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Survey pioneered by Lucky’s Market is a comprehensive set of 26 questions that helps understand a customer’s overall shopping experience. Satisfied clients frequently return and purchase more, they educate others regarding their experience, and they may purchase again in the brand they trust. survey comprehends a consumer’s loyalty levels with the company’s items since they assist with deciding the degree of consumer loyalty so that they can take a future course of action to improve or offer a superior experience for the customers. image
Lucky’s Market Survey image

Lucky’s Market/survey checks clients’ needs, comprehends issues with items as well as administrations in an efficient yet inclusive format. Rating scales are used to gauge the level of satisfaction of consumers regarding the item, shopping experience, the behavior of staff, administration, etc. Lucky’s Market customer survey is in itself comprehensive and the questions of the survey can gauge the customer’s viewpoint completely.

All About Lucky’s Market Customer Satisfaction Survey

The purpose of this survey is to analyze the customer’s point of view and utilize the Luckys Market feedback in such a manner that the same can be used for the benefit of the company. For such a purpose, the questions provided in the survey have been designed in such a manner that the customer’s viewpoint and satisfaction levels can be measured efficiently. Besides, it also helps understand the administration of the different stores under Lucky’s Market, including the performance of the staff at those stores, which helps in giving customers overall satisfactory experience in the future.

Importance of the Luckys Market Survey

Lucky’s Market guest satisfaction survey is important from the customer’s point of view as it gives customers a means to express themselves in case they feel that the store did not offer them that which they expected. Besides, based on the survey, Lucky’s Market is expected to make changes in a manner that will keep the customers satisfied in case they did not find satisfaction in their service given by customers at Also, the customers can now voice their concerns at the right platform, which keeps them loyal towards the company even if they were dissatisfied with any of Lucky’s Market services or stores.

Luckys Market Rewards

Lucky’s Market rewards a $250 Gift Card to survey winner for visiting and entering the survey. Thus, these customer satisfaction surveys can indeed prove lucky and fruitful to some people. The $250 Lucky’s Market Gift Card can be utilized on later purchases at Lucky’s Markets.

Eligibility Conditions/ Rules for Luckys Market Feedback

 For Lucky’s Market online survey, everyone is not eligible to be a participant as there are specific eligibility criteria for the same. They have been mentioned as under:

  • Receipt code from one’s recent purchase at any of Lucky’s Market store is required. It is a mandatory step to be a part of the survey. 
  • No conditions are set related to the age of the participant and thereby, this survey is open to people of all ages.
  • No conditions have been set related to the nationality of the participant of the survey
  • Also, no condition has been set related to the language knowledge required to be a part of the survey.
  • The customers who got the receipt code can use the same only once to participate in the survey.
  • Each customer is allowed to participate only once in the survey.

Prerequisites to be a Part of the Lucky’s Survey

To participate in the Lucky’s Market online survey is completely free. However, there are certain requirements which are mentioned as under:

  • The participation in the LuckysMarket Survey can only be taken by online mode. Thus, there is a need for accessing on a Laptop, PC, Tablet or Mobile with a good internet connection.
  • The receipt from a recent purchase at any of the Lucky’s Market stores will be required as the receipt contains the receipt code which is required to access the Luckys Market Survey.
  • The Lucky’s market guest satisfaction survey questions will be in English. So, knowledge and understanding of the English language are mandatory to respond to the survey questions.

What do They ask in Survey? – Questions

  • Please enter your receipt code to begin. (No dashes)
  • Which Lucky’s Market location are you providing feedback for? 
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this location. 
  • Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend Lucky’s Market to a friend?
  • Which departments did you browse or purchase from?
  • It asks you to rate,
    • The friendliness of our team members. 
    • Your experience at checkout
    • Prices on non-sale items relative to other stores.
    • The overall prices relative to other stores.
    • The prices of our special weekly sale items.
    • Sale items being in stock.
    • Prices on non-sale items.
    • The cleanliness of the store
    • The friendliness of our team.
    • Mobility through the store.
    • The freshness of our products.
    • Lucky’s Market branded products.
  • During your visit, was there anything you intended to buy, but did not?
  • Did you experience any problems during your visit you would like to tell us about?
  • Life without Lucky’s Market would be:
  • Would you shop less often at Lucky’s Market if another store moved into the area?
  • How would you describe your personal connection to Lucky’s Market?
  • How much effort would you make to shop at Lucky’s Market?
  • Would you like to enter our sweepstakes for a $250 gift card?

