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Avail $1500 Amazing Gift Card – Target Customer Survey

Target has a dedicated team of licensed surveyors as well as a team of professionals in the office and field. It can conduct surveys successfully, just like other companies. Target conducts its survey online with questionnaires and rewards post-survey. The sole purpose for conducting the Target guest satisfaction survey is to look into all aspects of business deeply, analyze and change strategies and decisions accordingly, as per customer feedback. This would eventually lead to further development and growth of the organization.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

Target guest satisfaction survey image
Target guest satisfaction survey image

It is a retailer corporation company in the United States, which is ranked eighth in the country. It is a component of a stock market index known as the S&P 500 Index. George Dayton founded this company. Its headquarters are in Minneapolis. The former name of the company was Goodfellow Dry Goods, a post which they again renamed it to Dayton’s Dry Good Company in the year 1903.

Target opened its first store in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962, post which they merged it with J L Hudson Company in 1969 and was renamed Dayton-Hudson Corporation. Just like every other company prevalent in the market conduct survey to know its positioning and reputation, Target specifically focuses on points like overall experience of customers on the website or app, quality and availability of products and services, the speed of the site or app, ease of purchase completion and check-out, shipping options variety and speed, etc. This way, it tries to satisfy and content its customers. 

Why should I Take Target Guest Satisfaction Survey?

A market research survey can help a company to look and analyze all aspects of the business so that they could improve on their decisions and contribute further towards their growth and betterment. Do you think this strategy of conducting surveys is one-sided? Not at all. It is for the sake of both the company and customers as well. Therefore, Target Customer Survey is essential for both the company and customers.

The information in the form of feedback and reviews collected from the Target Feedback survey provides valuable insights to business so that they can understand the needs and wants of the customers well. Moreover, these serve as an important tool for enhancing business and ensuring that customers remain with the company. Target Guest Survey is significant to the customers as well. Customers get a chance to provide feedback and reviews for the particular company as per the demands and complaints urged by them. The company will take every measure possible to resolve customer complaints and fulfill their desires and requirements.

Moreover, many food companies like KFC, McDonald’s, etc. conduct their own online surveys and offer customers with several discount coupons or free food post-survey. This is a type of marketing strategy organizations follow to maintain a tie-up with their customers, impress them, and keep them satisfied. Target Guest Satisfaction Survey also focuses on the same strategies, just like other surveys, to make customers happy.

Target Rewards for Taking Survey

Participation in Target guest satisfaction survey enhances the prospects of new customer experiences and content at purchase. It assists in finding out how happy customers are with Target Corporation. This makes sure further that Target is capable of fulfilling customers’ expectations and demands. Taking part in the Target Customer Experience Survey opens the opportunity to enter sweepstakes worth $1500. 

A wide range of opportunities and gifts open up for customers post participation in Target Customer Survey. Target Rewards include a $25 Target Gift Certificate instantly for each customer becoming a part of the survey. Each survey taken by customers enters a monthly drawing Target Sweepstakes offering worth $1500 gift card. Exclusive Target Promotions and Target Coupons etc. can be notified of the customers if they wish to opt for their choice.

Eligibility Criteria to give Target Customer Feedback

The eligibility criteria required to be fulfilled by customers to take part in the Target guest satisfaction survey are:

  • Customers taking part in the survey must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • They must be citizens of the United States.
  • No family member of the customer participating in the survey shall work in any of the Inform target Corporation.
  • A basic understanding of either English or Espanol.

Rules and Conditions while participating in Target Customer Survey

The rules to be followed strictly and conditions to be beared in mind while participating in the survey are as follows:

  • Within 72 hours of purchase from Target, use the user id and password in the receipt.
  • They must make laptop or PCs or Mobile Phones with proper Internet Access into use.
  • Take the survey within seven days of the visit to the store.

Requirements Prior Target Feedback Survey Participation

Below highlighted are particular prerequisites prior to taking part in the survey:

  • A recent receipt or a survey invitation is required from Target Corporation to enter the survey, which will be known as the informtarget com Target receipt survey.
  • A laptop or a mobile phone or a PC with Internet Access required to access the official target website.

Questionnaire List of Target Receipt Survey

Interested in knowing the questions asked to the customers in regards to the feedback about Target Corporation? They list below are the questions:

  • What was the overall experience of the customer on the app visit?
  • Questions focusing on all aspects of the business listed in the survey questionnaire like:
    • Speed and navigation of the site or app.
    • Availability of products in the stock and price.
    • Ease of purchase completion and check-out.
    • Ease of payment options and delivery.
  • How likely are you to recommend Target to a friend?
  • How did you hear about Target?
  • Finally, how can we make it even better?

