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Sprouts Farmer Market Survey @ – Win Free $250 Gift Card

The Sprouts Farmer grocery store brings an opportunity for its customers to win a $250 gift card. This store wants the customers to come forward and share their shopping experience with Sprouts Farmers. If you recently shopped at a Sprouts Farmers store near you, all you need to do is participate in sprouts survey @ Share your opinion and help the organization in improving their services and serve you better and you might get a chance to win a gift card reward worth $250. The objective of this sprouts customer satisfaction survey is to assess the extent of contentment and discontent in the customers.

All About Sprouts Survey

sprouts survey image
Sprouts survey image

The organic food is the new hype for the millennials, but for Sprouts farmers, organic market food has always been the only choice. Sprouts Farmers Market has always been an organization that prefers farm fresh locally grown food which is not only good for the consumers but also is beneficial for the ecosystem. The Sprouts Farmers Market is always on the lookout for serving its customers with the best products in the best possible way. To do the same, the organization requests you to enter the sprouts experience survey and share your valuable insight and also offers a $250 gift card to encourage participation.

Why is Sprouts Experience Survey Essential?

Sprouts customer satisfaction survey is an initiative to take an account for the performance of the company, the quality and value of the food being provided and keeping a check on the staff and the services. It helps in collecting analytical data that would help the company better serve you. The Sprouts Gift Card Survey is not only helpful for the company, but it also provides the customers with the possibility of winning a gift card worth $250 just for devoting a few minutes and providing sprouts customer feedback.

Sprouts Rewards and Coupons

Make sure to fill out the survey at within seven days of your purchase from the Sprouts Farmers Market. Other than the survey, sprouts present the customers with various shopping benefits, whether it is the sprouts coupons or sprouts farmers reward card. The next time you visit the store, get in touch with the management and get yourself a sprouts farmers market gift card to enjoy additional benefits.

All you need to do is visit the website, share your shopping details specified in your shopping receipt, share your experience and enter the sweepstakes, one step closer to your reward. Make sure that you keep your purchase receipt handy.

Who can Take Part in Sprouts Online Survey?

Following are the requirements a candidate opting for the fresh market customer satisfaction survey needs to fulfil:

  • A participant must be legal residents of the 50 states of the United States of America and the District of Columbia.
  •  You must be 18 years old or above at the time of taking the survey.
  • The survey is available in English and Spanish language; thus, the candidate must be able to understand and interpret, at least one of the two.

Sprouts Customer Feedback Rules

Following is the list of rules and regulations that determine the execution and judgment of the survey foreseeresults sprouts:

  • A participant must produce a recent Sprouts Farmers Market purchase receipt.
  • The staff members and management cannot take part in the survey.
  • Only one entry is allowed per receipt in a month.
  • Anyone found responsible in tampering with the sprouts experience survey will be violating U.S criminal and civil laws.
  • The receipt is valid only for seven days from that of the purchase.

Requirements to Complete Sprouts Gift Card Survey

  • PC or laptop or Mobile with a good internet connection to visit the website to fill out the survey @
  • A valid receipt with details like date of purchase, store number, transaction number, and POS number.
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish.

Sprouts Customer Feedback Questions

The sprouts online survey focuses on obtaining the customer’s insight to measure the satisfaction level with the services. The questions will be along the lines of the following:

  • How friendly and knowledgeable the staff was?
  • How was the quality of the products bought
  • How efficient was the checkout?
  • Availability of the products you were looking for.
  • Whether the products are valued for money? 

How to Complete Survey Sprouts Farmers Market?

Following is a detailed step-by-step guide to help you participate in the survey:

  • Log on to the official sprouts farmers market survey page through the site:
  • Now you can see the sprouts experience survey page on your screen. 
  • Enter required details from your purchase receipt such as Date of purchase, Store Number, Transaction Number.
  • Now re-enter Transaction number from your register Sprouts Farmers Market purchase receipt.
  • Also, enter POS number and your age and captcha and click on Submit.
Sprouts Farmers Market Survey
  • Now you can see the sprouts online survey questions on your screen, Rate the Sprouts Farmers Market based on your experience.
  • The questions will be in the form of statements, fill out the options to express whether you agree or disagree with the statements.
  • Finally, you provide your personal information and get automatically redirected to sweepstakes.

