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Orscheln Farm & Home Customer Satisfaction Survey to win Free Gift Cards

It isn’t easy to get rewards with Orscheln; after all, it’s one of the leading companies for Farm and Home supplies. If you have tried the products by Orscheln even once you already love it, but if you haven’t visited Orscheln. The Orscheln Customer Survey @ presents an exceptional opportunity for its customers to gain rewards by just filling up their simple survey. After filling out your receipt details, you will have to answer a few simple questions based on your experience with Orscheln during your last interaction with them. Once you’ve finished, you will be offered several Orscheln coupons by the company itself. Survey

Tellofh Survey offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for the loyal customers of Orscheln. There are quite a few striking features and unique qualities about the Orscheln Farm and House survey. However exciting gifts offer from the company after completion of the feedback is the best part about it all.

Orscheln Fram and Home Survey image
Orscheln Fram and Home Survey image

Orscheln Farm and House Guest Survey is a rare initiative taken by the company to get to know what their customers think of them. The Tell OFH survey is simple and is presented in the form of a feedback survey. However, to take part in the Orscheln Customer Survey, there are a few requirements that have been put forth by the company. These are a must for any customer who wishes to take the survey.

Why is Tellofh Survey so crucial for Customer?

Tellofh Survey can also be seen as a new procedure by which the company is keeping a check on its staff stationed at the stores located all over the country. Orscheln feedback will help the company analyze how the staff are behaving with customers. Along with making sure the team is working towards the growth and development of the company.  

With the Tellofh Survey, customers have an opportunity to share their experience with the company. The Orscheln Farm and house feedback will offer better service to the customers. T which in turn will not only help the company gain more loyal customers but also grow. We can even say that the customers are getting rewarded by the company for interacting with them.

Orscheln Rewards Card

Customers who complete the Orscheln Customer Survey, the company has kept exciting offers. After the completion of the feedback, the customer will be rewarded with an Orscheln rewards card, which will consist of several Orscheln coupons. These Orscheln rewards are best advised to be used at the next visit to the Orscheln store by the customer. As soon as you finish the Tellofh Survey, you will be liable for receiving exciting rewards that are kept in store by the company.

The feedback survey by Orscheln offers the customers a unique chance to receive rewards, with almost not a single buck from their pocket. The Tellofh Survey can be seen as a once in a lifetime offer to claim amazing offers from the company by only spending a few minutes online, answering some general questions. The coupon received at the end of the survey can be redeemed at the next visit to the Orscheln store. The coupon will enable the customer to revive a discount on their items purchased as well as get a few more benefits.

Who can participate in Orscheln Survey?

  • The person should not be a child, but an adult of the age eighteen or more. 
  • It is necessary to be known as a resident of the United States. 
  • Furthermore, you should know how to understand and read English and Spanish. 
  • All of the Orscheln staff are not permitted to take part in the Tellofh Survey. Even their family members are not enabled to do so. 

Rules for Orscheln Farm and House Survey

  • The customer must be a resident of one of the 11 States in the United States, which has the Orscheln stores in them. 
  • Participants must be of 18 years of age or more. 
  • Tellofh Survey can only be taken online; any other means taken won’t make you liable for any reward by the company. 
  • You can use Orscheln coupon after 45 days after taking Survey
  • A customer can only redeem one prize at a month if they have more rewards to redeem; they will have to wait until the next month. 
  • The benefits of the reward can only be received at Orscheln stores, redemption at the website of the company will not be accepted. 
  • No exchange of cash is allowed with the reward. 
  • The receipt used to enter into the Tellofh Survey is required while redeeming the reward.

What do you need to complete Orscheln feedback?

  •  The individual who wants to take part in the Orscheln Survey must have a good internet connection as well as a gadget by which they can run the survey. 
  • To participate in the Tellofh Survey, the customer must have their receipt from their previous visit to the Orscheln store. 
  • Individual must have knowledge of English or Espanol Language
  • The receipt used should be a day or two old. 

What did they ask in Orscheln Customer Survey?

  • Once you have successfully reached the Tellofh Survey page, you will be asked to fill in the entire survey based on your previous visit to the store. You are required to be honest while providing your feedback and complaints. 
  • Initially, you will be asked to rate your recent experience at the Orscheln store. You will have to evaluate your entire experience on a scale of 5. 
  • Next, you will be required to describe different departments of the stores and what impression their interaction has on you. 
  • You will be asked to answer a few more questions related to your previous visit, and at the end of the survey, you will have to fill in your age and gender. After which you will receive your reward. 

How to participate in Orscheln Farm and House Guest Survey?

