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How amazing is it to get a gift just by filling a little survey? The Pei Wei Asian Kitchen offers to give you exciting rewards in the form of discounts or free food in return for filling their survey. Hungry already, aren’t you? I am! The large Asian Diner is ready to make its customers happy in return for sharing their experience with the company, how they liked it and how they didn’t. This will help them improve their services and attract more customers thereafter.

Most of the major companies, especially the food companies, are indulging in such surveys for their growth and development, but the kind of gifts vary from company to company. This article will cover everything; you need to know about the Pei Wei feedback survey and how it can get you exciting gifts.

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Pei Wei restaurant chain has a reputation among its competitors in the United States and six other international locations. To maintain that reputation, they need to grow according to the societal restaurant norms continually. They need to know what their customers like and dislike about them. Despite having a huge customer base who already love eating at Pei Wei, they want to attract more of them. It’s one good way to grow, providing customers with services beyond their expectations.

Hence, this method of surveys allows them to reach every customer and know their mindset individually.

Pei Wei Customer Feedback Survey

As already mentioned, the data collected from these surveys is, after all, used to make the services better and help the company grow. These surveys contain very general questions that every individual is fine to answer. The Pei Wei survey at asks you very simple questions like, what you ate, how you liked it and how the services could’ve been better. These questions are fundamental to the company as the answers to these questions reveal a lot of information.

In the end, the user has to enter his/her email ID and some more personal information. The data collected is of great importance to the company. One should know that the data provided is held in secrecy and the identity of every user is preserved and not revealed in any case by the company.

After filling the survey, you will get a validation code that can be later used to avail a discount or some other offer. There are some terms and conditions attributed to this offer, and they will be later discussed in this post.

Pei Wei Rewards

One thing that attracts customers is the offers and deals that the company is providing. Companies providing deals and gift offers to their customers often have a larger group of customers coming towards them than the companies that don’t. The Pei Wei company values its customers a lot and know how to make them happy. The deals that the company offers are amazing, so one simply can’t resist to go and eat there. 

In return for a simple survey, the Pei Wei restaurants offer to give you something in return. They might gift you a discount Pei Wei reward or something of a similar sort. Many other companies that are using the same technique to attract customers, in a way to deceive the people by stuffing their offers with so many terms and conditions that it’s way too tricky to avail them at the end or they are very less profitable.

The Pei Wei restaurant company terms and conditions are clear along with their offers. Their offers are:

  • Discounts on Meal
  • Free Entree
  • Free Kid Meal
  • Buy One Get One Offer
  • Free Pei Wei Gift card

You can win any of the offers mentioned above by using the validation code provided at the end of survey.

Who Can Take Part in

Being a professional company, Pei Wei has some eligibility criteria for who can avail its offers. They are mentioned below:

  • You should be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Should be either 18 or more than 18 years in age.
  • You should not be a Pew Wei laborer, representative, or any official associated with the company.
  • You should have a valid Pei Wei bill receipt with you.
  • Should be fluent in English or Spanish.

Pei Wei Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Conditions

Before entering the survey, you should be aware of some things about entering and completing it. The company has mentioned all the terms and conditions on their official website and you can check them at any time. Some important ones are discussed below:

  • The offer is constrained for one individual per visit.
  • You should have a properly working computer or smartphone with a working internet connection.
  • All answers to the survey questions should be honest, based on your experience with the Pei Wei restaurant.
  • The Pei Wei survey must be completed within three days of visit to the restaurant.
  • Don’t forget to submit your Pei Wei customer satisfaction survey in the end.

Pei Wei Guest Survey Question

  • The Pei Wei customer feedback survey will ask very general questions. The questions will be based on your last visit to the Pei Wei restaurant.
  • The idea is to gather the experiences of customers, their likes, their dislikes and their thoughts.
  • Some questions might ask you about the dining quality and cleanliness of the place. Others might ask you for the quality of food you had and how the workers were behaving.
  • The questions are very general and simple to answer.

How to Participate in the Pei Wei Feedback Survey?

It is effortless to take part in this Pei Wei guest survey. Detailed steps to enter into the survey are given below:

Pei Wei Feedback
  1. Open the Pei Wei survey website, i.e.,
  2. After opening this web page, you will be asked to enter a validation code. Enter this 15-digit survey code. This is the code that Pei Wei has already provided you during your last visit to their restaurant.
  3. This will lead you to the survey page where you can give answers to the questions asked. 
  4. After the survey is completed, you will be provided a Pei Wei promo code that can be used later to avail your offer. It is mandatory to possess this promo code whenever you want to avail your offer.

About Pei Wei Restaurant Chain

Pei Wei is an American restaurant chain of Asian diners. They have their restaurants in more than 200 locations in the United States and six other international locations. It was founded in 2000, almost twenty years ago by P. F. Chang’s China Bistro (PFCB) to compete in the fast-casual restaurant segment. They now have their headquarters in Irving, Texas, United States.

Even in this excessively competitive world, Pei Wei has grown to be a substantial casual dining restaurant and people love its food and often come to dine in with their families or friends.

Pei Wei Hours

All Pei Wei restaurants have different opening and closing times. To know the timings of the Pei Wei restaurant near you, you can contact them through call, email, or fax.

Pei Wei Contact Details

Pei Wei Contact Info
Main contact number(972) 457-9300
Mailing address6191 North Highway 161
Suite 300
Irving, TX 75038
Fax number+1 480 888-3001
Pei Wei Guest Survey

Pei Wei Near Me

If you want to visit a Pei Wei restaurant, you can easily find its location on the Pei Wei official website: Pei Wei Store Locator. If you can’t find the locations section on the official website, all you have to do is google ‘Pei Wei near me,’ and the first link will direct you to the locations section. There you can search for the nearest Pei Wei restaurant in your own city.


What are Pei Wei’s feedback rewards?

After filling the Pei Wei Customer Feedback Survey, you’ll be eligible for one of the following rewards:
Discounts on Meal
Free Entree
Free Kid Meal
Buy One Get One Offer
Free Gift card

What time does Pei Wei close?

Though the closing times vary for every location, in general, Pei Wei restaurants close between 9 PM to 10 PM.

What time does Pei Wei open?

Opening times vary for every location, but in common, Pei Wei restaurants open between 10 AM to 11 AM.

Who owns Pei Wei restaurants?

PWD Acquisition owns the Pei Wei restaurants.

Is Pei Wei closing?

The Pei Wei sales have drastically fallen and many of their units have closed, but the whole company is not closing yet.

Why is not working for me?

You can try and change the location of your search engine if is not working.


Go right now and search for Pei Wei restaurant near you. Take your friends or family along to this delightful restaurant because it is all set to make you happy with its food and those amazing offers. The staff will make sure you leave the place happy and come back again. Select your order and start eating.


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