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Have you recently shopped at Price Chopper Supermarket? If Yes, then you are eligible to take part in the PCopinion Survey. This Survey is open to all the customers. You just have to spare your valuable time to complete survey. In return to your genuine feedback, you can win a $500 gift card or free groceries for a month. You can use this prize money at the time of your visit to the store.

To fill the Price Chopper Opinion Survey, participants need to fulfill some rules and requirements. Check this Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide to complete the survey easily. Here, you can have the information about the eligibility, rules and the process to finish the survey. If you want to be a part of this Price Chopper guest satisfaction survey, visit the

PCOpinion Feedback Survey

Price Chopper is excited to know how satisfied the customers are with the services and products of the store. It is conducting the survey, to collect the valuable feedback of the customers. By gathering your genuine feedback, the company will make the required changes to its stores and outlets to provide a better environment. Also, to let the customers take the survey, it is offering a chance to win some exciting prizes. Survey Survey

As a valued and esteemed customer of the Price Chopper Supermarket, it’s your responsibility to share your experience. Therefore, participate in the survey and help the store to be the best Supermarket in this marketing world. Price Chopper is inviting its customers to give the survey, using the invitation code present on the receipt. This survey takes less than 15 minutes of your time to complete and enter the sweepstakes.

Why take this Price Chopper Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To help the Price Chopper Brand to be the best supermarket in the world of supermarkets stores, you have to take the PC Opinion Survey. Enter the Price Chopper Online Survey at www.pc official survey site. There you need to share your feelings and thoughts that you have experienced during your visit to the store. The company gathers all this sensitive information of the customers.

They try to resolve the issues as per the customer’s feedback and ensure the best environment to please the customers to visit the Price Chopper Store. Hence, the survey needs an invitation code that can be found on the receipt of your latest purchase to enter online. Moreover, you can also enter the PC Opinion Price Chopper survey without any purchase too. So, this article will help you to finish your survey online or via mail.

Price Chopper Opinion Survey Rewards/ Gift Cards

Everyone loves to get free coupons or discount cards on their shopping. With this in mind, the Price Chopper has provided the Survey Feedback to its customers. By taking part in this survey, entrants can win some amazing Price Chopper Gift Cards or discounts. The User who has completed the survey has a chance to win $500 Gift Card or Free groceries for a month.

To enter the PC Survey sweepstakes, users have to answer the question that reflects your latest visit to the store. Share your experience with the services, products and the staff’s behavior in the PC Opinion Price Chopper. To get the details of the sweepstakes winner, you need to give your personal information.

What are the Price Chopper Feedback Survey Rules?

If you are willing to share your thoughts and ideas at the PCopinion feedback, then you should fulfill the rules of the survey. For that, you can have a glance at the below details to know the PC Opinion Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules.

  • Users who are 18 years of age or older can be a part of this Survey Sweepstakes.
  • Only the legal residents of the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont are allowed to start the survey.
  • You will need a Price Chopper receipt that you had for the purchase at the store. This PC Receipt will have the invitation code through which you can take the PC Opinion Feedback Online.
  • The user should be able to read and write the English language to begin the survey process.
  • The employees of the Price Chopper, affiliates, sponsors, subsidiaries and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.
  • You need to spend a few minutes to fill the survey completely.
  • Participants must provide basic information like name, age, gender, address, city, province, etc., to get informed about the sweepstakes winner.
  • You should not provide biased feedback in the PCopinion customer survey. But, if you have entered any prejudice notes, then your entry will be terminated.
  • The User should take the survey within seven days of your purchase from the store.
  • Participants can use the receipt code to enter the survey once only. If you try to enter the PC Opinion Sweepstakes more than the one entry, all your excess entries are barred from sweepstakes.
  • Use the Price Chopper Survey Code within the 30 days from the date of announcement of sweepstakes winner. If you fail to redeem the Price Chopper Gift Card Balance during this period, the Price Chopper Coupons code will expire and you have no chance to claim the rewards.

What are the PC Opinion Survey Questions?

