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Dunkin Donuts Survey@ – Grab Free Donuts!

Whoever has a love and fetish for deep-fried dessert options, are definitely familiar with doughnuts. Doughnuts are considered as one of the oldest forms of fried pastries and made with simple ingredients like flour, sugar, egg, and butter etc. Dunkin Donut is definitely one of them. An average American favourite place for Doughnuts and Espresso is Dunkin Donut. survey conducted by the Dunkin Donuts to escalate their business. image
Dunkin Donuts Survey image

As Dunkin Donuts take their customer feedback seriously. Along with other retailing services, the food industry has also become sensitive and requires constant feedback from their customers to stay high in the business. So, like any other business, Dunkin Donuts Customer satisfaction survey to know what their customers want. TellDunkin com survey aiming at collecting valuable data about the services and products sold by a specific company. 

What is TellDunkin Survey?

TellDunkin Customer Satisfaction Survey is the primary objective to collect some necessary data to improve their business. To achieve what they have expected, Dunkin Donut has curated some of the fundamental questions for the customers. These TellDunkin guest survey help the customers to honestly express their feedback to build up their future business strategy. In general, the questions asked during the Dunkin Donuts survey are regarding the quality of food, service, staff etiquette, and the overall experience after your visit to Dunkin Donuts.  So, from the next time you visit any of the Dunkin Donuts stores, do give a try to and grab your free doughnut, on your next visit. 

Why is Dunkin Donuts Experience Survey so Important?

 Restaurant businesses are definitely customer-oriented and that’s why their feedback is equally important. Same goes for Dunkin Donuts, it is one of the very few names in the food industry that only works with one and two types of food. Doughnuts usually don’t fall under the versatile food category. So, for a business, which wants to play around this one particular food and some espressos only, to build their brands, constant innovation and recipe developments are necessary. Even the smallest of feedback can take the organization many steps further during the strategic discussions. And that is why Dunkin Donuts guest survey is so important.  

Dunkin Donuts Rewards & Coupons

The primary intentions of Tell Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey to make some benefits for the companies. Dunkin Donuts offers customers the ultimate rewards. The Telldunkin surveys are also no difference at all. You will get exciting cash prizes and promo codes to the customers who take part in the Dunkin Donuts Satisfaction Survey.

Yes, TellDunkin offers free doughnuts to every participant for taking part in the survey. Other than the classic doughnut, there are some special rewards as well, which Dunkin Donuts occasionally lure their customers with. Some of the exclusive rewards include a cup of coffee free with your next doughnut order on the store or even three soft ice creams with your order of any doughnuts of your choice. Sparing 5 minutes for survey in exchange for free treats, pretty steal isn’t it?

Tell Dunkin Donuts Guest Survey Eligibility

Like every single customer satisfaction survey, Telldunkin also sets some essential eligibility criteria for customers. These criteria are acting as a sieve to restrict unnecessary traffic on their website. 

  • The individuals have to be legal native or citizens of any of the 50 states of the USA.
  • The customer, who wants to take part in the TellDunkin survey must be 13 years old or above.
  • A valid receipt from your last visit to the Dunkin Donuts is necessary.
  • An understandable knowledge of English and Spanish is required to take survey.

TellDunkin Guest Survey Rules & Conditions

The rules to take part in the tell Dunkin Donuts guest survey are pretty basic and straight forward by all means. There are also some premises, where the rules and the eligibility criteria collide with each other as well. So, the rules to take part in the survey are:

  • At least one minimum visit to the Dunkin Donuts store near you is mandatory.
  • Any person related to any Dunkin Donuts employees is not eligible to take part in the TellDunkin survey.
  • An active payment receipt from the last visit to Dunkin Donuts is required.
  • A single coupon per visit is permissible only.
  • The survey has to be completed within 3 days from your last Dunkin Donuts visit.
  • The final validation code, after you take part in the survey has to be redeemed within 180 from the last purchase.

Things you Need to Take Part in Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction

There is some underlying hardware and information you are going to need to take part in the Telldunkin survey. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Laptop, or a smartphone, computer or a tablet, where there is provision for connecting to the Internet.
  • A valid email id with an active telephone numbers.
  • A valid receipt from your last visit to the Dunkin Donuts store with an active survey code.
  • An understandable knowledge of either English or Spanish to take survey.

