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A company’s product is best judged by a consumer. They know exactly what needs to change and the company that values such suggestions skyrockets their sales. Baskin Robbins are very particular about their flavors and believe in improvisation. It is also necessary for the company to receive positive feedback to keep them going. Therefore, they have come up with something exciting named survey. Survey image Survey Image

Tell Baskin Robbins survey is an initiative by the company to strengthen all of its brand outlets worldwide. To make this process simple, they have crafted their own site,, where customers can leave their valuable feedback. Don’t like the current flavor launched? Let the team know and earn Baskin Robbins gift card in return. The company makes sure that the customers are happy with the service.

Baskin Robbins Survey

Thinking where to head out for a midnight craving or your first date? Baskin Robbins has you covered with our favorite frozen treats, ice cream! It has a different flavor for each day of the month. That’s right! Relish a range of ice cream flavors with your loved ones. No other brand provides 31 different palates while maintaining taste standards. Each flavor is personalized and crafted with sheer passion. 

You know what’s the best part? They ask you for feedback and suggestions! So be prepared to judge and share suggestions to make you favorite brand better.

Why Take the Tell Baskin Robbins Survey?

Baskin Robbins guest satisfaction survey gives the company a chance to provide us with better products. Be it ice cream or cake, it is effortless to make a mistake, but as loyal customers, we can guide them to correct the same.

For a company set up in America, it is hard to keep a check on each outlet in India personally. For instance, the manager is not doing justice to the store and keeping it unhygienic. There is no fault of the company, but the brand suffers. Here’s where you can step in and save the day! Tell them what’s going wrong and watch the store resurrect. 

Baskin Robbins customer survey also gives the customer a chance to have a say in their own ice cream. All sorts of complaints regarding taste are also entertained and doesn’t go unheard. The headquarters itself takes action. Your job is to take survey and be ready to witness it.

Earn These Baskin Robbins Rewards

Imagine receiving a gift every time you point out mistakes! That would be my dream job! 

Baskin Robbins rewards customers for providing their judgments. What are you waiting for? Once you finish the tell Baskin Robbins survey, you receive a Baskin Robbins validation code, which can get you 1$ off on your next purchase worth 4$ or more. You can also receive a Baskin Robbins coupon for free food. 

It is prohibited to sell the rewards you have earned. It is frowned upon and the company does not support such acts. 

Eligibility Criteria for Baskin Robbins Feedback Survey

To take part in survey, there are a few criteria 

  • Must be 18+ to enter the survey.
  • Participant must have a valid receipt from the previous store visit.
  • Must be residing in the USA.
  • Must have a basic knowledge of English, Spanish or French.

Baskin Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules and Conditions

Following are the rules for taking the Baskin Robbins customer satisfaction survey- 

  • Before taking survey, you should have recently visited the outlet and acquired a valid receipt. 
  • Answer honestly and genuinely rate their services. Fake reviews are frowned upon and may end you in trouble. 
  • Once you receive you Baskin Robbins validation code, you must use it within the next 30 days.
  • You cannot share the Baskin Robbins gift card with your relatives or friends. It is strictly for you.
  • Participant must not be working at any Baskin Robbins outlet. No employee allowed to take the review. 

Requirements for Baskin Robbins Customer Satisfaction Survey

To fill the survey, one requires the following things – 

  • A valid receipt required to give the Baskin Robbins feedback. 
  • Understanding of English, Spanish or French. 
  • A PC, laptop or mobile with an Internet connection 

Types of Questions asked in Baskin Robbins Customer Feedback

I have listed down the kinds of questions you will encounter during the survey-

  • The first thing they ask in the survey is the 18 digit Baskin Robbins survey code on the receipt. 
  • Further, you are asked about the kind of visit you paid to the store – whether you ordered through your mobile app, drive-thru, or walk-in purchase. 
  • Then, you are asked to indicate which Baskin Robbins item you ordered. 
  • Next, rate the cleanliness of the restaurant and ease of placing an order from a scale of highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. 
  • They want to know the friendliness of the crew and ask you to rate the same. 
  • After which they ask about the taste of the products and whether your preferred product was available. 
  • Further, you are asked to rate the accuracy of the product and the freshness of the product
  • The next question involves the variety of ice creams available to be evaluated. 
  • Rate your overall experience and click next. 
  • A yes or no question pops up, interrogating whether your desired product was available. 
  • Then they enquire about the likelihood of you visiting or recommending the store to anyone in the next 30 days. 
  • Then you can write your opinion regarding the visit in 1200 words. They have given you the freedom to mention any crew member’s name. 
  • They want to know whether you were offered an ice cream sample during your visit. It is a yes or no question. 
  • The next question is about the frequency of your visit to any Baskin Robbins store. 
  • Finally, you need to input your email id and you are done. 
  • Note down your unique validation code and enjoy the coupon.