How to be a Part of the Lucky’s Market Survey at

Participation in the Lucky’s Market Satisfaction Survey is an online process that has to be taken at The process for the same given below:

Lucky supermarket survey image
  1. For accessing the survey page, one needs to click on any web browser on one’s device and visit the survey website
  2. Now, take the receipt and enter the survey code.
  3. A question related to the store visited appears. Answer each one and select the “Next” button. You can access previous questions by clicking on the “Back” button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now, there will be several questions to gauge the customer’s satisfaction, administration and service offered. 
  5. Answer all questions genuinely based on one’s latest experience at the store concerned.
  6. Now, one needs to choose the available options and click on them to answer the question.
  7. Each page leading to the next question/questions can be accessed by clicking on the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. A bar below gives the percentage of questions attempted.
  9. The last question asks about the participation in sweepstakes for which “Yes” should be chosen to be a part of the sweepstakes followed by one’s name and email address.
  10. Clicking on the “Submit” button submits the survey at the end.

Sweepstakes of the Lucky’s Market Guest Satisfaction Survey

 To participate in the Lucky’s Market Survey sweepstakes which is a $250 Luckys Market gift card, the following steps should be followed:

  • The website can be opened on any web browser.
  • It is important to enter the receipt code of the receipt from any purchase at one of Lucky’s Market stores.
  • Questions related to the Lucky’s Market store visited, which should be carefully answered.
  • Next, you should answer the survey questions genuinely based on one’s latest experience in any of the Lucky’s Market stores.
  • In the end, for the question related to participation in sweepstakes, type “Yes” followed by one’s First Name, Last Name, and email address.
  • Click on the submit button to submit the survey.

About Lucky’s Market

Lucky’s Market is an organic food store started by two culinary specialists in Trish and Bo Sharon in Boulder, Colorado, in 2003. The Lucky’s Market started with the idea to bring organic food into the diet of people at an affordable price. Food does not need nourishment with pesticides and development hormones, but they need a lot of flavor and Trish and Bo Sharon understood it and they came up with the store that focuses primarily on organic food after a lot of experimenting. Lucky’s Market surveys find the needs of clients, comprehend issues with products as well as manage in an efficient yet inclusive format. Rating scales used to gauge the level of satisfaction of consumers regarding the product, shopping experience, the behaviour of staff, administration, etc. to come up with conclusive decisions.

The company now has around 40 stores that cater to various areas like bakery, cheese, dairy, grocery, etc. The various sections available at the stores give the customers a rich experience while they shop. Besides, Lucky’s Market also has several sustainable projects to reduce food waste and prolong the life of stored food and thereby works towards the betterment of the food sector.

Lucky’s Market Hours

 According to Luckys Market Hours, it opens up in the early morning hours, sharp at 7:00 AM. Starting service at the early morning hours helps Lucky’s Market get an edge over its competitors who might be starting much later in the day. Besides, operating at early morning hours helps cater to a broad section of people who might want to start their day by organic eating and its extraordinary service continues to near midnight hours, till 11:00 PM. Thus, Lucky’s Market hours extending to 16 hours per day help in the service of customers looking forward to organic eating.

Lucky’s Market Contact Details

Customer service at Lucky’s Market is very efficient and the whole process of customer service is taken on a serious note here, as can be felt by the introduction of Lucky Supermarket Survey. The details mentioned in tabular form below refer to the contact details of Lucky’s Market :

Lucky’s Market Contact Info
Contact Number (720) 378-9100
Survey Page

Lucky’s Market Near Me

Lucky’s Market has around 40 stores as of now and shopping in the nearest location available is not a challenge now in this era. You can find the nearest Lucky’s Market stores by its store locator or Google Maps. 


What to do if you forget to redeem rewards points when checking out Lucky’s Market?

Forgetting to redeem rewards while checking out Lucky’s Market is not an issue as rewards earned can be redeemable until their expiry. If once, the rewards expired, then you can’t redeem that and should wait to take the next survey. 

Who owns Lucky’s Market?

Lucky’s Market is owned by Bo and Trish Sharon (with partial investment by Kroger)

What is closer to Lucky’s Market?

To know a closer Lucky’s Market, visit and explore the stores’ column in it. 

Where is the receipt code on Lucky’s Market receipt?

Receipt code on Lucky’s Market receipt is on the top of the receipt slip.

How many Lucky’s Market stores are there?

There are around 40 Lucky’s Market stores today.

Does Lucky’s Market take coupons?

Lucky’s Market takes coupons. You might reclaim coupons uniquely for the specific products for the transaction during purchase. The most redemption value is the lesser of the worth expressed on the coupon or the cost of the product and is not considered equivalent to cash.

Does Kroger own Lucky’s Market?

Kroger partially owns Lucky’s Market.


Lucky’s Market customer satisfaction survey helps analyze the means through which the company gets to know about the viewpoint of the people. Thereby modify or improve its present service across the stores concerned. Besides, the customers also get to voice their opinion about the service which they experienced while purchasing from the store concerned at survey. Through this, the customers can get an idea of what more can be expected in the future. Besides, the Lucky’s Supermarket survey questions designed in such a manner that it helps in the analysis of all aspects related to the customer’s shopping experience.

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