Dunkin Donuts Feedback Questions

Some of the most probable Tell Dunkin Donuts Survey questions, the customer get during their feedback at survey.

  • Rate us about the ambience of the Dunkin Donuts store you have visited recently.
  • Write in three to four lines about what you think about the Dunkin Donuts store you visited?
  • Did the services you get at the Dunkin Donuts store are satisfactory?
  • Did the staff greet you right after you entered the store?
  • Rate the friendliness of the staff.
  • Did the staff give rightful answers to all your queries about the menu?
  • Did you get exactly what you ordered?
  • Are the Dunkin Donut stores you have visited clean enough?
  • How is your overall experience?
  • Rate the food based on the following
    • Temperature
    • Quality
    • Accuracy of your order
    • Taste of the food
    • Price point.
  • Rate the wait timing between your order placement and food delivery.
  • Is there any problem you experience during your visit?
  • How likely are you going to return to the Dunkin Donut store within the next 30 days?
  • How likely are you going to recommend Dunkin Donuts to your friends and family?
  • Write in detail about what can be improved in the Dunkin Donut services to provide you with a better experience on your next visit.

How To Participate in Dunkin Donut Survey?

The process of participating in the Telldunkin survey is very easy and straightforward, just like the rules and eligibility criteria.  

  • Visit the Dunkin Donuts Satisfaction Survey official website, i.e. to take part in the survey.
  • If you get an option of choosing the language between English and Spanish, choose accordingly based on your desired preference. 
  • Check out the recent purchase receipt you have and you will find Dunkin donut survey code in the below section of it.
  • Enter the survey code and then click start, to officially initiate the TellDunkin survey.
dunkin donuts guest satisfaction survey image
  • There are also some cases, where the receipt does not contain any survey code whatsoever. 
  • In that case, click on the link mentioned in the survey page, and you will redirected to a new survey page, where some new set of information has to be entered. 
  • Enter the 6-digit store id, which you are going to find in the top section of your receipt and then click next.
  • In both cases, after clicking the next tab, the questionnaire page will come to the screen, and the customer has to enter some honest feedback about the food and service.
  • On successful submission of the survey, a coupon code will be visible on your screen. And you need to write down the coupon code and avail the proposed rewards on their next visit to the Dunkin Donuts store before the validation of the coupon ends.

About Dunkin’ Coffeehouse Company

Dunkin Donuts is one of those very few food joints originated from the United States of America, who emphasizes on selling one or maybe two types of food items, yet managed to stay in business for over 6 or 7 decades. Established a few years after WWII ended, during the 1950s, by William Rosenberg, it was acquired by the Baskin and Robins during 1990 as a part of the strategic merger. Though primarily all the Dunkin Donuts stores are located in the United stores, they mark their footsteps on other continents as well. Worldwide known for its doughnuts and bagels, Dunkin Donuts is also famous for its coffee/flavoured espresso and decafs as well. 

This particular fast food joint has become so popular among the average Americans that they have been ranked in the Top position for consecutive 12 years. If you check their stats and number, you will find around 13000 Dunkin Donuts restaurants around 41 countries in the world. With all-day sandwich options and state-of-the-art espresso and beverage service all way long, Dunkin has literally given their heart and soul to their business. From modern day’s one-the-go online ordering system to go sustainable for the betterment of the environment, Dunkin has been showing its responsibility to both its customers and the world at the same time since its inception.

Dunkin Donuts Hours

Though the regular opening and closing hours of the Dunkin Donuts are somehow similar in most of their locations, during holidays that changes accordingly based on the footfall. There are some special Dunkin Donut stores as well, which keep open themselves 24X7, all around the year. The generic active hours of a Dunkin Donut headquarters are as follows:

Dunkin Hours of Operation
Monday4.00 AM -07.00 PM
Tuesday4.00 AM -07.00 PM
Wednesday4.00 AM -07.00 PM
Thursday4.00 AM -07.00 PM
Friday4.00 AM -07.00 PM
Saturday4.00 AM -07.00 PM
Sunday4.00 AM -07.00 PM

 Dunkin Customer Support

Facing different issues and having multiple queries are pretty standard if you are planning to take the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the Dunkin Donuts. Customers may have a question about eligibility or the rules and even rewards as well. Questions regarding the eligibility of the validation code and survey code are pretty common among the customers as well. The customer support team is available from 08.30 am to 05.00 pm over various mediums to help out the customers. The customer service detail of Telldunkin survey is as follows:

Dunkin Donuts Contact Info
Telephone Number1-800-447-0013
Customer Service

How To Find The Dunkin Donut Store Near Me?