Follow these simple steps to complete the Orscheln farm & house satisfaction survey online.

Orscheln Farm and Home Customer Satisfaction Survey Image
  1. First of all Visit Orscheln Survey official website link: to start the process.
  2. Now enter Store Number, Date of purchase, Time, Transaction Number and bill amount spent from the Orscheln purchase receipt.
  3. Click on the Start button to start Orscheln farm and house guest survey and fill the required details asked on the page with the help of your receipt from your latest visit to the Orscheln store. 
  4. After filling in the information asked, click on the start button.
  5. As Tellofh Survey begins, you will have to answer each of the questions honestly based on your experience and then submit the survey.
  6. Once you have completed this, you will be given your promised reward in the form of a Validation code, which you will need to keep safe to redeem your prize in the future visit.

Everything about Orscheln Farm & House

The Orscheln Farm & House is a retail company that started in 1960 in Moberly, Missouri. The retail chain is part of the Orscheln group. It is a family-owned business, but even though it wasn’t even born a century ago today, it is the retail store that brings back the trust of buyers and customers into the retail service. The Orscheln Farm & House is a trusted brand name among American farmers, as the products and services provided by this company are widely bought around the country.

The company provides a multitude of services and various products, which include the purchase of land, hunting and fishing types of equipment, pets, farm animals, cooling items, wild birds, and much more. The Orscheln Farm & House is a loved country in America, its products are widely brought and appreciated, the same goes for their services. It is quite commendable to see how a small retail chain owned by a family is today one of the fastest-growing retail chains in America with excellent services provided to the customers.

Orscheln Hours of Operation

The Orscheln Hours are the same all over the country; all 175 stores located in the United States have the same working hours. Each Orscheln store opens at 8:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. However, every Sunday, the Orscheln stores open at 9:00 am and close at 6:00 pm. The working hours of the stores may vary during the festive season and festival days and even on national holidays.

Orscheln Customer Service

Orscheln provides many ways by which their customers can reach them; there are a few different ways of customer services provided by Orscheln:

Orscheln Contact Details
Contact Number(800) 577-2580
Mailing AddressOrscheln Farm and Home Supply, LLC, 1800
Overcenter Drive, Moberly, Missouri 65270.
Survey Page

What is the best way of locating an Orscheln Near me?

To find the nearest Orscheln store near you in today’s tech-savvy world, the easiest method would be to look up Orscheln near me on the search operator. Orscheln has a page of its own on its website dedicated solely to making it easier for customers to track their nearest Orscheln store. All you have to do is visit this link:, and fill in the required details; the page will load up the nearest Orscheln store to you. The page is this most accurate and liable to locate your go-to Orscheln store. 


How many Orscheln stores are there?

There are around 175 Orscheln stores in the United States, and the latest store was set up in Texas. The stores have been set up at 11 different states all over the country, with headquarters at Moberly, Missouri. 

What time does Orscheln close? 

The Orscheln stores close at 8 pm from Monday to Saturday, but every Sunday, the Orscheln stores close at 6:00 pm. The working hours of the stores may vary during the festive season and festival days and even on national holidays. 

Where are the Orscheln stores?

With over 175 stores all over the country and headquarters at Moberly, Missouri, the Orscheln stores are located in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

How many stores does Orscheln farm and homes have?

As of May 2011, there are 175 Orscheln stores all over the United States. The stores are located in the following regions: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas. The headquarters of Orscheln is still located in Moberly, Missouri. 

What are the rewards for participating in the Orscheln farm & house survey? 

The rewards offered for participating in the Orscheln Farm and Home Survey is a coupon by the company. This Orscheln coupon redeemed at your next visit to the Orscheln store. The coupon will let you receive a discount on your next purchase and might even give a few more benefits to the store. 

How many times can I take the Orscheln survey?

An Orscheln survey can only be taken once per receipt. This policy is to ensure that a single person doesn’t shape the data received by the company to their opinion or experience as many customers as possible can take advantage of this unique offer. 

Why is not working for me? 

The receipt you are using can be old or not applicable to the survey. Kindly check the eligibility criteria as well as rules and requirements of the survey. If you seem to be fit for the survey and still are not able to take it, immediately contact customer services. 

Overview of  Tellofh Survey

Orscheln Farm & House satisfaction survey is a unique way of taking feedback from the customers. As the survey not only benefits the company, the customers are assisted as well. This is done not by just getting gift cards and other offers, but also getting the chance to express their grievances or any problem they might have faced during their visit to the store. The company also receives an opportunity to hear from the customers directly, and realize the image customers have of the company. This simplicity and easy access to the survey is another attractive point that the company has kept in mind.

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