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The ShopRite Customer Satisfaction Survey @

ShopRite Survey started by the ShopRite supermarkets is a mix of several questions that need to be answered by the customers at It helps understands a customer’s shopping experience and provides necessary insight and the means through which any of their services may be suitably addressed or taken care of as deemed necessary.

Myshopriteexperience Survey

ShopRite values consumer feedback, so only honest opinion ought to be given. It also studies customer behaviour and perceives customers who love the administration and the ones who don’t. ShopRite utilises the rating scales and answering to quantify the level of satisfaction concerning the items purchased at the supermarket, the administration of the staff, the store, etc.

Shoprite Survey image
Shoprite Survey image

ShopRite survey is in itself expensive and the inquiries of the review can gauge the customer’s point of view. It benefits the customers too as they get a chance to win ShopRite survey prizes of $500 Gift Cards.

Significance of Shoprite Experience Survey

The Shoprite Feedback survey helps the customers to express themselves and incorporate their views, preferences and ideas into reality. The customer’s needs and experience help ShopRite to improve and offer the best to its customers. ShopRite survey feedback is vital in the customer’s perspective as it offers the sweepstakes of a $500 gift card to the survey winners. It grasps the association of different stores under ShopRite, including the behaviour of the staff at those stores. This helps in giving customers a memorable shopping experience that inspires them to be their repeat purchasers and also recommend the same to their known people after their enjoyable experience.

Shoprite Coupons and Rewards

After successful completion of Shoprite Experience Survey you will get rewarded with $500 Gift card. The Sweepstakes award will be given based upon a lucky draw to the survey winners. The Survey Prize is a $500 Gift Card. In any case, to win the ShopRite coupons, the terms and conditions applicable to the customers taking part in the survey must be satisfied. The Shoprite Digital Coupons offered will be subject to the legislation that applies to it under various jurisdictions. Shoprite Gift Card Balance prize cannot be traded or bartered with others and also one participant should have only one entry, whether it be online or mail-ins.

Who Can Take A Part In My Shoprite Experience Survey?

For a ShopRite Customer Satisfaction Survey, only some are eligible to be a participant.

  • Participants who enter online may access the page through a computer, laptop, smartphone etc. 
  •  A participant’s full name, full postal address, telephone number and their email address needs to be provided and the “Next” button clicked on to complete the survey.
  • The age of the participants of the survey should be 18 to participate in the sweepstakes from the other participating US states. It is 19 years for residents of Delaware.
  • Customers need to understand the English or Spanish language to comprehend the survey questions and answer them in online mode.

Shoprite Feedback Survey Rules

  • You should be legal residents of the United States of America from the states of Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), Connecticut (CT), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) and New York (NY). Participation is void outside the eligible Area.
  • The workers, officials and agents of the Sponsor, their separate parent organisations, and representatives  are not qualified for taking part in the Sweepstakes
  • Participant of my ShopRite experience survey must have Purchase Receipt for sure.
  • The participation in the ShopRite survey is subject to federal, state and local laws.
  • A person can have only one entry for Sweepstakes, whether it be online or through mail-in. Survey Requirements

To take part in the ShopRite supermarket online survey, there are specific requirements as prescribed by them. These requirements have been specified as under:

  • The receipt of purchase from any ShopRite supermarket is required which has the date, time, 3-digit store number, register number and transaction number 
  • It is necessary to have a computer, laptop, mobile or any similar device with proper internet connection to access the survey questions. 
  • English or Spanish language must be known by the participant of the survey to comprehend the survey questions. 
  •  The participant must be above 18 years of age from the US states mentioned or 19 for Delaware residents at the time of registration.

Shoprite Feedback Survey Questions

The ShopRite customer satisfaction survey questions help the company in understanding the customer’s overall shopping experience as well as the management of the store concerned. Also, the survey helps analyse the various other issues concerning consumer behaviour.

