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There are some restaurants in the USA, which offer a free meal to their customers, who take part in the customer feedback survey. The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is one of the finest names among them. is one of the easiest in the market and it only takes a mere 3 minutes of your time. The customers are asked about their experiences and feedback on different aspects of the restaurants. Such as their foods, ambiences, staff behaviour and many more.

Perkins Experience Survey

The Perkins customer satisfaction survey is the best way to know about customer experience and feedback about their services. In this process, customers can fill up the survey questions, in return for exciting cash prizes and other rewards. Food businesses are literally running on customer feedback.

Perkins Experience Survey image
Perkins Experience Survey image

This survey is basically the only way to know whether the customers are happy or not with their services. These feedback surveys are basically maintaining the bridge between the restaurant and the customer to maintain a candid and cordial relationship. Moreover, Perkins’s customer satisfaction service also does not come free for the customers well. At the end of a successful survey submission, the customers also get a chance to win exciting prizes like free meals and many more.

Why is Perkins Restaurant Survey Important?

The primary objective of these feedback surveys is to provide a safe space to the customers, where they can express their experiences. Perkins survey is basically designed to get feedback from the customers, after their visit. Those feedbacks are basically providing a base upon which further business strategies and plans are being made to escalate the business even more.

And for a customer point of view, these surveys are basically a way to maintain a candid yet impersonal relationship with the organization. However, just for participating in the Perkins experience survey, customers can also win exciting prizes and rewards in return.

Perkins Rewards and Coupons

The Perkins Rewards are pretty different and flexible at the same time. Other than rewarding with straight forward cash prizes, Perkins uses a separate validation code to the redeem rewards. After the successful completion of the survey, customers are provided with the unique Perkins coupon. The customer needs to produce both the validation code and the last purchase receipt to any Perkins outlet, within 3 days of the last purchase to claim their rewards. Upon successful completion of the Perkins customer survey and all the other necessary steps, the customers will receive a flat 10% discount on the following items:

  • Promotional menu.
  • 55+ regular items form the daily Perkins menu
  • Plates.
  • Special kid’s menu
  • Bakery and patisserie items.
  • Take away the menu. 

Eligibility  for Perkins Guest Survey

Like most of the other customer surveys, the eligibility criteria for the Perkins feedback survey is also pretty easy and straightforward. There some two or three criteria, in which all the participants have to follow to take part in the survey.

  • Age of the participants must be 18 years and above to participate in
  • The participants have to be the legal resident of the United States of America or Canada.
  • Minimum a single purchase from any of the Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is mandatory.

Mandatory Rules for Taking Part in the Perkins Survey

Though the rules are pretty basic, each and every participant needs to follow them. Not following any of the rules and regulations can directly cancel the participation of the customer in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by Perkins Restaurants.

  • Participant shaves to be 18 years or above to take survey.
  • At least one purchase from any of the Perkins stores is mandatory.
  • The customer satisfaction survey is only valid for a customer who is a legal resident of the US.
  • Anyone who is working in the Perkins Restaurants, or an ex-employee, or their relatives, family members etc. are not eligible for participating in the Perkins customer satisfaction survey.
  • One participant can only take part in the survey maximum twice a month.
  • You can use the survey code written on the receipt only once.
  • For claiming the reward, the purchase receipt of the last restaurant visits with a proper validation code is mandatory.
  • Transfer of the purchase receipt to a third party is as an offence.
  • The Perkins Restaurant coupons are not valid for use in other stores.
  • Only a single entry per receipt is mandatory.

Perkins Restaurant Survey Requirements

There are some basic things the participants are going to need to take part in the survey. The requirements are pretty straightforward and basic just like the rules and eligibility criteria for the Perkins Experience survey

  • A strong and stable internet connection.
  • A device, such as a smartphone, or a PC or a Laptop, with basic Internet facility.
  • The receipt from your last Perkins visit with a valid survey code.
  • Active e-mail id and telephone number.
  • A decent reading and understanding of knowledge of English. 

Questions Asked in Perkins Feedback Survey

  • Enter the server’s name which is located at the top of the receipt.
  • Select the type of your visit between dine-in and carry out.
  • From highly satisfied to highly Dissatisfied, please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at the Perkins
  • Were you promptly greeted upon entering the restaurant?
  • Did your server offer two different beverage suggestions?
  • Did a manager interact with you during your visit?
  • Were you thanked for visiting?
  • Rate the friendliness of the employees?
  • From highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied, rate the speed of the checkout?
  • Rate the speed of service during your dining experience?
  • From highly satisfied t highly dissatisfied, rate the following
      • Temperature of your food
      • Interior cleanliness of the restaurant
      • Variety of menu items
      • Quality of your food
      • Accuracy of your order
      • Taste of your food
      • Overall value for the price you paid
  • Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  •  From highly likely to not at all likely, answer the following
      • Recommend this Perkins to others in the next 30 days?
      • Return to this Perkins in the next 30 days?
  • Please tell in detail about what we could do to improve your experience during your next visit
  • Select the primary reason for visiting Perkins Restaurants.
  • Provide the following personal details to complete the survey
      • Gender
      • Annual household income on an average
      • Ethnicity
      • Age.

How to Take Part in Perkins Guest Experience Survey?

