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Casey’s Pizza Survey – Win Amazing $500 Gift Card

If you wish to have some discounts on pizza and sandwiches or get huge discounts on groceries, just take Casey’s survey. Yes! Casey’s is conducting a survey to obtain data regarding customer satisfaction and how far their services are relevant. They wish to know whether they are satisfying customers up to the mark or not. Being a convenience store, they wish to know if the products are helpful. Is there any product missing which the customer requires in day-to-day life or any more additions to pizza and sandwiches? There are lots of sections which you might think need to be improved. They easily conveyed such things to this brand via survey. The survey is about customers’ overall satisfaction and their suggestions. This business enterprise requires honest feedback for its growth. It may be negative or positive. Because proper strategies are formulated only when considered both bad and good. Survey Image Survey Image

Caseys Feedback Survey

Survey NameCasey’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
Receipt Validity7 Days
RewardsChance to win $500 Gift Card
Age Required18 Years or Above
LanguagesEnglish / Spanish
Entry LimitOne Entry per Month per Receipt

Casey’s is a famous brand that has been serving a significant number of households for many years. This brand is very popular in terms of its services and products that make customers happy about it. However, it can be tricky for such a huge organization to satisfy each and every consumer equally. Without proper guidance or a consumer’s support regarding its status, this brand cannot proceed further efficiently. Those who visited this brand recently and made a purchase can effortlessly provide their feedback with their receipts. isn’t just about you helping them; through this survey, you can win amazing gift cards by entering into sweepstakes. This brand is holding monthly drawings for those who give feedback. Every month one grand prize winner will get to win a merchandise hamper or $500. So hurry up. It only takes a few minutes to share the shopping experience by answering a pretty basic questionnaire.

Why is Casey’s Survey Important?

Survey plays an essential role in communication with consumers. Data provided by buyers is important as from that data, owners can realize where they are lacking and what area in their operation requires attention. For any business to develop and fulfill customers’ demands and expectations is the secret to its success. 

Casey’s feedback survey online helps collect data safely from consumers and assists the company in analyzing common demands and problems faced by end-users. Overall, all kinds of info, including suggestions, opinions, grievances, etc., help define the steps of this convenience store in formulating strategies. As a result of all these, it is assured that consumers will obtain a better shopping experience in his/her next visit to this brand. Well, as a customer, what more do you need other than a fantastic shopping experience?!

Although better services and goods are real advantages of participating in this questionnaire, there are some other incredible benefits too. Those who share their critique will earn themselves a free ticket to sweepstakes. Now, sweepstakes which are held every month will have winners who win $500 worth of gift cards.

Casey’s Rewards for Entering Survey Sweepstakes

Casey’s offers exciting rewards to customers who spared both their time and efforts in delivering their honest responses to its questionnaire. Gift cards provided as prizes for those who gave feedback and won sweepstakes will be very useful. A $500 gift card, given as a prize for winners of monthly drawings, will bring huge discounts on any purchases. That gift card is redeemable in any of this organization’s outlets on purchases. Presenting such a huge valued gift card for payments will indeed prove to be a beneficiary on receiving discounts. Effortlessly participate in Casey’s Customer Survey to get a free and direct entry into sweepstakes and stand a chance to win rewards. Although giving feedback online can be a gateway to drawings, one can also join those offline via mailing(which is explained in further topics).

Sweepstakes Rules:

  • survey winners are announced and declared through random drawings. Customers’ responses have nothing to do with winning prizes. Hence, no need to hesitate in delivering any negative or bad reviews.
  • Sweepstakes aren’t sponsored. 
  • No one is eligible to transfer or convert rewards into any other forms. 
  • Gift cards are easily redeemable in any of this grocery chain’s outlets. Combining previous discounts or offers with these rewards are strictly prohibited.

Casey’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules and Conditions

  • None of the consumers should mislead or misuse this survey. One must abide by rules. If any malpractices observed, it can lead to a respective person’s immediate elimination.
  • Per receipt, one person can participate.
  • Questions are available in English and Spanish. Meaning, all participants of its survey are bound to have sufficient knowledge (to read and write) in any one language of those 2.
  • A purchase receipt is useful to give critique within 7 days of its date of issue. After 7 days, a purchase receipt will expire, and thus, one must acquire a fresh new receipt to give feedback.
  • Rewards may differ for everyone, so some may get discounts on groceries, and some may get it on food, pizza, or sandwiches.
  • Any damage to the gift card won’t lead to any compensation.
  • Reward winners are solely responsible for paying taxes, if applicable, put by the state on purchases. Stores are not responsible for taxes. 
  • Gift cards are redeemable only in Casey’s stores.


  • Individuals should be legal citizens of the United States of America. Residents of the District of Columbia, too, are allowed to partake in it.
  • online needs a definite purchase, thereby a receipt.
  • Minimum age of participants should be 18. All those who want to share critiques via should have attained at least 18 years of age.
  • Employees of this business enterprise prohibited from engaging in it. Immediate family members of those employees, too, are not allowed to do so.
  • From each household, only one member can be a winner in random drawings.
  • One can give feedback every month but with a new receipt.


  • A valid email address.
  • Receipt from a previous purchase not older than a week.
  • A mobile, laptop, computer, or any other smart gadget to access its digital questionnaire.
  • Stable and sufficient internet connection to ensure a smooth flow of delivering critiques.

