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JCPenney Survey – Win Free $500 Gift Card

JCPenney survey helps comprehend the customer’s shopping experiences. It additionally contemplates the customer conduct and understands customers who love the organization. uses the rating scales and checkboxes to evaluate the degree of fulfilment concerning the things bought at the store.

JCPenney study is in itself conclusive and the feedback of the survey can measure the customer’s perspective. It benefits the customers too as they get an opportunity to win a JCPenney survey prize of $500 Gift Card or 10-15% off the next purchase at JCPenney stores.

Most JCPenney stores located in suburban shopping destinations. JCPenney survey follows a pattern by moving and creating stores to grapple the shopping centres. image
Jcpenney Survey image

The JCPenney customer survey @ is to measure the degree of fulfilment of the customer’s satisfaction towards the organization of staff, definitive issues, and so forth to finish up on the JCPenney customer service feedback. Other than it benefits the customers too as the survey winners get $500 Gift Cards or 10-15% off on next purchase, subject to their legitimacy as a participant and fulfilling the terms and conditions.

Why Should I Take JCPenney Customer Experience Survey?

The JCPenney customer satisfaction survey helps the customers as it permits them to communicate and consolidate their view, inclinations and thoughts to the management. The customer’s needs and experience. Which helps JCPenney to improve and offer the best of their products and services to their customers. 

Talktojcpenney survey is essential to know the customer’s experience as it offers exciting offers. JCPenney rewards include sweepstakes prize worth of $500 gift voucher as well as 10-15% off on next purchase to select few who participate in the survey. Also, it empowers the customers to have their opinion communicated on their shopping at JCPenney stores. Additionally, it helps in giving customers the shopping experience that rouses them to be their recurrent buyers and prescribe it to their known individuals after their superb experience at the JCPenney stores visited by them.

JCPenney Coupons & Rewards

 On your successful participation in JcPenny feedback, you will get a chance to win free gift cards.  The Rewards grant of the $500 gift card or the 10-15% on the next purchase is awarded only to the eligible participants of the survey. As soon as the survey is done, mail will be sent to the email given during the survey to redeem the offer on receipt. However, only one survey per household is allowed for 30 days. TalktoJCPenney thereby offers customers the chance to win rewards as well as help them with the survey. www JCPenney com survey rewards will never disappoint you. 

Regardless, to win the JCPenney $500 gift card and 10-15% off, the terms and conditions material to the customers partaking in the survey must be fulfilled. The prizes offered will depend upon the enactment that applies to it under different wards and just substantial members will be considered in the honour of the prize for taking the JCPenney overview at Survey prize cannot be exchanged or traded with others and it cannot be redeemed for cash amounts.

JCPenney Customer Survey Eligibility

You must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to enter the sweepstakes for the JCPenney customer satisfaction survey, which offers a $500 gift card or 10-15% off your next purchase at JCPenney stores. They are as below:

  •  Only lawful residents of the United States of America and Puerto Rico are eligible to apply.
  • The age of the participants of the JcPenny survey should be the minimum age as allowed by their country for granted the process of personal information.
  • Participants should know the English or the Spanish language to answer the survey questions.

JCPenney/survey Rules & Conditions

For the JCPenney Feedback @ only some are qualified to be a participant of the survey. As there are explicit qualification criteria that apply to people to become members at the JCPenney general store survey. The JCPenney online Survey rules & conditions as follows. 

  • Participants may access the survey at only through online mode. No offline entry is eligible.
  • Purchase is not important for the survey.
  • The terms and conditions in the JCPenney survey are dependent upon the laws prevalent at different levels.
  • Participants should have a valid email. 
  • JCPenney rewards are not exchanged for cash and it is valid only during the sweepstakes period.
  • However, the survey should take in exactly 7-days’ time from the purchase.
  • There is a limit of one survey per household every 30 days.
  • The participants cannot transfer or barter their prizes with others.

Requirements to Take Part in JCPenney Survey

In order to participate in the, you must meet some prerequisites. these necessities have been determined as under:

  • The receipt of procurement from any JCPenney market, which has the 22-digit access code at the bottom part of the front side.
  • The access code is valid for only seven days.
  • It is important to have a PC, smartphone, portable or any comparative gadget which grants access to the Survey page 
  • A Valid email address
  • Basic understanding of languages such as English or Spanish.

 JCPenney Customer Experience Survey Questions

The JCPenney Online survey helps the organization in understanding the customer’s general shopping experience. Likewise, the study investigates the different issues concerning buyer conduct. JCPenney customer service feedback causes them to comprehend the requirements and needs of their customers. 

  • Firstly they request to enter the 22-digit access code from one’s receipt from any buy at one of JcPenney’s stores to get to the survey. 
  • Ongoing into the review, one can see the study asks regarding the visit to the store and the likelihood of recommending others.
  • Then it asks about the overall shopping experience.
  • There are questions related to the product.
  • Regarding the staff’s help and assistance. 
  • Reason of dissatisfaction, if any is likewise inquired. 
  • There are also questions related to administrative efficiencies.
  • Nearing the end of the survey, a participant’s gender, age, annual household income, the race it. 
  • The email address need to provide at the end of the survey, which needs to be once again confirmed along with checkboxes requesting sending emails for different offers.

How to Participate in JCPenney Online Customer Survey?

Make sure to follow these simple steps to complete the JCPenney customer satisfaction survey to win free Giftcards & coupons.

jcpenney customer survey image
  1. To access the JCPenney Online survey, you need to access Survey official Website   
  2. Once you Open JCPenney Feedback Survey Page you need to choose language either English or Espanol.
  3. It is obligatory to enter the 22-digit access code of one’s receipt from JCPenney’s store. 
  4. Now you can see JCPenny Customer survey queries. Provide genius answers.
  5. Before beginning the JCPenney customer Survey, one ought to guarantee that one offers a fair and certified reaction and not a created one. You should keep any particular convictions you may have against the brand.
  6. Nearing the finish of the survey, you need to enter a member’s gender, age, yearly family income, personal details, like name, Mobile Number, Email ID and Address.
  7. Now you will get a mail having the JCPenney coupons to the email specified during the survey. All you have to redeem the offer on the receipt.

