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Take Official Converse Survey @ – Claim Free Coupon!

If you are a sneakerhead and love the brand “Converse” and are in search of a coupon discount for your next purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Browse the site and fill in the survey to acquire several survey coupons. Myconversevisit is a simple survey that hardly takes up much of the user’s time as it comprises numerous questions regarding the quality of the product and the shopping experience one underwent.

Converse Survey image

Regardless of the quickness and simplicity, this survey proposes, the rewards the Myconversevisit survey offers are the best part about this entire procedure. As a result of the survey, Converse lovers have multiple chances to earn rewards for their dedication to the shoe and loyalty to the brand. In many ways, the survey is the company’s way of saying “thank you” to its genuine customers and fans.

Details About Myconversevisit Survey

Converse has transformed into a name given to a specific form of shoes. It has evolved into a symbol of its own and is no longer a mere brand. The Converse survey is not circled, boosting their sales revenue. It is a genuine way of getting to know their customers accurately and understanding their needs and expectations. The company wants to offer such customers with benefits and not take their fondness for the brand for granted.

Significance of Converse Customer Feedback

Myconversevisit is the company’s initiative to connect with its customers, as mentioned earlier. Through this, they can get to know their experience with the company and what is the status of the company in their minds. Furthermore, the customers, on the other hand, can also receive gift cards, which will provide them with sufficient savings on the next purchase from the Converse store for any Converse shoe.

Every survey question is regarding your recent visit to the Converse store. Sharing your experience with the company would not only help them to understand their position in the market and among the customers, but also assist them to improve their service towards their customers. There are no irrelevant questions in the survey, and it focuses on understanding how customers perceive their products, staff, and services.

Even though the survey doesn’t take up much time, the company is rewarding the customers who are willing to spend the time online to fill up the survey and help the company boost its performance.

Converse Rewards Card

Once you have completed taking the survey, the Converse company will grant you a $5 gift card. Unlike other gift cards, this gift card wouldn’t be possible to use during any online purchase. Converse gift cards can only be used at Converse stores, and you cannot combine with any other offers or discounts that would decrease the price of Converse items.

Your gift card received from this survey will expire after 60 days of when the survey was taken. Converse also hosts programs by which your gift card can enhance to a larger one. To avail such a situation, you’ll need to enter into a draw. Your converse receipt would inform you of the insights on this draw and enable you to not only participate but to get benefits from it as well.

Qualifications to Fill out Myconversevisit Survey

  • The participant should be 18 years or older to take part in the survey.
  • Only the countries that are mentioned on the official website can participate in the Myconversevisit Survey.
  • Spanish and English are the two languages the survey is provided in. 

Rules of Converse Survey

  • Converse Customer Satisfaction Survey taker must not have taken up any other survey of the company seven days prior. 
  • Gift received would expire after 60 days of the survey taken. 
  • You cannot use the gift card for online purchases or combine it with any other offer or discount.

Requirements to Complete Myconversevisit Survey

For participating in the survey and acquiring the chance for winning numerous gift cards, you need to complete the following requirements as per the company’s guidelines:

  • The bill of your recent purchase from the Converse store has a lot of information that is required in the survey. Therefore, the receipt is a must for the survey. 
  • If you have taken any other converse survey in the past seven days, you won’t be eligible for taking part in the Myconversevisit Survey.
  • To take part in this survey, you will need to read and understand either Spanish or English. The Myconversevisit survey cannot be taken offline; thus, good internet access is also a requirement. 
  • If you want to receive a gift card from Converse after completing the survey, you must be comfortable sharing your email address with the company. 

Questions Asked at Converse Feedback

  • Questions are usually about your last experience in the Converse store when you take the survey. 
  • Questions would be recording the assistance you needed or required in the store during your visit. In short, the question would be around the behaviour and helpful character of the staff present in the store.
  • The time you spent waiting in line for your receipt, and how long did it take you to complete the procedure. 
  • The questions will ask you details regarding your cashier. Whether he/she informed you about this survey or he/she encouraged you to revisit the store in case of any troubles you encounter.
  • Most of the questions you will answer would be related to the setup of the store, if you can tell the difference between the shoes on sale and shoes on a regular price. 
  • After these sets of questions are over, you will get a few classification questions. 
  • Whether you have already signed up your email address to receive updates and news from Conserve or not?
  • After all of the questions are answered, your survey will be complete, and you will receive the gift card which you would need to redeem at your next visit to the Converse store.