The safest and undoubtedly the easiest means of finding a store near you is to consult the official Dunkin Donuts website. The website has a separate store locator tab, where the customers are asked to put some details like the zip code of your area and so;


Who owns Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Brands are the official owner of Dunkin Donuts. William Rosenberg is the primary founder of Dunkin Donuts, who sold his company to the famous Baskin and Robins group as a part of a strategic Merger.

How many Dunkin Donuts are there?

There are around 8,400 Dunkin Donut outlets across the United States of America.

What time does Dunkin Donuts open?

Dunkin Donuts have differing times at every branch. The headquarters branch of Dunkin Donuts opens at 4 AM. 

What time does Dunkin Donuts close?

Dunkin Donuts is a wide branched-chain store closes at 7 PM at its headquarters branch.

Where are the closest Dunkin Donuts?

One can take help either from the google maps or from the store locator tab in the official Dunkin Donuts website to find a store near you,

How to check Dunkin Donuts gift card balance?

You can visit the Dunkin Donuts official website to check out the Dunkin Donuts gift card balance you have, You can also give a call to 1-800-447-0013 to enquire about the same. 

Where do you go to do the Dunkin Donuts Survey?

The interested customer has to visit the to take part in the Dunkin Donuts Survey.

How to use the Dunkin Donuts survey coupon on the app?

The Dunkin Donut online app allows the customer to order their favourites from the Dunkin Donuts many from the comfort of their home. So if you have a survey coupon and you want to redeem that online, just enter coupon code while checking out and your free doughnut will be on your way. 

How long is a Dunkin Donuts free classic doughnut being valid after the survey?

The Dunkin Donuts free classic doughnut will be valid for 180 days since your last visit.

How long can I wait to fill the Dunkin Donuts survey?

The Dunkin Donut survey has to be completed within three days from your last visit. 

When do Dunkin Donuts survey coupons expire?

The Dunkin Donut survey coupons expire within 180 days from the last day you visited the Dunkin Donuts store for a meal. 

How to generate a Dunkin Donuts validation code without a survey?

To get a proper and activated validation code, taking part in the Telldunkin survey is mandatory, as Dunkin Donut does not support any free-range sweepstake lotteries.

What doughnut do you get for the Dunkin Donuts survey?

The customer can avail of any of the doughnuts from the Dunkin Donuts classic Donut menu, as the reward after completing the Telldunkin survey.

How many numbers have to be on the Dunkin Donuts survey for the free doughnut?

After taking the survey with the 18-digit survey code, you will receive a 5-digit validation code through which you can redeem your free doughnut reward during your next purchase at the store. 

How to check survey numbers for Dunkin Donuts?

You can check your Telldunkin survey numbers from the Dunkin Donuts receipt at the bottom section of it.

How to use Dunkin Donuts coupon QR codes?

One can get Dunkin Donuts coupon QRs instead of coupon codes, after successfully participating in the Dunkin Donuts survey. The QR code can be scanned at the Dunkin Donuts store to redeem the offer from it.

What is the difference between Dunkin and Dunkin Donuts?

Practically there is no difference between Dunkin and Dunkin Donuts. The brand previously used the latter name as they only concentrated on selling doughnuts. But as the brand grew and started working on other various food items like espressos, bagels, muffins, and sandwiches etc. they shed off the word “Donut” from their name in 2019.


Don’t miss the chance to grab your free classic doughnut or a cup of your favourite espresso from Dunkin Donuts. Take part in their survey and claim your rewards straightaway. This customer satisfaction survey is an excellent opportunity for Dunkin Donuts, to improve their services along with the qualitative and quantitative improvement of their foods. So, take part in the TellDunkin survey and enjoy better and more precise service on your next visit to the Dunkin Donuts.

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