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As society progresses, people tend to realize the importance of being fit and healthy, and in the conquest of this, they turn up to exercises and occasional sports. One of the best places to buy it is from Dick’s Sporting Goods. With good quality sports products, if you are sure to get a reward, what else do you need? Do you want to know how? It’s simple. Dick’s has started a customer satisfaction survey for its loyal customers to give their feedback. is valuable to them. Hence, to appreciate every customer who participates in the survey, they provide free coupons at the end of the survey. Keep reading for more information on Dick’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and rewards.

All About Dicks Survey @

Dick’s Sporting Goods, popularly called Dick’s, is one of the best sports goods retailers in the USA. Dick’s has started a customer satisfaction survey called Tell Dick’s Sporting Goods at Every Dick’s customer, old and new, can take part in this survey. This Dick’s sporting goods survey is a means for Dick’s to get feedback from its customers and use it to improve its services. image
Dicks Feedback image

Dicks Sporting Goods Feedback Importance

The Dicks Customer Satisfaction Survey helps businesses to know their customers well and gives every possible information on how to satisfy their customers. To create a better buying environment for their customers and to get the suggestion/complaints from them, Dick’s Sporting Goods has started a survey called Tell Dick’s Sporting Goods (

This Dicks Feedback Survey will help them satisfy their customer needs more prominently. Dicks knows how valuable customer feedback is to them. To express their gratitude toward the customers who put their time and efforts to complete Dick’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, they give them rewards. To know the details of the prizes, read further.

Dicks Sporting Goods Rewards

Customer Feedback is essential for any organization, and one prominent way to achieve it is by conducting a survey. After completing Dicks Sporting Goods Survey, you will get a $10 off coupon. Yes, you will get $10 coupon at dick’s store for taking survey You can use the Dicks coupon code on your next visit. You can receive a $10 off on the purchase of $50 or more from any Dick’s store at any location near you.

Eligibility to Complete Dicks Sporting Goods Survey

To participate in Dicks Sporting Goods Customer Survey at, you have to fulfil some eligibilities.

  • The age limit is 18 years or above to take part in Dick’s Survey.
  • A fair knowledge of English or Español is needed to participate in the survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of the USA.

Rules for Dicks Feedback Survey

  • A purchase receipt is required to take part in the Tell Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey. This is important since you need some information from the purchase receipt like store number, register number, and so on.
  • You must participate in Dick’s Survey within seven days of your visit to Dick’s Store.
  • Participant or any of their relative must not be working at any Dick’s Sporting Goods store.
  • Dicks Sporting Goods receipt is valid for 7 days only. So you need to complete.
  • Dickssportinggoods Survey Prize is not transferable.

Tell Dicks Sporting Goods Survey Requirements

The basic requirements to take part in the Dicks Sporting Goods Feedback Survey are mentioned below:

  • You need the recent purchase receipt of your visit to Dick’s store to participate in the This receipt will have certain information without which you cannot enter the survey.
  • Since Dick’s Feedback Survey is online, you need a laptop, tab, or smartphone.
  • Proper Internet connection to take part in Dick’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • Aware of English/ Español to take part in Dick’s Feedback Survey.

Dicks Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey usually has questions related to your experiences and expectations. You need to answer the questions truthfully as the main aim of Dick’s to conduct this survey is to improve their services and satisfy their customers. The questions may be generally on.

  • Overall satisfaction rate 
  • The reason why you picked Dick’s store
  • Shipping, good or bad
  • Staff behavior, product knowledge
  • Price and quality of the merchandise sold at Dick’s
  • Product availability
  • Interactions with different departments like athletic apparel, bikes and skates, camping and hiking, etc.
  • Describe your overall experience
  • Personal questions after feedback like age, gender, and so on.

Steps to Participate in Dick’s Sporting Goods Feedback Survey

To participate and successfully complete the Tell Dicks Sporting Goods Survey, please check out the following instructions:

  • Visit Dick’s Customer Satisfaction Survey website, tell, to take part in the survey. If your store number is 4000 or above, you have to visit to take part in the survey. 
  • Then choose the language of your choice, English or Español, located at the bottom of the survey page.
DICK S Sporting Goods - Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Now enter the store number, register number, transaction number, transaction date, and total purchase amount printed on the receipt. Click Start to begin the survey.
  • Start answering the survey questions and rate their services honestly on your recent purchase experiences in their stores. 
  • After answering the feedback question, you have to enter your valid email id.
  • Then submit your feedback.
  • You will receive a $10 coupon at Dick’s for taking survey.

About Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is an American fortune 500 company. It is the largest sporting goods retailer in the USA. Dick’s deals with all kinds of sporting products like athletic apparel, athletic shoes, outerwear sportswear, fitness and outdoor equipment, footwear, boots, bicycles, and so on. It’s an ideal place to visit if you want any kind of sports goods.

Richard “Dick” Stack started Dick’s Sporting Goods in Binghamton, New York, in 1948. Initially, it was a fishing tackle store but soon grew to become one of the largest sports retailers. Its headquarters is located in Coraopolis, PA, USA. It has around 850 stores with almost 30,000 employees.

Dicks Sporting Goods Hours

Dick’s Sporting Goods store working hours are from 9.00 am to 9.30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and from 10.00 am to 7 pm (Sundays). You can even call Dick’s store to check their working hours. You can use Dick’s online services also.

Dick’s Customer Service

If you have any complaints and feedback about Dick’s services, you can contact its customer services. Dick’s Sporting Goods official website has live chat facilities too. You can reach Dick’s Sporting Goods using the details given below.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Contact Info
Contact Number1-877-846-9997
Survey Page

Dicks Sporting Goods Near Me

It is effortless to locate the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods store. You follow any one of the steps given below to find Dick’s near you:

  • Find a store: Visit Dick’s official website, you can see “Find a Store” on the top right. By adding your location, you can find the nearest Dick’s Store.
  • Dick’s Mobile app: You can also use Dick’s mobile app (download from Play Store or App Store) to find the nearest store.


Where can I buy Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards?

You can buy Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards at any Dick’s store. You can even purchase an e-gift card online through Dick’s official website or mobile app.

What time does Dick’s open?

Dick’s opens at 9.00 am (Monday to Saturday) and 9.30 pm (Sunday).

What time does Dick’s close?

Dick’s closes at 9.30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and 7.00 pm (Sunday).

Who owns Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Edward Stack is the largest shareholder of Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

Why didn’t I receive an email after I submitted a survey on Dick’s Sporting Goods?

You might have given the wrong email id. You have to call their customer services 1-877-846-9997, or you can visit their official website and chat with their customer care representatives to check on why you didn’t receive an email after completing the survey.

Who sells Dick’s gift cards?

You can buy Dick’s gift cards at any Dick’s store or online on Dick’s official website or mobile app. 

How much is on my Dick’s gift card?

You can check the balance on your gift card by visiting Dick’s official website and entering your card number and pin in the Gift card section. You can even ask at a store for your card balance.

How to use Dick’s reward card?

Dick’s reward card can be redeemed only on the purchase of products by presenting the card at the time of billing in stores or by entering the code during online shopping in Dick’s official websites.

Where is the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods?

The nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods store depends on your location. You can use “Find a store” on Dick’s website or Google maps to locate the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Dick’s Customer Satisfaction Survey offers its customers an opportunity to win a reward in exchange for their feedback. You can win the prize by participating in the survey. You just have to follow all the information given here. We have done our best to get all the vital information about to help you to complete the survey without any difficulty.

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