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Little Caesars pizza chain store has a survey program at which, if you participate, can win several rewards. The Little caesars listens rewards include several coupons, eligible for monthly lucky draw and even free pizza for a whole year! Though to avail of this exciting offer, you need to fulfil some criteria and a survey form. Though it sounds easy, the monthly lucky draw winners decided by the team of Little Caesars. If you want to try your luck, then do fill up the Little Caesars feedback form.
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Little Caesars Listens Survey

The Little Caesars survey program is conducted to know its customer’s satisfaction and needs. This was one of the vital reasons which enabled the company to start the customer satisfaction survey. As it is a pizza company, Little Caesars thought of a unique method through which the customers would be willing to provide the company with honest reviews and suggestions.

Little Caesars Enterprises is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States. This pizza chain store is known for its excellent taste and services. Apart from the United States, Little Caesars even has its premises in Asia, Canada, Latin America, Australia and many more countries. survey will help them to know customer’s feedback, areas in which the company is lacking to improve and to provide the satisfaction that the customers require.

Little Caesars Survey Importance

The Little Caesars Free Pizza survey is feedback will help the customers can fill their reviews and ratings and enter a monthly lucky draw. The lucky draw happens every month and the winners of the lucky draw are awarded $100. Along with that, the company even conducts Little Caesar’s sweepstakes winner will get, free pizza for a year!

Yes, the rewards do sound exciting, but what does Little Caesars gain from this? The benefits that Little Caesars gains from this feedback process are honest reviews, pros and cons of the chain stores, As these Creative suggestions which they can implement and create new dishes, staff performance and many more. The little caesars feedback that each customer provides are valuable and helps it to improve its services.

Little Caesars Coupons & Rewards

If you are thinking about the benefits that you would get for participating in the Little Caesars Customer Satisfaction survey program? The answer is many. Once you complete this your will a chance to participate in little caesars sweepstakes to win free pizza.

The participants even get Little Caesars Coupon code, which they can use in their next order from Little Caesars. Apart from that, the Little Caesars also has sweepstakes every year, the winners of which are awarded free pizza for a full year, which is quite amazing.

Eligibilities for Survey

  • The person attempting for the survey should be more than 18 years of age to participate in survey.
  • Only legal residents of the USA are allowed to take part in  Littlecaesarslistens feedback.
  • The person who is attempting for the Little Caesars feedback must be having the receipt of the purchase along with the date.
  • The survey is only in English or Spanish only, so a basic understanding of anyone languages stated above is mandatory.

Rules for Little Caesars Listens Free Pizza Survey

Yes, the survey does sound exciting, there are specific rules which you should follow to be able to take the survey efficiently.  

  • One should attempt for the survey within three days of purchase of pizza from Little Caesar.
  • The winners of the lucky draw would be informed by call or mail, and the list of the winners would be available in the survey website of Little Caesars, from where one can check and note down the code to claim their reward.
  • Little caesars coupon code & rewards are not transferable.
  • One receipt is for Only one entry to Survey.

Requirements to take Little Caesars Feedback

The things that you need before participating in the survey are provided below. You can note down and make sure to follow them.

  • You need to have a device which has a proper internet connection. You can attempt the survey in your phone, tablet, laptop or even a PC.
  • A recent receipt from Little Caesars is a must, to participate in the survey
  • A basic understanding of Spanish or English. It would help you in understanding the questions asked in the survey and answering them accurately.

Little Caesars Listens Survey Questions

The questions asked in little caesars listen free pizza survey are related to the taste, experience and suggestions. You have to answer the questions genuinely and then submit them to complete the survey. 

  • First, while opening the link, you would get to view a page consisting of blanks. Here, you have to fill in your name, street address, city, contact details, age and gender.
  • Select the store from which the purchase made, the time of purchase. Also mention about items purchased, receipt number and has to define the cashier in a few lines. 
  • The next step includes rating the food, the customer service provided in the store and other relevant questions; the rating would be out of ten.

 How to Take Littlecaesarslistens Feedback Survey?

The process of participating in the Little Caesars survey program is pretty simple. Follow the steps provided below and participate in the survey program.

  • First, you need to visit the Little Caesars survey Feedback page to participate in the survey program. The official website is  
  • Select the language either English or Spanish in which you want to view and answer the questions.
little caesars customer satisfaction survey image
  • After filling out the first personal information page, click on the second page and fill the receipt number, and other relevant numbers. After that, rate the service and food on the third page and click on the submit option.
  • You would get a coupon, which you need to redeem within thirty days, else it will become invalid
  • If you win the monthly draw of Little Caesars, you will get an email. The winner list would also available in the survey website 

How to Participate in Little Caesars Sweepstakes Survey?

