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KFC is one of the most famous fast-food restaurants in the world. It specializes in fried chicken, burgers, French fries and a variety of drinks to go along with it. The KFC doesn’t need any kind of promotion as it is the most renowned restaurant there is. However, the KFC does value the customer’s satisfaction who dine with them. As it creates a mark of an accomplished company.  Yes, you can share about Quality of food and their services at KFC has come up with a survey which is a set of simple questions directed at the customer. The customers who adequately answer these questions will receive a KFC go cup for free. Customers are encouraged to participate in the survey and win a free KFC coupon.

MyKFCExperience Survey Survey image Survey image

KFC Guest Experience Survey is initiated by the restaurant to judge and gauge what their customers feel about their food. The KFC serves a few variants of fried chicken and burgers. survey consists of a few questions which are pretty direct and straight. It hardly takes up 10 mins of the customer to answer these questions at

The KFC expects its customers to be completely honest and genuine about these answers. They even encourage their customers to point out their flaws so they can make improvements concerning that. KFC customer survey also helps the customer win a KFC go cup for free. The customer has to provide the survey code printed on their receipt of purchase at the website allotted for the said survey. Follow all the steps listed below to know how to take part in the survey.

KFC Guest Experience Survey Importance

The KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey is of utmost importance to the restaurant as well as the customers. It is crucial to the restaurant as it forms the only source of information on what the customers feel about the store and its services. For customers, the survey helps them win a lot of coupons and offers. The KFC survey @ wants customers to be honest and let the restaurants know of their pitfalls so that they can learn from it and satisfy the customers in a better way. The parameters in question are usually about the quality and quantity of the food, taste and the varieties served. Even cleanliness and hospitality are vital for any restaurant.

My KFC Experience survey is solely concentrated on the customer’s view. The restaurant treats its customers as the most critical aspect of their business as everything is directed towards the customer. A content customer and his feedback make the restaurant excel in their work. My KFC experience is a survey entirely for this purpose and it is through this survey that KFC brings about changes for the sake of customer satisfaction. The KFC promotes its survey by offering a KFC go cup to the customers taking part in the survey.

KFC Rewards & Coupons

KFC promotes its survey by rewarding its customers with coupons to get the KFC cup for free. The KFC Go Cup consists of a few strips of chicken and a few crispy fried wedges. The customer has to purchase at KFC before taking part in the survey. Customer will get a KFC Survey Code on the receipt for the purchase made. Before taking survey, the customer will be asked to give this survey code.

After having answered all the questions genuinely with honesty, the customer will get a KFC cup coupon. This opportunity only lasts for seven days from the last purchase made; therefore, the customer has to haste in order to grab the KFC go cup.

KFC Feedback Survey Eligibility

There are specific core eligibility criteria for taking part in the KFC Guest Experience survey.

  • The prime eligibility is that the customer should be a legal resident of the United States of America or whichever country the survey is valid for. Most of the countries do franchise KFC, but all the franchised stores do not initiate the survey.
  • Participant age should be 18 years at the time of entry.
  • The customer should have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish to participate in survey.

Rules to Participate in Mykfcexperience com Survey

  • Only one participant can take part in KFC survey using one email ID. Multiple participants using the same email ID will be disqualified.
  • The receipt of the last purchase made at the KFC store should not be older than seven days. After the 7 days validation code will be invalid.
  • Only one KFC free go cup will be issued for a single participant and not more.
  • The participants who have disregard for these rules will be disqualified immediately.

KFC Go Cup Survey Requirements

The Mykfcexperience customer feedback requirements have to be followed in order to participate in the survey. 

  • The customer has to make a prior purchase and the restaurant needs to provide the survey code on the official website before taking up survey.
  • As mentioned earlier, the participant should know either English or Spanish.
  • Customer must and should possess either a mobile phone or a computer with a good internet connection.

KFC My Experience Survey Questions

  • Which outlet of KFC do you usually visit?
  • Is the food hot enough?
  • How would you rate the quality and quantity of the food?
  • Are there enough beverages and sides?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant?
  • How fast does the restaurant deliver when making online orders?
  • Are the staff and employees friendly and approachable?
  • How did you learn about KFC and who suggested it?
  • Would you recommend KFC to your friends and families?