Casey’s Feedback Survey Questions

Caseys survey may have queries that can resemble these, as mentioned below:

  • How frequently do you visit us?
  • Did you have to wait for a long time in the queue during your checkout?
  • Which of our outlet’s departments is your favorite?
  • How easy and effortless was it for you to pick your desired commodities? (Give ratings on a scale of 1-10)
  • Rate our store’s cleanliness on a scale of 1-5.
  • Were you satisfied with our staff’s behavior?
  • Do you have any suggestions for our fast food section?
  • Were you content with our menu of food items?
  • How much time did it take for you to locate any required section?
  • Rate your agreement with safety measures that you observed in our outlet?
  • Was the parking lot spacious?
  • Do you recommend any additions to sandwiches or sauces?
  • Rate your overall satisfaction from 1 to 10.

How to Participate in Casey’s Online Survey?

Step 1: First, go to the Caseys Official Survey Website – A page will appear in English as its default language. People can select the option “Espanol” if they prefer Spanish over English.

Casey's feedback Survey Page Image

Step 2: After choosing between those 2 languages, customers will have to provide a unique 18-digit code and date of visit. They will securely print both these pieces of info on a purchase receipt.

Step 3: Later, click on “Start”. Then, candidates will get navigated towards a set of questions.

Step 4: Those questions, as discussed above, will most probably be based on a consumer’s recent shopping experience in this franchise. Answer all those questions honestly. It is a complete myth that only a positive response gives prizes. 

Step 5: Once answering all questions in survey, leave a suggestion in the box. After that, click on “Submit”.

Step 6: Subsequently, individuals will get directed towards a page asking for their details. Details like email ID, name, telephone number, etc., are some that a consumer must submit. 

Step 7: After that, select “Submit” to deliver all responses. Thus, an official sweepstakes entry is confirmed.

Email Method to Casey’s Sweepstakes Entry

First method to enter sweepstakes is by participating in the survey online, as explained above. If you have completed that online procedure as explained, then you are immediately directed to free entry in sweepstakes. In any case, an individual who hasn’t made any purchase nor obtained a receipt but wants to join sweepstakes can follow these methods:


Email on by giving “Guest satisfaction survey sweepstakes” as the subject and in the body provide details like name, number, pin code, state, city, mail ID, DOB, etc.


  • Per month, one entry into random drawings is allowed.
  • Sweepstakes entries via emails do not need receipts. Thus, no need to purchase for joining random drawings via mailing.
  • If it received any duplicate entries, a candidate will get disqualified immediately.

About Casey’s

Casey’s is an American general convenience store. Since 1959, it has been rendering great products and services to families of Midwestern and Southern regions of the country. All of this organization’s outlets provide essentials like dairy products, bakery commodities, liquors, etc. They also sell a wide range of pizzas, sandwiches, beverages, donuts, tobacco stocks, and beauty commodities as well. With more than 200 stores in 16 states, consumers can easily find one of its outlets in a short distance. 

Casey also supplies items to other general stores across states. This general store typically carries 3,000 food and non-food items. But, 90% of its outlets comprise beer stock. They have also started selling school requirements, pet requirements like food and bowls, houseware items, as well as automotive products.

Casey’s Hours

Casey’s stores open at 9 am and close at 8 pm. And those timings apply from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the opening timings will be 8 pm, and the closing timings will be 5 pm. Although, all of this franchise’s outlets don’t follow similar timings. All locations will be closed on Sundays. However, during festivities like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Black Friday, Labor Day, etc., locations will stay open. Stores offer fresh food delivery from 10 to 11 pm.

Casey’s Customer Services

Customer services are essential to maintain the balance between a business and consumers. It’s important for a firm to keep a check on its quality, quantity, and current trends to stay upbeat in this competitive market. Casey’s provides customer services, a platform where consumers can freely express their issues and suggestions and solve them.

ContentsContact Info
Casey’s Phone Number18669220767
Headquarters Number5159656100
Casey’s Website
Casey’s HeadquartersAnkeny, Iowa, United States

Casey’s Near Me

You can locate the nearest Casey’s store on its official website or app. Furthermore, using the store locator,, and providing zip code and other location details, one can find their closest Casey’s. Another great way for that purpose is, relying on Google Maps. Just go to Google Maps and type “Casey’s near me” in the search bar.


Does anyone won Casey’s survey gift card?

Yes. Every month among all entries of Casey’s monthly sweepstakes, there will be winners.

How do I make a complaint to Casey’s?

Register complaints to Casey’s via

How do you get free pizza at Casey’s?

To get free pizza at Casey’s, one must become a Rewards Member. One will get a free pizza when they buy 10 qualifying pizzas.

Is Casey’s pizza good?

Casey’s pizzas are renowned for their fluffy yet tasty layers. So, yes. One can say that its pizzas are good.

What time does Casey’s open?

Usually, most Casey’s general stores open between 9 am, and 11 am on all days except Sunday, where they remain closed. However, these timings differ from state to state.

What time does Casey’s close?

We can observe most Casey’s outlets closing at 9 pm on all days and 5 pm on Saturday. But, it is important to note that some locations may follow different timings.

Who owns Casey’s general stores?

Currently, Darren Rebelez is Casey’s CEO. Donald Lambert was its founder.

Where is the nearest Casey’s?

Go to for finding your nearest Casey’s.

How many Casey’s stores are there?

Casey’s operates in 2146 locations.

How to find balance on Casey’s gift card?

Anyone can call at (800) 522-7159 to know their Casey’s gift card balance. Besides, consumers can check their gift card balance online on its app or offline by visiting its physical stores.

Final Verdict

Casey’s is an American departmental retailer store. This brand serves all kinds of individuals with a wide range of commodities. It has grown to a great firm and has earned a lot of clienteles. But, it is, as always, trying to know more about consumers’ tastes and preferences. Thus, Via this survey medium, customers can express their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or issues. That way, not only improved services are the results, but individuals will also enter sweepstakes and can win a whopping $500 gift card.

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