The question that you need to answer will depend on your last visit to the Price Chopper Store. Here, you can have a glimpse of the PC survey questions at

  • To enter the details like name, place of your visit, time and date of visit, receipt invitation code, etc.
  • The overall experience of the participant at the PC Store.
  • Which department have you visited during your shopping?
  • What kind of purchases did you make at the store?
  • The quality of the products.
  • Did you find the products that you are looking for?
  • Whether you are happy with the price of the products or not.
  • To rate the cleanliness and tidiness of the store.
  • The behavior and friendliness of the store.
  • Whether you like to suggest the store to your family or friends.
  • The speed of service of the store.
  • Whether you are satisfied with your last visit to the store.
  • About your suggestions or thoughts that you want the Price Chopper to make?

PriceChopper Survey Requirements

In order to fill the PC Opinion Survey form, you will need some requirements. To know what kind of requirements, have a look at the below instructions

  • Users must have an electronic device like a computer/ laptop or smartphone to start the survey. You also need a good internet connection for these devices.
  • You should keep the receipt to enter the PCopinion Survey Sweepstakes.
  • To begin survey, you need to understand the basic of English Language.
  • You will require a pen or pencil to note down the Price Chopper Validation Code on your receipt. At the time of your visit to the Price Chopper Supermarket, you can claim the survey rewards.

How to enter the Price Chopper Survey Sweepstakes?

The participants who like to enter the survey sweepstakes can finish the survey in two ways. The online mode or offline mode. To begin the survey, you can take help of the below guidelines.

PCOpinion Survey Image

Enter Via Online

  1. Visit the Price Chopper survey site at
  2. To fill the Price Chopper Survey online, you need to have a receipt of the store. This receipt includes the Store number and Order number that you have to enter in the survey form.
  3. Now, enter the other details which comprise the time and date of your visit to the store along with total amount paid. These details are available on the receipt that you have purchased recently.
  4. Before beginning the further process of the survey, you can click on the View Official Rules. In this rules section, you can find all the details regarding the rules and requirements of the survey.
  5. After that, you can begin the survey process by clicking on the Next Button.
  6. Up next, you are entered into the Survey questionnaire. These questions will depend on the latest visit of the customers to the store.
  7. Users are asked to rate the quality of products, services, about the interior, cleanliness and the environment of the store, as per their experience.
  8. Moreover, you have to rate the behavior and friendliness of the staff towards you.
  9. After that, you need to list down the problems or issues that you faced during your shopping at the Price Chopper Locations.
  10. Users have to answer all these questions honestly and genuinely and submit.
  11. The participants are now asked to provide their details. So, give your name, address, city, state, province, etc.
  12. Users will be entered into the survey sweepstakes, where they can win a prize which is a validation code.
  13. You need to write down this Price Chopper validation code on the receipt to avail its benefits during your visit.

Enter Via Mailing Address

Know how to enter the survey sweepstakes without any purchase. In the below steps, we have presented the complete process to participate in the survey via mail.

  1. Write down your name, address, zip code, Telephone number along with area code on a 3″ x 5″ paper and mail it to below address.
    Price Chopper/ Market 32 Customer Experience Survey Giveaway – Free Entry”, Fact Finders, Inc., 20101 Western Avenue, Albany NY 12203.
  2. Limited one entry per person or per mail id is valid to enter the survey sweepstakes. Means, you only have to take the survey once only, if excess entries are made for the sweepstakes, then they are in a void.

About Price Chopper

Golub Corporation, an American Supermarket headquartered in Schenectady, New York. It owns the chains Market 32 and Price Chopper Supermarkets. In 1973, it changed its name from Central Market to Price Chopper. And, on 2nd June 2010, it dedicated its new headquarter on Nott Street, in Downtown Schenectady. They provide various products at their supermarkets to the customers, which include dairy, bakery, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, floral, meat, sushi, pharmacy, etc.

Customer Service Details

Regarding your queries and doubts on the products of the Price Chopper Supermarket, you can use the below address to contact them.

Brief Details
Phone Number (518) 355-5000
Mailing Address 461 Nott St, Schenectady, NY 12308
Official Website of Price Chopper
Price Chopper Website Link for Survey

Final Words

Price Chopper is willing to give the best experience to its customers on their shopping. To know about How the customers feel about their products and services, it has offered survey. So, if you desire to enter the survey sweepstakes, you can use this PC Opinion Survey Guide. Complete the survey and grab this best opportunity to win Free Groceries for a month.

Hope, the above information regarding the PCopinion Guest Satisfaction Survey is helpful to you. You can post your queries or doubts on this survey in the comment section. We will reach you to solve your issues or problems as early as possible. You can share this Survey Guide with your friends to assist them to win free coupon codes or rewards.

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