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Home Depot Survey Win Amazing Reward of $5000!

The Home Depot Customer Feedback Survey is one best way to interact with these customers. As the is also different in its own ways like there are two main categories for this survey, consumer category and professional category. You can take part in this home depot survey at online. Yes, you can use alternative methods, mail to home depot sweepstakes with our name, address, etc., or you can complete the online survey. A lot of uncommon, interesting facts about Home Depot are not known to its huge customer base. One of these facts is that Home Depot deliberately goes for a warehouse look for all of its stores.

What is the HomeDepot survey? image
Home Depot Survey image

The Homedepot survey focuses mainly on customer satisfaction regarding their products and services. Sometimes on the customer service department. The leads to an entry in their sweepstake which may just land you win $5000 gift cards. The home depot rewards & the prize is a good point of attraction for most customers to take part in home depot survey. Although a lot of people doubt the authenticity of the Homedepot sweepstake, there have been past winners of $5000 gift cards. So it is a fact that people do win and receive the assured prize

Why do I Need to Take

Such surveys are more often than not a two-way deal where both the company and the customer benefit from the survey. The Home Depot extracts constructive criticism from user reviews and feedback that is used to improve the company. On the other hand, the customer will get a chance to win handsome prize gift cards worth $5000 and more.

This Homedepot com survey helps the firm in getting better with its services every day and grow in terms of the customer base. A great point of attraction for most people in the Home Depot survey is the $5000 gift card prizes.

Who Can Take Part in Home Depot Feedback Survey?

Home Depot survey has a set of eligibility criteria that every participant of the survey has to consider without fail-

  • Only Legal residents of the USA or one of the fifty American states and Columbian districts except for residents of Puerto Rican are eligible to enter the
  • The participant should be 18 years old to sign up for the survey.
  • Participants should hold all valid identification cards and security numbers to report any tax liability linked to the prize’s acceptance. 
  • The survey is not open to Home Depot employees, dealers, sponsors, promotional agencies, or members of their close family.
  • Residents of Puerto Rico are not eligible to take this survey. 

Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

The list of rules is not very long or difficult to follow through when it comes to the Home Depot survey. The Rules for are simply intentional to assist the company in conducting a smooth and effortless survey in the designated areas. These set of rules are as such:

  • The participant should enter the survey within 45 days of receiving the survey code. 
  • One person can fill up only one survey.
  • Each survey code is only valid for one person.
  • You need to have a valid receipt.
  • Home Depot Fuel Rewards and Coupons are not transferable, and you are not allowed to trade with money

Home Depot Customer Feedback Requirements

A few requirements or rather guidelines to participate in survey @ So you need to follow to be able to participate in the Home Depot Customer survey. The requirements make sure that the survey is taken up by authorized customers only.

  • Basic knowledge of English and Spanish language.
  • A receipt with survey code from your most recent visit to a Home Depot store.
  • Smartphone /PC or a laptop to fill the survey with an active and stable internet connection.

Homedepot/Survey Questions

The Home Depot survey mainly focuses its questions on the satisfaction of its customers. As the a way to find out what are some of the major concerns, needs, and expectations of its customers. Although you can participate in the Homedepot sweepstake using alternative methods where you do not have to answer any questions. 

  • Your ratings on staff hospitality.
  • The quality and conditions of products bought by you.
  • Things that need to be changed about the services provided.
  • Your overall experience and satisfaction at the store.
  • The quality of customer service at the visited store.

How to Take Part in Customer Feedback @

A visit to your nearby Home Depot store can get you a chance to win some fascinating prizes. All you need to do is enter the sweepstake if you get a chance. There are a few ways to join the Home Depot Survey. Lastly, you can try to mail them your details and you might get a chance to enter the sweepstake. If you are offered an opportunity to take the survey, then:

  • First of all Visit page on your device.
  • Choose the language you are comfortable with among English, French and Spanish and click on Begin Survey.
home depot customer satisfaction survey image
  • Enter the zip code or postal code of your primary residence.
  • Later you will directed to the receipt information page to enter the ID number and password mentioned in the survey receipt.
  • After this, you need to redirect to the HomeDepot survey questions page.
  • Answer all the questions genuinely and win their survey rewards and a chance to win Home Depot sweepstakes. 

