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Win Amazing $2K Prize – Survey

It’s a huge step to earn perks on just sharing your experience with an accessible one-stop-shop for baked goods, frozen and prepared food, liquor, pharmacy, and more. is a survey conducted by an American supermarket store chain. It’s an online study enabling the customer to share their experience of shopping in the Giant Eagle stores. Besides, customers will have a chance to take home a gift card worth $2,000 in six entry periods, which they can use on their next purchases. Survey

The customer’s perception is our reality! Having dominated the grocery business for almost 80 years, Giant Eagle has turned into the largest privately held corporation with incredible food quality. It’s a direct tunnel for customers to participate in providing their valuable suggestions, opinions, and comments. This online Giant Eagle Feedback Survey would hardly eat up any of your time. survey image survey image

The primary objective of Giant Eagle Survey is to improve both the quality and core standards of their company. Customer satisfaction and euphoria can take businesses to the highest elevation and vice versa. Each customer has an equal chance to participate in this survey visiting through — These Giant Eagle sweepstakes draw an unusual step in trying to improve both the quality and the core standard of their company.

Significance of Giant Eagle Listens Survey

Giant Eagle hosting a survey welcomes its customer’s convenient experience every time they shop. The survey uncovers a big picture of customer insights, as customers are an integral part of the Giant Eagle system for value creation. Gianteaglelistens survey is also a new method by which the company demonstrates more loyalty and high-quality experience to its customers.

Deep dive into the mind of the customer is relevant to review the performance and work towards providing standard service to their customers. The customers should be at the heart of a business, and they let the company know about the delightful service to the unexpected perks, too. In this way, they get a reward from the company for their honest review, that’s by just participating in easy peasy survey.

Giant Eagle Rewards

Opinions and feedback are one of the essential parts in the Giant Eagle Listens Survey. On completion of the survey, you will be liable to claim the Giant Eagles reward card. Other than the Giant Eagle rewards, much more satisfactory and exciting Giant Eagle Advantage Card announced after every draw. They offer a lot more than discounts on services or coupons, which can be utilized on your next visit to any of the customer outlets. Isn’t it more like a living dream?

Giant Eagle Listens Winners also get a chance to have the Giant Eagle Listens sweepstakes points with above mentioned Giant Eagle rewards. The survey is a once in a lifetime privilege to have a prodigious offer from such a big company by only answering some general questions.

Who can take part in the Giant Eagle Survey Online?

  • The participants must be at least 18 years old or more to take part in the Giant Eagle Feedback survey. 
  • One needs to be a resident of the United States, but they offered this survey only to residents of Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia. 
  • The survey comes in two languages – English and Spanish; users must be familiar with these languages. 

Giant Eagle Feedback Survey Rules

  • After a week of visiting the store, customers are eligible to take the Giant Eagle survey.
  • The customer must have their coded receipt to participate in this survey. The coded receipt is valid for 30 days only. 
  • The Giant Eagle rewards have to be redeemed within 30 days of the survey taken after this time slot prize value and rewards will expire. 
  • Survey winners are not allowed to transfer or sell their coupons or gift cards to their family members and relatives. 
  • Giant Eagle Coupons allows you a single visit, and possibly just for one person who participated. 
  • Customers can take the survey only once. The failure to obey the rules and regulations will suspend you from participation. 
  • On completion of the survey, you will become eligible to take part in the sweepstakes. 
  • Any employee or their family members and relatives are not eligible to take part in the Survey. 

Requirements to complete Giant Eagle Listens Survey

  • First and foremost, you need to have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a network connection to fill the survey @ www gianteaglelistens. 
  • One needs basic details like age, address, and mobile number during the survey. 
  • You must have read and understood either English or Spanish to participate in this survey. 
  • Once for all, the receipt will expire on completion of the survey. So, you can’t use it again. 
  • On winning the Giant Eagle gift cards, you will have to redeem it within 30 days of receiving it.

