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www.Lowes.Com/Survey – Exciting Gift Cards Worth $500 Awaits you @ Lowes Survey

Lowes is one of the largest homeware suppliers in the world. The Lowes is a retail store that develops and creates domestic solutions for newly constructed houses or recently renovated houses. It is mainly located in the United States, Mexico, Canada. www.Lowes.Com/Survey Customer feedback forum is created by the Lowes to promote their store and improve their services.

www.Lowes.Com/Survey image
www.Lowes.Com/Survey image

The Lowes is an expert in home decors and home developments. Customers are requested to take up the lowes customer experience survey, which hardly takes 10 mins. Answering the Lowes feedback survey does not require any prior purchase at their store. All the customer has to do is to answer a few questions and win cash prize.

Lowes Feedback @

The Lowes customer survey is of great importance to the customers as well as the store. This Lowes com survey guest satisfaction survey consists of a set of easy and straightforward questions. Yes, these are mainly targeted at the customer’s experience. The Lowes survey questions hardly take up much time to answer, and doing so is of great help to the Lowes store. Not only does this survey help the store get better at what they do.

Lowes guest satisfaction survey also gives a chance for the customers to various offers. Like other stores and surveys, the customers do not have to make any prior purchase to participate in the Lowes survey. The customers are required to answer the questions suitably and can win $500 worth cash prize. Do take part in the Lowes Satisfaction Survey and help them know what you think about their services and get a chance to win various prizes.

Lowes Guest Satisfaction Survey Significance

Like every other company or store, Lowes has come up with a customer satisfaction survey. This Lowes/survey, that will help them understand the needs and requirements of the customers. These kinds of surveys and feedback are of great importance to the companies because, from the honest opinions and experiences shared by the customers, the store or company can make necessary improvements.

These improvements are made in such a way that they are suitable to the customers’ preference. By conducting surveys and feedback such as these, companies gain a lot of customers. The Lowes promotes their survey by encouraging the customers to visit their website and answer their survey questions @, and after doing this, the customers have a chance of winning $500 worth cash and much more. This survey does not require any prior purchase at the store. This is a beneficial situation for both the store as well as the customers.

My Lowes Rewards & Gift Cards

The Lowes store offers a lot of exciting rewards and gifts for winners. You also have a chance of entering into lowes sweepstakes and win whopping $500 and many more.

You do not have to make any prior purchase, especially for the sweepstakes. Any purchase receipt not older than 7 days from the store will do and the receipt has to contain the 18-digit id number. After answering the questions, the customers can enter the sweepstakes and get a chance to win a $500 worth cash prize. Do not forget to give your correct information, so that it will be easy for the store to contact you.

Eligibility to Participate in Lowes Customer Survey

To participate in the Lowes customer satisfaction survey, there are specific eligibility criteria that the customer has to meet. 

  • You must be at least 18 years at the time of entry.
  • Only legal citizen of Canada or the United States of America can take part in the lowes satisfaction survey sweepstakes.
  • Employees of the store or their immediate relatives are not eligible.

Lowes Customer Experience Survey Rules

  • You must enter the survey @ within seven days of the receipt date.
  • Only one entry is allowed for one particular month, for one email id.
  • Only one gift will be allotted for a person or a household.
  • The participant must be a legal resident and provide proof of the same, with legible email id and house address.
  • The participant can take part in the survey between 10 days from their last visit to the store.
  • Any customer or participant violating these rules will be disqualified immediately.

Lowes Survey Requirements

The Lowes Customer Experience Survey consists of many requirements to participate. Each of these requirements is vital and is listed below.

  • You must possess a mobile phone or a computer with a good internet connection to participate in the survey.
  • The participants should have a survey invitation code which will be printed on their receipt from the last visit.
  • You must know either English or Spanish to participate.

Lowes Feedback Questions @

  • Are the customers satisfied with the products?
  • Are the customers content with the home development solutions provided?
  • Is the quality of the products up to the mark?
  • If the customer would like something to change, what would it be?
  • Are the products correctly and legibly priced?
  • Who suggested the Lowes store to the customer?
  • Are the staff and employee kind and approachable?
  • How would the customer rate the cleanliness of the store?
  • Would the customer suggest the store to their friends and relatives?

How to Participate in Lowes Satisfaction Survey?

lowes guest satisfaction survey Image
  1. The first step is to visit the lowes guest satisfaction survey official website
  2. The lowes/survey site provides an option of language change, where you can select your desired language and press ‘Next’. 
  3. You need to enter the 18 digit ID number from their receipt of the recent visit to the store.
  4. Now the customer can start answering the questions most honestly and legitimately.
  5. After answering all the questions, the customer is required to give their basic details like their name, age and home address, etc.
  6. Now the customer has a chance to enter the sweepstakes and win a $500 worth Lowes cash prize.
  7. You can enter the Lowes sweepstakes without participating in the survey too.
  8. The customer has to hand print their name, age, address, house number and other details on a postcard and mail into the Lowes.