  • Firstly they ask to enter the date, time, 3-digit store number, register number and transaction number from one’s receipt from any purchase at one of ShopRite’s stores to access the survey. 
  • Ongoing into the survey, one can see the survey questions which ask about the overall shopping experience at ShopRite. 
  • Then it asks about the shopping type and shopping sections from which items were purchased.
  • Staff’s assistance and manners are asked about next. 
  • There are also questions regarding the price and quality of the product and whether it is a value for money.
  • Reason of dissatisfaction, if any is also asked.
  • It also asks whether one would prescribe ShopRite to other people or not.
  • Also, questions are related to whether one would revisit ShopRite.
  • Then there are questions related to consumer behaviour like the quantum of purchase, whether the purchase exceeded one’s willingness to purchase from the ShopRite store, the reason for shopping at ShopRite.
  • They also ask whether one is interested in entering the Sweepstakes, for which “Yes” needs to be selected if interested.
  • At the end of the ShopRite survey the participant’s full name, full postal address, telephone number and their email address need to be provided and the “Next” button clicked on to complete the survey.

Steps for ShopRite survey at

The ShopRite Experience survey needs to be completed at Participation can be taken by online mode as:

ShopRite Customer Experience Survey
  1. To access the My Shoprite Experience survey, one needs to click on any web browser on one’s various devices like Laptop, Mobile, PC, etc. and visit the website
  2. It is mandatory to enter the date, time, Store number, 3-digit store number, register number and transaction number from one’s receipt from any purchase.
  3. Upon entering these details correctly, It is followed by the survey questions which help gauge the customer’s preference.
  4. Before starting the ShopRite customer survey, one should ensure that one offers an honest and genuine response and not a fabricated one. 
  5. The answering of the survey questions should be based on one’s recent visit to any of the ShopRite’s supermarkets. 
  6. At last, one needs to give full name, full postal address, telephone number and email address need to be provided before completing the survey and click on the “Next” button to finish the survey. 
  7. On completion of the survey, one will, therefore, be registered for the lucky draw of the survey, which awards a $500 gift card to the survey winners.

Shoprite Sweepstakes

To take part in the ShopRite sweepstakes which is a Gift card of $500 along with the steps to be followed are as under:

ShopRite Experience Survey online mode:

  1. The site of ShopRite survey is to be opened on the internet browser through a device like a Laptop, PC, Mobile phone, etc.
  2. It is essential to enter the date, time, 3-digit store number, register number and transaction number from one’s receipt from any purchase at one of ShopRite’s stores. 
  3. This is then followed by the survey questions which ought to be honestly replied based on one’s shopping experience.
  4. At the end of the survey participant’s full name, full postal address, telephone number and email address need to be provided before completing the survey.
  5. The survey winner is selected by lucky draw.

ShopRite survey by mail-in mode

  1. One should have one’s name, complete address, telephone number, age on a 3-inch by 5-inch handwritten card.
  2. No purchase is required for this.
  3. The postcard entries need to be mailed with sufficient postage that has postage stamps dated before October 31, 2020, received at no later than November 5, 2020.  
  4. It must be sent by mail on a standard commercial envelope size # 10 at ShopRite “Customer Experience” Sweepstakes, PO Box 407, Macedon, NY 14502-0407. Mail-in entries must be posted before the last day every month and received before the fourth of the next month. 

About ShopRite Supermarket

ShopRite is an American supermarket chain focusing on shopping. The association is owned by Wakefern and also by its employees. ShopRite was started in 1946. Now it has stores in six states of the United States of America: Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. ShopRite was established. In 1946. A Del Monte Foods sales representative connected to several independent grocers in Newark, New Jersey who were facing problems getting reasonable prices for wholesale goods and chipped in $1000 from those grocers who agreed to the Wakefern fund. The name ShopRite was coined later in 1951.

As of now, ShopRite has several departments in their shops from which the customers can decide what they want to purchase. They offer many services as well as Online Grocery Delivery, Catering, Platters, Pharmacy, Cakes which make them very unique indeed.

ShopRite Hours

According to the ShopRite hours, it opens up early at 8:00 AM to give its customers the wonderful shopping experience that they deserve and shuts down at 8:00 PM on all days except Sunday and Friday. On Sunday the timing is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Friday it is 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM which is nearly twelve hours each day giving them the competitive advantage. Also, it caters to a comprehensive portion of people who love the experience of shopping regularly and drop by to buy their accessories from the ShopRite stores accessible to them.