Little Caesars even has a sweepstakes program for every year. The winner of the Little Caesars sweepstakes would have the benefit of getting free pizza for a whole year. To participate in the Little Caesars Sweepstakes, you have to follow the following rules.

  • You should be at least 18 years while participating in the sweepstakes by Little Caesars.
  • Go to the Little caesars survey listens official site, and fill out the feedback form.
  • Make sure to have a valid receipt while participating and you should go for the sweepstakes within three days of purchase from Little Caesars
  • After filling out the survey form, select the sweepstakes option and then fill out the form and register for the annual sweepstakes

About Little Caesars Restaurant Company

Little Caesars was founded in 1959 by the Ilitch couple, in the United States and with the growing time, it expanded its stores and now has over 5463 stores all over the world, as per the record made in 2017. The stores deliver fresh, hot and spicy pizzas to its customers and have a variety of pizza options available. Apart from that, it also serves other food items such as garlic sticks and bread and also has a home delivery option.   

Little Caesars Hours

If you are planning for a little dine-out with family or friends, knowing the operational hours of the restaurant can be quite helpful. Little Caesars remains open from 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and remains closed on Sunday. 

Little Caesars Restaurant Contact Info

If you have any doubts regarding the little caesars listens Feedback process and any other queries, then you can contact the customer care unit of Little Caesars. Here are the details that would help you to contact them.

Little Caesars Customer Support
Contact number800 722 3727
Mailing address2211 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, US

How to Find Little Caesars Near Me?

As of 2017, there are 5,463 branches of Little Caesars with its headquarters in 2211 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, US. Google maps can be very handy when it comes to searching for a Little Caesars near your location. You can place Order at

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does Little Caesars close?

The closing time of Little Caesars varies based on the location, The general closing time of Little Caesars is 8 PM from Monday to Friday, 7 PM on Saturdays and it is closed on Sundays. 

What time does Little Caesars open?

The opening time of Little Caesars stores is 10 AM from Monday to Friday, 11 AM on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. 

How to use Little Caesar’s gift card online?

There is no option of using Little Caesar’s gift card online or in any online app as such. The only way you can apply your gift card to order is by paying at the store. 

Where can I buy a Little Caesars gift card?

You can get a Little Caesars gift card at its store only and also you can buy Little Caesars gift cards from Walmart. 

How do I check the balance of my Little Caesars gift card?

You can check your Little Caesar’s gift card balance on their website at

How to get a free pizza from Little Caesars?

Customers who participate in the annual sweepstakes and win have a privilege of getting free pizza for an entire year. 

How to get free two toppings pizza from Little Caesars app?

You can get free toppings on your pizza while ordering Little Caesars app, by using reward points and the coupons which you can get by filling the survey form of the company. 

How do Little Caesars rewards work?

You can use the rewards while ordering a pizza or any other food from the chain store or the app. The rewards can be used for buying from Little Caesars.

How many points do I earn on a Little Caesars pizza reward?

You can get points whenever you purchase a pizza from Little Caesars. It will converted into rewards and added to your account. The rewards program of Little Caesars has various options, based on which you can earn points.

How to check my Little Caesars rewards?

You can check your Little Caesars rewards by logging into their app and checking it in your account, or you can visit their store nearer to you. 

Where do I enter coupon code Little Caesars?

You can enter the coupon code of Little Caesars at the time of ordering pizza from the app of the company or during your visit to the store. 

Where is the nearest Little Caesars pizza?

Little Caesars doesn’t have any official store locator, but Google maps could be helpful to find your nearest Little Caesars stores. 

Final words

The little caesars listens guide consists of all the information that you require to know before participating in You would find the contact details, the requirements and the eligibility criteria, fulfilling which, you can participate in the Little Caesars feedback program and win rewards and coupons.

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  1. Why are you allowing cashiers to NOT wear masks while working??? I visited store #01928-00002 on December 31st. Breona F. waited on a dozen customers without a mask while I was there. When i told her she SHOULD be wearing a mask, she gave me a dirty look~! I trust corporate is unaware of this behavior and that is why I am bringing it to your attention.


    Dr Thom Robinson
    1539 OLLIE Dr
    Jax, Fl. 32208-2345

  2. Tried the online order site and was confused because it would not let me order and then pick up, only wanted to deliver. I did not want delivery, I wanted to pick up order in person on way to visit grandkids. Please change online ordering to allow for pickup in person!

  3. I wanted to leave a feed back on your store in Ocala, Fla store 01203-00002. The site said it is no longer doing surveys ? Well I was in your store today as I am 3 times a week and pick up pizza for our Office and as usual everything was very good. We love our Pizza days from this store we drive 20 min and pass many other Pizza take out stores to buy from them. The staff is always busy but make the time for a smile and know my order by name.
    Keep up the good work ! My server today was Ebony and she was a true joy ….
    Roger Ash

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