How Can I Take Part in the Myconversevisit Survey Online?

To participate in the survey and win gift cards, one can follow these steps:

converse customer satisfaction survey
  1. Enter the survey website address in your web browser.
  2. Choose among English, Spanish, and Japanese to view the site in your preferred language.
  3. Using your converse purchase receipt, fill in the store number in the first column.
  4. Select on which date you visited the store from the calendar given.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the time of your visit.
  6. In the next column, fill in the transaction number.
  7. For the last column, fill in the amount of purchase and click next.
  8. On the next page, answer the details about your visit and how satisfied you were with the experience and click next.
  9. You can receive your Myconversevisit survey coupon by email by mentioning your email address. Submit the survey and close the site.

Facts That Converse Lover Should Know

The converse is an American shoe company that offers you a wide array of products ranging from shoes and apparel to accessories for men, women, and children. The converse is a subsidiary of Nike, and although they initially only provided black or white low and high sneakers, now they have over 500 varied colours, patterns, and styles to choose from.

The company gained fame primarily for its sneakers. The most iconic converse sneaker are the “classic chucks,” which are almost a century old, and yet they are the most sold shoes among their other products. Converse manufactures unisex shoes, and therefore, there’s a converse for everyone. Other than sneakers, one may find a wide range of accessories like hats, backpacks, socks, etc. They also sell ordinary apparel like trousers, sweatshirts, t-shirts and much more. The brand has a huge celebrity fan base, including Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, and Drew Barrymore.

Converse Hours of Operation

What are the opening and closing hours for Myconversevisit stores? Most common question that customer ask right. ​The opening and closing timing of Converse stores are not fixed, as Converse is sold in over 160 countries. Therefore, all the stores can’t have a single time frame for opening and closing. This is the primary reason why every Converse store has a different opening and closing time. The opening and closing time for every store depends upon where the store is located, and the rules followed by the manager as well as the workers of that particular store. 

Converse Customer Service

The official site of converse has all the details about its products and services, but, to contact them, one may use the following methods to get in touch:

Converse Contact Details
Contact Number1-888-792-3307.


(Converse headquarters) 1-978-983-3300

Mailing Address1 High St. #6 North Andover, MA 01845.

How do I Find the Nearest Converse Store?

​With the current technology and technology prone world, the easiest way to locate a Converse store near you is by unlocking your smartphone and looking it up. If you can’t get hold of any Converse store, you can look for a store like Nike or some other store that has Converse shoes and items on their racks for the customers to buy. Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for converse with a gift card?

The conserve gift cards can be used offline as well as online. The balance can be checked through the pin code present at the backside of the card. You can also get details regarding your card by contacting the company over email. 

Can I use a Nike gift card at converse?

Nike gift cards can be used at all Nike owned company stores, which includes Converse. So yes, a Nike gift card can be used at converse. 

Why does my birthday promo code not work on converse?

The reason behind your birthday promo code not working at Converse is that Converse doesn’t provide any discounts or birthday offers in their discount category. 

Why is my Nike gift card not working at the converse store?

Your Nike gift card might not be working at a Converse store because your card might be damaged, expired, or may not have sufficient balance. If none of the above situations applies to you, contact the company helpline for further assistance. 

Does Nike own converse?

Yes, since July 2003, Nike owns converse after it bought the company for over 300 million dollars. 

Who owns converse?

Today Nike owns Converse, Nike purchased the company in 2003. 

What are the rewards for taking part in the survey?

The rewards you get for participating in this survey include exciting offers, like receiving a gift card and other special prizes. 

An overview of the Myconversevisit Survey

A number of people may consider Converse’s Myconversevisit survey to be a marketing strategy. However, my converse visit survey is a modern technique to understand the position in which the company stands in the market and the eyes of its customers. The experience customers have been having in their stores are taken into consideration by the survey. Using the Myconversevisit Survey, a company can also keep track of sales and staff by keeping a record of their visits.

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