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Gap Factory Feedback Survey – Win Exciting Rewards

Are you looking for a 15% discount on your next GAP purchase? If your answer is “yes,” then here is the GAP Factory Survey guide. Yes, it detailed Survey Guide will help you to get a discount on your next GAP purchase in your nearest GAP store. To avail this offer, you have to do the survey, after which you would be able to get an instant discount and can redeem within the stipulated time. Yes, it might sound easy, but to get this offer, you need to fulfil some requirements and meet the criteria mentioned.

GAP Factory Survey

GAP is a well known American clothing and accessories retailer, which has its stores all over the world. It conducts Outlet feedback gap com Survey to know the feedbacks of the customers and use it to improve their services regarding customer services, cloth material, cleanliness and other areas. image image

The GAP survey is meant to know whether the customers are happy and satisfied with the products that they purchased from the company and the areas in which the staff needs improvement.

Why did the GAP start the GAP factory survey?

As the company has its stores in various locations throughout the world, it is not possible to get in contact with every customer to get their feedback. So, to make it easier for the customers to post their experience with GAP, the company starts survey.

There are several benefits that one can get with the Survey. The survey will profit the company by getting the information in exchange for which provides its customers with huge discounts and GAP coupons which they can use during their next purchase from the store.

You are not only providing your experience with the company during the survey process, but you are also helping the company in knowing the pros and cons that they have, and the areas of improvement. They do not waste the feedback provided by the customers from all over the world as the company takes customers’ feedback seriously and works on it.

Gap Factory Coupons

There are several benefits too, which the customers can get after they complete the Gap Customer Survey. Once you participate in the Feedback 4 Gap Factory, by, you would get a series of questions. The questions would be based on the GAP store you visited, the service in the store and the satisfaction with the product. On submitting the answers, you would get a 15% discount coupon or a referral code, which you need to note down in the recent receipt.

After receiving the GAP Factory Rewards Code, you can redeem it the next time you are visiting a GAP store and use it to get a discount on your purchase. However, the gap factory survey coupon code cannot be used with any other offers in GAP and must be used within the period of the coupon code.

Eligibility to Enter Gap Factory Customer Survey

Gap Factory set out few eligibility criteria for a customer to enter their survey.

  • Must be a legal resident of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan or Ireland.
  • Minimum Age requirement is 18 years.
  • Staff or suppliers of Gap are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • Any family member, distant or immediate of the staff or supplier are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  • Your eligibility will be considered only if you have a genuine Gap Factory receipt with a valid survey code printed on it.

Outlet Feedback GAP com Survey Rules

Yes, there are specific rules which one needs to follow before attempting the So, below are the rules and the criteria which one needs to fulfil to attempt the GAP factory feedback survey.

  • Individual attempting the should have the receipt number along with the date of the receipt.
  • A customer has to use the GAP Rewards code in next visit.
  • The expiry date of the discount coupon code is three months, within which one has to use the code.
  • They cannot use a gap Outlet discount coupon along with other offers.
  • You can use the receipt survey code only once since it offers one entry only.
  • Do not attempt the survey on behalf of any customer, as the store expects you to share your experience first hand. 
  • Gap Factory Rewards are non-sharable and transferable or even exchanged. 
  • Use the coupon code within 30 days as it will expire post that period.
  •  Take the survey within seven days of purchase.

Things need for Feedback 4 GAP Factory

There are certain things that one needs before participating in the GAP Factory Customer Survey. Below is the list of things that you need during the survey.

  • Smartphone, PC, or Tablet with a proper internet connection to complete the survey.
  • A recent GAP factory receipt along with the date of the receipt mentioned in it
  • You should be able to understand basic English or Spanish to understand the questions asked in the survey
  • One should provide all the information (personal) that are asked in the survey.

GAP Survey Questions

When you open GAP Customer Survey link, you would get to see some details which need to answer.

  • First thing that you would get to see, when clicked on the link is store number, followed by the date of purchase of the item, time of purchase and transaction id.
  • After filling the details, click on “next” which would consist of some questions related to the customer service of the store, quality of the product and various such questions
  • The page even includes a suggestion section where you can drop your suggestions on the area of improvements. Apart from that, you can also give a rating based on your experience with the GAP outlet.
  • Your name, email address, telephone number, and other details are required once you have answered the questions about This would help the company to provide you with the GAP coupons easily.

