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When FedEx is ready to keep your goods in safe terms and reach the safe hands, in return, they only ask for some of your safe reactions. Yes some suggestions, and concerns towards them so that they can realize where they stand and rectify their errors if any. After all, who doesn’t want their accommodations shifted and handled with care and love? If you trust your helping partner and want to leave feedback for them, then spare no more than fifteen minutes at the guest satisfaction survey. Your time is a valuable one and FedEx understands this fact crystal clearly. Hence, FedEx has designed the survey in such a way that your time is nowhere wiped out. When you want your goods and parcels shifted securely, and reach your door foot, you need to trust FedEx for being known for the fastest and the most secure express service. Survey Survey image Survey image

FedEx Survey concludes in connecting with people and epigrams an associated world as an exceptional one. A conviction is a source that guides every individual to perform their duty. That’s how it tries to link with the living world by considering goods as a medium. They want their people to trust them and believe that the belongings are entirely secured with FedEx. But this is not enough. They want to realize their position and want to know where their business stands in this corporate world. Hence, they request their trustworthy people to spend some of their valuable efforts to help FedEx grow. This is how they came up with the idea of preparing a FedEx we listen survey for their people that would hardly use ten minutes of their precious lives.

Why Fedex com Welisten Survey Is Important?

When customers tend to remain happy, the entire business organization is found to be remaining happily. To find out whether the respected customers show concerns and are pleased with the service of FedEx. Hence, FedEx introduced the system of surveying people in its franchise. This FedEx office survey system records customers reactions. FedEx survey feedback system not only to keep a record but to know what and where FedEx must begin improvement. This improvement somehow works indirectly to raise the growth of FedEx. Fedex Welisten survey also acts as a display or advertisement for those people who were not yet aware of this delivery system. The FedEx/we listen survey also sponsors assistance to its forum through digital marketing as well as social media platforms.

Fedex Rewards

Participating in the FedEx customer satisfaction survey comes with loads of perks and let us take a walk through into the details. The major giveaway is a 10% coupon code for your next order at FedEx delivery services, which goes up to a discount of $25 retail value. The exciting part of the FedEx/welisten survey is that no rules are specified for it. Every individual can apply for survey and make sure to use the valid coupon. Try your luck while taking part in this survey for the FedEx/welisten and seize a chance to win a guaranteed gift.

Are you Fit for FedEx Survey Feedback?

To be fit for FedEx Feedback Survey sweepstakes, you need to go through the following list to make you sure about what is required as an eligibility criterion.

  • If you are a legal resident of The United States of America, you can take part in survey and sweepstake contest.
  • Make sure you are at least thirteen years old or above to get engaged in this maneuver.
  • You must not be the relative, family member, staff member, supplementary, or sponsor of the FedEx Forum.
  • Even if you are a candidate below 13 years, and took part in this program and achieved triumph at this contest, the award will be rewarded to your legal guardian or parent or close adult member of the family only as the reward is a monetary one.

Rules for Participating in FedEx Office Survey

For the entry to FedEx/welisten Feedback sweepstakes take note towards certain rules and conditions.

  • Must have a desktop computer/PC or laptop or tablet other than having a well-featured smartphone with a better internet network connection.
  • A recent receipt must be with you while taking part in survey. Loss of the receipt can fail to permit your entry. Therefore, immediately dial to FedEx customer care numbers and report your problem without much delay.
  • You must have a good knowledge and understanding of the English or Esponal language while stuffing FedEx survey feedback questions online.
  • You are permitted to take only five attempts, not beyond one month for Fedex We Listen Survey.

What FedEx Welisten Requires in its Participants?

  • The candidates must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • The minimum age for being at least thirteen years old or above.
  • You shouldn’t be anywhere related to FedEx Forum, such as being an employee, a sponsor, or even a family member or friend.
  • Your receipt must be with you because it proves that you recently parcelled your goods at your nearest FedEx dispatching office.
  • Your receipt must contain the FedEx Survey Code on your receipt handle along with the date of dispatch.

Fedex Survey Feedback Questions

  • Your first chunk of questions will be about the FedEx dispatching services. Here, you will asked about your understanding regarding your goods if they were correctly dispatched to you or has reached your recipient safely
  • Next are questions about the condition of your products- The parcel delivered to you or your recipients from you, were in proper order or not, and whether the count of your stock was the same as before the delivery.
  • Thirdly, questions are about the dispatching charges charged to you for the delivery of your accommodations.
  • Further comes the basic elements such as the reaction and attitude of the staff. Whether they converse with you properly or not, do they help you with any issues? If yes, they react positively else vice versa.
  • Lastly comes questions about the maintenance of FedEx office, the storerooms for storing the dispatching products, whether the products were handled in serious measure or not to avoid breakage of any stuff.

Warning: Try to submit proper reactions regarding what you felt at FedEx offices and with their men as well as your dispatched products. 

How to take part Survey?