How to participate in the Target Guest Survey?

Following are the detailed steps to participate in the survey:

Target Feedback Survey
  1. Log on to the official website of Target Customer Feedback Survey –
  2. Select the language choice, either English or Spanish, from the tab on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the User ID and Password on the main screen of the survey, which can be obtained from the receipt offered by the store.
  4. Answer a few questions regarding your experience with the store and still more stuff.
  5. Every single field answered can increase the chances of winning prizes and gift cards.
  6. Furthermore, enter your details and contact information to receive a gift card at the end of the Target store guest survey.

Target Sweepstakes

Following is the procedure for entering sweepstakes for the Target guest satisfaction survey:

  1. Log on to and enter the User ID and password provided on the receipt.
  2. Enter the time of the day you visited the survey and then start answering the questions to complete the survey.
  3. Lastly, fill in the details like name, address, phone number and email address to get entry into the sweepstakes.
  4. Survey completion will make you win a $25 gift card.
  5. To win a $1500 gift card, give the survey and get a chance to take part in monthly sweepstakes. is the website where you need to enter the credentials, take the survey and win rewards. Also, after participating in checking the Target gift card balance, you can visit the

About Target and its Products and Services

Target Corporation is the eighth-largest retailer company in the United States. Its headquarters in Minnesota and the first store itself established in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962. Target is known for private-label brands and nearly doubled in this area of business.

It is named “Target” to prevent customers from associating the new discount store chain with the department store. Douglas Dayton was the first President of Target and hence the company now known as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation after merging with J L Hudson.

Target operates in five product categories, contributing from around 15%-25% of the total revenue. The categories comprise beauty and household essentials (including pet supplies), food and beverage, home furnishing and décor, apparel and accessories and hardliners like electronics, software, toys and sporting goods. Target provides pickup and delivery services from home through the website, just like any other e-commerce website.

Target Hours

Working Hours of Target are from 7 AM to 11 PM for some stores, like Mundelein and Vernon Hills. Target Hours also go from 8 AM to 10 PM or 11 PM for some places like Gurnee, Pleasant Prairie, Lake Bluff, etc. The Customer Service is also available at the same timings.

Target Contact Details

Target provides a very effective and easy-to-use customer service. It offers assistance in the form of call, chat and email as well. “” is the best email service. The toll-free number for contacting Target Customer Service via call is (800)-440-0680.

Target Contact Info
Contact Number(800)-440-0680
HeadquartersMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Survey Target

Target Near Me

They can find target Store Locator on the website: The store can be found out by selecting a zip or city or state. We can select the option “Filter By Services” in case you want to obtain the store as per your customized choices. The name, location, complete address, phone number and opening and closing hours of the store can be viewed. This is how you can find your Target Nearest Store.


How to unsubscribe from Target Survey Emails?

Target Survey Emails can be unsubscribed by clicking on the Unsubscribe link located at the bottom of program-specific emails.

What questions are on the Target Survey?

Questions regarding the overall experience of the customers with the store and various aspects of services like quality and availability of products, price, delivery services, etc. are on the Target Survey.

What time does Target close?

Some Target stores close by 10 PM while some by 11 PM.

What time does Target open?

Target opens by 7 AM or 8 AM, varying from store to store.

Who owns Target?

Dayton Corporation owns the Target. 

Where to buy Target Gift Cards?

Target Gift Cards can be obtained after undergoing Target guest satisfaction survey on the official website.

Where is the nearest Target?

The nearest target is in Minneapolis.

How to comment on Target Survey?

Reviews and Feedbacks regarding the survey can be posted online or communicated with Target Customer Service.

How do I leave feedback for Target?

Write reviews on the official website of Target post selection of the product from the screen.

How to leave positive feedback at Target?

Log on to the official website and select the product to comment on and write reviews in the Guest Rating and Reviews Section.

How to redeem Target Rewards?

Scan the wallet barcode in the Target App. They cannot redeem earnings on some items like beverages and dairy products.

How to use Target Coupons online?

Target does not allow coupons without a promotion code to be applied online.


Target guest satisfaction survey serves of immense importance both to consumers and the company. Customers get a chance to redeem rewards and gift cards post participation in the survey. It opens up the opportunity for business stakeholders to focus on their business more accurately and design strategies to enhance their organization in terms of products and services, customer satisfaction, high revenue and reputation in the market.

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