Sprouts Sweepstakes

You can take part in the sweepstakes whether you shopped at a Sprouts market or not. Online Method: Once you are through with the sprouts feedback. You are automatically enlisted for the sprouts sweepstakes and finally, enter your personal contact information.

Sprouts Farmers Market Survey Sweeostakes
  1. First of all visit Sprouts Sweepstakes official  page to enter into Sprouts Sweepstakes without receipt,
  2. Enter your name, Age, Mobile Number and email id and Captcha code. Now click on Submit to enter the sweepstakes.

About Sprouts Farmer Market

The Sprouts Market has around 340 stores all around the USA and the District of Columbia. All of the stores serve the same purpose of providing high end perishable fresh farm produce and natural food including fresh produce, bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, packaged groceries, meat and seafood, deli, baked goods, dairy products, frozen foods, natural body care, and household items. The grocery store chain ensures that the food is readily available and is economical as well. Sprouts stores have a strong affinity to providing healthy food which doesn’t take a toll on your budget.

Sprouts Farmers Market Hours

What is the opening and closing Sprouts Farmer Market hours? The stores are open for customers from 7 am to 10 pm for the entire week. The Sprouts Hours are ideal for expert food buyers to gather the best products and for the sprouts market staff to prep the store for the customers. The staff members at Sprouts ensure that the food is fresh and healthy.

Sprouts Farmers Market Customer Service

For further information, you can contact Sprouts Farmers Market here:

Sprouts Farmers Market Contact Info
Customer Service(602) 218-4944
Corporate Office Address9414 N 25th Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85021.
Survey Page

Sprouts Farmers Market Near Me

If you haven’t been to a sprouts farmer’s market or you just relocated. Visit and find the official store locator to find a sprouts store to get fresh organic find near you.


Do Sprouts have a rewards card?

The Sprouts reward card works along with the official app and with every purchase, reward points are added, which can be redeemed later on.

How to check Sprouts gift card balance?

To check Sprouts gift card balance, refer to your last receipt or call 866-650-6049 or call 888-529-6578.

Do Sprouts have gift cards?

Yes, Sprouts does offer gift cards.

Where can I buy a Sprout’s gift card?

You can visit and choose from the range of plastic and bulk gift cards.

Do Sprouts have coupons?

Yes, Sprouts does offer sprouts coupons.

How do I get Sprouts coupons in the mail?

You can get the Sprouts coupons in the mail by subscribing to the shopping list.

Can you use coupons at sprouts?

Yes, you can use coupons at Sprouts.

How do Sprouts mobile coupons work?

The mobile coupon section of Sprouts constantly changes and gets upgraded. When you click the “Browse Coupons” option in the mobile app of Sprouts, it will show you all the coupons available from which you can clip multiple coupons of your interest which gets saved in your account for one-time use. If you want them to get redeemed at any of Sprouts store, you can get the associated barcode scanned from your account at checkout.

What time do Sprouts close?

The Sprouts store closes by 10:00 pm.

What time do Sprouts open?

The Sprouts stores are open to customers by 7:00 am.

Who owns sprouts?

Jack Sinclair is the CEO of Sprouts Farmers Market.

When do Sprouts have their gift cards on discount?

The offer usually shifts from one product to another timely.

Is Sprouts owned by Walmart?

Walmart does not own sprouts.

How many Sprouts Farmers Markets are there?

There are 340 Sprouts Farmers Markets stores.

Final Words

A team of 30,000 dedicated individuals working in over 340 stores to provide the customers with fresh, locally grown organic food. Sprouts market aims at providing a grocery shopping experience to make healthy living easy and affordable. The food available at the neighbourhood stores is fresh, natural and organic and is budget-friendly. The Sprouts stores aim to revive traditional farmers markets in modern times.

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  1. I am happy with your Westwood store staff are awesome and manger mr, Wilmer was helpful today this is my every Wednesday store for shopping thanks

  2. I love Sprouts, but am reasonably sure that this is a scam to get information to sell to, probably the highest bidder. Why, if for any other reason would you need me to sigh up or register my information, for any other reason. I went to the address provided and could not enter until I registered.

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