Home Depot Sweepstakes

The Home Depot 5000 Sweepstakes have introduced as a way to reward customers in return for their valuable feedback. You can become an entrant using online and offline methods that are available and stand a chance to win $5000 gift cards.  This is not the first time that Home Depot is conducting this sweepstake and there is a list of people who have previously won this attractive prize. This sweepstake has two categories, consumer and professional category.

All About Home Depot: Home Improvement Company

Home Depot is a home improvement retail store that sells tools, technologies, materials and requirements for making your place better. It was co-founded by four people in the year 1978, it is headquartered in Cobb County, Georgia, with a mailing address to Atlanta.

The company saw drastic increases in revenue generation and customer base right since its starting years in the market. It undoubtedly has been grabbing all of their attention with its up to mark products and customer service.

Home Depot as a brand has been trying to go international by setting up stores in some of the major countries, although it did not gain a very good experience from trying to work its way into the Chinese market.

Home Depot Hours of operation

The Home Depot is a supermarket chain with many branches spread out across the United States. Most of them operate between 6 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday and 8 AM to 6 PM on Sundays. These operational timings may change for some branches in specific. 

How to Reach Home Depot Customer Support?

The customer service at Home Depot is given a lot of attention. The primary goal of the Home Depot survey is to gather customer feedback so that services continue to improve based on customer preferences. A lot of the questions in the survey are formulated around the customer service provided at the restaurant. Since customer service is given so much importance, Home Depot has seen quick and constant growth in their customer base. Customers can get in touch with Home Depot customer service using-

Home Depot Contact Info
Contact Number1-800-466-3337
Official Page
Survey Page

How to Find a Home Depot Near Me?

Although Home Depot stores are located in almost all cities of the United States, it sometimes becomes challenging to find one, but in such scenarios, you can just look them up online. Home Depot store outlets are located all across the world in several locations; you can easily find the nearest Home Depot location using this link  


What time does Home Depot close?

Home Depot usually closes at 6 PM every day. 

What time does Home Depot open?

Home Depot opens at 6 AM from Monday to Saturday and 8 AM on Sundays. 

Who owns Home Depot?

The Home Depot, Inc. owns it.

Where is the nearest Home Depot?

The official Home Depot site facilitates its customers with a store locator through which you can find the nearest store to your surrounding,  

How many stores does Home Depot have?

By the end of 2019, it had 2285 stores.

How to get Home Depot coupons?

You can get Home Depot coupons at their chain store at its trusted coupon selling partner websites.

Where to buy Home Depot gift cards?

You can get them at their official website, or at Home Depot chain stores.

Do people really win while filling out customer surveys at Home Depot?

Yes, people do win the sweepstakes and it has been conducted in the past as well with confirmed winners and their prizes. 

What do Home Depot employees get if I fill the survey?

Home Depot employees get your valuable feedback which in turn will give them a chance to serve you better. 

How to win the Home Depot survey?

The best way to win a Home Depot survey is to take part in it and give your genuine opinion to them. 

List of people who won the Home Depot survey award?

The winner list of the recent Home Depot survey is yet to be declared by May 20. 

How many people win the Home Depot survey gift cards?

One lucky winner is chosen every time for the Home Depot survey gift cards.

How does Home Depot notify survey winners?

Home Depot will notify the winner using the details section that every entrant has to fill out and mail them accordingly. 

How does the Home Depot survey work?

Home Depot Customer survey @ www-homedepot-com-survey provides an opportunity to the customers to give feedback, both positive and negative regarding Home Depot. In turn, it is also rewarding its customers that took the survey with exciting offers and gift cards. 

How to use Lowes coupon at Home Depot online?

You can use Lowes coupon at Home Depot by redeeming the Lowes coupon code at the time of check out in Home Depot. 


The Home Depot Feedback @ is designed around the idea of a wholesome experience of the customer at any Home Depot store. The rewards section has turned out to be a very good way to get the customers to fill out the feedback survey. Home Depot as a store has seen an immense scale of success. It has definitely used its user feedback very fruitfully and thus remains a go-to brand of Home improvement tools and necessities. Due to the Conditions and rules, conducting a fair survey and processing, it has become easier on the brand’s part. Home Depot survey rules are extremely simplified and easy to follow. The list of rules is not very long, for the convenience of the customer. All you need is your receipt and you will be able to fill out your survey.

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