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Hallmark Customer Survey – Win Amazing Discounts!

Hallmark values your perspective. Your opinion is beneficial to deliver the best results. You will get exceptional services by acquainting how they can improvise. Being a Hallmark customer, you can see beyond the picture. It provides a platform where your needs are accomplished. Happy customer delights Hallmark. This is only possible with your assistance. Let’s begin a survey where you can give your response!

Hallmark Survey

Hallmark in the United States is approx. $4 billion corporations, with a diverse portfolio of 6 crore corporations that operate on a global level. It is one of the leading sellers in the US for greetings along with gift accessories. It offers attractive and exquisite greeting cards, which is a delight to the eye of customers. Connect with your loved ones through Hallmark’s appealing gift cards. image

Hallmark strives for excellence every day, building an emotional connection with its consumers. The relationship established between Hallmark and its consumer is years of dedicated service towards customer contentment. A most important aspect was to analyze in-depth what the people want and then cater to their desires.

Significance of Hallmark Feedback Survey

Hallmark ensures it as a necessity to acknowledge the changing preferences of customers. What is the perception of people regarding their service? Are the customers satisfied with the service? To create a distinct place in today’s competitive world, priority has to be fulfilling the demands and necessities of people.

People are willing to associate themselves with the brand if they get the desired services. Hallmark provides you the platform where you have the opportunity to recreate your perspective of seeing the world.

The amazing collections attract people all over the world and everything comes with a price. Hallmark has flaws which the people are aware of. Interaction makes it easier for both to come up with solutions that are better for making the store profit soar higher.

Customers will be happy being associated with a corporation where they are valued. act as a cherry on top as they lead the business in a successful direction. An active business-client interactive relationship can make a better place to live in.

The customer survey records people’s voices. The voices have the genuine response, which facilitates the business to transform people’s recommendations into actions and make necessary variations. Hallmark would love to hear from you. 

Hallmark Rewards

You can collaborate within the survey by your valuable contribution. On your subsequent visit to the shop, redeem Hallmark’s given coupon code. You will receive shopping rewards through Hallmark Gold Crown Card. You will also receive $2 off on your next $5 purchase. Avail the Hallmark gifts, discount and save up to 20% on your next purchase. You can also get interactive stuffed animals from the shop at a discounted rate and much more.

All you have to do is join hallmark feedback com take surveys. After finishing the survey, note down the thank you code. Bring the invoice with your thank you code within 90 days and earn exciting rewards. 

Eligibility Criteria to Take HallmarkFeedback Survey

To take part in the Hallmark survey, specific eligibility criteria are required to be fulfilled. Before beginning, have an overlook of Hallmark business policy.

Check out the following details to acquaint with eligibility status and earn exciting Hallmark crown rewards. 

  • Basic knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • The applicant should be 18 years or above in the process of Hallmark entry.
  • Legal citizen of the United States can only participate in survey.
  • Access to Internet-facilitated devices such as PC, Cellular phones, or tablets.
  • Acquisition of a recent Hallmark invoice, which depicts your survey invitation. 
  • Must be willing to provide personal details when required.

Requirements to Participate in Hallmark Gold Crown Survey

Here’s what you require to take part in the Hallmark customer feedback survey.

  • First and foremost, you require active Internet access on whatever device you are going to use to run the survey.
  • The device compatibility is a Laptop/PC, tablet, or smart-phones. 
  • A receipt from the last purchase from a Hallmark store.
  • Basic knowledge of either English or Spanish is a must.

Questions Asked in Hallmark Customer Feedback Survey

To create the best customer experience, Hallmark would like to know your perspective through a set of genuine questions. By answering, you are going to create an impact on how they can serve you in a much better way. Here is the list of questions you will be asked:

  • It starts with a basic set of questions like state and city.
  • It asks the recommendation rate ranging from 1-10 from not at all likely to the most suitable.
  • Another basic set of questions, such as the reason for your visit, along with the accomplishment of your purpose.
  • Next, it will ask about the last time you had a visit to the Hallmark Gold Crown store.
  • Additionally, it will ask if you agree or disagree with the ease of using the crown rewards certificates and Hallmark coupons.
  • Asks feedback in writing.

That’s all survey is going to ask you. Your valuable opinion is most welcome!