Here are the simple steps to complete the FedEx com Welisten Survey, all you need to do is just follow these steps to win FedEx survey coupons.

fedex com welisten survey image
  1. Transcribe to the URL for the FedEx/welisten survey at 
  2. Choose language English or Esponal to enter the survey.
  3. Now you need to choose the type of service Shipping, Package and all.
  4. Input the 4-digit FedEx survey Code printed on the front part of your receipt. The code is available on a piece of paper along with specific dates that mark the date of earning the receipt and the date of cessation of the code.
  5. After entering this 4-digit code, next enter your date of dispatch or date of your visit.
  6. Tap on the “Start” option box to begin the FedEx/welisten Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  7. A new page will open to ask you a series of questions about your visit to FedEx offices, and about the dispatching of your accommodations.
  8. After you complete answering all the queries asked, assign your call networking details and tap on the submit button.
  9. Now, you can see FedEx/welisten promo code on the screen shortly after you submit the survey. Note down this token code.
  10. If you visit the FedEx office again, present this token code to receive a 5% discount on your next dispatch.

Fedex Welisten Sweepstakes

FedEx/welisten survey Sweepstakes winners will be declared on the official website just two weeks after the withdrawal of FedEx/welisten sweepstakes. When you win a FedEx/Wlisten survey sweepstakes, they’ll notify you by email and via text message. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact us at any of our convenient customer service numbers listed below in the contacts section.

All about FedEx

Formerly known as Federal Express is an American dispatching corporation that is popular worldwide. It delivers the goods, couriers and accommodations by using transport systems such as roads, railways and waterways. This flexible shipping start-up was established in January 1998 by Frederick W. Smith in Memphis, Tennessee, the United States. Reportedly known earnings of FedEx is about US$4.572 billion based on the budgeting year of 2018. Caliber System Inc. acquired the corporation in 1998.

FedEx Hours

In contrast, FedEx offices open at 10:00 am and eventually close the office by 9:00 pm. FedEx offices start delivering packages at 8:00 am and stop at 9:00 pm.

FedEx Customer Service

Need help with survey or participation or redeeming of the coupon code? Below are the details will help you to reach FedEx Customer service. With these, you can easily clear your doubts and queries via call, website go-through and mailing posts of complaints and queries.

FedEx Contact Info
Corporate number+1-901-818-7500
Toll-free number+1-800-463-3339
For International services+1-800-209-6161/+1-800226161
Survey page
Post-mail address/ Corporate Office AddressFedEx Corporation, Inc


942 South Shady Grove Road,

Memphis, Tennessee-38120

United States

FedEx Near me

If you can’t find a FedEx office using your mapping apps, go to the official website and login to the “FedEx nearby” option at But before you do that, try searching “FedEx near me” on your mapping apps to see if there’s a FedEx office nearby. Once you’ve done that, allow your device to detect your current location so you can see which FedEx offices are located near you.


How to leave feedback for FedEx?

You can send your feedback to FedEx by taking part in the FedEx/welisten customer satisfaction survey at For this, you need to have your recent receipt with you when you recently paid the price for dispatching your item via FedEx. 

How to leave positive feedback for FedEx drivers?

Attend FedEx/welisten guest satisfaction survey by inputting all the valid details according to your knowledge. This helps the franchise to get positive feedback from you.

Where to give feedback for FedEx customer service?

To give feedback for FedEx customer service, you can write down your feedback at the reviews section of FedEx

What time does FedEx close?

The FedEx office remains closed after 9 pm onwards CT whereas, the FedEx delivery system goes closed after 8 pm, CT.

What time does FedEx open?

FedEx office opens from 10:00 am onwards CT whereas, FedEx begins its delivery system from 9:00 am onwards, CT.

Where is the nearest FedEx drop off?

Search for the nearest FedEx office by browsing on your mapping application by searching “FedEx near me” and get the nearest located FedEx office.

Which survey tool does FedEx use?

FedEx uses its own official survey tool known as to gather all the satisfied reactions of its customers.

What are FedEx rewards?

FedEx rewards it’s lucky customers with a concession of 5% on the price of the dispatch for the next print of their order.

Where to buy the FedEx gift card?

To purchase the gift card of FedEx, one has first to fill up the survey form, and win a promo code after the submission of the survey. You can either purchase it online or else can visit the FedEx office to redeem your coupon for dispatching your item.

How do I file a complaint with FedEx?

To file a complaint against a FedEx vehicle or driver, dial +1-800-463-3339, the FedEx customer service number. For this matter, you need to provide details to the servicer, your item, or accommodation number as well as the license number of that item.


Handled with care and love, FedEx delivers your accommodations to your doorstep in less time compared to other delivery systems. We couldn’t stay-back from letting you know all the valid information related to the FedEx/welisten survey.  If you feel satisfied or dissatisfied with FedEx services you can feel free to join survey. Yes, if you follow the instructions on this page and do so carefully, you will be fine. This page contains all of the valid information that is needed for your minutes with the survey to be approved by FedEx authorities as precautions are taken to ensure safety.

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