From $5000 Gift Cards to 50 Bonus Fuel Points Win Exceptional Rewards at Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Well, Kroger Guest Experience Survey Online is definitely a sea of rewards for customers who have recently shopped at Kroger stores

To grab this amazing opportunity all you need is a Kroger purchase receipt not older than 7 days

Furtherly, on your browser visit site and give the details as asked from your receipt

Next up, you will be coming across a questionnaire that wants to seek your satisfaction level with this retail store.

Lastly, its time to provide your personal details so as to receive the instant 50 bonus fuel points as well as a free entry pass into sweepstakes

Voila. You are now 50 bonus fuel points rich and an official contestant of Kroger sweepstakes

Do you not have a purchase receipt with you but still want to compete in these random drawings? We got you

Neatly write all of your personal contact details including DOB, on a 3x5 business card and mail it to mail it to: Kroger Survey Sweepstakes Entry, PO Box 728, Social Circle, GA 30025-728

So now all those who have entered the sweepstakes have an equal chance to win $5000 and $100 gift cards

Meaning, each sweepstakes period has one grand prize winner of $5000 gift card & 100 first prize winners each grabbing $100 gift card

So if you are squealing with excitment of winning huge & hefty prizes wait no more and seize this chance

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