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Official Survey – Win $500 Exciting Prize.

The Firehouse Subs is an infamous fast-food restaurant that serves some of the most delicious submarines and sandwiches. The Firehouse Subs is an American-based restaurant founded by two brothers. Just like any other fast-food restaurant or café, the Firehouse Subs find that they must bring about improvements in the services and food that they provide. So, they have introduced survey. survey image survey image

The Firehouse Subs conducts a customer satisfaction survey or feedback to get an outlook about their services from the customer’s end. The Firehouse Subs adapts business techniques which give rewards, free firehouse coupons to the customers who answer in their survey. This encourages customers to take part in the survey and does not only the restaurant gain information and feedback but also the trust of their potential customers.

Firehouse Subs Survey

The Firehouse Subs serves a wide range of sandwiches and submarines and they make sure their customers are delighted with the hospitality shown to them. For this motive, the restaurant would also like to know where they stand in the eye of the customer. The Firehouse Subs conducts a monthly survey where the customers are requested to answer a few questions. These questions can be answered online by searching for “Firehouse listens to survey” in the google search bar.

What is interesting and attractive about the Firehouse Subs survey is that they promise to give their customers a free medium drink along with their choice of submarine or sandwich and a chance to win $500. This is a good approach and encourages customers to flock to the restaurant. You can participate in the survey on a monthly basis.

Vitality of the Firehouse Subs Listens Survey

The Firehouse Subs feedback is of utmost importance to the restaurateurs. This is because a large chain of fast-food restaurants can know what their customers think of their service and the quality of their food by creating an online survey to reach the masses. The restaurants expect the customers to give them their legit opinions on their services so that it gives them an insight into where they stand and make improvements accordingly.

The main aim of any restaurant is customer satisfaction and any good restaurant will always want to if their customers are happy and content with their food and hospitality. Firehouse Subs strives to gain new customers and manages to keep its regular customers by creating surveys and sweepstakes. Not only do surveys like this help the restaurants, but it also reward the customers with attractive gifts and prizes.

The restaurants would like to know what their faithful customers think of their food, service, staff, hygiene and other factors that play a vital role in impressing the customers. This can be attained by reaching out to the customers and encouraging them to fill out an online Firehouse Subs customer survey.

Impressive Rewards for Participating in Firehouse Subs Guest Survey

Firehouse Rewards: The Firehouse Subs promises its customers with gifts and rewards in a way to motivate them to participate in the survey and the sweepstakes. You can participate in the survey posted by the Firehouse Subs and win amazing offers and cash prizes. You can participate every month, however, there are some terms and conditions which will be mentioned later. People participating need to answer 6 out of 10 questions in a suitable manner.

On doing so, the customers will get a free drink along with the submarine or sandwich, which can be of their own choice. They also have a chance of winning a whopping $500 of prize money. What is remarkable about this survey is by just giving your honest opinions you have a chance of winning exciting offers a lot of cash.

Eligibility to Participate in the Firehouse Listens Survey

  • The eligibility to participate in the Firehouse Subs’ feedback is listed below.
  • The person participating must be a minimum of 16 years to enter the survey.
  • Person participating must belong to the country where the company has its restaurants and franchises.
  • The participant of Firehouse Subs listens should have visited the Firehouse Subs at least once before answering the survey.

Rules and Conditions to Participate in the Firehouse Survey

  • Only one entry is allowed for a single person, for a single month and single email id. That is, you cannot enter several times.
  • Provide the validation code printed on the bill of your last purchase. Without the validation code, the entrant cannot participate.
  • After having answered the survey questions, make a note of the survey completion code in the space provided on the bill.

Needs and Requirements to Participate in the Firehouse Subs Survey

  • The participant should have the bill of their last purchase made in Firehouse Subs.
  • The bill will contain an 18- or 20-digit validation code that must be entered on the website before answering the Firehouse listens survey.
  • Participants are also required to mention their total amount of purchase on the website.

Questions to be expected in the Firehouse Subs Feedback

Listed below are a few questions you can expect while answering the Firehouse Subs survey.