The simple steps to take part in the Perkins feedback survey are as follows:

Perkins Restaurant Survey page
  1. Visit the Perkins restaurant customer satisfaction survey website
  2. To start Perkins survey, you are going to need the 15-digit survey code, which will you find printed on your last purchase receipt.
  3. In any case, if your purchase receipt does not contain any survey code then the customers have to provide the following information from the receipt:
      • Store number
      • Check number
      • Date of visit
      • Time of visit.
  4. After putting all the information correctly. Click start. And you will be redirected to the questionnaire page.
  5. After answering all the questions, you will be asked to enter the following personal details:
      • Gender
      • Annual household income on an average
      • Ethnicity
      • Age.
  6. After completing the Perkins customer satisfaction survey unique validation code is generated.
  7. Keep the validation code safe as it will help you to claim the said discount on your next visit to the Perkins restaurant within 3 days from the last visit.

Perkins Sweepstakes Survey

The sweepstakes rules and regulations in the Perkins customer satisfaction survey is pretty different and unique than the other surveys in so many different ways. Unlike other sweepstakes, where participants can take part without purchasing anything from the store, here at least one purchase history is mandatory.

To take part in the Perkins guest survey sweepstakes, the contestants need to take part in the customer survey as usual. After completing the survey successfully, the customers are asked whether they want to take part in the sweepstake or not. The interesting participants can accept the sweepstake by clicking “yes” and the participants are eligible to win a whopping $500 cash prize. Entering the personal details is also mandatory as the authority will contact you if the lottery result is in your favour.

All About the Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

Known as one of the finest dining setups in the country, the Perkins Restaurants and bakery had been established by Matt and Ivan Perkins, way back in 1958. Though the primary objective was to promote this particular brand as a casual dining restaurant with a very diverse menu in the breakfast section. Soon after the opening, the breakfast menu gets so popular among its patrons that it started to serve them all day long.

During 1980, Perkins also sold their business to the famous Holiday Inn group and opened around 500 branches in 32 states in just 10 years. That particular period was the most successful business tenure of the brand. At present Huddle House is the parent group for Perkins Restaurants and are operating through 324 branches all over the United States and Canada.

Perkins Hours

The staff and other authorities of the Perkins Restaurants believe in serving the customers for 365 days a year. Though on regular days the active hours of the restaurant are fixed but during holiday seasons, the hours of operation may differ a little from the regular. Being a wide branched company, the hours are varied and most of them are active between 5 AM to 1 AM, while a few are 24hr open services.

How to Contact Perkins Customer Support?

For any queries or confusion regarding the Perkins customer satisfaction survey, the participants can contact the customer support team. The contact details are as follows:

Perkins Contact Info

Telephone Number1-800-225-5939
Official Website
Official Feedback Survey Website

How to Find Perkins Near Me?

Perkins Restaurants has almost 324 franchise branches in all over the USA and Canada. Finding the Perkins Restaurant outlet near you is also very easy. The official website of the restaurant has a separate location tab from where one can find the nearest location by putting the zip code. The store locater link for Perkins restaurant is


Where can I buy Perkin gift cards?

You can buy Perkins gift cards either from their official website @ or from any Perkins restaurant outlet near you.

Can you get Perkin gift cards online?

Yes, you can purchase your Perkins Gift card online, from their official website  And the card will be delivered to your doorstep.

What time does Perkin close?

Different branches of Perkins restaurants and Bakery have differing closing times. The common closing hour is between 9 PM to 10 PM and the maximum closing time is around 1 AM. 

What time does Perkins open?

Perkins restaurants and Bakery is distributed across several cities of both US and Canada. While a few stay open 24hrs especially in Nebraska, other branches open between 5 AM to 7 AM

Where is the nearest Perkins location?

To find the nearest Perkins restaurant location, you have to visit the store locator section on the website (  and find the nearest store by entering your location either automatically or manually. 

Who owns Perkins restaurants?

Perkin restaurants are owned by Huddle House.

Where to submit a Perkins survey?

The Perkins customer satisfaction survey needs to be submitted in the official survey website of the restaurant, which is

How can I get a printable coupon for Perkins Restaurants?

You will find different Perkins coupons in printable format on various coupon websites over the internet. Just download them and they are ready to print.

How to use Perkins coupons code?

The Perkins Coupon codes can be used on your next visit to the restaurant either for dine-in or take-away. The customer can show the coupon to the server, and you will get exactly what it is written on the coupon, along with your regular order.

Where to find Perkins coupons?

Officially, Perkins Restaurant doesn’t provide any coupons, but upon participating in the survey, it provides discount options. Perkins Restaurant Coupons are readily available on the Internet over different coupon websites. 

How to use Perkins Promo code?

Just like coupons, one can also look for Perkins restaurant and bakery Promo codes on the internet on different promo websites. One can earn promo codes on their visit to the restaurant as well.


Whenever you will visit the Perkins restaurant and bakery to grab a quick meal or just to take away some snacks for the roads, do try their customer satisfaction survey. It only takes 3 minutes and so, but in the end, you get a flat 10% discount on your next order. And participate in the sweepstakes as well. who knows you get a chance to enjoy a $500 cash prize just in return for participating in a simple customer experience survey?

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