How to Fill Baskin Robbins Customer Survey @

Here are the steps to fill Baskin Robbins customer feedback efficiently – 

tellbaskinrobbins survey
  1. Firstly, you have to visit the official Baskin Robbins site, 
  2. Select a language from the following three options – English, Spanish and French. The survey will be in the language you chose, so make sure you know the language. 
  3. Then, you have to provide the code written in the middle of your receipt and click START. Without it, you cannot take part as Baskin Robbins needs real opinions from people who have actually visited their store. 
  4. Answer all the survey questions that appear on the screen, honestly. Rate the customer service and the in-store experience accurately. 
  5. After, share your personal email id. 
  6. Submit the form and receive your Baskin Robbins survey coupon to redeem on your next visit. 

About Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is an American based company that specializes in frozen treats. It serves ice cream, Ice Cream Cakes and Frozen Beverages in many outlets spread throughout the world. It was established in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, hence the name Baskin-Robbins. Also, it is widely known for its ’31 Flavors’ slogan that promotes the idea of different flavors every day of the month. 

The outlets are wide-spread in 52 countries outside the US with 7500 shops. An international brand with followers worldwide. Trusted and praised for their quality ice creams, they lead the market. They are the world’s largest chain of ice cream and cake specialty shops. 

Baskin Robbins Hours

As much as we would like, sadly, Baskin Robbins does not function 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Baskin-Robbins opening hours are at 11 AM, Monday to Sunday. Its closing hours are at 10 PM, Monday to Sunday. Get your hand on those lovely treats before the shops close down. Hurry! 

Baskin Robbins Contact Details

Baskin Robbins customer services are on point. They would love to hear from their customers regarding any issue. Please contact them on the following number or mail id. 

Baskin Robbins Contact Info
Contact Number022-6251-3131

Baskin Robbins Near Me

Stuck in the middle of nowhere and craving ice cream? Worry not! There’s a high probability you are close to Baskin Robbins, as the outlets are wide-spread. Find the nearest store by merely visiting – Official Baskin Robbins Store Locator. Just choose your city and district, the rest will be done for you. You’ll be shown the closest store to you. Go ahead, amigos! Enjoy and savor the heart-snowing, frozen bits of heaven. 


How to get Baskin Robbins validation codes? 

Take the tell Baskin Robbins survey and get your own validation code, which can be redeemed on your next purchase. 

Where is the nearest Baskin Robbins? 

Visit and find out the nearest one to you. 

What time do Baskin Robbins close? 

Baskin Robbins closes at 10 PM every night. 

What time do Baskin Robbins open? 

Baskin Robbins opening hours are 11 AM, Monday to Sunday. 

Who owns Baskin Robbins? 

Baskin Robbins is owned by Dunkin’ Brands, which is the parent company.

How to get Baskin Robbins birthday rewards? 

Join the Birthday Club, and receive Baskin Robbins coupons for a FREE 2.5 oz scoop and $3.00 off an ice cream cake at BaskinRobbins on your birthday. 

How to add promo code from Baskin Robbins? 

Copy the promo code to your clipboard and use it while checking out during any product purchase. 

Where to buy Baskin Robbins gift cards? 

You can buy the Baskin Robbins gift cards online,

How to combine Baskin Robbins gift cards? 

Sadly, you cannot combine Baskin Robbins gift cards. 

How do I check the balance on my Baskin Robbins gift card? 

Call 1-888-729-2489 to check the balance on your Baskin Robbins gift card. 


In conclusion, try out your favorite brand of ice cream and rate the quality of products. It will be beneficial for the company and the consumers. Help Baskin Robbins add what’s missing in their product so that you can enjoy your favorite treats without any disappointment. 

Share your good experiences as well, because that motivates them to work harder for you. It will inspire the company to launch new surprises and work passionately. After all, who doesn’t like to hear compliments?! They are the best motivators.

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