How to Take Part in My KFC Guest Experience Survey?

These are the important steps that the customer has to follow while taking part in the My KFC Guest Experience feedback survey.  In order to participate in KFC feedback survey you must make a purchase at any KFC outlet. 

kfc customer satisfaction survey image
  1. Visit the KFC Guest Experience Survey official website
  2. You can change the language to Espanol, by default KFC Survey available in English. 
  3. The customer now has to provide the kfc guest experience survey from the receipt.
  4. Now enter the time of visit and date. After having given all these details, click start.
  5. The KFC survey questions will now appear on the screen and the customer can start answering them.
  6. Once having answered all the survey questions, the customer will receive a survey completion coupon at the end. This KFC coupon can be used to grab Go cup for free.

All About Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is one of the world’s largest chains of fast-food restaurants ever created. It was initially founded in a place called Louisville, Kentucky. KFC is an American fast-food restaurant that serves the popular fried chicken, chicken wraps and sandwiches, salads, krushers. Colonel Harland Sanders founded the KFC. The KFC has over 22,621 all over the world with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Colonel Sanders even coined the name Kentucky fried chicken. KFC is now a world-famous fast food restaurant and has come a long way since then. The KFC has its franchises all over the world now.

KFC hours of operation

Most of the KFC branches operate from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm on all seven days of the week. It might change with location and the convenience of it. 

How to contact KFC?

The KFC is present all over the world and you can contact KFC using the following ways.

KFC Contact Info
Contact number1-800-CALL-KFC / 1 (800) 225-5532

How to locate KFC Near Me?

The official site of KFC provides a store locator at The nearest KFC can be also located by typing “KFC near me” in the google search engine. Several options will pop up and the customer can choose the KFC that is nearest to them. Alternatively, the customer can locate the nearest KFC with the help of the GPS installed in their car.


Does KFC have gift cards?

KFC officially doesn’t have any gift card section in its website. Though, these gift cards can be purchased at the chain store itself or any other partnered websites like amazon. 

Who sells KFC gift cards?

The KFC chain store provides gift cards. Also, you can purchase them on partnered websites such as amazon. 

How to check KFC gift card balance?

KFC doesn’t provide any official section for checking the balance on your gift card. You can call on its customer care at 1-800-467-2274. 

Can you use taco bell gift cards at Kfc?

Yes, you can use taco bell gift cards if it mentions any usage at taco bell.

What time does KFC close?

KFC closes at 11:00 pm every day of the week

Who owns Kfc?

Colonel Harland Sanders owns KFC.

What time does KFC open?

The KFC opens at 11:00 am every day of the week.

Where is KFC near me?

The customer can find the nearest KFC from its official site; Also you can browse through google maps to find the nearest KFC. 

What do you get when you fill out the survey for Kfc?

For filling out the KFC customer survey, the customer will receive a KFC go cup for free.

Why is my KFC survey not working?

If your KFC survey is not working, check your internet connection or the survey code and try again.

How to complete the KFC survey?

To complete the KFC survey, the customer needs to answer all the questions genuinely and satisfactorily.

How many digits for KFC experience?

The KFC experience survey code consists of 17 digits in it.

How to redeem KFC rewards?

The KFC rewards can be redeemed at any KFC store when you make a purchase. 

What reward card can you use at Kfc?

The customer can use multiple KFC reward cards upon availability. Also, other franchise cards can be used too if they have the applicability to KFC. 

Where can I get KFC coupons?

You can get the KFC coupon by taking part in my KFC experience survey. Also, KFC officially provides coupon codes in their website and at their chain store. 

How to use the KFC coupon code?

The KFC coupon code can be used while ordering online and applied before proceeding for the payment and also at their chain stores before checkout. 

How much is a KFC go cup?

The KFC go cup is for $2.49.

What is a KFC go cup?

The KFC go cup is a free cup for taking part in my KFC experience survey.  

How many calories in a KFC go cup?

The KFC go cup has approximately about 540 calories present in it.


The Mykfcexperience feedback survey helps KFC improve the services that they extend towards their customers. What the customer feels about the store makes a huge difference to the store. They expect honesty and genuine answers, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. Be sure to answer all the questions asked in the survey most legibly to win the rewards and coupons.

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