receipt from one’s latest purchase at a Pollo Tropical restaurant, and enter the 16-digit receipt code and click on the “Next” button on the screen.
  3. On correctly entering the receipt code, there is a question related to the likelihood of recommending the restaurant visited other people which should be selected from the different numbers on the rating scale. Access next questions by scrolling the screen to answer the questions below.
  4. Several questions to understand the customer’s level of satisfaction, administration and service levels of Pollo Tropical restaurant visited by the customer.
  5. All questions need to be answered genuinely and there is a need that it be based on one’s latest experience at the restaurant concerned.
  6. Now, one needs to choose the available options or write down the answers as applicable in different questions. 
  7. After answering all the questions, the redemption code appears on the screen. Note down and take it along with the receipt code of the previous visit to Pollo Tropical restaurants and use it to get a $2 redemption on the next order at their restaurant.
  8. Clicking on the “Next” button submits and ends the survey at the end.

Sweepstakes of Pollo Listens Survey

To redeem the sweepstakes of Pollo Listens survey on the next Pollo Tropical restaurant visit, the following steps should be followed:

  • The website of Pollo Listens survey should be opened on any web browser.
  • It is necessary to enter the receipt code of the receipt from any purchase at one of Pollo Tropical restaurants
  • Questions related to the Pollo Tropical customer experience, which should be answered very carefully.
  • Answer very genuinely and it should be based on one’s latest experience in any of Pollo Tropical’s restaurants.
  • In the end, the redemption code appears on the screen after answering all the questions. Note down to redeem a $2 redemption on the next order at Pollo Tropical restaurant.
  • Clicking on the “Next” button should be done to submit the Pollo Tropical Listens survey.

All About Pollo Tropical’s Restaurants

Pollo Tropical has come up intending to provide its customers with the best of cuisine on offer. It started in 1988 by the Miami brothers, Larry and Stuart Harris. Since then, it involved in the food sector spewing up dishes that have earned them global fame. The restaurants now offer different items like Sandwiches and Wraps, Side dishes, Platters, Desserts, etc.

Besides, all its offerings can be ordered online anytime as well, which is beneficial on certain occasions. Pollo Tropical has several restaurants and is an auxiliary part of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.

Pollo Tropical Hours

According to Pollo Tropical hours, Pollo Tropical’s restaurants open early in the morning sharp at 10:00 AM. Operating since early morning hours, Pollo Tropical’s restaurant serves the needs of the different sections of people. Pollo Tropical shuts at 10:00 PM, two hours before midnight. Thus, Pollo Tropical’s hours extending to 12 hours per day help in the service of its customers who look forward to enjoying their exotic cuisine.

Pollo Tropical Contact Details

Customer service at Pollo Tropical managed effectively and the complete process of customer service is taken seriously here. The contact details mentioned in a tabular form as:

Pollo Tropical Contact Info
Contact Number+1 787-765-5784

Pollo Tropical Near Me

The Pollo tropical restaurants have many branches at various locations. To find the nearest one to you, visit the Pollo Tropical store locator. Pollo Tropical stores near me can be found by using these latest technologies to find the nearest restaurant available for an unmatched dining experience.


What are the criteria for getting a Pollo Tropical survey coupon?

To get the Pollo Tropical coupon, it is important to take part in a survey for customer satisfaction at by entering the receipt code of a recent purchase at a Pollo Tropical store. At the end of the survey, a redemption code appears. Note this redemption code carefully and take it along with the receipt code on the next order at Pollo Tropical’s store to get the $2 Pollo Tropical coupons.

What time does Pollo Tropical open?

Pollo Tropical opens sharply at 10:00 AM in all of Pollo Tropical’s restaurants.

Who owns Pollo Tropical?

Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc. owns Pollo Tropical. Pollo Tropical is an auxiliary part of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc which manages the Pollo Tropical’s restaurants.

What time does Pollo Tropical close?

Pollo Tropical closes at 10:00 PM, two hours before midnight.

Where is the nearest Pollo Tropical?

The nearest Pollo Tropical can be searched by visiting the official store locator

How often do you get Pollo Tropical rewards?

Pollo Tropical rewards can be earned due to different means of being eligible for the rewarding process, as in the case of $2 redemption on participating in a customer survey.

Is Pollo Tropical closing?

No, Pollo Tropical is not closing.

Final Words

Pollo Tropical customer satisfaction survey helps analyze the means through which the company gets to know the needs, desires and wants of the people and thereby modify or improve its present service across its different restaurants. Besides, the customers also get to say about the opinion regarding their service, which they experienced while purchasing from the store concerned. Moreover, the survey questions designed in such a way that it helps in the analysis of all aspects related to the customer’s overall shopping experience and thereby makes any necessary amendments if required.

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