  • Did the customer enjoy the meal?
  • What rating would you give the restaurant for the overall experience?
  • Was the hygiene and cleanliness up to mark?
  • Will the customer dine with the restaurant again?
  • Was the customer pleased with the kind of approach portrayed by the staff?
  • Will the customers commend the restaurant to their friends and relatives?

How to Participate in the Firehouse Subs Customer Survey?

Enumerated below are the steps to partake in the Firehouse Subs guest survey.

Firehouse Subs Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. The participant must visit the official Firehouse subs
  2. It asks whether your validation code is in the middle of your receipt or at the bottom. Check your receipt and click on the respective section.
  3. Now, you have to give 18-digit validation code printed on your bill.
  4. Enter the total amount of your last purchase.
  5. Click on start and answer the Firehouse Subs customer satisfaction survey questions legitimately.
  6. Give a rating based on your satisfaction.
  7. The participant will receive a survey completion code at the end of the survey and you have to make a note of it.
  8. Provide your contact details.

Note: The Firehouse Subs validation codes will be some times 18-digit and sometimes 20-digit. If you got the 20-digit code, click on the link given at the bottom of the survey page.

Firehouse Sweepstakes Rules

The customer can enter the sweepstakes by answering survey questions and providing basic details. In doing so, you have a chance of winning $500 of cash prize. Also, according to Firehouse Subs sweepstakes rules, the customer can enter the sweepstakes without taking part in the survey and this can be done by printing the name, address, and telephone details on a postcard and mailing it to the mentioned address.

Firehouse Subs and its Origin

Two brothers, Robin and Chris Sorensen, who were former firefighters, found the Firehouse Subs. The Firehouse Subs has over 1,180 restaurants throughout the country. They serve a wide range of submarines and sandwiches. The headquarters of Firehouse Sub is in Jacksonville, Florida.

Firehouse Subs Hours of Operation

The Firehouse Subs operates from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays and Sundays, it is open from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Firehouse Subs Contact Details

They can contact the Firehouse Subs through the following ways:

Firehouse Subs Contact Info
Contact number1-888-289-6185
HeadquartersJacksonville, Florida, United States
Firehouse Subs Survey

Firehouse Subs Near Me

Customers can locate the nearest Firehouse Subs by typing “Firehouse Subs near me” in the Google search box or Google maps. Based on your location, it shows the nearest firehouse. Else, go to and enter State, City or Zip.


How to use Firehouse Subs rewards?

You can use the Firehouse Subs rewards to get a medium drink or large fountain drink for free. Also, whenever you eat at Firehouse, you can earn points with which you will get the rewards, like upgrades, free subs, etc on redemption.

How long are Firehouse Subs rewards good for?

The Firehouse Subs rewards are good for one month.

How to redeem the Firehouse Subs rewards?

They can redeem the Firehouse Subs rewards by providing the survey completion code along with the previous bill. For more info you can check,

Do you get a free sub at Firehouse Subs on your birthday?

Yes. You get a free medium sub on your birthday or six days following it.

What time does Firehouse Subs close?

Firehouse Subs closes at 10:00 pm on regular days and at 9:00 pm on Sundays.

What time does Firehouse Subs open?

Firehouse Subs open at 10:30 am.

Where is the nearest Firehouse Subs?

The nearest Firehouse Subs can be located by typing “Firehouse Subs near me” in the google search box or you can use the official store locator.

Who owns Firehouse Subs?

Ronin and Chris Sorensen own the Firehouse Subs.

How many Firehouse Subs locations are there?

There are a total of 1,180 outlets of Firehouse Subs over the country.

How do I get my Firehouse Subs referral code?

On installing the Firehouse Subs app you can get the referral code. If you have a referral code, you can sign up for a new account by using that Firehouse Subs referral code and gain 300 points. 

How to use a coupon on Firehouse Subs?

You can use the coupon on the Firehouse Subs app or website by applying the coupon code when ordering online.


The Firehouse feedback is of great importance to the restaurateurs as it gives them a thorough and through information on customer satisfaction. This helps them improve their services and hospitality towards their guests. Firehouse Subs also post sweepstakes to promote their submarines and encourage their customers to take part in the survey. The Firehouse Subs survey can be answered by following the steps mentioned above.

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