How to Complete a Free Hallmark Guest Survey @

Complete a brief survey about your visit and you will receive $2 off on your next $5 purchase. It will hardly take a few minutes to complete the form. Let’s see how: online survey
  1. Visit online. You will now directly access the Hallmark survey page through
  2. First, Enter the code mentioned in your last purchase receipt.
  3. Select the language you prefer. It can be either English or Spanish.
  4. Second, mention the state and city you belong to.
  5. Third, provide accurate information on the latest Hallmark store you were at along with the date and approx time of your visit.
  6. Now you are required to rate how likely you are going to recommend Hallmark gold crown to a pal or member of the family. 
  7. Mention the reason for visiting the Hallmark shop, whether you wanted to purchase a gift/card, to take information, or return a product. 
  8. Next, pen down your valuable feedback on the experience.
  9. There are certain specific questions you need to answer genuinely on your most recent experience and there you go.
  10. Submit the survey form.
  11. Note down the validation code on your receipt displayed at the screen. Congratulations! you will now get a Hallmark coupon.

Hallmark Sweepstakes

Hallmark channel provides the following sweepstakes:

  • Winterfest Sweepstakes:

Enroll for a chance to win an exciting trip for two persons to Iceland. In addition to that, you can win a dry-bar prize pack featuring must-have travel essentials.

  • Share a little love Sweepstakes:

Enroll to win Valentine’s day card from a Hallmark channel star. Plus, you can send a Valentine’s Day card to a Hallmark channel star and they may read it on-air during Home and Family.

  • Very Merry Giveaway:

Hallmark Christmas sweepstakes are also provided during Christmas times.

An Outline of Hallmark

Hallmark is the leading American store for the global selling of greeting cards and gifts. It also deals with the production of appealing party goods, stationery, gift wrappers, and ornaments. The store is the biggest and oldest retail store of signature greeting cards within the United States. It was founded by Joyce Hall- a teenage entrepreneur, at Kansas City, Missouri, the United States in 1910. Mike Perry is the current CEO of Hallmark. It is a global commercial enterprise that sells greeting cards & similar products in more than 30 languages with services dispensed in +100 countries and 100,000 households.

It deals with a wide variety of products and services such as: 

  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift Wrappers
  • Party Goods
  • Giftware
  • Stationery
  • Electronic Greetings
  • Keepsake Ornaments
  • Media/Entertainment

Hallmark Hours

The opening and closing hours of Hallmark is as follows:

  • Mon – Fri: 8 AM to 7 PM CT
  • Sat: 10 AM to 6 PM CT 
  • Sun: 12 PM to 6 PM CT 

Hallmark Contact Details

Hallmark consumer survey- customer service is going to handle all your issues and provide a reasonable solution. If the customer wants to enquire and solicit information, the contact details will be useful. Consumer interface can be sought anywhere and anytime to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Give your valuable feedback at the below-mentioned contact details:

Hallmark Customer Service
Contact number1-800-425-5627
Mailing address2501 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Survey Site

Hallmark Near Me

Find the nearest Hallmark store by following this link or browse through google to find the Hallmark store branch of your choice. 


Who owns Hallmark?

Hallmark is owned by the Hall family comprising Donald J. Hall Jr. (Executive Chairman), David E. Hall (Executive VC), Mike Perry (President & CEO)

Where is the nearest Hallmark store?

The nearest Hallmark store can be found via

What time does Hallmark open?

Hallmark opens at 8 AM CT(Mon-Fri), 10 AM CT(Sat), 12 PM CT (Sun).

What time does Hallmark close?

Hallmark closes at 7 PM CT(Mon-Fri), 6 PM CT (Sat & Sun).

Why is Hallmark no longer doing the survey?

In 2016 Hallmark dropped from #2 position on the top-ten list with 85.1 scores.

How does Hallmark crown rewards work?

Hallmark crown rewards work when you enter the code mentioned in your last purchase/return receipt. The code should be entered in the Hallmark survey site, i.e., and then answer the questions asked. You will get a code. Note the code in your invoice and earn Hallmark crown rewards.

How do I redeem my Hallmark rewards?

Hallmark rewards are redeemed when you enter the code mentioned in the last purchase/return invoice. The code should be entered in the Hallmark survey site and then answer the questions asked. You will get a code. Note the code in your invoice and redeem Hallmark rewards.


The information mentioned above pertains to how consumers can earn Hallmark rewards cards and Hallmark rewards points by applying the survey. Amazing discounts on purchase and gift cards are offered by Hallmark. Customers get a handful of opportunities by participating in a survey. All they have to do is purchase a Hallmark product of their choice and take a quick survey. 

To earn Hallmark Gold Crown rewards, follow the guidelines provided and elaborately go through the regulations, eligibility, rules and requirements and get a complete specification regarding the rewards, contact details and other useful information to take part in the Hallmark guest survey.

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