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HuddleFeedback @ – Grab Amazing Coupons for Free

Huddle House has come up with an excellent opportunity for its customers to be able to share their opinion and grab a validation code for discounts in return. It is important for us as customers to share our feedback as it helps the team to make changes to the existing system and eventually incorporate our suggestions. For the same reason, this restaurant stated a feedback survey called Survey image Survey image

This is a step by step detailed guideline for you to understand how you can take the Huddle House survey and become the winner of exciting prices through the same. The free validation codes can be redeemed in the future and great Huddle promo codes can be further earned by whoever participates in the feedback survey. If you have loved the food provided by the Huddle house, then this survey is for you.

Huddle House Guest Satisfaction Survey

Huddle House has been a casual dining spot for many of us. The brand believes in delivering all kinds of meals at all times during the day. This was an entirely different concept when Huddle house was launched and they still continue to bank on the same. Now, that they have launched a feedback survey for customers, it is upon you customers to help them add something we would want to the menu or otherwise.

Importance of Huddle Survey

Feedback surveys like the Huddle House survey is a great way for the brand to understand what we as customers think of the food, service, ambience in the diners and other aspects. The general relationship that is developed through such surveys is what matters the most. 

It is anyways entirely beneficial for customers since Huddle Rewards are being given to all participants. The rewards can be redeemed in future in the form of discounts on food or merely free food. The brand will ultimately be able to make useful changes to their system.

Rewards from Huddle Guest Satisfaction Survey

Huddle House rewards include promo codes which can be redeemed by the participants shortly. A unique code will be given to each participant which can be further used by them at any outlet to get discounts on their food or get free food altogether. What you get out of the promo code will entirely depend on luck because there are no definite rewards which can be earned.

For redeeming your discount coupon, you must keep the code provided to you after the completion of the Huddle guest satisfaction survey. The code would be available either through email if you choose to fill it in or it will show up as soon as survey is complete. Either way, keep the code with you for your next visit.

Are you Eligible for the Huddle House Survey?

Huddle feedback survey doesn’t restrict anyone from participating, but there are certain eligibility terms to be a part of survey. 

  • A valid code which acts as your invitation for the survey is a must to have. If you have recently visited one of the outlets of Huddle house, then your receipt will have the survey code on it. Without it, you are not eligible to be a participant. 
  • Minimum age requirement for the survey is 16 years. Anyone below that age can’t act as a participant of the feedback survey. 
  • Participating members should be citizens of the United states because this survey is not available for many other locations. Your receipt will validate this fact, so you have to keep this in mind. 
  • You can give the survey in either English or Spanish, so try your hand at the feedback only when you can answer questions in either of these two languages. 
  • Employees of Huddle house or any other related Huddle franchise are not eligible to be participants of this survey.

Rules and Conditions of the Huddle Customer Satisfaction Survey

Like any other feedback survey, this one also comes with a few rules and regulations. Be sure to abide by these rules to earn the maximum amount of discount for yourself. 

  • Having a valid receipt from the Huddle house is a must.
  • You should take the survey within seven days from your purchase. Your survey code will not be valid before that. 
  • As stated above, you must have recently visited a Huddle House outlet.

Huddle House Feedback Survey Requirements

Except for the receipt which will validate your participation in the survey, you don’t need much to be able to be a part of it. All participants have to follow the eligibility criteria and be aware of all the rules and regulations that come along. Huddle up rewards will follow as soon as you finish filling out survey questions. 

Questions that will be asked in the Huddle Customer Survey

The survey will start with general questions like your name etc. and then follow up with more questions which are specific to Huddle house. Below are some of the sample questions:

  • The survey on will start as soon as you fill in the survey number, which is present at the bottom of the receipt. 
  • Next, fill in details like your name, age and phone number. You must fill in genuine details only in all the upcoming questions. 
  • Furthermore, the questionnaire will be about the general service that you have received at any of the Huddle house outlets. 
  • After this, the questions will be about the food quality and the menu that Huddle house has. 
  • Finally, the Huddle survey will end on general questions about your experience in various outlets of Huddle foods. 

How to Take Part in Huddle Feedback Survey @

To take part in survey and to earn great Huddle house coupons for the future, follow these steps:

Huddle House Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. The first step is to get a device which has an internet connection and can access the Huddle House survey website:
  2. Visit Huddlefeedback through the device you have and keep your receipt ready with you for reference.
  3. As soon as the website loads, it will ask you to enter a 15-digit survey code.
  4. Upon entering the survey code, the survey will begin for you. Choose your language preference and start answering questions now. 
  5. There are different sections asking various types of questions, answer them honestly please. 
  6. You can also list down any problems that you might have faced during any of your visits and Huddle house will consider that. 
  7. Finally, click on the submit button when you reach the end of the survey and you will receive your promo code soon.

About Huddle House

Huddle House has been known for its time window and the fact that you can get any kind of meal at any of their outlet, no matter when you walk in. You can get anything from omelettes to burgers whenever you want to, all you have to do is walk into their outlet and order. Exceptional discount offers are always available and they add new items regularly to the menu.

Huddle House Hours

All Huddle house locations, which are 300+ now, are open for 24 hours so you can order anytime you want. Online orders through the website are also possible, along with orders through the official app of the food chain. 

Contact Details of Huddle House

Huddle house customer service is provided in all locations in the United States and anyone can call them up for any issues they might be facing. Following numbers and address will be useful for the same. 

Huddle House Contact Info
Helpline number770-325-1300
Mailing address 5901, Peachtree-Dunwoody, Suite B450, Atlanta, GA 30328

Huddle House Near Me

The official Huddle house website has a locator feature which is very helpful when you wish to find an outlet near you. The locator will also pick up all locations under the same section in case it is unable to recognize yours. This way, you can see the list and check if there is one near where you are currently.


Where is the nearest Huddle House?

The nearest Huddle house to your location can be found through locator on the website.

Who owns the Huddle House?

Previously owned by Sentinel capital, Huddle house is now owned by an unknown buyer who bought it from Sentinel.

How does Huddle House rewards work?

The rewards program on the Huddle house website is based on the fact that you join their app. As you start using the app, you will keep earning redeemable points. 

How to sign up for Huddle House rewards?

By downloading the official Huddle house app and then doing the needful, once can sign up for regular reward points. 

Is Huddle House owned by Waffle House?

No, Huddle is not owned by Waffle House. An anonymous buyer now owns Huddle House. 

Does Huddle House have Wi-Fi?

One of the critical features of all Huddle house outlets is that they have Wi-Fi free for customers. 


Huddle House has been the go-to place for so many of us for various reasons, no matter if it is good food or good service or just the free Wi-Fi. You will always find varied people eating or sipping something in a Huddle house diner. This feedback survey is a golden chance for all of those and all of you to share your views about the restaurant chain and earn rewards from it. There really couldn’t be anything better than this.

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