Customer Support at ShopRite

Customer care at the ShopRite supermarket chain is welcome to feedback from customers and the whole technique of customer service is handled carefully here, as can be felt by the introduction of myshopriteexperience to gauge customer insights. Below are the contact details of the customer care at the ShopRite supermarket chain.

ShopRite Contact Details
Contact Number18007467748
Mailing AddressContact Us form
Survey Page

How to Find Shoprite Near Me?

ShopRite is a chain of supermarkets that provides a great shopping experience to customers. Advancement in technology helps in the search for the nearest ShopRite and one can find the nearest accessible shopping destination to oneself. The closest ShopRite can be accessed on The website helps to identify the nearness of ShopRite to one’s current location or any specific location. ShopRite near me can be found through the site by clicking on “Select State” and choosing the state name and the “Select City” to select the city or by searching by Zip Code to find the nearest ShopRite destination.


How to check ShopRite gift card balance?

to check a ShopRite gift balance:
i) If the gift card has a scratch-off above the security code, one can log on to and select “Gift Vouchers” and then select “View Gift Card Balance.”
ii) By enquiring on 1-800-746-7748 
iii) Through cashier, client assistance etc. on any ShopRite store.

Does ShopRite sell amazon gift cards?

ShopRite does not sell Amazon gift cards

What gift cards does ShopRite sell?

Shoprite sells different gift cards like ShopRite Gift Cards from home, for gas incentives etc. More on the same can be accessed at

Where to buy ShopRite gift cards?

Gift cards can be bought at or on all ShopRite stores. Those who order ShopRite from home can order the plastic gift cards as well.

What time does ShopRite open?

ShopRite opens early in the morning by 8:00 AM on all days except Sunday when it opens at 9:00 AM.

What time does ShopRite close?

ShopRite closes by 8:00 PM on all days except Sunday when it closes at 6:00 PM and on Fridays when it closes at 9:00 PM.

Who owns ShopRite?

Wakefern Food Corporation owns ShopRite in 28 locations, whereas several of its members run the shop with many holding ShopRite at multiple locations.

Where is the nearest ShopRite?

The nearest ShopRite can be located at

How to use ShopRite digital coupons?

Using the ShopRite coupon code, one must Log in or create a account to stack these coupons to the Price Plus club card. Selected offers get added to the card and also on the shopping list until they are claimed, the offer expires, or it is terminated. 

How to get ShopRite super coupons?

ShopRite super coupons are advertised through different media like newspapers and details of how to redeem are also mentioned. Shoprite promo code should be carefully jotted down to redeem the offer.

When does ShopRite triple coupons?

ShopRite triples coupons that are limited $0.99 and with an additional buying of more than $7.50 

How to give ShopRite feedback?

ShopRite feedback can be given at

How to coupon at ShopRite?

To coupon at Shoprite, one should visit the Shoprite stores and redeem. The ShopRite coupons are subject to the conditions as mentioned for the coupons.

Where can you purchase ShopRite gift cards for gas?

ShopRite gift card for ShopRite gas rewards can be purchased from ShopRite store or site.

How to add a coupon code at ShopRite from home?

ShopRite From Home customers must present the paper coupons at ShopRite stores while purchasing and placing the order. Only digital coupons will apply to the order and the paper coupons will not be accepted. Both the Digital and paper coupons cannot be mixed on the purchase of any single item.

Where is the security code on a ShopRite gift card?

Security code on a ShopRite Gift Card is under a scratch-off or peels off on the back of the ShopRite Gift card.


The customers get methods through which they can express their issues to the administration and let their voices be heard. Any issues experienced while shopping at the ShopRite supermarkets concerned will be attended to appropriately. Additionally, the winners of the survey are selected through a lucky draw and the lucky ones stand a chance to win the survey award of $500. ShopRite customer satisfaction survey thereby benefits the customers as well.

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