Sets of Questions Asked @ Survey

The following sets of queries have to be answered while filling out the Giant Eagle Feedback survey online:

  • The most initial question will be the location of the Giant Eagle store you visited within the last 30 days. 
  • After entering the address of your previous visited store, you have to give your valuable feedback and experience you had last time visiting the store.
  • You will also rate your experience from the ratio of highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. 
  • They will ask the questions concerning the administration, precision, and the behaviour of staff. 
  • The next question would be regarding any additional issues faced during the visit. 
  • Once you submit all the answers, you have to wait to receive Giant Eagle gift cards or Giant Eagle coupons, which you can claim at your next near store of Giant Eagle.

How do I take part in the Giant Eagle Listens com Survey?

Here are the simple steps you need to complete GiantEagleListens Online survey.

Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • One must visit the official website to take part in the Gianteaglelistens Survey.
  • Once the survey page loads, enter the security code that is printed on the last receipt you have from the Giant Eagle store you visited.
  • Now begin your survey by clicking on the “start” option.
  • To complete this survey, all you have to do is to answer the questions related to your experience at your nearby Giant Eagle store.
  • All you’re supposed to do is to complete the survey immediately. It will expire once the security code it’s used.
  • On completion of the survey, you have an opportunity to collect your reward or coupons

Giant Eagle Neighborhood Grocery Store

The Giant Eagle is an American chain, founded in 1918 IN Pittsburgh. Their campaign includes a focus on product quality, highly satisfactory service to the customer, and the essential price leadership. It’s officially owned by The Kroger Co., known for its Pharmacy, grocery, dairy products, solidified nourishment, general necessary food item, and Ricker Oil, etc.

As of March 2019, Giant Eagle, Inc. had 216 supermarkets, 202 fuel stations, and 56 Ricker’s fuel stations. So far, the company has left its footmarks all over America, and top of all sticks to their mission of gives precisely what their clients want. Its wealth has grown over the years and gets praise from the customers.

Giant Eagle Hours

The Giant Eagle Operates from Monday to Sunday from early morning till late nights. All the Giant Eagle stores open at 6:00 am, and it’s a highly recommended store for early morning shopping. Most of the stores will have the same schedule or have one to two hours variation in closing time, so in the advice, it’s better to check out the timings of the store in advance.

Contact Details of Giant Eagle Store

Giant Eagle is pertinacious towards providing customer care service in multiple ways:

Contact Number1-800-553-2324
Mailing AddressGiant Eagle
Customer Service Dept.
4265 Diplomacy Dr.
Columbus, OH 43228-3834
Giant Eagle Survey

Giant Eagle Near Me

It is more than food, fuel, and convenience. The Giant Eagle, Inc. is currently ranked amidst the Top 40 in the Forbes magazine’s and has different outlets in numerous regions that you can easily find with one click. You can effortlessly locate the most nearby Giant Eagle stores by going through the following link:


Giant Eagle, where is the survey code? 

It printed the survey code on the receipt that you received from the Giant Eagle store you visited last time. 

What time does Giant Eagle close? 

Giant Eagle stores close daily at 10:00 P.M. 

What time does Giant Eagle open? 

Giant Eagle stores open 24 hours a day, but there are some operations from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. 

Who owns Giant Eagle? 

The Kroger Co officially owns Giant Eagle. 

What gift cards does Giant Eagle sell? 

They can use giant Eagle stores gift cards at stores, websites, and apps. And ore over, it depends upon how Giant Eagle gift card balance you have left. 

How much do you get in gas rewards at Giant Eagle? 

The traditional rewards of 10 cents for each $50 spent and one can redeem up to a free tank of gas or 20% 

Conclusion on Gianteaglelistens Survey

The Survey is a unique way to get opinions and feedback without any criticism. This survey is like two sides of a coin benefits both approaches to the customer and the company by offering their valuable view and getting rewards or gifts card by participating in the survey. It’s a chance of winning a $2000 Gift Card or coupons. Since it’s hard to acknowledge each customer personally, Giant Eagle took this huge step to stay connected with their customers and boost their services as per customer’s demand.

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