JCPenney Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes of the Talktojcpenney Survey is a Gift card of $500 or 10-15% off on the next purchase at JCPenney. To enter the sweepstakes, it is not necessary to purchase at any JCPenny store. Besides, the sweepstakes are only valid during the sweepstakes period. The participants can take part in the sweepstakes by taking the survey and completing all the survey questions, along with sharing their valid email id. Only eligible participants get a chance to win in JCPenny sweepstakes.

About JCPenney Supermarket

JCPenney is an American general store chain concentrating on shopping across several domains like grocery, optics, auto centres, jewellery, merchandise, coffee, salon etc. Thus, it gives customers the overall shopping experience that they desire. JCPenney Company is an American retail chain with 865 locations in 49 U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

Today, the stores run by the Chief Executive Officer and incorporate under it numerous stores which work in different places. The closest JCPenney store can be located at the web site

JCPenney Hours

As per the JCPenney hours, it opens up at 10:00 AM to give its customers the awesome shopping experience that they desire and closes down at 8:00 PM on all days except for Sunday. On Sunday the business hours are from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM across most of its stores which is of almost ten hours every day giving them the upper hand in all aspects to ensure their customer’s satisfaction.  

JCPenney Customer Support

The JCPenney customer care service is very responsive and brisk and customers can feel free and ask their queries through different means. The following are the contact details of the customer care at the JCPenney store chain. 

JCPenny Contact Info
Contact Number1-800-322-1189

How to Find JCPenney Near me?

JCPenney is a chain of stores that gives an incredible shopping experience to customers. Progression in innovation helps in the inquiry of the closest JCPenney and one can discover the closest available shopping store to oneself. which assists with distinguishing the proximity of JCPenney to one’s present area or a particular area. JCPenney near location can found through the site by entering the State name, Zip code or city and clicking on the search.


What time does JCPenney close?

JCPenney closes between 8:00 PM-9:00 PM on all days except on Sundays when it closes at 7:00 PM across many of its stores.

What time does JCPenney open?

JCPenney opens at 10:00 AM every day except on Sundays when it opens at 11:00 AM across its many stores.

How to feedback employee JCPenney?

You can give employee feedback either by calling their customer service at (800)-322-1189 or you can mail your feedback at 

How to check JCPenney gift card balance?

JCPenney gift card balance can be checked at For that, the 19-digit gift card number and 4-digit PIN from the back of the card. however, the e-card users can find the same at the top of their email under the amount.

Can I use a JCPenney gift card at Sephora?

JCPenney gift cards can not be used at Sephora or the website, nor can they be redeemed for any cash amount. They can just be used to redeem the products or services at the JCPenney located in the US and Puerto Rico and the site

Where can I buy JCPenney gift cards?

JCPenney gift cards can be purchased on the website The gift cards can help to redeem on any purchase as applicable for the gift card concerned.

Can you use a JCPenney Sephora gift card online?

One can use the JCPenney Sephora gift card online at or at any JCPenney stores.

Which JCPenney stores are closing?

JCPenney stores that are in difficult locations and non-productive are closing down in the later part of 2020.
A few stores that were closed are- 
1. Akron, Ohio: Chapel Hill Mall.
2. Valley Stream, New York: Green Acres Mall.
3. Raleigh, North Carolina: North Hills Shopping Center.
4. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Tulsa Promenade.
5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Myrtle Beach Mall.
6. Missoula, Montana: Southgate Mall.

Where is the closest JCPenney?

The closest JCPenney can be located by accessing the site and entering the City, State or the Zip Code at the appropriate box to find the nearest JCPenney to oneself or a specific place.

Who owns JCPenney?

While Soltau owns 9.4 million shares of JCPenney, director Javier Teruel owns 2.26 million shares of JCPenney. 

JCPenney survey coupon, How long does it take?

It takes only a couple of moments of the customer’s time to fill the JCPenney survey and avail the JCPenney survey coupon. The JCPenney online coupons can used for availing discounts of 10-15% off on the next purchase at JCPenney.

How can I find the survey code for JCPenney?

JCPenney coupon code for the survey available at the bottom of the front side of the receipt. JCPenney survey coupons may be available on the survey code, so it is necessary to enter the same correctly at the designated place on the website 

Are JCPenney stores closing in 2019?

Some JCPenney stores closed in 2019 as they were non-functional or non-productive and are detrimental to the growth of the JCPenney brand.

How do JCPenney rewards work?

JCPenney rewards work and can be accessed at An esteemed JCPenney Credit Cardmember, one is signed up with the JCPenney Rewards program which gives three credit card membership levels. The more shopping one does, the more rewarding it gets.

How do I check my JCPenney rewards?

JCPenney rewards can be checked at They offer people an opportunity to get rewards for shopping like coupons, discounts etc.  

How to put in JCPenney promo code?

JCPenney promo code can used to avail the offer on all products. This can be done by carefully noting down the promo code which is the JCPenney discount code and mentioning the same on the next purchase to avail JCPenney gift card discount.


JCPenney uses strategies and finds an appropriate method to appreciate the perspective of the individuals and along these improve its present association over the stores concerned. Moreover, the customers who participate in the survey get a chance to get the $500 gift card or 10-15% off on next purchase at JCPenney Thus, JCPenney consumer loyalty survey along these lines benefits the participating customers as well. 

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