How to participate in GAP Outlet Survey?

You can easily participate in the survey by following the steps below.

Gap Inc Survey image
  1. Visit GPA Feedback page,
  2. Select language from the series of options provided (English UK & ROI, French, French (Canada), Japanese and Italian.
  3. Enter Store Number, Date of Purchase, Time and Transaction ID from your recent GAP receipt and click on “Next”.
  4. Now provide geniue answers for questions asked the GAP outlet survey. Most of these questions are about the quality of material, customer satisfaction, maintenance of the store, cleanliness of the store, price tags and various such questions which you have to answer genuinely.
  5. Now fill your details such as name, contact number, email id and other details which would help the GAP factory in providing you with the GAP factory survey coupon code.
  6. Once you have done the details, click on “finish” and you are done with the GAP customer survey.
  7. After that, you would get a referral code or a discount code. Note down the number of the code and use it in your next visit to your nearest GAP store. The validity of the coupon code is three months within which you can use it only once.

Abuout GAP Inc

Known for its quality clothing and accessories, GAP is a well-known American company. The company produces clothing material for all ages and body types. One can easily get baby clothes, clothes for a teenager and even for an adult. The company has its stores all over the world and has been serving people since 1969. Every year, GAP conducts sales and offers amazing discounts and deals to its customers.

GAP even has online stores, from which a customer can easily order merchandise and even get a discount. People love the factory’s casual clothes, which are mainly made from cotton The factory is also exploring other forms of clothing which it is planning to showcase shortly.

GAP Hours

The usual hours of operation of Gap Factory are 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM on all days and the customer services can be approached between 7:00 AM- 01:00 AM on all seven days.

GAP Customer Service

GAP factory has a customer care unit in every store across the world. Contact the customer service unit if you have any questions. Here are the customer care contact details, that would help you while contacting them.

GAP Contact Info
Contact number1 800 333 7899
Mailing address2 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA 94105 
Survey page

Gap Factory Near Me

You can access any store or branch of Gap Factory with the help of their store locator provided officially on their website.- Also, you can browse through your internet explorer to find a store nearer to you. 


What is a GAP survey?

Gap Factory Customer Survey is an online feedback survey, where the customers can write about their experience with GAP purchases, drop suggestions and even write about the customer service of GAP stores

How to know if you have a GAP rewards card?

In order to know that whether you have a GAP rewards card, go to your GAP account and check the “Your rewards and offers” section which would display the rewards points that you have earned and other offers.

How can you use your rewards and a discount code on a GAP?

You can use your GAP rewards and discount code, during your purchase from GAP store, where the reward points will be converted into currency and you would be able to purchase the products.

Where to view GAP rewards?

You can view your GAP rewards from the “Your rewards and offers” section in your GAP account.

How many rewards can be redeemed at GAP?

You can redeem up to three reward cards on a single purchase form a store, and up to five reward cards on a single purchase through the online website of GAP

What is GAP rewards code?

The GAP rewards code is the code provided to use the reward points that you have earned while purchasing a product from GAP. You can use the rewards code during a future purchase from the store

What happens if you use GAP rewards gift and it is returned?

In case you have used your GAP rewards gift and the merchandise is returned, the reward points would be transferred to your GAP account within two billing cycles.

How to check the GAP gift card balance?

You can check your GAP gift card balance by dialling the toll-free number provided in the card itself, i.e. 1 800 GAP STYLE .

Where can you use GAP gift cards?

You can use your GAP gift cards while purchasing anything from the GAP store, Banana Republic, Old Navy and even in Athleta

Where to buy GAP gift cards?

The GAP gift card can be redeemed at any GAP store, and even in the online website of the company

How many GAP factory stores are there?

GAP has around 1593 stores all over the world, while its subsidiaries, Banana Republic has 713 and Old Navy has around 1100 stores

Is GAP closing down?

GAP has recently announced that it would be closing around 230 stores from different locations.


So it is all about the outlet feedback gap com survey guide. In order to know its customers and help them in providing better products in the near future. The guide consists of all the information that you would need so as to participate in the survey. It consists of the rules, eligibility criteria, the method of participating and the general survey questions. Hope you like our efforts, just to test your luck with GAP survey.

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