The Lowes Sweepstakes Survey

The customers can participate in the Lowes Survey sweepstakes by either answering the online survey on the Lowes official website. You can also enter the Lowesfeedback without taking part in the survey and by simply mailing your basic personal and contact details by writing them on a 4″x5″ card in your handwriting to Lowe’s 2020 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274 USA. The Lowes sweepstakes gives $500 cash prize and 5 lucky winners will receive it every month. Do take part in the survey and enter the sweepstakes or you can enter even by just mailing the Lowes store.

Lowes Retail Store and its Origin

The Lowes is an American retail store, which is famous for its home development and improvement services. The Lowe’s headquarters is located in Mooresville, North Carolina. Founded almost 99 years ago by Lucius Smith Lowe and Carl Buchan. As Lowes operates in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico. The Lowes has about 2,002 outlets in these locations. The Lowes also has about 3,10,000 employees working for it.

Lowes provide various home development services for newly constructed homes and even renovated homes. The Lowes also has a range of home decors, hardware, and home solutions along with gardening equipment and solutions.

 Lowe’s Hours of Operation

The Lowes operates from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays and from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays in most branches. Depending upon the store and its convenience, the timings vary. Timings may also differ during government holidays.


What time does Lowes close?

Most Lowes closes at 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 8:00 pm on Sundays.

What time does Lowes open?

Most of the Lowes opens at 6:00 am from Mondays to Saturdays and at 8:00 am on Sundays.

How to Contact Lowes Store?

The customer can contact the store pertaining to doubts and queries. Mentioned below are ways through which the customer can reach the store.

Lowes Customer Support
Contact number+1 719-543-3339

How to Find Lowes Near Me?

The nearest Lowes can be found through their official website;  Enter zip Code or state name and click on enter to get nearst Lowe’s Location.


How to check Lowes gift card balance?

The customers can check their Lowe’s gift card balance online by visiting the official website, or by asking at the customer service desk at their nearest Lowe’s store.

Who owns Lowes?

One-third of the company is owned by Lowe’s Companies Inc., and Woolworths Limited owns the remaining two-thirds.

Where to get Lowes coupons?

Lowes doesn’t have a coupon per se but many other private sites provide their codes which you can redeem. 

What gift card does Lowes sell?

The Lowes sells corporate e-gift cards worth a varied dollar value along with many occasion-based gift cards like Birthday, thanksgiving etc. Check their official site for further details and purchase:

How to use the Lowes coupon online?

The customers can use the Lowes coupon before they buy a product online. All they have to do is type the coupon code provided in the space given.

How to win the Lowes survey?

The customer has to visit the official survey page and answer the survey questions most honestly and genuinely to win the survey.

How to give feedback on Lowes delivery?

The customer can give feedback about Lowes delivery by typing it in the remarks section provided on the survey page

How to use Lowes gas rewards?

The customers can use the Lowes gas rewards at any speedway fuel station.

How to redeem Lowes fuel rewards?

The customers can redeem their Lowes fuel rewards at the speedway fuel station in North and South Carolina. To redeem the customers are required to link the fresh rewards card with the speedy reward cards.

How many gift cards can I use at Lowes?

The customer can use any number of gift cards that they possess at the Lowes.

Who buys Lowes gift cards?

Lowe’s gift card can be sold at QuickcashMI.

Where can I sell my Lowes gift card?

A lot of websites buy Lowes gift cards and one such site is QuickcashMI.

Can Lowes look up a receipt?

The receipt can recovered using the credit card and checking the account number.

What is My Lowes?

My Lowes is a free card using which the customer can see the history of purchases made at the store.

Can I get a copy of the Lowes receipt?

Yes. You can get a copy of the Lowes receipt by either checking across your credit card or by using the Lowes My Lowes card.

Is Lowes owned by Walmart?

Walmart does not own Lowes.

Which is better, Lowes or home depot?

Lowes is a better store than home depot as their services and products are better.


The Lowes survey @ helps the store to get to the core of their problem and come with the solutions appropriately. This article will help customers understand the Lowes survey and how it works. As the survey is highly important to the store, be sure to give honest and direct answers as much as possible. Lucky customers can also win a $500 worth cash prize by entering into the sweepstakes after completing the survey.

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